NEW Canva Video Features to Make Your Videos Pop! (Canva Update)

In this post I share some cool NEW Canva Video Features that will make your videos pop – with a video walkthrough! Canva video has added some awesome functionality for creating videos and these 3 features are game-changers when creating DIY Video! 

New Canva Video Features - Canva Video Update
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For many years I have been teaching non-designers how to create amazing visuals using visual tools. And Canva has been at the top of my list for doing so… but now they have levelled things up again. As you may know Canva Video has become quite a robust video option and you know I love Canva Video templates. What started as basic functionality is becoming more and more like a sassy video suite. To the point that it is really does the job of multiple tools…. and will only get better.

So I find myself using Canva more and more for video editing – not just social video but long form video. And I could cry tears of joy at some of the new Canva video features they are adding now to Canva Video including:

  • 100s of amazing templates – Video, Youtube, Reels, TikTok, Social video templates, video ads, covering topics from food to fashion and everything in between!
  • Powerful video editing tools – with a drag-and-drop timeline, ability to split frames, resize clips, all in the one user-friendly editor.
  • Powerful and seamless transitions – with more transitions being added regularly.
  • Amazing Animation features – to animate whole pages/sections or individual elements including text animations.
  • Canva's Video Stock Library – a huge selection of free and pro video footage you can add to your designs for professional content in a single drag-and-drop!
  • Animated elements – don't forget Canva has a massive library of animated elements you can add to your designs for fun movement!
  • Audio Magic – the ability to add audio tracks direct from Canva, including funky music in a range of styles, sound effects (with a Pro account), voice-overs, narration options. It's music to our ears!
Canva Video Editor Image - Canva video Update
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Splitting scenes is easy with the Canva Video Editor. Everything is click, drag, drop. Easy!

So now that we've seen some of the existing features in Canva Video, let's take a look at what new Canva video features Canva has to offer. There are 3 awesome additions to the Canva video suite:

New Canva Video Features You'll Love!

Let's start with a video walkthrough to see all the features in action:

As you can see, there are some awesome new Canva video features being added to Canva's toolkit that make it easier than ever to create amazing visual content! If you want the written walkthrough of how it all works, including instructions, here it is:

1. Video Background Remover for Canva Video

We've been waiting for it and now it's here. The video background remover is amazing and allows you to remove the background of images in just one click.

And it's likely one of the new Canva video features you've been waiting for, for a long time, especially if you love the existing Image Background Remover.

To remove the video background, Select the video => Edit Video => Background Remover (Click to Remove Background) – in just one click. Here's a step-by-step:

1. Select your video then choose Edit Video.

Edit Video - Video Background Remover (New Canva Video Features - Canva Video Update)
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2. Then choose Remove Background from the Video Editing options.

Choose Video Background Remover (Screenshot) - Canva Video Background Remover
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3. Your Video background will be removed in a few seconds (this may take longer if it is a longer video). You can even continue working while this happens.

Remove Background in Canva video with Canva Video Background Remover
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4. Now you can add your video (with transparent background) to any background you like, from images to text. Have fun creating awesome visuals with this feature.

Canva Video Background Remover in Action - New Canva Video Features - Canva Video Update
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Watch the Canva Updates video to see Video Background Remover in action.

2. Canva Video Element Timing

This one is a game-changer when it comes to creating video in Canva and is my favorite of the new Canva video features. Now you can control the positing, timing and duration for how elements show up in your videos. This includes text elements, graphic elements and groups of elements.

To add element timing to your videos, try these steps:

1. Start by using a video format for your document. This feature only works for video formats (ie 16:9 landscape video, square instagram video or animated social media, mobile video or Reels or TikTok videos). Any video format in Canva will work.

2. Click to select the element you wish to add timing to, then right click the option Show Timing in the menu.

3. The Element Timeline will appear on the Video Timeline below the editor (the purple bars in the image below).

Canva Video Element Timing Demonstration - New Canva Video Features
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4. Hover your mouse cursor over the edge of the element's timeline and you can then adjust the length of the timeline with the trim handles that appear.

5. Drag the handles to the left or to the right to adjust the length and timing of the element.

6. Note: if you have more than one element that you wish to adjust, you can select them as a group and select the down arrow on the element timeline to open up the group of elements in one view.

Watch the Canva Updates Video to see Video Background Remover in action.

3. Color Wipe Transition

Canva has many cool transitions to use between video scenes, but this may well be one of my favorites. Let's take a look at Color Wipe Transition to round out these new Canva video features. Using transitions of this calibre can really lift your video design and bring a professional edge to the finished product!

To use Color Wipe Transitions, do the following: 

1. Hover down to the video editor and click the + sign between thumbnails. 

2. You can choose between Add Page and Add Transition. Choose Add Transition

Canva Video Color Wipe Transition - New Canva video features
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3. A menu of Transitions will pop up on the left hand side of your screen. 

4. Choose Color Wipe Transition. 

5. If you wish, you can customize the color and direction of your color wipe transition. But Canva will give you an excellent choice of colors to begin with, based on your selection.

Canva Video Color Wipe Transition - New Canva Video Features
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6. Let the magic begin!

It's difficult to show the finished product in a video screenshot (it moves fast!), so be sure to check out this feature in action on Canva Updates video above!

And that's a wrap! 3 awesome new Canva Video features for you to play with.

Want More Canva Video Ideas?

Check out this blog post packed with Canva video ideas and Canva templates you can use now to create amazing visuals:

6 Easy Canva Video Ideas that catch attention
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Over to You

What do you think about these new Canva Video Features in this Canva Update? Will you be using them to create videos or have you tried them already? Let me know in the comments below.

New Canva Video Features - Canva Video Update
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