12 Fun Fall Canva Templates you can use for Free!

If you're looking for Fun, Fall Canva Templates, then you're in the right place. Whether it's Fall or Autumn where you live, who can resist the cosy warmth of all things Fall? From winter fashion to pumpkin spice (love it or hate it) this post has loads of Canva Templates to fill your socials!

12 Free Fall Canva Templates You Can Use Right Now!
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Whatever the time of year, Fall templates are fun. They are a great way to engage your audience and share something in common – the love of Fall, the love (or hate) of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, or Fall winter fashion. With my Free Canva templates to give you post ideas, this article will get you started.

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Let's jump in!

12 Fall Canva Templates You Can Use for Free!

From animations to images and everything in between, use my Fall templates in your Canva account right now. Oh and yes, there's a fair dose of humor too!

1. Fall Photo Collage Template

Fall Collage Template - 12 Fun Free Fall Canva Templates
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There's nothing more warming and welcoming than a fun Fall photo collage. When it comes to Fall Canva Templates, this is a quick and easy one to share!

And who doesn't love leaves and warming coffee (maybe with a little spice of the pumpkin variety) along for the ride?

2. Fun Fall Pumpkin Spice Animated Chat Template

Orange & Brown Fun Fall Pumpkin Phone Chat Animated Social Media Graphic by Donna Moritz (Socially Sorted)

Whether you love it or hate it, “Pumpkin Spice” is something you can have fun with! Use this easily editable animated template to have some fun with Fall or change it up completely to whatever topic you like! Maybe ask your audience if they love or hate it.. that should lead to some heated gently-warmed debate!

3. Welcome Fall Photographic Collage Template

Photographic Fall Photo Collage Template - 12 Fun Free Fall Canva Templates
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A common trend on Social at the moment is to welcome a new season or transitional period with a post. Oh hey there, Fall. And speaking of new things, try an Instagram Portrait post to change things up! Not everything has to be square these days.

4. Fall Photo Quote Template

Photographic Fall Quote Template - 12 Fun Free Fall Canva Templates
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Share a photographic quote template and add your own “Fall” inspired quote! There are plenty of photograph-style Fall Canva Templates in Canva and millions of photos (or videos) that you can use to choose your own background.

5. Fall Sale Black Friday Template

Fall Black Friday Sale Canva Template
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Running a Black Friday Sale? Use this fun, bright Fall Template to share your awesome products and services!

6. Fun Seasons Fall Meme Template

4 Seasons Fall Canva Template
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There are people that love Fall and there are people that LOOOOOOVE Fall. Have a laugh about it (am I look at you, I mean laughing with you?).

7. Fall Pumpkin Meme Template

Pumpkin Spice Meme Canva Template - 12 Fun Free Fall Canva Templates
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Again with the Pumpkin Spice! Let's face it, you can have fun with this topic whether you love or hate it! What's a few Fall Canva Templates without a Pumpkin Spice template or two, right?

8. Fall Drinks Food Infographic

Fall Canva Infographic Template
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Got a food business, a food blog or vlog? Share some Fall-inspired recipes or content with an infographic like this one. Switch out the elements and text to make it your own… the colors are ready to go in all of their “Fall” Glory.

Looking for more infographic templates? Check out this post.

9. Funny Fall Photo Collage Animated Template

Animated Funny Fall Canva Template
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Let's be real. We all know a person who is THIS person… the person that has all the Fall things out and ready before September peeps its head through the leaves dropping from the trees. Is that person you? Or your sister? Or friend? Perhaps a workmate? As far as Fall Canva Templates go, this is one to have fun with!

PS – it's animated too, using one of Canva's many animated text effects.

10. Fall Photo Collage Template

Fall Pumpkin Youtube Thumbnail - 12 Fun Free Fall Canva Templates
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Need a Fall-inspired YouTube Thumbnail – here's one, ready to go! Or change it up for a Facebook post if you like!

11. Fall Favorite Seasons Animated Template

Bright Multicolor Funny Seasons Fall Pumpkin Spice Animated Social Media by Donna Moritz (Socially Sorted)

Yes, let's admit it. We all have our “favorite” season. This template is animated so you can share it on Facebook or Instagram!

12. Fall Photo Collage Template

Fall Photo Collage Canva Template - 12 Fun Free Fall Canva Templates
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Want to show your Fall fashion or Fall vibes? Use a photo collage to share the mood and showcase your Fall faves or your Fall products!

Looking for Fall Inspiration and Elements?

Here are a few ideas!

  1. There are bucketloads of photos, videos, animated elements, stickers and graphics in Canva's element library. Simply search for Fall under the category of element you are looking for – and you'l find endless inspiration!
How to search for Fall Elements in Canva
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2. Search for templates under category type + topic to find Fall content like this search for “Fall Fashion”.

How to search for Fall templates in Canva
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3. Check out our October and November Fall Content ideas here!

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12 Free Fall Canva Templates You Can Use Right Now!
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That's a Fall-wrap!

Enjoy the Fall templates and have fun creating awesome content in Canva. What will you create?

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