5 Mobile Apps that Put Visual Content Creation in Your Pocket

Visual Content Tools keep getting better and better.  

If you want to create visuals for your business then this post will put Visual Content Creation Apps in your pocket – 3 of our favourites in fact.

3 Mobile Apps that will put visual content creation in your pocket. We updated this post with 3 apps I am using right now for visual content creation.
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Just a few years ago we were reliant on high-end programs like photoshop (or paying a designer) to create beautiful visual content to post across social media channels.

Times have changed.

These days you, your team (and your clients!) can create content using intuitive visual content apps, including amazing typography and image creation tools…all on your mobile phone.

So let's take a look at some of (in my opinion) some of the best apps for creating images using image and text combinations. I have posted about great mobile Apps before, and this very post was originally written a while back.  But apps change, new technology brings new functionality and it was time to update this post again, so it was time to review 3 of the visual content apps I use the most right now on my mobile phone.

Think you don't have the time or creativity to create amazing visual content? Think again!  Let's take a look at 5 awesome visual content creation apps. And I'll be sharing the one place you can always go for inspiration from each of the apps…. Instagram.

Yes, that's right. The smart visual content app companies know that an engaged instagram presence is a great way to showcase what their tool can do. So check them out below (and their Instagram accounts). Here they are:

5 Killer Apps for Visual Content Creation

#1  Over

Over has long been one of my favourite visual content creation apps. I have always loved their layers and funky fonts.  They also keep on top of fun trends like Instagram Story Stickers: 

Pretty cool, hey?  There are loads of features I could go on about with Over, but one I like is that the app includes video footage or you can upload your own:

And if you love cool typography and effects, you'll love Over:

And there are literally thousands of graphic elements, images, designer-quality templates and more in Over.

Follow Over on Instagram to learn more about their app.  Many visual content creation tool apps have come and gone but Over has stayed the distance and I think it's worth checking out to have in your "pocket" design arsenal.

What is Over Pro? 

Over Pro is their new Pro level of membership for the app. Previously you would have to buy the app and then upgrade for packs of effects, icons and fonts. Now they have Over Pro which is $9.99 per month on subscription. You can trial it for 7 days.

Over Pro gives you access to all of Over's creative tools and everything in their content library, which means access to 100,000+ ready made graphics, fonts and images.  Everything is unlocked when you pay the subscription - that includes every graphic, font, template that is currently available on Over.

Considering the library of content in Over (it's been around for a few years now) and the fact that they are adding content every day, it's possibly a worthwhile investment if you love this tool and do a lot of your visual content creation on the go.

But trial it first and see!  You can find out more about Over here.

Over for business and commercial use

Previously,  there was some issues with Over possibly not covering you for business or commercial use of its tool. Now it seems they have included commercial/business use in their terms (please read them)...as long as you are not using the tool to sell units or products as per the conditions below.

So, it's good news that it seems you are covered now to use it for social media for your business, but please read the entire T&Cs here. Here is an excerpt:

Our Services are provided for your personal and commercial use except when our Service Content is used to create end products for sale where the lifetime sales of the end product for sale exceeds 400 units. An end product for sale can be either a digital design or physical item created using our Services that you and/or your client intends to sell.... Read more here.

It's not yet on Android but apparently they have a team dedicated to making that happen, so fingers crossed it comes soon for all users!

Whether you try the basic Over app or go for Pro, this tool will help you to create stunning visuals, and as a premium app for visual content creation - it's probably one of the best!   I'll leave you with this one, which I just love:

#2  Picmonkey App

PicMonkey app is the baby of the awesome photo editing tool Picmonkey that has been around for years!

Picmonkey was probably the first tool to start the "DIY Design" trend, allowing us to move away from Photoshop to creating our own visual content that didn't look like it was made with Clip Art.

The Picmonkey Mobile app is available on Android and ioS
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Picmonkey has a lot of Photoshop-type options and cool effects to incorporate into your images and the app has carried over some of those features.  It's great for enhancing photos quickly and easily.

What I like about what PicMonkey did when they launched their mobile app, is that they choose the super fun elements of their main desktop app and added them in a "tappable" way to the app.

This means that they didn't try to add the whole kitchen sink but instead aimed to streamline it and add just a few of the key functions, rather than trying to include everything.

The picmonkey app is really all about beautiful photo editing.  It's a perfect accompaniment for Instagram when you want to give your photos a lift.

Take for example this image. I used layers to create the final effect. You start

apply filter with the Picmonkey App
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Choose from a number of filters

I can then choose to add a black and white layer:

add a black and white layer with Picmonkey visual content app
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It's easy to add a separate layer!

Then you can use the erase tool to peel back the layer:

Erase effects with your finger on the picmonkey app for visual content effect!
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Use your finger to rub back the layers!

and then you have the finished effect:

Finished effect with picmonkey app.
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All finished!

The beauty of the Picmonkey app lies in its simplicity. Here are a few more of the features as outlined by Picmonkey. You can add stickers, filters, effects, text and more:

Picmonkey app visual content features
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Picmonkey app is available on Android and iOS too, which means everyone can try it!

Oh and be sure to check out their Instagram account. (Psst Did I tell you that Picmonkey also does curved text?  It's not on the app but it's on their web-based desktop tool which is pretty cool).  You'll find loads of ideas for typography and photo editing on their Instagram account:


#3  Adobe Spark Post

I wrote about Adobe Spark Post in this post for Social Media Examiner.  Adobe Spark Post  is a wonderful template tool for creating images and short animations on mobile pone.  Created by the team at Adobe, they are constantly growing and adding to the features of the app.

Adobe Spark Post on iPad and iPhone
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It's available on iOS but not Android at this stage. Rumour has it that Android is coming.

Like PicMonkey, Adobe Spark Post is available via the web and as an app, with Spark Post being part of a broader suite of features including Adobe Spark on desktop (including Adobe Spark Voice and Adobe Spark Video).

With the Adobe Spark Post App, your visual content creations sync between your desktop and mobile device. You can work on your visuals in either place.

Click through to check out their posts on Instagram:



A post shared by Adobe Spark (@adobespark) on

Some of Spark's awesome features include:

  • Remix feature. Start with a template and then alter your images for different social media platforms.
  • Magic text - the text automagically resizes to fit any size text box as you try on some different size combinations
  • Animation tool - you can easily convert any image created in Spark to a short, animated video snippet, which is very cool!

Adobe Spark Post also recently upgraded their tool wiht a new, paid Pro level of membership. With that you can now:

  • add your logo so it is applied across the graphics you create in the tool and across other spark products.
  • add your brand colours and fonts
  • use personalised templates and themes set up with your logo, colours and selected fonts. Here's an overview:
  • apply one change and have it reflected across your assets.
  • manage your brand assets in a brand dashboard
Add your brand ingredients with Adobe Spark Post
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Other Tools:

I know that this post is about 3 tools, but I couldn't resist keeping at least a couple more tools, including one that was originally on this post:


WordSwag.  Many people still use this tool as a major app in their mobile visual content arsenal.

Wordswag literally lets you take any tip, text or quote, add a source and boom - you have a savvy-designed, shareable piece of visual content.

WordSwag is pre-populated with awesome templates that literally let you create image + text images that look like a designer has played a part in their creation - when all along, it was just you, an iPhone and an app!

But I wanted to mention it here because WordSwag is now available on Android too!  So if you haven't revisited WordSwag for a while, you can check it out here.

Canva App

I wrote about the Canva App here. If you are a Canva user, this is a super helpful app to carry on your creations on mobile.

It's currently only available on iPhone but I believe the Android version is imminent!

3 Mobile Apps for Visual Content Creation
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Image by Shutterstock


Over to You

Now you have no excuse to not start creating your own original, shareable images, right?  Tell me in the comments below - what App is your favourite for creating images on the go?  

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Donna Moritz

Visual Social Media Strategist at Socially Sorted
Donna is a Visual Content Strategist and founder of Socially Sorted, listed by Forbes as a "Top 5 Social Media Blog You Need to Know About in 2019". Donna helps brands leverage the power of visual storytelling and content strategy in their business. Her content has been featured in publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur Online and she is a contributor to Social Media Examiner. Donna speaks about digital and visual content for the marketing and tourism industries internationally.
3 Mobile Apps that will put visual content creation in your pocket. We updated this post with 3 apps I am using right now for visual content creation.
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  1. Blake Schreckhise

    Thank you Donna! This is like the 3rd time you have written a post that I was looking for that exact information. Keep it up!

    • Donna Moritz

      ha ha thanks Blake – I think if I am that spot on with what you need, I think I should check in on your FAQs as a new content strategy! Glad you found it useful!

      • Blake Schreckhise

        I’ll be sure to keep you up to date on my latest visual social media needs and desires!

  2. Noel Chenier

    Hi Donna.
    Some great apps! You should also consider LetterGlow. http://www.letterglow.com for the list.
    It has a ton of options for fonts, colors, shapes, styles. Also allows you to save templates, import your own artwork/logos.
    It’s my go to app for when I want to add text, watermarks, etc to my images!

    Noel Chenier

    • Donna Moritz

      thanks Noel – yes I have discovered Letterglow and I will no doubt be adding it to a future post – I like the fact that you can add your own fonts too which is a rare thing! Thanks for the heads up!

      • Noel Chenier

        my pleasure. as an app developer myself, I know how important it is to let people know about awesome apps!
        Yes, adding your own fonts is a great feature.

  3. Ramon Enrique Franco

    Hi Donna !very nice apps. Thansk
    I am looking for an app like word swag , it is very important to me because i work with it , doing marketing … Could you tell me an app like word swag?

  4. Adam Moorey

    So how do these users evaluate mobile app?

  5. tas

    Can someone pls tell me if wordswag offers blank colour backgrounds? I can’t find this anywhere..

  6. EllenF

    I’m still looking for an Android app that lets you put a semi-transparent rectangle between the text and the image, so that the text is more legible.

    • Donna Moritz

      Have you tried Studio App or Over? I think both of these will allow you to add shapes – not sure about transparency but Studio works in layers…

  7. WhiteMoney

    Hi Donna, Thank you for your post
    Another app in this catergory is TypiMage which is also very easy to use and free

  8. Lucian Dinu

    Another great free option for graphic design or your mobile android device is Etimat Designer. It has great print and export capabilities(JPG, PNG, PDF, SVG)


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