7 Best WordPress Plugins That Will Boost Your Blog Traffic

Looking for the best WordPress plugins for your Blog? In this post, I share 7 of the top WordPress plugins that I have used successfully to grow my blog. Use these plugins to optimize your content so that it gets it discovered – and drives traffic and shares.

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WordPress is a great platform for blogging and in my opinion, it's the best. I've been blogging since 2011 and I know countless top bloggers who all agree with me – so I wanted to share some of the best WordPress Plugins that I can't blog without.

The beauty of WordPress is that you can customize it to suit your goals. From spam protection to share plugins, image optimization plugins and more… there's a plugin for that.

But it takes a lot of time and effort to play with and test all the plugins, so I have always relied on the recommendations of friends to find the best ones to use on my blog.

Hopefully, this post will be that for you – a shortcut to some of the best WordPress plugins. Let's jump in and check them out.

7 Best WordPress Plugins I can't Blog Without

1. ShortPixel

Your website speed is important, and large images slow it down. Enter ShortPixel. It's my secret weapon for reducing image size and reducing lag-time on websites.

ShortPixel improves your website performance by reducing image size. The images that it produces are no different in quality to the original but one thing does differ – the size of the images and load on your website.

ShortPixel Plugin - 7 Best WordPress Plugins That Will Boost Your Blog Traffic
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Speed up your website by shrinking your images with ShortPixel.

ShortPixel gives you:

  • Compression with both lossy and lossless optimization available
  • Up to 90% compression rate
  • Supported formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, and WebP.

It's a breeze to do your first compression. After that, it ticks away nicely on your site. Just install the ShortPixel plugin directly into your WordPress Dashboard and from there you can easily manage the image reduction process. It's also one-click to back up and restore your images.

The best part is that all of your images are automatically processed. When you configure ShortPixel's plugin, it will compress past images as well.

Batch processing takes just seconds with ShortPixel, and it's fast for old or new images. And, an added bonus is that your files remain private.


You can choose between one-time plans to do all the images on your website (starting at $9.99 USD for 10,000 images) and then monthly plans for a set number of images per month (100 images per month is free, with paid plans starting at $4.99 USD per month for 5,000 images). I did my entire website and barely made a dent in my allowance.

2. Notifia

Oh boy. I've just discovered Notifia and I'm loving it so much, there's no doubt in my mind that it deserves to be on my list of Best WordPress Plugins.*

Adding Notifia to your site is easy if you have WordPress. You simply add the Notifia plugin then set it all up via their desktop dashboard. If you don't have WordPress, you can still use Notifia by adding a pixel to your website.

*Strictly, it's probably a tool more than a stand-alone plugin, but I had to share it. And because it has a plug-in option for adding it to your website I'm using some creative licence hehe.

Notifia WordPress Plugin
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Notifia is a tool kit that allows you to ditch a bunch of tools!

If you've noticed some of the following cool optimization features on websites before, then pay attention (hint: you're going to LOVE this plugin):

  • Social Proof – these are the little pop-up notices that say things like “Lisa from Kilkenny just purchased or software” or “Bill from Sydney just signed up to our email list”. These tools are costly, as stand-alone software, just sayin'.
  • Exit intent opt-in boxes – these pop up when you are leaving a website, to entice you to sign up for something.
  • Churn-buster pop-ups – that show when someone is about to cancel their subscription.
  • Tools to keep your site visitors ON your site – by directing them to more relevant content based on their actions so far.
  • Surveys and Reviews – to ask your audience to give feedback about something.
  • Upsell offers – for when someone purchases your product.
  • Lead-magnet offers – for people to subscribe.

Now normally, you'd require more than one tool to do all of this – a tool for lead-captures, a tool for social proof, a tool for surveys, and so on. Not with Notifia. It's all-in-one and SO affordable, that I'm grinning.

Here's a snapshot of just a FEW of the things that Notifia does:

Notifia Features
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Notifia does all this? Oh, yes it does. Squee.

You can easily control the conditions and timing of features, so they only pop up on certain pages based on certain behaviours (ie leaving the website, scrolling for a certain percentage of the page).

Here's an example of the survey and social proof features:

Notifia Survey and Social proof features - 7 Best WordPress Plugins That Will Boost Your Blog Traffic
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I won't go into every key feature in this post, because there are literally 30+. As Notifia says:

We built 30+ features to cover your entire customer lifecycle including Acquisition, Activation, Revenue, Retention & Referrals. These are the 5 key metrics that lead to Growth. Whilst most Companies just focus on acquisition (SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Social Media etc) the only way to unlock your true Growth potential is to optimise all 5 metrics, simultaneously.

But to give you a snapshot, with Notifia you can choose from 15+ tools to achieve the following features and more:

  • Increase Conversion Rates
  • Deliver Real-Time Social Proof
  • Reduce Checkout Abandonment
  • Optimise User On-Boarding
  • Collect Visitor Feedback
  • Upsell Existing Customers
  • Reduce Subscription Cancellations
  • Schedule Sales Calls
  • Increase Website Traffic
  • Earn Customer Referrals
  • Welcome New Visitors
  • and much, much more…

Notifia works with your existing email provider and fits seamlessly with your other marketing efforts. Here's one example of how to easily (and quickly) set up a campaign with Notifia:

Setting up Campaigns in Notifia (is EASY)

Notifia is easy to use and you can set up a campaign in minutes. I set up this quick demo-campaign in just 5 minutes, to direct readers to a recent blog post.

Simply start a New Campaign and choose from one of 15 tools:

Notifia tools
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Choose from over 15 tools in Notifia.

I chose the Blog Promotion Card feature to promote my latest content to website visitors. Then all I had to do was name the Campaign, add the URL for my website and then edit the campaign as follows:

Notifia example on Socially  Sorted
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Setting up your campaign parameters is easy!

As you can see, it's easy to set it up. You can get very granular with how you want the promotion to show up on your site. You can even specify particular URLs for the pop-up to appear on, based on behaviours of the blog visitor, as follows:

Notifia settings - 7 Best WordPress Plugins That Will Boost Your Blog Traffic
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Control when, where and how your tool pops-up with Notifia.

Here's how the test promotion looks when it pops up on my website. As soon as somebody goes to leave the site, after reading another article, they will see this:

Notifia - 7 Best WordPress Plugins That Will Boost Your Blog Traffic
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There are endless ways to use this plugin. I can easily take this one step further and add a lead magnet with an email opt-in for a free download. It's great for growing your list.

As you can see, Notifia is an arsenal of growth tools for your website – all powered through a single plugin added to your site. Then it's all controlled in the Notifia dashboard on desktop.


You can use Notifia for free or upgrade to a paid plan for as little as $9 USD per month, in order to add customisation and remove branding. There are also $39 USD per month and $79 USD per month plans, depending on what features you want to use and how many notifications per month. This means that new bloggers can get started with Notifia and grow as their blog grows.

Notifia Pricing - 7 Best WordPress Plugins That Will Boost Your Blog Traffic
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Notifia's pricing makes it accessible to new bloggers.. which I love.

Notice the insanely cool 110% money back offer, if you are not satisfied? Who does that? Notifia does. Money back with interest! But so far, I'm thinking you won't need it.

3. Tasty Pins by WP Tasty

This is one of the most recent WordPress Plugins I've added to my blog, so let's start here. Tasty Pins is one of my favorites, and is top of my list of best WordPress plugins. Socially Sorted is a blog about visual content, and this plugin ensures that my images get shared just the way I want them to be shared.