9 Tourism Post Ideas for Social Media (+ Canva Templates)

Got a tourism business and need tourism post ideas? In this post, I share some easy ways to create social designs that showcase your business and encourage engagement with your audience – plus Canva Templates to get you started.

9 Tourism Post Ideas + Canva Templates
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Boost Your Travel Business with Tourism Post Ideas

Whether it's an AirBnB you're running, or a cafe, a restaurant, accommodation, tourism experience, a tour, or even a gin distillery – you can share creative content about your business to get noticed.

These are just a few ideas that you can adapt for any type of tourism business! Try them with the templates below.

  1. Share your customer experiences. As you know the tourism business world runs on reviews. Showcase the great reviews you get from your customers. Make sure you are always checking in for reviews and responding to reviews on all platforms. This means Facebook, Google, TripAdvisor and all the places.
  2. Keep a folder of great photography. This includes photos that you take, that you have taken professionally and that your customers and visitors take. Ask for permission to use any photos you don't own and keep a record of what you and your team can post with.
  3. Get to know what is special about your tourism business. There is something that is unique to you and your team and your experience. Get to know it… and showcase it on social media.
  4. Find the platform that suits you best and focus on one platform. Don't try to be everywhere as you'll exhaust yourself and give up. Think about where your audience is and where your team is comfortable creating content. If it's fun video snippets then maybe it's TikTok or Instagram Reels. If it's more corporate content, then go for LinkedIn. If you like to have fun but focus on showcasing images or customer content (user generated content) then maybe Facebook or Instagram are the place to be.
  5. Experiment and see what works! Sometimes the gems in content are the things you try that you don't expect to work. So, don't be afraid to try new ideas! Hopefully you'll get some good ones from this post.

How to use the Tourism Canva Templates in this Post

As you may know, I am one of the original Canva Creators (creating templates for the Canva Library). And I create a lot of tourism and hospitality inspired templates.

In this post, I've shared a whole bunch of Canva Templates that you can use in your tourism business. You can use them “as is” but I recommend using the templates to create your own spin on the content. This could be by:

  • changing the photo or video (I recommend using your own footage or images that showcase your business)
  • changing the text or message (but feel free to use the message included, if it suits).
  • changing up the colors or fonts to suit your brand.

Canva Templates + Extended Trial of Canva Pro

Get started by using the Canva Tourism Templates in this post (includes templates that are both Free for all Canva users, and Free for Canva Pro users). Canva Pro gives you access to thousands of videos, elements, photos and templates from a whole range of designers on the Canva Marketplace. Try Canva Pro for free on an my trial link:

9 Tourism Post Ideas (+Canva Templates)

Use these Canva templates as they are, or change them up to reflect your own unique take on the world – by changing the image, icons, text or colors! 

1. Fun Photo Air Drop Post

Friday Beer 2 for 1 offer Brewery Canva Template by Socially Sorted
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Let's start off our tourism post ideas with this fun promotion post. This is a cool way to share an offer for your tourism product or service while also sharing an engaging post. Who wouldn't love a 2 for 1 beer, right?

2. Fun Text Phone Chat Promotional Post

9 Tourism Post Ideas + Canva Templates - Fun Phone Text Chat Canva Template by Socially Sorted
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This is one of my favorite tourism post ideas because it can be used in so many ways. This template is actually in video format, so you can download it and share as a video or you can just download the single page like this and share as an image. Change up the background image to showcase your accommodation stay, tour or cafe!

Hot tip: When editing the template, don't mess around with the elements too much. Change the text, but keep it to a similar length to what is on the template already. And make sure your new text is copied on both pages if you are sharing it as a video. You shouldn't need to change the animations too much if you are only changing the text and colors/photos.

3. A Fun Travel Meme or Joke Post

Travel Packing 101 Meme Canva Template by Socially Sorted
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If you want to mix things up a bit with your tourism post ideas, share a fun meme or joke that your audience can relate to. Who doesn't relate to a good packing nightmare, right? Ask your audience to share their best one and watch them be unable to resist engaging with you! Or switch this up to whatever scenario you like.

Hot Tip: Canva has a cool chart feature so you can click on the chart in this template, and change the ratios and colors with a few clicks!

4. Share a Fun Testimonial Post

9 Tourism Post Ideas + Canva Templates - Bright Retro Vibe Testimonial Canva Template by Socially Sorted
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Let's mix up your tourism post ideas with this animated template that you can use to showcase fun testimonials. Share as an image or download as an MP4 with each testimonial popping on to the screen. The animations are all set for you, so all you need to change up is the text and colors.

5. Drone Overhead Photo/Video Post

Drone Video/Photo Canva Template by Socially Sorted
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This template is also animated so you can share it as a static image like the example above above or download as an MP4 with the animated Record Icon flashing in the corner.

This is a great template for switching out to your own “bucket list” travel experience. Or change up the text to be any message you like. Just don't forget to add your own spectacular image or video first!

6. Google Search Animated Instagram Post

Google Search Animated Instagram Canva Template by Socially Sorted
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One of the simplest tourism post ideas to make your own! This template is animated so you can share it as a static image like above or download as an MP4 with the flashing highlights, and animated text “typewriter effect” as a video.

This is an easy template for switching out a background image or video. The idea is that the search bar includes the very thing your product or service or tourism experience is known (and loved) for. Get creative with it!

7. Help us Choose Story Template Post

9 Tourism Post Ideas + Canva Templates - Help Us Choose Canva Template by Socially Sorted
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This is a great post to share local business promotions for a business like a cafe, or restaurant or even a tour – perfect for Instagram Stories or Facebook Stories. Think of two things you can get your audience to choose between and ask them to choose. Add a Poll Sticker when you're in Instagram or Facebook and you are good to go.

Hint: This is a 2-page template. Click to see it on preview on the button below:

8. Share a Top 5 Tourism Infographic

9 Tourism Post Ideas + Canva Templates - 5 Top Cafes Infographic Canva Template by Socially Sorted
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Content doesn't just have to be about your business. Creating content that will help your audience is just as important. In this case, you can use an infographic to showcase some local businesses. Those local businesses might just include suppliers of yours – or even the favorite cafes for your team to visit.

You can use this infographic to showcase tourism experiences, tours, cafes, restaurants, accommodation or any other “Top 5”. Helping out other local businesses is a great way to not only show that you are a great source of local knowledge but it builds really important relationships. And yes of course you can include your own cafe on this list if you are a cafe!

Hot tip: You can easily drag and drop new photos into the photo placeholders. Then simply change up the text to match your content. This infographic has been designed to be easily edited.

9. Share a Letterbox Video about your Tourism Product

This can be a fun way to share some video and photos and show what you have to offer. In this case it's the beautiful Rottnest Island in Western Australia. Need a shorter video? Remove some of the pages. But the framework is there for you to get started!

Want more Canva templates?

Want more? Follow me on Canva to see 100s of additional templates (including new templates as I release them). Available for both Free Users of Canva and Pro Users – including templates for videos, infographics, images, wallpaper designs and more!

Follow Socially Sorted (Donna Moritz) on Canva for hundreds of Free Canva Templates
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That's a Wrap for Tourism Post Ideas!

Are you feeling creative about how to showcase your tourism business with tourism post ideas? Have fun using these tourism templates, and I will look forward to seeing what you create!

9 Tourism Post Ideas + Canva Templates
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