Agorapulse is the Best FREE Social Media Management Tool (NEW Video)

If you've been struggling to find the best free social media management tool then Agorapulse just made it a whole lot easier for you. In this new video I share how anyone can get started with Agorapulse (no matter your budget) and 7 reasons why I think it's the best free social media management tool. 

Agorapulse is the Best FREE Social Media Management Tool (NEW Video)
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Keeping up with social media management can be overwhelming at the best of times. But not if you have my secret weapon. In the video below, I'm going to share “the one” the best social media management tool for your business. It's called Agorapulse. Ditch the rest, this is the best.

That's a big call, I know. But I've had to test a lot of social media management tools to come to that conclusion – from Hootsuite to Sprout Social to Buffer and more. I've been using Agorapulse as my social media management tool for a few years now, I believe it has the best value of any “paid” social media management tools.

But for smaller businesses or users with only a few social profiles, there hasn't been a “free” plan to use, which made it harder for people on a budget to benefit from the awesome features in Agorapulse. 

Not any more! Now Agorapulse has a free plan. So in this 2021 Agorapulse review, I'll step through 7 reasons why I love Agorapulse as the best of the social media management tools, including their new “free” plan.

And I share a special offer for my community to take it for a spin. Check it out here, including 2 months on any paid Agorapulse plan on the video below: 

If you prefer to read, here are my top 7 reasons for loving Agorapulse as the best social media management tool, here it is: 

7 Reasons Agorapulse is the Best Social Media Management Tool

Here are my top reasons for loving Agorapulse and recommending it to you as a social media management tool: 

1. Inbox Zero

Agorapulse takes you from social media chaos to being so organized, your biggest decision will be the next Netflix series to watch. With Agorapulse, it is actually possible to empty your inbox and get to inbox zero quite often. And it's a little bit addictive if I'm completely honest. With Inbox Zero you can: 

  • add a number of profiles and manage all your incoming messages and conversations in the one place (ie comments, mentions, DMs and replies and more).
  • manage organic and ad comments
  • filter out DMs from mentions (if your DMs are more likely to include spam)
  • add labels to organise your inbox content – you can review, assign to team members, bookmark and label your inbox items based on different words or phrases.
  • use a number of filters to manage your replies including saved replies, bulk actions, one-click translations, team assignments.
  • you can manage Instagram and YouTube Comments (as well as comments on Ads) which is a huge time saver considering how hard all of these can be to manage on their respective primary platforms
  • social listening features to track and reply to content that is shared about your brand or business.

2. Publishing Features

The Publishing features are super easy to use in Agorapulse and is a key part of this social media management tool. You can:

  • add your caption or text and an image, video or gift and schedule or post immediately.
  • schedule your posts for the best performance on each social network.
  • schedule out at a specific time or schedule to post multiple times at particular intervals.
  • use a queue function to add your content based on a specific topic queue to go out at pre-set intervals. No more thinking about what to post as your queue works away in the background!
  • get particular posts approved by other team members before publishing and also work together with team members in real-time to schedule, approve, and publish posts.
  • organize your posts visually with a beautiful publishing calendar and see images, GIFs and videos previewed on the calendar (see no 4 below).
  • share notes with team members and add labels to track content
  • share calendars with team members or clients to work collaboratively on content

3. Mobile App

The 3rd reason why I love Agorapulse is that there is a fabulous app that lets you post and reply and do all the things on the go:

  • it's responsive and easy to use
  • You can view all of your social activity, manage your social interactions, and get to inbox zero, from your phone!
  • you can manage all the major features of Agorapulse … mobile and on the go.
  • schedule content on your Android or iOS device from anywhere.

4. Visual Content

Agorapulse is a dream for a visual content strategist like me and handling of visual content is a winner for this social media management tool. Anytime I need to post images, gifs videos, it is so easy to use and get a quick overview of how everything is going to look. It's perfect for visual content. I just love:

  • how easy it is to add visual content and manage it in a Agorapulse.
  • you can add video, images or GIFs and preview how they will look when published.
  • you can easily check any past or scheduled post and get a preview of the visual item – a quick way to check what the post is without having to read it. (see examples in the video above).
  • you can manage your Instagram and YouTube comments, as mentioned above
  • the overall user-interface. It's a very visual platform all over and is intuitive and easy to use.

5. Reporting and Power Reports

Agorapulse has long had some of the best reporting of any of the tools, making it a stand-out social media management tool. But now they have their new add-on feature, Power reports. Agorapulse reports let you:

  • track your performance – what works best, where and when
  • get easy-to-understand data on reach, paid reach, total reach, clicks, and number of engaged users for your content.
  • look at trends and team performance.
  • get recommendations on your next social content move by using user behavior data.

But now you can also add Power Reports to the mix. This is a paid add-on but if you are an agency or do client work or need to get more detailed reporting… it's brilliant. With Power Reports you get:

  • custom reports based on metrics and data of your choosing.
  • reports across multiple social profiles, including the ability to aggregate reports and compare.
  • ability to compare time periods
  • get automated reports sent to your email at pre-specified time periods.

6. Customer Service

Hands down Agorapulse has the best customer service of any software product I have ever used ever. Period.

I know, it's a bold claim but it's true, and it's a big reason why it's my favourite social media management support:

  • Their response time is super fast with an average time of 30 minutes but in reality it's much faster than that. I rarely wait longer than 5 minutes and they have coverage in multiple time zones.
  • Their team are super knowledgable, helpful, and fun!
  • Other people think so too! Their reviews on sites like G2Crowd and Capterra are exemplary compared to other tools like Hootsuite and Sprout Social, so don't just take my word for it!
  • not only do they provide customer support but they also offer training and strategy support through their Social Media Manager School – offered as part of any paid plan.

7. The “Free” Account

As I said, one of the best things about Agorapulse is that you can now get a free account. This means that everyone can get started with Agorapulse for free. And don't forget that if you DO want to upgrade to some of the features mentioned above which are on paid plans, you can take advantage of my offer for 2 months free on any paid plan.

In the meantime, if you want to check out the free account, you can do so at this link too. With the free plan you get:

  • up to 3 social profiles
  • 1 user
  • social inbox for up to 100 items
  • basic CRM tools, labels
  • access with mobile app

Not bad for free!

Ready to try this Agorapulse as your social media management tool?

For a full walkthrough of all the features of Agorapulse, check out the video above. It will give a visual walkthrough of the features I mention in this post.

Over to You

Are you using a social media management tool? Will you give Agorapulse a try now that you can access a free plan to test it out (or try my 2 months free on any paid plan).

Agorapulse is the Best FREE Social Media Management Tool (NEW Video)
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