Top Tweets from Problogger Event 2013 Day 2 #PBEvent

Day 2 at Problogger Event 2013 was another great day of fabulous sessions, networking and entertainment.  

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I think I can speak for all attendees in saying that by Day 2, this conference was not just about our blogs, but about making a difference, about facing our fears in business and in life and about standing tall and proud about sharing our message with the world.

If you missed the Top Tweets from Day 1, you can catch them here.

After a world-class “Tropicana-themed” networking party at the Hilton, amidst pythons, eagles, fire-twirlers, aussie surf-lifesaving guards, a fun photo booth, fairy floss (that's cotton candy for the Americans)… we all turned up for a great Day 2.

And Twitter turned up too.  Personally I can't think of a better way to get a great summary of an event than to scroll through the tweets!

Here are the Top Tweets:

LIVING IN THE NOW – Trey Ratcliff

Trey wowed us with his amazing HDR photography and we were given a peek into his world of images, growing up blind in one eye, and how he views the world. The opening sequence of blended HDR imagery and video around Queenstown NZ was just entrancing!

Trey's session was more of a series of engaging vignettes from his life than a purely “blog strategy” session, but it was a great way to start the day. I left wanting to start carrying around my SLR and not just my iPhone. And I also left with some great philosophies on life, purpose, art and blogging”¦

and he paints too”¦..yes, this IS a painting!

SEO for WordPress – Jim Stewart

Jim presented a great step-by-step session on SEO for bloggers and how to optimize our WordPress blogs for search engines – I took a bunch of great tips away from this session!

Affiliate Marketing – Darren Rowse

If there was anyone that would know about how to earn revenue through affiliate marketing it is Mr Problogger, Darren Rowse. With 12% of Problogger's revenue coming from affiliate marketing this was a session packed with tweets about how to make money with affiliate programs via your blog. The Problogger Team kindly tweeted Darren's Tips from this session. Here are some of them:

1. Go beyond banner ads – use in-post; email and social media promotions.

2. Genuine personal reviews and recommendations work best

3. Use social proof

4. Drive traffic to your best converting promotions. Use social, email, site nav, cross linking.

5. Transparency and disclaimers are important.

6. Track your results. Pay attention.

7. Try multi-pronged promotions – Do a campaign over weeks.

8. Do seasonal promotions. Bundle e-books if relevant.

Personal Blogging and Monetisation (Karen Andrews and Clint Greagan)

These two successful bloggers had some stellar takeaways for the attendees about how to monetise a personal blog.  Here are some of the great tweets that came through the feed:

Building Your Community – Nicole Avery with Katrina Springer, Hailey Bartholemew, and Craig Makepeace

When it comes to knowing about building community, these bloggers know their stuff! Here are some of the tweetables from their stellar advice in this panel session:

Blogging to Build Your Small Business and Personal Brand – Valerie Khoo & Trevor Young

and more great tweets from these well respected Australian bloggers….

Creating Your Own Products – Shayne Tilley & Ed Dale

Two guys who know how to “ship” talking product creation!

It's Hiding Behind the Shower Curtain – Tsh Oxenreider

The founder of Simple Mom shared her top content creation ideas and how to never run out of inspiration for content for your blog.

Video: Create, Edit, Publish on a Shoe-String – Hailey Bartholomew

This was one of my favourite sessions – I was just mesmerized by Hayley's videos and especially the simplicity of how she makes them, making us all feel like we have a videographer inside of us! Packed full of great tips, here are the tweets:

DIY PR to Grow Your Blog and Your Brand – Lorraine Murphy, Bec Derrington, and Catriona Pollard
Crafting a Professional Media Kit – Phoebe Montague
Google Analytics for Bloggers – Ned Dwyer
Growing Your Social Media Networks – Amy Porterfield and Trey Ratcliff

With Trey (Mr Google Plus) and Amy (the Queen of Facebook) back on a panel together, this lounge session was packed (sitting and standing room!). Once we got the 20 questions about Trey's Google Glass out of the way the discussion about building community across platforms was lighthearted and packed full of great tips – as shown in the tweets:

Closing Remarks – Darren Rowse It was soon over and Darren Rowse closed with some brilliant takeaways on the big screen”¦

And how could I forget to mention the ice-cream van again”¦.

That's a Problogger Event Wrap for 2013.  If you want to read more fabulous posts about the event, you can find them here.

If you attended Problogger Event this year (or you were following the Twitter feed) and something really resonated with you, or moved you to take action, leave a comment below – I would love to hear about it!

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