60+ December Social Media Ideas + Canva Templates

Need some December social media ideas? This article is packed for Social Media Holidays throughout the entire month of December – plus December Canva Templates to get you started.

60+ December Social Media Ideas + Canva Templates
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We've packed this post with national and international holidays for 31 Days of December in 2022. And just for fun, we've also included some quirky and unusual days of celebration throughout December too. All the ideas you need, plus we've added in some weekly and monthly ideas for good measure.

What's Included with Your December Social Media Ideas

What to expect in this post packed with December Social Media Ideas:

  • Canva templates for you to create stunning images and videos quickly to match your posts!
  • an overview of all the December social media ideas. This includes what to create and how to share the content you create from this post – for images, videos or GIFs.
  • a super-handy reference guide (plus an Infographic) to help you easily grab social media ideas and holidays for the month of December in 2022.
  • Bonus visual tools and resources so you can create visuals for dozens of Social Media Holidays. Yep, that's #AllTheHolidays! We've got your back with our Social Media Holiday Content Calendar. your quick reference guide (and handy infographic) for helping you find social media ideas and holidays for the month of December.

Check out the monthly social media ideas posts in this series:

Note that many of these holidays are US-based along with International and regional holidays. Look up holidays in your country or region to add more local content to your posts!

Tips for Quickly Creating December Content

Creating your December content doesn't have to take a lot of time. If you schedule ahead, you can really streamline the process. The following suggestions should help and you'll find it soooo much easier if you have a schedule sorted out ahead of time.

Aim to get a whole month's worth of content ready – all of your December social media ideas wrapped into posts – scheduled, prepped, and ready to go. Use these video content tips:

  1. Use templates to help you: the majority of visual content tools come with templates to help you create. Don't be afraid to use them. You CAN design content from a bare canvas, but why would you if you can take advantage of templates? It's the best way to go for non-designers to create pro-quality content. All you need to do is edit and customize the design. It's best if you focus on one or two elements. This could be the text, photo/image, video, fonts or colors. Avoid changing too many elements at once or you'll ruin the design.
  2. Batch it, baby! Don't just create one image or video or GIF at a time… do more than one at once. Batching is so much more efficient vs doing it one-by-one. And you've already opened up the design tool, so why not do more than one while it's there for you to use!
  3. Try creating social videos – Start out simply and create short social videos of 15-30 seconds. Then do longer videos from there, once you feel confident.
  4. Get to know your audience. What do they like to watch? to engage with? Is it how-to content, or handy tips or questions? Or maybe they like good old fun, observational humour!

Canva Templates + 45 Days Free Trial on Canva Pro

Get started by using the Canva templates in this post (free for Canva Pro users). Canva Pro gives you access to thousands of videos, elements, photos and templates from a whole range of designers on the Canva Marketplace. Try it free for 45 days on this link:

Quick-Guide Infographic for December Social Media Ideas & Holidays

Use this quick reference guide your December content. Share it now or save it for later reference. Or save it to Pinterest!

60+ December Social Media Ideas + Canva Templates (Infographic)
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Save this cheat sheet for later on Pinterest!

Want to see our full 2022 Social Media Holiday Infographic? Click here.

Check out the tools and tips below for creating December content. Let's dive in!

December Social Media Ideas and Holidays – Calendar Days for 2022

1. World Aids Day – to raise awareness around the world and in the community about issues surrounding AIDS and HIV. The theme for this year is “More than ever” and you can find out more here.

2. International Day for the Abolition of Slavery – it marks the date of the adoption of this first Convention to fight human trafficking by the United Nations General Assembly.

3. International Day of People with Disability – use the hashtag #IDPWD. Held annually on 3rd of December.

It's also National Rhubarb Vodka Day (first Saturday in December).

Today is Make a Gift Day if you want to prep for the holiday season. Add a little gift card like this one:

4. National Cookie Day – Is there a national cookie day? Yes, there is. Use the hashtag #NationalCookieDay. And what list of December social media ideas would be complete without mention of Christmas cookies?

5. World Soil Day – A day held by the United Nations to raise awareness around the importance of sustaining healthy ecosystems and human well-being. So much relies on healthy soil, especially our food supply. And with one soccer field of soil eroded every 5 seconds, it's an important issue.

6. St Nicholas Day – this day is observed in Western Christian countries to celebrate St Nicholas the third-century saint who sold all his possessions and gave his money to the poor. Not to be confused with Christmas, the tradition involves leaving gifts in shoes (or stockings) or the exchange of small gifts.

7. National Cotton Candy Day – created as far back as the 1400s, spun sugar or cotton candy is a sugary treat still enjoyed by the young and young at heart alike. It's celebrated annually on December 7th.

It's also National Pearl Harbour Remembrance Day and National Civil Aviation Day.

8. Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day – held annually on December 8th, this day is a bit of fun around the idea of time travel. Use the hashtag #PretendtoBeATimeTravelerDay.

It's also National Chocolate Brownie Day. Not that we need a reason.

And if you haven't already it's time to put up your Christmas Tree – it's Christmas Tree Day. Schedule a Christmas Tree-inspired quote into your posts for December:

9. National Pastry Day – Today is all about Pastry in the United States. A great day to eat, share and post about pastries. Bon Appetit!

Share a pastry inspired post, whether it's sweet like a Danish pastry or salty like a pretzel:

It's also Christmas Card Day. A tradition started back in 1843 when the first commercial Christmas card was created in England by Sir Henry Cole (a civil servant responsible for the idea of sending greetings on a card to send good cheer).

10. Human Rights Day – another United Nations Day to bring us together to stand up for equality, justice and human dignity around the world. Use the hashtag #HumanRightsDay.

It's also Nobel Prize Day – Observed annually on December 10th, to commemorate the day that Alfred Nobel signed his third and last will at the Swedish-Norwegian Club in Paris. Use #NobelPrize

And it's Dewey Decimal System Day. It's the birthday of Melvil Dewey (1851-1931) who is the inventor of the Dewey Decimal system of library classification.

11. International Mountain Day – share your favorite Mountain Photos and use #InternationalMountainDay. Share some mountain-peak inspiration on your Instagram Stories!

Use this template to switch out the image (or video) to your favorite Mountain scene and share on your socials:

12. Gingerbread House Day – Start creating your Gingerbread House before Christmas. We couldn't resist adding anything gingerbread related to our list of December social media ideas.

It's also Poinsettia Day, a red flower usually associated with Christmas. Find out more here.

13. It's National Cocoa Day and National Violin Day.

I mean, cocoa or hot chocolate is great any time of year, but in the holiday season.. it's extra special:

14. International Monkey Day – in celebration of cheeky monkeys around the world.

It's also Free Shipping Day. As we head into another holiday season this one could be handy! Free Shipping Day is a one-day promotional event that takes place anually on the 14th December. Find out more here.

Use a template like this to promote free shipping for your business, or edit to post about Free Shipping Day:

Oh, and it's also Roast Chestnuts Day if roasting Chestnuts is your kind of thing!

15. International Tea Day – observed annually on December 15th since 20015 where it originated in tea-growing and tea-drinking countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, India and Kenya.

After travelling in the tea plantations of Munnar, in Kerala India, I love the varieties and versatility of tea!

It's also National Cupcake Day and Bill of Rights Day.

16. National Chocolate Covered Anything Day – Now this is a chocolatey holiday we can get behind! Do we really need a reason to add it to our December social media ideas?

And for those of us that love a gaudy Christmas sweater … it's Ugly Christmas Sweater Day (on the 3rd Friday in December). And there's a whole website dedicated to it. In Australia, we wear ugly Christmas T-shirts as it's a little too hot for sweaters!

It's also Underdog Day… a day to salute the unsung heroes, the underdogs.

17. Wright Brothers Day – Post about all things flight today as this is the day to remember the Wright Brothers and their contribution to our ability to fly! It celebrates the day Orville and Wilbur Wright flew for the first time on December 17, 1903 outside of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

It's also National Maple Syrup Day. The bestie of pancakes everywhere.

18. Answer the Telephone like Buddy the Elf Day – One of the most hilarious days on any of these lists… and perhaps the most bizarre of our December social media ideas. If you've seen the movie Elf you'll know what this is all about!

It's also International Migrants Day (another United Nations Day) and Bake Cookies Day.

Hanukkah also begins today. Hanukkah is an eight-day Jewish festival with the first day known as Chanukah, Festival of Lights, and Feast of Dedication.

19. Today is Oatmeal Muffin Day. If you feel like baking muffins, go Oatmeal!

20. National Sangria Day – Enjoy the fruity deliciousness of a Sangria on this fine day! #SangriaDay. Share your favorite recipe!

It's also Go Caroling Day.

21. Crossword Puzzle Day use #CrosswordPuzzleDay

22. Today is National Cookie Exchange Day. Yes for those who don't live in the US, exchanging tins of Christmas Cookies is a thing!

23. Roots Day – Recognised in the United States, it's a day to look into our heritage, families, family history and ancestry. Find your roots! And for the Seinfeld fans… today is Festivus.

24. National Eggnog Day – The Christmas Traditions continue #NationalEggnogDay

And of course Christmas Eve has to be on our list of December Social Media Ideas. Break out the Christmas Carols.. and the egg nog. Search for #eggnog on your Instagram Story Stickers or share an egg not GIF!

Something to remember as we contemplate the meaning of Christmas on Christmas Eve:

Use my template free with a Canva Pro account

25. Christmas Day – We wish you a Merry Christmas. Schedule ahead a Christmas post, video or two!

Me? This is pretty much my entire December:

And hint hint if you are a lover of all things Christmas, you can check out another post to grab 12 Free Christmas templates to use on your social media posts:

26. Boxing Day – is a secular holiday celebrated the day after Christmas. It originated in the United Kingdom and is celebrated in a number of other countries in the Commonwealth, including Australia where it is a public holiday.

And Hannukah Ends today.

27. Visit the Zoo Day – a day designed to promote locals to visit their local Zoo. It's also National Fruitcake Day.

28. Card Playing Day – As someone who has fond memories of playing cards throughout summer and around Christmas as a kid… this seems like a great time to have a Card Playing Day! #CardPlayingDay

29. Tick Tock Day – No, it's not a day for jumping on the socail media app, Tik Tok, but rather a reminder that Tick Tock, it's almost the end of the year. And this year it's the end of the decade. Can you believe it?

30. Today is apparently Bacon Day in some parts of the world – Also celebrated on 31st August, but we figure… why not have two days (or more!) to celebrate Bacon! Use #baconday.

And it's Falling Needles Family Fest Day which is a reminder to clean up and recycle your living Christmas tree.

31. New Year's Eve – Who doesn't love celebrating New Year's Eve! Held annually on 31st December. But you already knew that! Happy New Year!

Remember, if you don't have a Canva Pro account, you can still access all of these templates by doing a free trial (with access to additional features, thousands more images, videos and elements):

December Social Media Ideas – Calendar Months

Use this list of December social media ideas for month-long holidays:

  • National Handwashing Awareness Week – first full week of December
  • Human Rights Month
  • National Stress-Free Family Holiday Month
  • National Write a Business Plan Month
  • National Pear Month
  • National Write a Friend Month

A few tips for using Canva to create your December Social Media Images in 2022

Here's a couple of quick and easy tips for creating images in Canva for 2022 content:

1. Use templates… all the templates!

The templates I shared in this post are just the tip of the iceberg. Looking for more templates? Follow my Canva Creator Profile on Canva to see 100s of additional templates (including new templates as I release them). I have a growing series of templates available for both Free Users of Canva and Pro Users:

Follow Socially Sorted (Donna Moritz) on Canva for hundreds of Free Canva Templates
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2. Create Videos

Canva now has an amazing video feature that allows you to easily add animations to your designs (text, object and whole-page animations) as well as adding videos and transitions. It's fast becoming an excellent alternative to other video tools so be sure to play with it!

3. Get More Calendar Ideas!

Check out my complete 2022 calendar post for more 2022 Social Media Calendar ideas! Note… 2023 will be incoming. Watch this space!

2022 Social Media Ideas and 12 month Content Calendar
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Over to You

What strategies and tools are your favorite for creating videos. Get started with our calendar!

60+ December Social Media Ideas + Canva Templates
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