What Color is Periwinkle? + 7 Free Very Peri Canva Templates

What Color is Periwinkle? It's a hot search topic this year as “Very Peri” was named the 2022 Pantone Color of the Year. In this post I introduce you to the color Periwinkle, plus 7 Free Canva Templates to use in your designs.

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Let's talk Periwinkle. The stunning violet blue hue of Periwinkle is popular right now in the design world. But what is it?

If you'd asked me what a Periwinkle was as a kid, i would have shown you something different; the sea-snail like molluscs found around the jetty on the beach I grew up on in Arno Bay, South Australia. But we're not talking molluscs here. We're talking color. So what color is Periwinkle? 

What color is Periwinkle? 

Periwinkle or “Very Peri” – as it is affectionately named by the design community – is a color from the blue and violet families. It's basically a lavender blue mix!

Check out this video about Very Peri, the shade of Periwinkle that was declared the official Pantone Color of the Year in 2022:

Like? Some say Periwinkle is blue with shades of purple. Others say it's a “pastel purple”. And others call it lavender blue.

Basically Periwinkle sits between blue and purple on the color wheel. The Hex code for Very Peri is: #6667AB and the Pantone color is: 17-3938. 

What is Pantone Color of the Year 2022

Every year Pantone (the founder of the Pantone Color System) release a color of the year and this year it's Very Peri. We've had various colors over previous years:

  • 2022 – Periwinkle
  • 2021 – Ultimate Gray paired with Illuminating Yellow
  • 2020 – Classic Blue (I think “the blues” was the key word when it comes to 2020)
  • 2019 – Living Coral (another favorite of mine) 
  • and so on. Check out the full list of past Pantone colors here

So if you are asking “what color is Periwinkle”, get ready because just like 2019's Living Coral, I love Periwinkle. So what better excuse than to share some new Canva templates that are are Very Peri … each with Periwinkle color palettes.

What Color is Periwinkle? These Very Peri Canva Templates will Show You!

Let's dive straight in. You can download these templates and use them straight away in your Canva account.

Oh and if you don't love Periwinkle, that's fine. Just change these templates to your brand or whatever takes your fancy, by changing the colors

And ALL of these templates are free for any user to use in Canva (Free or Pro).

1. Share a Very Peri Quote

What Color is Periwinkle? + Free Very Peri Canva Templates by Socially Sorted - organic Periwinkle Canva Template
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This quote is perfect for sharing some wise words, in any color. Keep the quote Very Peri or change it up to add your brand colors.

Hot Tip: Create a series of quotes at once so you can batch a whole bunch of content and save time!

2. Change up your iphone icons to Perwinkle

What Color is Periwinkle? + Free Very Peri Canva Templates by Socially Sorted - iOS icon Set Canva Template
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A fun trend right now is adding iphone icons to your phone to level up your phone aesthetic. Find out more about customising your iphones icons here.

Why not go Very Peri with this Periwinkle inspired icon set?

Hot Tip: You can search for relevant illustrations or icons in Canva and replace these with images.

3. Share a Promotional Quiz Code in Very Peri

What Color is Periwinkle? + Free Very Peri Canva Templates by Socially Sorted - Promotional Quiz Code Canva Template
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Sharing a code is one thing. But sharing a code in a fun quiz and in Very Peri? That's another. This DM code template is a fun way to encourage your audience to engage with you in the Instagram DMs. Ask them to DM you in order to receive the special code.

Hot Tip: This works well on Instagram Stories or any platform where your audience already loves to DM.

And remember, If you don't love Periwinkle, then change this up to a color or brand color of your choice.

4. Share a Motivational Quote in Violet Hues

Pantone Color of the year 2022 + Free Very Peri Canva Templates by Socially Sorted - Motivational Quote Canva Template
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What color is Periwinkle? It's the color of motivation! Share a fun motivational quote like this one with a little violet blue hue thrown in for good measure! Keep it Very Peri or change it up to suit your brand colors.

Hot Tip: You can animate any part of your design – image or text – to add movement and make it stand out. Check out this video for more tips on Animation in Canva.

5. Laugh at Yourself with a Very Peri Venn Diagram

Pantone Color of the year 2022  + Free Very Peri Canva Templates by Socially Sorted - Venn Diagram Canva Template
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If there's one thing we all need – it's a good laugh. This funny venn diagram can be changed up for just about any situation.

Have a laugh at yourself or the “human” things that you notice in your day to day life! It's a great way to establish some rapport with your audience.

6. Get Organised with a Periwinkle Planner

Pantone Color of the year 2022 + Free Very Peri Canva Templates by Socially Sorted - 2 week sprint planner Canva Template
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I've been a bit fan of doing content sprints for a while now. I'm not perfect by any means but the power of focus that you get by persisting with one project or goal for 2 weeks, is so powerful. I get so much done!

So I wanted to share one of my personal favorite “Sprint Planner” templates. Use this template to start your own productivity sprint OR change up the colors.

Hot Tip: Use it as a framework and change the copy/text to create a planner that suits your workflow and habits.

7. Share a Veri Peri UI “Search” Mockup

Pantone Color of the year 2022 + Free Very Peri Canva Templates by Socially Sorted - Search Mockup Canva Template
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This is another fun way to showcase information on Instagram or Facebook – share a “search” image. In this image it's gratitude we're searching, but you can change it to just about anything that suits your audience, promotion or industry.

Want to Up-Level Your Canva?

That's a wrap on the Free Periwinkle (Very Peri!) Canva Templates. If you want access to even more templates and better features, Grab my free extended trial of Canva Pro to test it out:


Over to You

What Color is Periwinkle? Hopefully we've answered that question – and now you have some templates to get Very Peri with your visual content. 

What Color is Periwinkle? + Free Very Peri Canva Templates by Socially Sorted
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