Top Tweets from Problogger Event 2013 Day 1 #PBEvent

450 Bloggers converged on the Australian Gold Coast this week for Problogger Event (#PBEvent), the largest Blogging Conference in Australia and arguably one of the best blogging conferences in the world. 

In its 4th year now, this conference keeps getting better and better.

As with any great conference, the Twitter Feed was going off with great quotes, images and takeaways from the presentations – here are a few of the best ones from Day 1:

Held at the quirky, contemporary and uber cool hotel, QT on the Gold Coast, Darren Rowse didn't disappoint with a mix of great speakers, fabulous food (I mean seriously, a VW Kombi Icecream Van was parked in the venue!), an amazing Friday Night “Tropicana” Party at the Hilton and a few surprises along the way.

Keynote – Darren Rowse @problogger 

Darren Rowse, founder of Problogger opened the 2 day event with a fabulous Keynote about the Road Blocks to Successful Blogging.  From challenges of time, to skills to comparing ourselves to other bloggers (and what to do about it), Darren had the packed room of bloggers thinking about these questions and more…and a few friends on stage to help him share his message.

 Click here to tweet Darren and tell him that his conference ROCKED.

Facebook Marketing for Success – Amy Porterfield @amyporterfield

We were all truly privileged to have the wonderful Amy Porterfield make the trek to Australia to share with us all her top strategies for Facebook Marketing success.  Amy had a packed house entranced with Facebook strategy after strategy! The twitter feed went crazy with quote after quote and there were plenty of takeaways for everyone to take action on their Facebook Pages.

One of the most important messages Amy shared was why it is so important to integrate email marketing with social media and Facebook – email and social are friends!  Coupled with savvy engagement strategies, this was a session that had everyone excited to go away and start implementing!

Send some love to Amy for making the long haul flight out to Australia – she was hands down one of the favourites of the event!

Blogging for Beginners – Pip Lincolne

There were plenty of great tweets from Pip Lincolne's strategy packed session – here are just a few!

Freelance Writing – Valerie Khoo (@valeriekhoo) and Kelly Exeter (@kellyexeter)

I missed this session unfortunately, but the tweets were stellar! Valerie and Kelly shared their best tips for Freelance Writing


Monetisation – Where to Start? Darren Rowse & Tsh Oxenreider

This session was fabulous – Darren and Tsh shared valuable and practical tips for monetizing your site – from ads to ebooks and more.  The “lounge” was packed to the seams and we had to pull up an extra couch!

Blogging and Social Media for Product Based Businesses – Jess Van Den

Jess Van Den from Epheriall Designs  doesn't just talk about how to run a product based business – she actually runs a successful one. Jess presented on how to harness the advantages of having a physical product and using social media, blogging, and a mailing list to drive sales and grow your business!

Responsive Design; what the heck does it all mean? – Justine Bloome

Justine shared her extensive experience with creating an engaging brand experience online – making websites more engaging, easier to navigate, discover and take action! Some great tweets came out of her session:

The Step Changers – Christina Butcher, Caz Makepeace, Andrea Zanetich

3 hugely successful bloggers and savvy ladies on stage sharing the turning points in their blogging journeys, how they built large followings and everything from site redesign to making money from your blog.  What's not to love?

The Fortune Cookie Principe – Bernadette Jiwa

Bernadette talked about how to build a brand around your ideas by telling better stories….

Facing the Truth (Smartphones and Tablets) – Ed Dale

There is little doubting that Ed Dale's presentation was one of the most popular (and funniest!).  He disrupted what we know with the reality of what is REALLY happening with how we use devices …. Ed presented the new tools of blogging, and how to reach your readers when they are….in a totally new “venue”!

Blogging and Creativity – Pip Lincolne @meetmeatmikes & Jess Van Den

This was a great informal session with Pip and Jess getting creative and sharing their nuggets of wisdom about blogging and creativity – some great tweets were shared:

Launch Your Speaking Career (Yvonne Adele & Trevor Young)

Another Informal Q & A session focusing on using a blog to launch your yourself onto the speaking circuit. Unfortunately I didn't make it to this one but Twitter had some great takeaways on the #pbevent hashtag:

How to Create Your First E-Book – Nicole Avery, Paul Cunningham, Yishan Chan, Brooke McAlary


Reinventing Yourself – Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh shared what it takes to re-invent your blog and re-brand with practical tips, tools and ideas to help you reinvent your online space. Tsh shared what it takes to re-invent your blog and re-brand with practical tips, tools and ideas to help you reinvent your online space.

Selling Stuff – Shayne Tilley

As Shayne said, getting readers to your sales page is just the beginning.  He shared some amazing stats on conversion rates at the sales page and why people drop out at the checkout (and how to keep them there) – Fabulously helpful and practical strategies from Shayne – yet again!  From customer experience to what to track and measure and how to handle technology – this was a takeaway-packed session!

Blogging for Community – Joy Toose, Emma Stirling, Renee Bugg
My 5 Minute Chat with Darren Rowse

I was completely honoured to be asked up to talk to Darren for a quick chat about my blog.  While there are many things I wanted to say, the main message I had for everyone was to just start writing to find your voice, be consistent and don't give up – the tipping point for building a community comes quicker than you think.

For me, 1000 was the magic number on any platform. Be it Facebook, Unique Visitors or Twitter followers.  Community really starts to build after that.   But two things really helped to skyrocket my blog – guest posting on other sites, and taking notice of the “sparks” that Darren talked about last year. When I realised what I was interested in (and my readers were too), I pivoted my blog towards visual social media and things started to change.   More of this to come in a future post – stay tuned!

How to Do What You Want – Clare Bowditch

I have to say I was so excited to see this lady present at this event (and sing, yes, she sings like an angel) …but I really wanted to hear what she had to say”¦ as I knew we were in for a savvy, cheeky, unconvential presentation that would have us all laughing”¦and thinking.

And Clare didn't disappoint.  She certainly did help us to break away from the world of business and blogging and think about what we really want?  One of the best presentations of the day.  (Disclaimer – I am a card-carrying fan of her music, and an avid follower of Offspring, but seriously, she had us laughing and feeling inspired!). And then she sang. And the magic was complete. With the beautiful “Amazing Life”.

And now I am going to take out my little black book and, as my friend Amy Porterfield would say, take action on those ideas. The many ideas that so many of us got out of Problogger and the strategies to make them happen. Thanks #PBEvent Team.  I'll be back next year, for sure!

What about you – were you at PBEvent or watching via the Virtual Pass?  Were you inspired to take action from the sessions?  Which tweets did you love the best?


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