25 Valentine’s Day Templates (Canva) that You’ll Love

Valentine's Day Templates are ready for you to use in Canva to share the love! It's that time of the year when love is in the air. Who can resist some romantic quote and shareable content about love? Here are 20 Canva templates for you to use from my Canva Creator profile (20 of them are free!). And hot tips for editing Canva templates the easy way!

25 Fun Editable Valentine's Day Templates (Canva)
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Valentine's Day is one of the most popular days of the year for creating fun social content and how you have Valentine's Day Templates to help you – ready to use in your Canva profile. Whether it's a Valentine's Day Sale or a quote about love, there's no limit to inspiration around this topic. Or (as you will see below) you can also celebrate being single, self-love and Galentine's Day too!

Canva Templates + Extended Trial of Canva Pro

There are 20 Free Canva Templates (for all Canva users) in this post, with bonus bonus Pro templates thrown in. You can check out my full Canva Creator Profile here.

Don't have a Canva account? Get started below, including a trial of all the features of Canva Pro for 45 days using my link. This gives you access to millions of videos, elements, photos and templates from a whole range of designers and ALL of Canva's features:

Let's jump in!

20 Free Valentine's Day Templates for Canva

These first 20 Valentine's Day Templates are free to use in Canva on any Canva account. There's a mix of fun, love-filled Canva templates, self-love templates and some cute Galentine's Day posts. Use what you need! 

1. Circular Text Illustrated Quote Valentine's Day Template

Candy Hearts Valentine's Day Canva Template
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Need a quick greeting for Valentine's Day? Use this simple Valentine's Greeting Canva Template. Switch up the message or change out the element to a different Valentine's Day illustration – there are plenty to find in Canva!

2. Text Quote XOXO Valentine's Day Template

XOXO Text Quote Canva Valentine's Day Template
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Everyone loves a little XOXO on Valentine's Day, right? This simple template can be switched out to any four letter word for any occasional – LOVE for Valentine's day or maybe you're running a Valentine's Day SALE. Get creative with it and change the colors if you need to. Grab the template in Canva here:

3. Watercolor Background Love Quote Template

Love Quote Canva Valentine's Day Template
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Whether it's Valentine's Day or another occasion, this simple quote template can be switched up for any message you want to share. Grab the template here:

4. XOXO Vintage Flowers Quote Valentine's Day Canva Template

XOXO Vintage Flowers Canva Valentine's Day Template
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Use this vintage floral Valentine's Day template in Canva:

5. Love Wins Watercolor Motivational Quote Template

Love Wins Canva Valentine's Day Template
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Use this template for February 14th, or switch up the quote for your brand (if you want to create something fun in pink!).

6. Animated XOXO Noughts & Crosses Canva Template

XOXO Animated Canva Valentine's Day Template
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Have a little Noughts and Crosses XOXO love fun with this “animated” Valentine's Day template, free in Canva:

7. Cue the Hearts Valentine's Day Canva Template

Cue the Hearts Canva Valentine's Day Template
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Cue the hearts! This simple Valentine's Day message can be edited easily – or if you have a Canva Pro account, resize it to create a valentine's day card or message.

8. Candy Hearts Love Wins Valentine's Template

Love Wins Candy Canva Valentine's Day Template
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This Candy Hearts Template can be easily edited to share any message you like. Just be sure to stick to text of similar length so you are allowing enough space on the Candy. Enjoy…

9. Gold Paint Shine Love Quote Facebook Canva Template

Shine Quote Canva Valentine's Day Template
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Not just for Valentine's Day, this quote can be used to share any quote and suits a neutral brand palette or any content that requires some bling!

10. Pink Gradient Fun Quote Valentine's Template

Pink Gradient Love Quote Canva Template
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Want a more fun, lighthearted Valentine's Template? This one fits the bill for sharing a message of love for friends, family or lovers.

11. Instagram Story Candy Hearts Message Canva Template

Candy Heart Instagram Story Canva Valentine's Day Template
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Want to share a longer message in a fun way for Valentine's Day? Or maybe share a sale or Valentine's Day Promotion? Get creative with the text and candy hearts to share your message of choice (or just wish your followers a Happy Valentine's Day!

12. Love Mode “On” Valentine's Day Template for Canva

Love Mode On Canva Template
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Toggle posts can be fun – share this “Love Mode “On” template to celebrate Valentine's Day:

13. Neon Love Valentine's Day Template for Canva

Neon Canva Valentine's Day Template
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Share a fun Neon template for Valentine's Day!

14. Heart Candy Valentine's Day Card Template

Valentine's Day Canva Template
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Share a card with a loved one – with Candy hearts!

15. Red & White Heart Valentine's Day Card Template

Love Coupons Canva Valentine's Day Template
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The first of two sets of Valentine's Day Coupons in this post. Print them and share them with someone you love – or use it for any special occasion! Or adapt them and share them as business vouchers for Valentine's Day for your customers!

16. Animated Love Locked In Valentines Canva Template

Animated Love Locked Canva Template
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Share a fun message with this cute Animated Valentine's Day design:

17. Galentine's Day Template

Galentine's Day Template - Canva Template
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Not everyone loves Valentine's Day .. but Galentine's Day can be a fun way to spend time with your friends on the 13th February (or the 14th, make an event of it!). Use this fun definition template to share the love. It's easy to switch up for any “definition post” you want to share during the year:

18. Galentine's Day Sisterhood Template

Galentine's Sisterhood Canva  Template
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More Galentine's Day Canva fun for you to share in lieu of Valentine's Day:

19. Galentine's Day Meme Template

Galentine's Meme Canva Valentine's Day Template
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If you're like me and you love a good meme or pun, then this type of post can be fun around Valentine's Day. Switch it up to share your own brand of humor around the month of love!

20. Love Coupons Canva Template

Love Coupons Canva Valentine's Day Template
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Need more fun Valentine's Day voucher ideas? (hint: also great for Mother's Day or any birthday!). Print this sheet of Valentine's Day coupons!

20 down, 5 to go. Here are 5 Canva Pro Templates for Valentine's Day. If you don't have a Canva Pro account, try it out here for 45 days on my partner link as a Canva Verified Expert.

21. Give Yourself Flowers Self-Love Template

Flowers Valentine's Canva Template
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With a little nod to Miley Cyrus, here's a tip for everyone out there… give yourself the gift of self-love (and flowers).

22. Love Wins Canva Template

Love Wins Canva Valentine's Day Template
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Love wins. Or share this Valentine's Day template with whatever message you want!

23. Sisterhood Galentine's Day Template

Canva Galentine's Day Template
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Sisterhood, Hype women and She-nanigans. Share the Galentine's Love!

24. Signed and Sealed Canva Template

Signed and Sealed Canva Valentine's Day Template
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Signed and sealed. Happy Valentine's Day!

25. Red Heart Canva Template

Red Heart Canva Valentine's Day Template
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Share any Valentine's message you like with curved text using this template:

That's a wrap on Valentine's Day ideas and templates. Edit them and share them in any way you like!

Want access to more templates and better features? Grab my free trial of Canva Pro for 45 days to test it out:

Tips for Editing Canva Templates (the Easy Way!).

If you've followed this blog for a while, you'll know that I love teaching non-designers how to create amazing visuals – even if you don't have any design skills. So there are a few tips I have for editing Canva templates the easy way. You may have also heard me talk about the one “big mistake” that non-designers make – it's that they try to BE designers when they don't really need to.

Instead, try these easy steps to edit a template and make it your own:

1. Leverage Design Templates

When using a design tool like Canva, leverage the amazing templates in the library – in Canva you can access millions of templates by their design team and Canva Creators that are ready to edit and customize the design.

2. Stick to the Design Elements

If you start moving around the core elements, deleting or adding too many features that impact the layout of the design, you can end up messing up the overall layout and balance of the design. Use the layout and trust it!

3. Switch just 1 or 2 things

If you go into the template and change up all the things – borders, fonts, colors, moving text and adding new photos… you'll mess up the overall layout. Instead, focus on changing just one or two things. This will honor the original design while making it your own… without messing it up too much.

For example, just change the text and the font. Or just change the text and the colors. Keep it simple and switch just 1-2!

4. Same for Same

If you want to switch something out, try to make it same for same. Need to change the font? Replace a bold font with another bold font or a script font with another script or handwriting font. And so on.

Again, don't mess with the templates TOO much. Change them up but do it in a clever way.

5. Size Matters

When changing up content on a template, stick to items of similar size or length. For instance if you are changing the text on an infographic, ensure that you keep the total text to a similar length (one sentence or a few words, depending on what the original text is). If you start cramming in too much text, you will mess up the design of the image.

When you use some of these tips, you're more likely to end up with a finished design that is unique but keeps the design elements of the original – and looks great!

Want more fresh Canva templates?

The templates I have shared in this post are just the tip of the iceberg. Want more templates? Follow me on Canva to see 1000s of additional templates (including new templates as I release them). Available for both Free Users of Canva and Pro Users.

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25 Fun Editable Valentine's Day Templates (Canva)
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