Facebook Slideshow Alternatives: Easy Video Tools + Multi-image Posts

If you're wondering how to make a Slideshow on Facebook, then try these Facebook Slideshow Alternatives with easy videos and multi-image posts. The Facebook Slideshow feature may have gone but there are plenty of alternatives to love.

Facebook Slideshow Alternatives - easy video tools and multi-image posts (girl with video camera)
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If you're here because you want to know “How to make a slideshow on Facebook” then you're not alone. We're going to dive into some quick and easy alternatives to the Facebook Slideshow tool – on Instagram and Facebook. Why alternatives? Well, I have good news and bad news:

The bad news is that the feature that allowed us to make a slideshow on Facebook has been removed, moved and removed again. For many users it's gone altogether. Yes, alas, the Facebook Slideshow feature is no longer an option for creating quick slideshow videos on Facebook. But….

The good news is that there are many creative options for creating carousel and slideshow posts, quick video and multi-image posts on Facebook. I'll share them in this post.

And let me just say this, before we dive into alternatives:

I'm a little exhausted from updating this post. I love my blog but I'm not a huge fan of Facebook for constantly changing the popular Facebook Slideshow feature and then taking it away. So after many iterations and workarounds to help you create a slideshow on Facebook, it's time for an update with “alternatives”.

These alternatives still let you create awesome multi-image posts or quick videos in Slideshow-style for Facebook… without constantly wondering what the latest Facebook change will be.

Where did the ‘Facebook Slideshow' tool go?

After the Slideshow tool disappeared from our pages and profiles (RIP), we found a workaround that allowed us to publish posts via the Facebook Ads Manager or Creator Studio (shared in the video below, created with Facebook's Slideshow tool early in 2021). But that feature seems to have gone away now altogether (RIP).

Note that this feature is no longer available for most users, so read on for what you can use instead. But if you do still have access to the Facebook Slideshow feature via Ads Manager or Creator Studio please let me know in the comments below.

RIP Facebook Slideshow tool. You served us well…

How can we make a Slideshow on Facebook now?

We're moving forward, and I'm sharing a bunch of “alternatives” you can rely on.

Am I upset that the Facebook Slideshow tool has gone? A little, when it comes to Facebook changing things and taking away a feature that users loved. But in all reality, I think that the alternative tools and strategies I've shared in this post are just as good, if not better when it comes to sharing multiple images or concepts in Facebook.

So if you're wondering how to make a slideshow on Facebook or you're searching for “Facebook Slideshow”, you're in the right place. We just have to think differently!

Let's look at those alternative options for creating a Facebook Slideshow or making a video on Facebook:

4 Ways to Create “Facebook Slideshow” Quick Videos + Multi-Image Posts

Video is huge, there is no doubt. So even if Facebook took away the slideshow feature for Facebook, I wanted to give you options.

The following tools and features will help you to make slideshow-like videos and multi-image posts that you can share to Facebook (just like we could with the Slideshow feature).

1. Create a Multi-image post on Facebook.

While it's not exactly the same as the Facebook Slideshow Carousel feature, this is still quite eye-catching on your newsfeed. It involves creating a multi-image post and sharing it to Facebook. It's like the Carousel post on Instagram, in that once someone clicks on the first image, they can easily scroll through the rest of them.

And if I am to be truthful, I think this is not so far removed from the Facebook Carousel/Facebook Slideshow feature that we have had access to until now. It's just that someone needs to click through the photos rather than them playing as a video. I've referred to tools that can help you do that below.

Here is an example of a great multi-image post on Facebook from Candybox Marketing:

As you can see, this type of post commands attention, especially if the user can see that you have set out the images in steps. How-to or idea posts are hugely popular on Facebook and Instagram.

So don't despair if you can no longer use the Facebook Slideshow feature . Instead, take the same images you would have used to create it and turn them into a multi-image post!

2. Create Facebook SlideShow-like Videos with other Video Tools

I created this “Facebook Slideshow” style video using Wave (one of my favorite tools for creating social videos:

It took me about 5 minutes with the copy ready to plug into a video template. It really is quick and easy and the finished product is very similar to what you could achieve with the Facebook slideshow feature.

What tools can you use to create a Slideshow on Facebook (or similar)?

To mimic the Facebook Slideshow feature, all you need to do is take a series of “still” images and use software to create a video that scrolls through them the images (with text overlays added as you wish). 

It's just like the Facebook Slideshow tool! To do this I recommend using the following tools:

  1. Wave.Video – this is my go-to tool for creating videos that include photos and text.
  2. Canva Video – Canva has been slowly building a solid video tool on their platform, so it's worth checking out. It's easy to create a video from still images or video or animations and they keep adding more and more awesome video features. Get a free trial of Canva Pro here.
  1. GIFs – use Giphy to add a series of photos to the tool and convert them into a GIF. These an be easily converted to video using a tool like EzGif.

These types of slideshow videos can be added to Facebook or Instagram in video format.

Hot Tip: If you use wave.video or Canva, then use their resize tools to convert a square video to portrait and post it as an Instagram Story too!

Now that you have some solid options for addressing your question of “How to make a slideshow on Facebook?”, there's one more that you can consider. Let's take a look!

Instagram Slideshow posts open up a lot of creative potential for businesses to tell their brand story.

It allows you to go beyond choosing just one photo to post on your Instagram feed.  With tools like Instagram Stories and Instagram Slideshow you can get really creative. And the best part about Slideshow or Carousel posts, is that they count as engagement for the Instagram Algorithm (ie if your followers engage with your content on Carousel posts, Instagram will show them more of your content).

Great topics for Instagram Carousel posts are How-to posts, stats, step-by-step, behind the scenes and more.

And if you connect your Instagram account with your Facebook account you can share the finished posts to Facebook. Or just add them directly into a multi-image post like the example in (1) above.

Or you can take the individual images and turn them into a video using one of the tools below. Or you can share them as a multi-image post on Facebook.

Find out more about how to use Instagram Slideshow to combine up to 10 photos and video in the following blog post. Click the image to read it:

Hot to use Instagram Slideshow - 10 Creative Ways to Stand Out.
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Image by Shutterstock

4. Get Creative with Video and Upload it to Facebook

I know that a lot of people are frustrated that Facebook keeps taking away one of our favourite features in Facebook for creating slideshow videos. Let's hope it comes back again given how much users love it. In the meantime, get creative with others ways to create Facebook video.

Because the truth be known, Facebook Slideshow is just a fancy way of creating video for Facebook. If you want to create Video and you're stuck for ideas, then check out my mega-guide for video ideas (including a free download containing all 99 ideas + tools!).

So now that you've got a few easy and fun alternatives to creating Facebook Slideshow video, you can create engaging content for your Facebook page.

That's a Wrap for “Alternative” Facebook Slideshow Video ideas!

Whatever tool you use to create video (including your own phone!) for your Facebook Page, there is SO much potential for you to create easy video with existing (or new) content.

So…. get creative with it!

Over to You

Have you used the Facebook Slideshow feature in the past to create engaging videos? Are you excited about some alternative tools and ways to create similar (or better) content? Sick of Facebook messing with features we love?

Facebook Slideshow Alternatives - easy video tools and multi-image posts (girl with video camera)
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