Remove Background Images – 3 Tools to Nail It (One Click!)

“Remove Background Image” is finally easy to do! Learn how to remove background images from your designs in just one click. In this post, I share 3 awesome tools that let you do this, fast.

When you consider that this has always been the job of a designer or someone who has a degree in photoshop, that's a pretty awesome thing, right? Let's take a look at how it works.

Remove Background Image Feature in Just one Click - 3 tools to Nail it!
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Cheery Girl by Depositphotos


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For years, the process of “etching” images, or the request to “remove background image” would be the domain of the graphic designer. Painstakingly working in Photoshop or Illustrator, they would carefully etch the background from the foreground of a photo and charge a motza for it (that's Australian slang for a lot of money).

In recent years it has become more affordable to get this type of job completed. You can commission etching jobs on Fiverr for a few bucks. But with the sheer number of us creating DIY visual content online, it has been frustrating that there was no easy way to do this – especially if you have an e-commerce store or online business that requires the removal of many (many) backgrounds from images.

But now there is! You're about to meet 3 tools that give you the Remove Background Image feature in just one click.

And yes, I've used tools like Photoscissors and Clipping Magic. I used these dutifully for years, carefully mapping out the areas that would be retained on my image (the foreground) from the areas to ditch (the background). But it still took a lot of clicks and (often) a lot of frustration when it didn't work.

Now there's a better way.

We're talking tools that do this in ONE click. Let's jump into the tools and a few tips for how to use this amazing feature to remove background images from your design.

Remove Background Image Feature – 3 Tools to Nail it

Ready to do this in one click? Get excited. We're going to test this with the photo of the spirited curly-haired girl on my blog image above.

Why am I using this image? Because curly hair has been (notoriously) one of the most difficult images to etch out. If any of the following one-click tools can manage this wild, curly, red-haired stock photo, then we're rocking and rolling.

1. Remove Backgrounds with Canva

Hurrah! Canva has added the Remove Background Feature to their toolkit and it's right in the dashboard for Canva Pro users. You can use it with ease straight from any design.

Follow these steps:

1. Open up your canvas or workspace in Canva.

2. Add the image you want to work with (choose from your image folders, or use one of Canva's free or paid images). I clicked to add the image to the canvas:

How to choose your image in Canva.
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Choose your image and add to your workspace in Canva.

Hot Tip: Note that I didn't snap the photo to the edge of the border. Why? Because if you fill the entire space, it can be hard to use the image to resize later and add background images. Try to keep some space around the edge.

3. Click the “Effects” Tab on the top menu, above your image. Then choose “Background Remover” from the options.

Choose Background remover in Canva
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4. Watch the magic unfold. Once you click “Background Remover”, Canva will start to remove the background from your image.

It takes just a few seconds and you'll see your final image appear on the screen with the background removed (white background). It's just like the one pictured below.

5. Download your image. Set your download settings and save it or download the image. In this case, I want to download as a PNG file with a transparent background (tick the box):

Saving your completed image in Canva
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Download your image in PNG format with transparent background

6. You can also save it straight to a folder to use for later. I've set up a folder titled Trans Background/Stickers as I know I'll be creating a lot of these!

Save to your folder in Canva
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Save to your folder to access anytime!

Of course, now you can add any background to your image in Canva. Simply upload the image or choose it from your folders, add it to a design and then click the image and edit your background color or effect.

7. Use your image in new designs. In the following example, I've added a base teal color for the background. Don't be afraid to try new things. With Canva you can now tap into a lot of cool effects in the “Effects” tab. These really bring your mages to life beyond simple background colors.

Change the background of your image in Canva.
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Now you can change to any background!

Are you excited about the potential of this tool being IN Canva where you are doing your DIY Design? I love it! And I have to say that the quality of the final image is amazing. No touch-ups needed. Every curly strand of hair captured, in all of its glory.

You can use this Remove Background Image tool (or “Background Remover” in Canva for product shots too. The sky is the limit, as you can use this so many ways, from product images to YouTube thumbnails, headshots, and more!

Hot Tip: If your image has a foreground and background that are similar in color, then try lightening the image. This works well when there is not a lot of contrast. Use filters, then remove the background. Then… change the filters on the final image back the original settings.

Pricing: The remove background image feature is available to Canva Pro users in Canva ($12 USD per month or $9.99 paid annually), with unlimited “remove background” actions. If you need this feature for your business, then consider upgrading to a paid account for Canva.

Now, it's time to check out the second tool with a Remove Background Feature:

2. Remove Backgrounds with Easil

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you may have heard me talk about Easil. Easil has also added a Remove Background Image feature that works in one click.

1. Go to My Images on your dashboard.

My Images on the Easil Dashboard
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Choose MY IMAGES on your Workspace.

2. Choose the folder where you will keep your final image. Click on Upload to upload your image into the folder. Or choose an image already in a folder, ready to edit.

3. Click on the 3 dots to the right of your chosen image to access the drop-down menu. Select the option to “Remove Background”.

Choose your image and select remove background in Canva.
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Select ‘Remove Background'.

The following screen will appear. Simply confirm by clicking the blue button, “Remove Background”.

How to remove background images in Easil - Remove background image feature
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Now it's time to remove the background image from your photograph!

4. The Easil elves will go to work and remove the background from your image. Both images will appear on the screen in the folder you chose, as follows:

5. Your new image now appears in the same location or folder as the original:

Final saved images in Easil
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6. Now you can use your new saved image in any design. To do this, simply open a design or new template in Easil. Then go to your Images tab to locate the image you just created.

7. Add your new image to any design (by clicking or dragging) and voila… you can use it to overlay on any background and get creative. Refer to the blog header image in this post to see the final product in action!

Use the final images in Easil to create new designs.
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Now you can use your image in all of your designs!

Just like Canva, the quality of this remove background image feature is solid. As long as your background and foreground are reasonably well defined, the resulting image from Easil is usually very accurate. Even curly hair (as you can see) works well.

Pricing: This feature is available to Easil Plus users for $7.50 USD per month. You do only get 5 credits per month as part of that plan, so if you need to do bulk images, then you'll need to upgrade to Easil Edge (which gives you 50 images per month) at $59USD per month. Find out more about Easil here.

Hot Tip: if you need to do a lot of images (say for e-commerce sites) and need bulk editing, you can use the next tool below (if you don't have Canva Pro). Regardless, I hope you are excited about the potential of this feature now available in some of our favourite tools!


Remember how I said etching images was a time-consuming task, even with tools like Photoscissors? Well, the tool that started the whole one-click remove background image feature to start with, is

I saved this one for last, as it's a handy option for bulk image editing if you don't have Canva Pro or you need to do more than 5 images per month with Easil Plus. home page for website.
  • Save was the tool that kicked this off with one click.

This tool was originally designed for people-images only, but now has expanded to work for #AllTheThings. You can use it for products, cars, objects… anything with a defined foreground and background. Including red, curly hair!

How to use to edit images.
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The Godfather of the remove background image tools…

The great thing is that opened up their API to other tools, so that we can enjoy this tool in many of our favourite dashboards. When you're removing the background of an image in Canva with one click… thank the Gods at for offering their tech to everyone! Sure, you still pay for it as part of your subscription but you don't need an extra tool anymore.

So if you're not a user of Easil or Canva, then go straight to to check it out. Overall, the 3 tools in this post have got you covered!

Over to You

Phew, that's a lot of background image removal. Are you a happy camper now that you know about this feature? Or do you use a different tool to access the remove background image feature? Tell me in the comments below.

Remove Background Image Feature in Just one Click - 3 tools to Nail it!
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Cheery Girl by Depositphotos
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