10 Fun Meme Templates to Make Your Posts Relatable

If you're looking for meme templates then you are in the right place. Use these fun Canva Meme Templates to add some fun and light-heartedness to your social media postsand make them relatable.

10 Fun Meme Templates (+ Canva Templates)
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Social Media doesn't have to be serious and educational ALL the time. You can have a bit of fun with it it too! And in fact, adding humor or relatable content is a great way to connect with your audience.

What is a Meme?

The internet definition of a meme is broadly around two aspects, according to the Oxford Dictionary:

  1. an element of culture or system of behaviour passed from one individual to another by imitation or other non-genetic means.
  2. an image, video. piece of text etc (typically humorous in nature) that is copied and spread rapidly by internet users, often with slight variations.

I'm mostly referring to the second definition in this blog post. As a human of the Gen X variety, I have watched memes take over the internet with great curiosity. My children are teens and they literally speak in memes, and sometimes my husband and I are the subject of them!

The truth be known, I actually find memes pretty funny. And I am a keen GIF-sharer on social media. So it's safe to say, I like memes and I think they make super-relatable content to mix in with your on-brand, educational, how-to content on social channels.

How to use the Meme Templates in this Post

As you may know, I am one of the original Canva Creators (creating templates for the Canva Library). And just for fun, I create a few meme templates here and there.

I've rounded up some of my designs in meme template format, so you can use them in your social posts. You can use them “as is” but I also recommend using the templates to create your own funny content. This could be:

  • observations about your business or personal life
  • industry-specific relatable funny meme posts
  • a twist on the content you see here.

I can guarantee that as you go about your day, you will constantly see things that you notice are funny, or make no sense or frustrate you personally or professionally. These observations make for perfect memes and you can use my meme templates to showcase your own ideas.

Canva Templates + Extended Trial of Canva Pro

Get started by using the Canva Meme Templates in this post (includes templates that are both Free for all Canva users, and Free for Canva Pro users). Canva Pro gives you access to thousands of videos, elements, photos and templates from a whole range of designers on the Canva Marketplace. Try Canva Pro for free on an my trial link

10 Fun Meme Templates to Make Your Posts Relatable

Use these Canva templates as they are or change them up to reflect your own unique take on the world – by changing the image, icons or text or colors! 

1. The Coffee Meeting Meme

Funny Coffee Meme Template by Socially Sorted
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Are you a coffee lover? Have you ever been late to a meeting because you had to get your coffee first? Is it just me that does this?

Regardless, you can be sure that some people in your audience will relate to this scenario… and they will relate to coffee memes in general. Posting about coffee or tea or their drink of choice is usually a sure-fire way to get some engagement going.

2. What Pets Think (Cat Meme Video)

Click to play the video and see what Molly thinks about humans. There are millions of funny “thoughts” pets could be having about their humans, so get creative and come up with your own original cat perspective. Chances are, your audience will relate to this content as there's a high chance that many of them have pets too! Or change up the image to a “dog” thought bubble. Hint: use the template below.

3. Fitness Dog Meme

Fitness Dog Meme Template by Socially Sorted
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It's the dog's turn to have thoughts! Turning a much-hated (but necessary) day in the fitness industry (leg day!) into the thoughts of a dog is relatable. This could be adapted to any industry that talks about fitness. Break up your content with a fun post like this or change the topic to whatever makes you laugh!

4. The Funny Social Scenario Meme

Fish Costume Meme Template by Socially Sorted
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If you've ever seen the movie Bridget Jones' Diary then you'll relate to this (or perhaps it's happened to you or someone you know). It's the old only-person-to-turn-up-at-a-party-dressed-in-fancy-dress scenario. Or the opposite… turning up to a fancy dress party, not dressed in fancy dress.

The point here is that these things happen and they are funny! What is a funny scenario that you can share that your audience will relate to? Create a meme about that, or use this Video Meme Template and share this funny meme. I bet they will find it amusing, either way!

5. Intention vs Reality Meme Video

This is exactly what happened to me recently – a big day of work planned and then the first of our family tested positive for Covid shortly after. Cute the isolation. Intention vs Reality Next Level Unlocked!

Fortunately our symptoms were mild, but it made me laugh when I considered how my day started and how my week finished. Use this format to share about your own Intention vs Reality experience.

6. Fact vs Choice Funny Animated Meme Template

Donut Meme Template by Socially Sorted
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Another easily-edited, relatable post that you can switch up to make it your own. Whether it's ice-cream or donuts, your audience will be able to relate to the idea of a little indulgence. This is an animated template so can be shared as an image or video format.

7. Also Me TV Video Canva Meme Template

Also Me Funny Meme Instagram Video Social Media Post by Donna Moritz (Socially Sorted)

Everyone can relate to a funny Netflix template. Who can resist bingeing a favorite show, right? Use this Canva Meme Template as it is or change it up to showcase another funny meme. Or share some observational humor that your audience will relate to.

8. The “Said Nobody Ever” Conversation Animated Meme Template

Surfing Conversation Meme Template by Socially Sorted
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Can you relate? Chances are your audience can too – we all desire more time out so this type of post can be a fun one to share. Or change up the text on the conversation (and the image) entirely to make it your own.

Note: This is an animated template so it includes Canva Animations to make it pop!

9. Classic Photo Meme Template

Inbox Meme Template by Socially Sorted
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This is a super easy “classic” meme style that you can adapt by simply switching out the photo and text. Or add a video to change it up! The text is basic and simple but that's the point – it's classic meme text that your audience will immediately recognise as a light-hearted, fun, post.

10. The Sloth Productivity “Also Me” Photo Template

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Relate? Me too. This type of Canva meme template can be changed up in seconds to reveal any “also me” joke you can think of. Change the colors, text, photo (or video) and make it your own!

Want more Canva templates?

Want more? Follow me on Canva to see 100s of additional templates (including new templates as I release them). Available for both Free Users of Canva and Pro Users – including templates for videos, infographics, images, wallpaper designs and more!

Follow Socially Sorted (Donna Moritz) on Canva for hundreds of Free Canva Templates
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What About You?

Do you like Memes? Have fun using these Meme Templates and I will look forward to seeing what you create!

10 Fun Meme Templates (+ Canva Templates)
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