How to Print Fun Custom Canva T-Shirts (+ Canva T-Shirt Templates)

If you're looking for Custom Canva T-Shirt Templates then print these custom T-shirts in Canva! In this post, I share 10 fun custom Canva T-Shirt templates that you can use right away, plus tips for finding thousands more designs, creating your own and printing easily from within Canva's Dashboard. You'll never wear boring tees again!

How to Print Fun Custom Canva T-Shirts (+ Canva Templates
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Print on demand Custom T-Shirts designs are everywhere on the web, but did you know you can design and print your own T-Shirts direct from within your free Canva account? Getting Custom T-Shirts is easy when you can design and print T-Shirts to arrive at your door all in the one place!

There are hundreds of cool templates, or make your own – either way, ordering a custom T-Shirt is easy with Canva T-shirt templates.

What types of Custom Shirts can I print in Canva?

There are loads of different designs and categories Check out some of the current trending Canva T-shirt templates here:

Examples of Canva T-Shirt Designs in Canva
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Canva has T-shirt designs in multiple categories. Can you spot one of mine?

There are a lot of different categories Canva T-shirt templates. Here are just a few of them:

  • Trending T-Shirts
  • Pop-culture T-Shirts
  • Logo T-Shirts
  • Sport T-Shirts
  • Event T-Shirts
  • Cute T-Shirts
  • Seasonal T-Shirts for like Valentine's Day, Halloween and more:
Canva Halloween T-Shirt Designs
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Need a Halloween Tee?

Canva Templates + Extended Trial of Canva Pro

Before we look at more T-Shirt Canva Template options, you'll need a Canva account. Don't have a Canva account? Get started below, including a trial of all the features of Canva Pro for 45 days using my link. This gives you access to millions of videos, elements, photos and templates (Pro T-Shirt Templates!) from a whole range of designers and ALL of Canva's features:

Ok, let's jump into some Canva T-Shirt templates and how to print them with Canva:

10 Fun Canva T-Shirt Templates

Here are 10 fun Canva T-Shirt Templates (most of them free for all Canva users) with a bonus Pro template thrown in. All of these are from my Canva Creator account of templates in the Canva library. You can check out my full Canva Creator Profile here. There's a mix of motivational T-Shirt templates, typography T-Shirt templates and more. 

Please note: these T-Shirt Designs are not for re-sale as per Canva's Terms and Conditions. But you can use them for your own “Tee” purposes. Check the tips and licensing information below for creating a design from scratch if you wish to sell T-shirts or other printed products. 

1. Black & White Motivational “Believe” T-Shirt Template

Believe T-Shirt Template
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Use this template to share a short motivational word – change up the word if you wish or print this template as it is. When it comes to Canva T-shirt templates, simple is often best!

2. Bright Retro “Girl Power” Typography T-Shirt Template

Girl Power T-Shirt Template in Canva
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Express your empowerment with some girl power using this fun retro typography Canva T-Shirt template. Or gift it for a girl in your life!

3. Yellow and White Cartoon “Spa Queen” T-Shirt Template

Spa Queen Canva T-Shirt Template
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Know a Spa Queen in your life? Or maybe you're the Spa Queen? And maybe you're a queen of another type – change up the text on this design.

4. Vintage “Kicks” T-Shirt Template

Great Kicks, Great Day T-Shirt Template
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Great Kicks, Great Day. Retro Canva T-Shirt Templates are super popular right now.

5. 1973 Vintage “Age” Colorful T-Shirt

1973 Vintage T-Shirt Template
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Change up this template for your own favorite year or year of birth!

6. Bright “Pride” Typography T-Shirt Template

Pride Canva T-Shirt Template
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There are plenty of Pride Tees like this one in the Canva library. It doesn't have to be Pride Week to celebrate Pride.

7. Fun Retro Scooter “Explore” T-Shirt Template

Explore More T-Shirt Template in Canva
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Who doesn't love a cute scooter? But a Pink Scooter with a motivational message? Winner. Change it up to your own motivational message.

8. Vintage Vinyl “Play the Old Stuff” T-Shirt Template

Play the Old Stuff T-Shirt Template in Canva
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Who doesn't love retro music right now with the huge love for vinyl records that is happening worldwide. Share your love of vinyl with a fun retro Canva T-shirt Template.

9. Pink Retro Alarm “Night Owl” Alarm T-Shirt Template

Nigh Owl T-Shirt Template in Canva
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Use this Free “Night Owl” retro Canva T-Shirt template.

10. Vintage “Year of Birth” Limited Edition T-Shirt Template

Limited Edition Class Year of Birth Canva T-Shirt Template
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Another vintage style year of birth Canva T-shirt template you can easily edit to share your year of birth (or that of a loved one for a gift!).

Bonus “Pro” Template for the Mama Bears!

Mama Bear Canva T-Shirt Design
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This Mama Bear Canva template template is great for Mother's Day or any day you want to celebrate a Mama Bear! Change the date, change up the colors and order your T-shirt for print!

How to print a T-Shirt in Canva

Printing a T-shirt in Canva is super easy. I've printed a few T-shirts so far and the quality is fine from my experience. All you need to do is:

  1. Finalise your design (using a template or creating your template from scratch). Note that if you use a Canva Template, you are not able to re-sell the design, only use it for personal use for printing a T-shirt.
  2. Finalise the front and back page of your design (they can be different).
  3. Choose your Style (men, women, youth, toddler, infant).
  4. Choose your color (the current colors are Black, White and Navy Blue).
  5. Choose your size. Canva has a size guide and I recommend you use this to check the sizings. I find them to be a little on the small size for women's T-shirts so I usually size up.
  6. Confirm your order and make your payment. I have found delivery to be fast in Australia so far (2-3 days for my location), so hopefully it's good at your location too!
How to Order a T-Shirt in Canva
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Tips for ensuring a good quality print result:

Here are a few tips I have found useful when printing T-shirts:

  1. Be sure to check the preview of your T-shirt against the color you choose. This will make sure that the design looks good against the color you choose and has enough contrast to print well as a T-shirt.
  2. Use the “Compare” button to check sizing against other T-shirts you own as this will give you the best comparison.
  3. Use high quality elements on your T-shirt designs. Avoid low resolution photos or elements/graphics as these won't print clearly.
  4. For the ladies out there… the women's sizes fit well, though I usually tend to go up one size. Definitely use the size measurement guide. It's reasonably accurate and I've always been happy with the fit (and quality) of Canva T-Shirts. Enjoy!

Want to Create your Own Design?

It's easy in Canva. Just start with a Blank Template (search for T-Shirt template) and start creating:

  1. Use fonts/typefaces to add a cool message. 
  2. Search elements to find illustrations and styles that you want to add – from illustrations to photos and all sorts of elements in between, there are millions of items you can add to a T-shirt design. 
  3. Just remember that there are strict rules for “selling” printed products using Canva designs. Be sure to check out some of the Content LIcence for Commercial Purposes here or watch the video below. As a legal video goes, it's actually pretty fun and explains things well: 

I recommend contacting Canva Support if you have any questions about what you can and create and sell using Canva designs, as they will be able to give you specific advice.

Looking for more Canva templates?

I have 2,500+ templates in the Canva library that have been downloaded over 10,000,000 times by Canva Users. Follow me on Canva to see 1000s of additional templates (including new templates as I release them). My templates are available both for Free Users of Canva and Pro Users.

Follow Socially Sorted (Donna Moritz) on Canva for hundreds of Free Canva Templates
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Have fun creating in Canva!

How to Print Fun Custom Canva T-Shirts (with Free Canva Templates)
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