The Best Color Picker Tool, Color Palette Tools and More

Looking for a Color Picker Tool, Color Palette Tool or other Color Tools to help you with DIY Design? I've wrapped up 4 ways that you can find the best Color Picker Tool and Color Palette Tools for you as a DIY Designer (and they are fun to use!). 

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Ready to get your color on? Let's take a look at 4 types of tools that I can't live without right now, when it comes to DIY Design. Two awesome Color Picker Tools, Color Palette Generator Tools and a third surprise tool for Color Inspiration (in spades!).

The Best Color Tools to use now in your DIY Designs

Add these color tools to your toolkit!

1. Color Picker Tool – Eye Dropper

For a long time this is been my go-to Color Picker Tool. There are plenty in existence, and I have tried plenty of them. But this color picker tool is my pick – the Google Chrome Eye Dropper Tool. I started using this tool when I couldn't easily grab colors from “within” my favourite DIY Design tools.

Now I still recommend you use it, but when you see no 2 on this list you might not need to use it QUITE as much (hello, Canva's new color picker tool!). But the reason I like this tool is it works on any website.

You can grab the Google Chrome Extension here.

I wrote about this very color picker tool a while back, lamenting* over my wish to have color picker tools added IN to my favorite design tools as part of their functionality.

The Eye Dropper Color Picker Tool allows me to pick colors from any page on the web – and keeps your color history to check back on when you need to find recent colors. Being able to grab colors from any web page is handy, as you never know where inspiration will strike! This is handy for inspiration, matching colors for headings and more.

The Best Color Picker Tool, Color Palette Tools and More
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Choose a color from any web page and then use the code!

Once you sample a color from any web page with the Color Picker tool, you can then grab the hex code for that colour enter it in to any DIY design software that does not have it's own tool. ie in this case it's SteelBlue with a HEX code of #42a6c2.

It's easy! If you are a chrome user, download the app now – you'll find it super handy when creating DIY Designs across any DIY graphic software.

  • Picmonkey is one of the few tools that has it as a built-in feature and now, as you will see in my next featured tool – Canva has one too (Hurrah!). Read on to check it out.

2. Canva's Color Picker Tool

This is a Color Picker that sits within Canva's Software. The cool thing is that you can not only use this on Canva's designs or elements but also on other web pages. I am finding that I am using this more and more (over the Eyedropper tool) as I always have Canva open.

You simply:

1. Choose the Color Picker tool rom the color palette tab.

2. Hover it over any web page or element or photo.

3. Click to save the HEX code.

4. Go back into the Color Picker tool to grab the HEX code. Use it in Canva's color palette tab to edit your designs or record it to use the HEX code elsewhere. Here's the tool in action:

3. Color Palette Generator Tools

One of my favourite DIY Design Tool features is a Color Palette Generator tool. These work by letting you pull in colors from a photo or image. This saves time when trying to think of colors to use for text or headings around an image. Here are two examples of Color Palette Generator tools I use regularly – both built-in features of Easil and Canva (which I also featured here and here).

(a) Canva's Color Palette Generator Tool

Canva's color palette generator came on the scene more recently and it's just as fun to use. Here's how it looks when you click on the color tool from any design that contains an image:

Canva Color Palette tool - The Best Color Picker Tool, Color Palette Tools and More
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Colors are generated from the image to help you with your design!

Instantly you can grab colors. In this example, it's the colors of the lemons… yellows, greens and browns, that are pulled directly from the image. Use them for titles/text, branding or even inspiration for a whole series of designs.

And as you can see, Canva also includes Brand Kit colors, logo colors and document colors as other options on the color palette.

(a) Easil's Color Palette Generator Tool

The other tool that has a similar feature is the DIY Design tool, Easil. Here's a snapshot of what it looks like when you click Easil's color palette tool while working on a template that includes a photo:

Easil Color Tools - The Best Color Picker Tool, Color Palette Tools and More
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The right color is easy with this Color Palette Generator.

When you click the Color Palette in the Action Bar, you get the following options:

  • Background Color – based on the background color of the design you are working on.
  • Template Color – the colors in the template you are working with.
  • Brand Colors – that you have entered into your brand kit in Easil.
  • Image Colors – pulled in from the image featured in your design… color palette generated!

You can use this tool to find colors to use for headings or subheadings (or for any text that you want to “pop” and stand out). Easil will intuitively pull in a nice range of colors to choose from for every image, so I love how reliable it is each time I use it.

I use Color Palette Generators in DIY Design on a daily basis. They are as important to me as my Color Picker tool, so I hope you have fun adding them to your toolkit, too!

Now, let's take a look at the last color tool resource. It's super fun:

4. Canva's Color Inspiration Tools

This last “tool” I want to mention has become one of my most-used resources in recent weeks. It pairs perfectly with the color picker tool and color palette generator tools.

I often struggle with coming up with new color palette ideas or colors to use in designs as a non-designer. This resource has made it super easy.

It's Canva's “Colors” resource. You can find it here.

Canva's Color Tools - The Best Color Picker Tool, Color Palette Tools and More
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Canva's Color Tools are super handy!

There are 4 tools in Canva's color tools. I mainly use the first two of them, but they are all handy to have in your toolkit:

1. Color Palette Generator

The Color Palette Generator is a version of Canva's Color Palette Generator mentioned above, this tool lets you upload any photo and then Canva generates some suggested colors or hues from that photo.

You can find a direct link to the tool here.

The cool part is that this stands alone as a separate tool outside of the main Canva software. You can easily take the colors you generate and add the codes into any visual design tool or into a design in Canva.

2. Color Palette Ideas

This generates color palette ideas by searching on parameters such as colors, themes or keywords. This is the tool I use the most out of the 4 Canva Color tools. Like my color picker tool, I am constantly going to this Color Palette Ideas tool to submit ideas for a new color palette.

You can search for Color Palette inspiration by keyword or adding an overall theme or even adding a color. What I'd love to see added is the ability to add in a HEX code for a color, too. That would make it even better (hint hint, Canva!). Look at what comes up when I search under “coffee”:

Canva's Color Palette Ideas Tool - The Best Color Picker Tool, Color Palette Tools and More
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CanThe results of my coffee search are droolworthy.

I've searched on everything from colors, like “yellow” to themes, like “retro”. The results are always delicious, funky, fun and inspiring. Not to mention relevant to my search terms.

Often the colors I use from the search are nothing like I would have been able to generate from own brain. And often they are surprising, especially in terms of color combinations I'd otherwise not think of.

Once you have your color palette suggestion that you love, just grab the HEX codes and add them into your design tool. Grabbing a HEX code is as easy as clicking “copy” which copies the HEX code ready for you to paste into the color palette of any DIY Design software you are using.

Canva's color ideas tool
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Ready for coffee? Try wine, summer, berries, retro, vintage…. the inspiration is endless!

Here is a direct link to the Color Palette Ideas tool. Or you can find it with all 4 tools here.

3. Color Wheel

Canva's color wheel tool
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Learn to use Color Theory for your designs in a couple of clicks!

The Color Wheel tool is another very handy piece of software that allows you to choose any color, find its complementary color and then generate ideas for: 

  • Creating graphics (click through to a page with red + teal colored templates opened up, ready to explore.
  • Exporting the palette – you can download a PDF with the palette colors laid out ready to use as a design resource.

Here is a direct link to the Color Wheel tool. Or you can find it with all 4 tools here.

4. Color Meanings

This is a super fun tool that allows you to browse a list of colors and explore their color meanings ie orange is fun and adventure, etc. As you may know, colors can hold a lot of meaning and this is important when we choose brand colors or feature colors. From creating Ads to creating our logos, it's worth checking out what colors mean before deciding on them! This tool helps you to do just that!

Wrapping it up

Colors, Colors, Colors. From the Color Picker Tool to Color Palette Generators and Color Inspiration Tools, you should be covered for color tools, now. Whether you are a DIY Designer or a seasoned pro, you'll have to admit there's a tool in here for everyone to create better designs with colors. Which one will you use?

The Best Color Picker and Color Palette Tools for your DIY Design
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