Revive your Facebook Page – 10 Quick and Easy Ideas

Are you looking for easy ways to Revive Your Facebook Page reach, attention and engagement?

In this post I'll share 10 Super Simple Ways to Revive Your Facebook Page…  with some strategies so simple you can do them in seconds!

Revive Your Facebook Page - 10 Quick and Easy Ideas
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Image by Shutterstock

Facebook is hard these days.  For most small business owners it's frustrating, watching their marketing efforts result in diminishing reach and results.

But there are ways to revive and resuscitate your Facebook efforts.

Some of them take only minutes to give you more chance of getting more attention, reach and engagement.

Others take longer… but wouldn't you dive in and change something up if you knew that a few minutes work on your page (or even a couple of hours) would result in some tangible results?

So let's jump in and take a look at a few super simple changes and actions you can take that will revive your Facebook Page and lead to better results.

And remember, do what you can when you can with the resources you have:  If you can do all of them, then great.

If you can only manage one or two activities for now, then start with that! I've listed them from the most simple to more advanced, so you can jump  in where you are comfortable!


10 Quick & Easy Ideas to Revive Your Facebook Page

1   Pin Your Latest Post to Your Timeline

Facebook gives you the option to “pin” one image to the top of your timeline.

If someone is on your page then this is the first image they see.

Now, of course, most people will see your content out on the newsfeed, but if someone does come to your page, wouldn't you want them to see what matters most, first?

To do this, just hit the drop down on the top right of your image and click “Pin to Top of Page”.

That's it!

Pin Your Facebook Image - Revive Your Facebook Page - 10 quick and easy ideas for more reach and engagement
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This takes (literally) a few seconds to do.  It's not going to make a huge difference all on its own but with other tweaks on this post, it can help revive your Facbebook Page.

You can also change it out regularly, so any time you have a new blog post or featured product or event… pin away!

2   Change Out Your Facebook Page Timeline Image or Video

This is super simple but many businesses don't think to do it often.

Add this to your calendar: Change your timeline cover image every so often. You can also change your cover video

Change it up for events or launches or special offers, or maybe to introduce the team or to showcase a fan of the week.

When you change your cover photo, Facebook will share the “change” by pushing the cover photo out on the newsfeed of your fans. It's a simple way to get more reach and attention.

My friend Kim Garst gets savvy with her promotions and will change out her timeline cover photo to reflect what she is focusing on. In this case, it's her Social Boom event.

Kim Garst changes out her Timeline Cover Photo Regularly for Events and Promotions - Revive Your Facebook Page - 10 quick and easy ideas for more reach and engagement
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It's also important to remember to add a description to your cover timeline photo with a link to your call to action.

That way, when the image is shared to your fans, it has the link on the newsfeed as well. Here's an example from Amy Porterfield for her promotion:

Add a description and link to your facebook timeline photo - Revive Your Facebook Page - 10 quick and easy ideas for more reach and engagement
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3   Use the Facebook Button

There is a button function below the timeline cover photo and you really should take advantage of it.

You simply edit the button and add a link that you would like people to click through to.

You can choose between Learn More, Sign Up, Book Services, Get In Touch, Make a Purchase/Donation or Download an App/Game.

In Kim's example above, her “Learn More” button goes directly to a landing page for her event.

In my example below, my button leads to a landing page for my 3 part training series in visual content.

Hint:  If you want to check it out now, you can also click on the image above to go right to it!

Take advantage of all three ways to use the Facebook Timeline Cover Photo:

  1. Change out your timeline cover photo/image.
  2. Add a description to your image with a clickable link.
  3. Add a call to action ON the image to click the button below.

Simple, hey?  It doesn't take long to add any or all of these features,  so jump to it!  Revive your Facebook Page with a Facebook Slideshow Video.

4   Swap Out Your Featured Photos on Your Facebook Page

There is a subtle function that you may have missed on your Facebook Page.

It's a simple “toggle” that allows you to feature the most popular vs the most recent images.

This may not seem like much but it can make a difference if there is something recent that you want to feature vs your most popular images.

To toggle between these options, scroll down on your Facebook Home Page and find Photos.

Click the drop down on the right hand side and choose from Most Recent or Most Popular content.

Most Recent Vs Most Popular Photos on Facebook - Revive Your Facebook Page - 10 quick and easy ideas for more reach and engagement
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Choose the option that suits you best!

Check this regularly to make sure it's on the setting that suits you the most!

5   Swap out your featured Videos on Your Facebook Page

Similarly, you can do the same thing with your videos on Facebook.

Scroll down, find the featured videos on your timeline, and choose Most Recent or Featured from the drop down menu.

Choose Featured Videos on Facebook - Revive Your Facebook Page - 10 quick and easy ideas for more reach and engagement
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Neither 4 or 5 are big jobs or big decisions, but it's worth checking your images and videos from time to time to see what is showing up as featured visuals.

You've got the choice about what is featured, so use it!



6  Invite People Who Engage with Your Page to Like Your Page

This is a trick I use regularly but sparingly. It can significantly boost the people who like your page.

I say “sparingly” because I am careful about which posts I use it for.

Here's what you need to know: 

Once you post some content on Facebook, you will hopefully get some engagement.

You may be surprised to know that some people may see your post even if they are not fans of your page. They might engage with it too and click “like” or react to your post.

This may happen if a friend of theirs is a fan and that friend shares your post.  Sometimes your posts reach non-fans.

It can also happen after you have boosted a post to non-fans or friends of fans of your page.

Give each post a little time to collect reactions, before you get started, and here is what you do after you get some engagement (I usually leave it a day or so):

  1. Click on the list of people who have reacted to or “liked” your post.

Find the people who have reacted to your Facebook Post - Revive Your Facebook Page - 10 quick and easy ideas for more reach and engagement
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When you click on that link on any post, a list will populate with all the people who have reacted to or liked the post.

Facebook will show you one of the following options next to each of the names:

  • LIKED – If they are already following your Facebook Page.
  • INVITE – If they have not yet liked your Facebook Page (this is an option for you to Invite them)
  • LIKE – If they are reacting to/liking your page as a business page you will be given the option to “like” their page.

You can then choose to “INVITE” the people who have engaged with your page but have not yet liked your page:

Invite people who have engaged with your post to like your page - Revive Your Facebook Page - 10 quick and easy ideas for more reach and engagement
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Advice when using this function:

Now this might seem like a great way to grow your fan base but there are a few tips here that you should consider:

  1. Be wary of doing this for every post.  I tend to use this for posts that are purely about my content and about Socially Sorted. That way, the person liking my content is more likely to want to like my page.
  2. Avoid doing it for curated content and other people's posts. I didn't write the content so I don't really want to invite people to like my page off the back of that content. I may do it occasionally but usually I'll limit my “invites” to people who like Socially Sorted content about blog posts etc.
  3. Take notice of whether you have invited people before. This can be a little hard to track but use your gut instinct. I am not sure that Facebook is 100% correct with the list of who has liked/not liked my page.  It “may” sometimes include people who already like your page. I don't want to be harassing current fans,  so if a name seems familiar to me,  I tend not to invite them over and over.  Once is enough!

Regardless, when this is used well, this tip can be really useful for growing your “engaged” fans.

Remember, these people are already engaging with your content.  You WANT them to be fans!   … and more fans seeing your content is a great way to revive your Facebook Page.


7  Create a Facebook SlideShow

Trust me, this is one of the lesser known functions on Facebook yet it can bring some of the best ways to quickly revive your Facebook Page.

If you have existing image content that you can repurpose, then listen up, you are going to LOVE this.

I wrote a full blog post about Facebook SlideShow here. Be sure to read it.

Basically it's an easy way to take still images and convert them into a short video – and it's all done from your Facebook Page.

You just need to click on Share a Photo or Video on your page:

Get started. Choose "Share a Photo or Video" - Revive Your Facebook Page - 10 quick and easy ideas for more reach and engagement
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Get started. Choose “Share a Photo or Video”.


Then choose “Create a Slideshow” and follow the instructions.

Choose Create Slideshow to create a Facebook SlideShow - Revive Your Facebook Page - 10 quick and easy ideas for more reach and engagement
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Choose “Create Slideshow”

With Facebook Slideshow it is super easy to:

  • drag and drop images (between 3 and 10) into the SlideShow Creator
  • add music from the selected soundtracks if you wish to include music
  • select your size for the final video (square, portrait, landscape)
  • select duration of slide transitions
  • select type of slide transitions.
Uploading images to create a Facebook Slideshow - Revive Your Facebook Page - 10 quick and easy ideas for more reach and engagement
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Upload your images in the order.


For a complete run through of Facebook SlideShow, click here.

Here's one I created:

Why Create a Facebook SlideShow?  

Because the resulting content is a short video created with a Facebook tool and short video when posted on Facebook can revive your Facebook Page… for sure!

Many businesses and brands are experiencing much higher rates of reach, comments and shares with video of any type on Facebook.

If you don't believe me that Facebook is favouring video content, then check out the next tip in #8, with a great case example for short video.


8   Post More Short Video Content

The beauty of the Facebook Slideshow tool above is that you can create short video easily and quickly.

Here are a few more easy-to-use tools to get you started and revive your Facebook Page with short video:

  1. Flipagram – combine photos in your camera or short video snippets into a short video.
  2. Ripl App – easily take images, add text overlay and create a short slideshow or animated image. Now on iOS and Android.
  3. Adobe Spark Post – create animated images using their mobile app.
  4. Legend App – combine photos and images into a short video with text overlay!
  5. Artisto App – looping videos with an artistic edge!
  6. Adobe Spark Video – ideal for longer video too (create videos like a pro with their templates). But you can use it to create short ones!
  7. Animoto – their desktop tool allows you to create awesome videos but check out their mobile app too!  This is a great tool for creating professional looking videos.

You can read more about some of these tools in this post.

And of course Facebook Slideshow is a great tool!

Amanda Smyth (blogger from Cooker and a Looker) created a quick slideshow to promote her latest blog post after I told her about the SlideShow tool.

Check it out. Warning, it's droolworthy:

Guess what happened after Amanda posted this short video teaser on her Facebook Page?

With just 3500 fans on her page, she ended up with:

  • Organic Reach of 38K
  • Unique Viewers: 15K
  • Click-throughs to the blog:  3.3K
  • Interactions with the post: 682
  • Shares: 120

Pretty amazing, hey? Did you spot the most important stat out of all of those?

3.3k click-throughs to her blog!

Here's the post if you feel like an Aussie Sugar Fix (sorry to my Northern Hemisphere buddies, you may have to substitute some local candy treasures to create your own Rocky Road treat!).

Like I said, Facebook LOVES video. Any video will help to revive your Facebook Page.

If the idea of creating video freaks you out, be sure to read this post, as I have included a bunch of tips for creating short video if you are camera-shy such as:

  • Flipping the camera away from you
  • Keep it short – use the tools above!
  • Film someone else giving a testimonial about your business
  • Use your camera photo to combine images into a short video (using Flipagram above)
  • Give a super quick tip – on and off camera in 30 seconds or less … up to a minute.  You'll be less anxious if you don't have to be on camera for long.
  • Create 1:1 thank you videos
  • Find old footage on your phone and splice it into short video

Here's another post with some easy to use tools to create short video.

9   Post More Visual Content

Here are some stats for you:

  • 84% of all communication will be visual by 2018 (Reuters/Cisco, 2014)
  • Videos will make up 80% of all internet by 2019 (Reuters/Cisco, 2014) – bold predictions, hey, but perhaps coming to fruition!
  • 74% of marketers use visual assets in their marketing ahead of blogs (68%) and video (60%) – 2016 Social Media Industry Report

As you can see… visual content like images and video is not going away. Facebook knows this!  That's why it promotes video and images with greater reach.

Remember too, that people are not coming to Facebook to see your latest content. They are coming to hang out with family and friends and be inspired and entertained… and for some people, informed.

What do your fans post on Facebook? They post a LOT of photos and videos.

So…post images too!

A great tool for finding awesome visual content to share (or to give you ideas about what to create) is Post Planner.

Post Planner allows you to: 

  • find the best content for your audience based on the industry, interests, keywords, hashtags or any social profile you love.
  • take the guess work out of knowing what content performs best. Share content that is proven to perform and create content based on what you know works.
  • easily organise streams of content to share from.
  • post your content according to PostPlanner‘s “perfect” posting times and recycle posts easily to save time.

Here's an example of my Influencer feed on Post Planner. I can easily find images and quotes to share from people who

(a) I want to support and

(b) who create content my audience will resonate with.

Post Planner shows you the posts in order of their engagement:

Post Planner Content Streams help you to find and share great content - Revive Your Facebook Page - 10 quick and easy ideas for more reach and engagement
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It's more important than ever to post content that is native to the platform you are on.   Don't just promote or provide industry-only content. Branch out a bit and have some fun.

Your images should be one or more of the following to catch attention and encouarge engagment on Facebook:

1  Original – we love new things that we haven't seen before. If you create your own content you are already ahead on this front!

2  Timely – respond quickly to current events or plan ahead to post about celebrations or events.

3  Relevant – what are your fans interested in and what they post about. Post that kind of native content (don't just post about your business, products or services).

4  Snackable – your fans are most likely scrolling while on the TV or quickly checking Facebook. Humorous, fun, entertaining or inspiring images work in with this! Give them easily digstible content.

5  Actionable – if relevant to your fans, give them a call to action – to like, comment, respond and engage… this helps build engagement and reach on you page.

Check out this post for a walk-through of each type of content.

Add more images to your Facebook mix and you'll be on the fast track to revive your Facebook Page.


10   Go Live on Your Facebook Page

Now that Facebook Live is available from Desktop as well as Mobile, it's even easier to go live! 

Go Live on Facebook from Desktop - Revive Your Facebook Page - 10 quick and easy ideas for more reach and engagement
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Facebook loves video especially live video so if you can add Facebook live to the mix then it can only help to revive your Facebook Page.

If you are just starting out with live video then start slow. Here's some tips to get you started:

  1. Create an Interesting title for your live video (you will be given the option before you go live)
  2. Keep it Short to Start With – don't try and fill 30 minutes. Just go live and announce something or give a quick tip. Get a feel for how things work. You can always do another one later.
  3. Prepare – Write down 2 or 3 key points that you want to address.  Having a reference list will help you to stay on track. Also write down any call to action you want to address at the end so you don't forget!
  4. Be Prepared for the lag – Introduce yourself and your topic while people come on to the broadcast. Expect there will be a delay.
  5. Welcome People – Take time to welcome people but don't take too long.   Be aware of the need to focus on the content you wish to deliver.  Avoid stopping all the time to comment on the comments.  Deliver what you want to say then stop and address comments.
  6. Share your broadcast out on your page and ask your fans to share the broadcast.
  7. Involve Your Fans – Ask questions and involve them.   if you are not sure what to broadcast about, a great way to do Facebook Live is to do a Q&A session.  Have a couple of questions ready that you can answer in case people are slow to come on the call or if you have only one or two people join. It's a good way to practice even with only a few people watching.

The best part about Facebook Live is that Facebook will push your feed out to your fans for free.

Build up to doing longer Facebook Live broadcasts as you get more reach the longer you stay live!

Bonus Tips

There are dozens more things you can do to Revive Your Facebook Page but these 10 will get you started. Start out easy with the quick tweaks then move up to the content creation for images and video and live video.

Here's a few tips that you can dip into if you want to take it further!

  1. Curate more content – share content that is already being shared well on other pages that your audience would resonate with.   It will share well for you too resulting in more reach for when you do post your own original content.
  2. Check your insights – check the times of the day when your fans are online. Schedule your images or short video to be posted at those times and revive your Facebook Page with engaging content posted at the optimal time for engagement!
  3. Don't Ignore Facebook Ads – consider boosting content that is already getting some engagement. It's likely to get more reach.  With Facebook reach declining, it's most likely time you need to consider looking at paid social to complement your organic posting.  They work hand in hand.
  4. Read this Post for more tips about how to revive your Facebook Page!


Over to You

Is your Facebook Page in need of some revival? What tips will you start using?    If you are getting great results, share what is working below!  

Revive Your Facebook Page - 10 quick and easy ideas for more reach and engagement
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Revive Your Facebook Page - 10 quick and easy ideas for more reach and engagement
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