Got Boring Business Content? Bring Sexy Content Back

Do you think you have Boring Business Content when it comes to your blog and sharing on social media?  

Think you have nothing to post about? Does the idea of starting a blog makes your eyes glaze over?

Here are some tips for getting your “sexy content back” if you think you have boring business content. You are not as boring as you might think! 

Got a Boring Business? Bring Sexy Content Back
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Summer Fun by Shutterstock

Some businesses have it easy – sports, babies, parenting, adventure tours, food, wine, travel….they have interesting topics to post about on their blogs or social media.  Other businesses, not so much.

Some businesses, despite how awesome their product is, will say to me “but it is not sexy” and “I can't think of what to post about”.

And it's true – it's not so easy to come up with great content if you are an accountant, you produce building materials, if you are a plumber, lawyer or an insurance company. 

Or is it?  

Content can be hard to come by when the nature of your business is not necessarily something that people like to talk about.

But what if you were to think about it a different way?   

Just like the person that gets all the attention at a party, it's not necessarily the sexiest brand with the most attractive product or service that gets the attention. At a party, it's the person who is the most interesting that can be the “sexiest”.

Funny is sexy.  Attentive is sexy. Sexy is the guy that shares something with you that nobody else does. The girl that tells a story in engaging ways.  And the person who surprises and delights you with their dance moves (that same, surprising, person you thought was boring!).

There is more than one way to be sexy or interesting.

Here are some sexy moves that apply to “boring businesses” with boring business content.  They will also give you ideas for any business (even if you think your content is sexy enough!).  In fact, they are not all that dissimilar to the advice you would give someone on a first date:


#1 Make it About Them

The fastest way to crash and burn on social platforms is to talk about your self all the way through dinner, so to speak.

Instead, make your content about your date (your audience/fans/community). Make it about them!

General Electric Pinterest Board - Hey Girl
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General Electric and Thomas Edison know how to romance the ladies on Pinterest – make it about them!

General Electric are a great example of how to post content in order to make a non-sexy topic (most of us think of them as being about electrical appliances), sexy.  Their Pinterest Boards are anything but boring.

General Electric post a range of humour, useful information, and electricity merged with pop culture. Their very tagline of “changing the world one idea at a time” and “imagination at work” is sexy and soooo not about electricity.  At least not the boring kind.

General Electric post about the benefit to us. Not about how wonderful their products are. They make it about their ideal customer.


#2  Be the Funny Guy or Gal

It is a harsh reality for all of us, but our fans are not really on Facebook or reading our blog, or clicking on our tweets because they want to support our business (OK, there might be the odd superfan that is, but for the most part…not).

Facebook fans are there to be entertained, to connect with family and friends, to share, and to laugh and be inspired.

So, make them laugh. If your product itself isn't interesting, think outside the square. How can you be entertaining to your audience, despite your product?

The Super Butcher doesn't just post about their latest meat specials. They post memes, jokes and life through the eyes of Bacon and other meats.


Super Butcher Image
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The Super Butcher does not take meat too seriously


For their ideal customer, this is interesting. And for some bacon lovers, potentially sexy!



#3  Show Your Dance Moves

Some of our best dance moves are not shown publicly.  What is it that you can surprise and delight with? Can you show something behind the scenes that nobody knows? A talent that you have kept hidden behind boring business content?

Zen Desk show how great they are behind the scenes with this clever video. Sure, it's essentially an ad, but they have done a great job of showing the fun side of customer service, which can be pretty boring.

Sometimes, a change of perspective can be revealing and can intrigue a potential customer enough for them to see some of your hidden “dance moves”:

#4  Get to know their Interests

There is nothing sexier than a first date that wants to know everything about you. It's a stark difference from the person who talks about themselves all through dinner.  This is all about getting interested in what your fans are interested in.

MetLife Insurance is a great example of how having “boring” business products (Life Insurance) does not mean you have to produce boring business content – but instead can make your content sexy by making it relevant and tailored to the interests of your fans.

MetLife don't post about insurance much at all on their Facebook Page. Instead, they post about the reasons we have insurance. Our kids. Our family. Camping. Holidays. Health.


(psst:  notice that they have a blog where they post original content and articles).  Well played, MetLife.

What about the health benefits of eating blueberries?

It has nothing to do with life insurance but it is everything to do with the interests of those that are purchasing life insurance:


So, make it about them. Don't just post about your business, post about the associated interests of your ideal audience….who may also buy insurance!

This type of post is “native” content in the Facebook newsfeed. This means that it fits in with the type of content we like to read and share. It's not an ad. MetLife posts are native, not disruptive!

HOT TIP:  Write down a list of the content categories that are not about your products or services or business, but are about what your ideal audience loves, is motivated by or is interested in. For example, if you sell kitchens, your ideal customer could be interested in wholefood shopping, restaurants and eating healthily and keeping fit.  They could also be interested in parenting topics.

Don't post about car insurance.  Post about where you can go in a great car.

Don't post about building materials. Post about “home” and interior design and associated things that people love when they are building a house.

Think outside of your own products and services to what the benefit of those products and services are.


#5  Tell a Great Story

Everyone loves a great storyteller.  It's in our DNA to love stories.  Social media is a great place to tell stories.  It doesn't even have to be your story.

We love to remember the good things in life and the stories that make us smile or reminisce.  When I shared this image from actor Susan Sarandon's Facebook Page, it wasn't about my business or products or services, or even social media. It was about a story – a story that many of people from my generation will remember. The story of Thelma and Louise and that Selfie.


Does your business have a story that you can tell?  Sometimes your story, the one that you think is boring is actually quite interesting.  Share it!

People can actually be more interested in the behind the scenes of your business, than your business. Or how you were founded. Or why you think like you do.

And if all else fails, use a story that appeals to your ideal audience. It does not have to be your story. In the following video,  TMB Bank tell an amazing story about a Thai Football team that started in the most unlikely (seriously.. UNlikely) of places. It's a beautiful story and well worth watching:

This video was obviously not just a “fluke” viral video..  TMB clearly know how to tell stories and engage their fans. I can't read the content on their Facebook page because I am not fluent in Thai, but with a large following on the page, I can still see that have a pretty decent engagement rate.

TMB Bank have mastered the art of storytelling for their audience.  That's sexy.


#6  Be Helpful

It's sexy when you go out of your way for someone. Do the same with your content. Refer to #1. Make it about them by being helpful. There is nothing more attractive to a person than someone who helps them.  If you can help by teaching, do it!

My friend Jacob Sapochnick is an Immigration Lawyer and he has a highly successful Facebook page based around Immigration Law. Jacob and his team regularly post images, behind the scenes posts, interesting articles, success stories, and content that helps people to live, work or invest in the United States.  

His content is helpful.

Because of the successs of the his Law Firm's social media strategy, Jacob also has a separate blog called the Enchanting Lawyer and a successful podcast of the same name – all designed to help other lawyers be enchanting and use marketing, business and social media strategies successful in an engaging way.  In short, he helps them to make law “sexy” for their ideal customers.

Here is an example of a recent infographic that Jacob posted on his site.  He pulled “useful” information from Social Media Examiner's Marketing Industry Report that was relevant to his ideal listeners/readers:

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Click here to see the complete article


Jacob is a perfect example of how teaching and helping people leads to sales without having to do any “selling”.

We have seen a shift in how we are communicate with clients through Facebook and we are actually converting business through Facebook. When we showcase a success story of a client it gets a lot of interest and a result of the example, we get clients who say “I have a similar story, can you help us as well”. We never try to sell anything. – Jacob Sapochnick

Do you have a business that is potentially boring?  Or maybe your business is a sexy beast already, thank you very much.  Which of these tips help or will help you to share your message, story or benefits with consumers – without being boring? Please leave a comment below!  



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Donna Moritz

Visual Social Media Strategist at Socially Sorted
Donna is a Visual Content Strategist and founder of Socially Sorted, listed by Forbes as a "Top 5 Social Media Blog You Need to Know About in 2019". Donna helps brands leverage the power of visual storytelling and content strategy in their business. Her content has been featured in publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur Online and she is a contributor to Social Media Examiner. Donna speaks about digital and visual content for the marketing and tourism industries internationally.
Got a Boring Business? Bring Sexy Content Back
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  1. Jack Aaaron

    Really good post! thanks Donna 🙂

  2. Louisa Claire

    Great post Donna and both those videos you shared were wonderful!

    • Donna Moritz

      Thanks so much Louisa! Those videos are awesome hey! I just love the football one (2 mad keen soccer lads in my house!).

  3. Paul Waltkins

    Working in a B2B industry this may be a bit difficult to implement. However thank you for your tips, it’s a great article.

    • Donna Moritz

      thanks Paul – I think to some degree we are all dealing with people (I like that term Human to Human H2H or Person to Person P2P so I think it all comes back to content and how helpful it is – so hopefully it is useful to you in some way :o) – though I do understand it is a different approach. Good luck with it!

  4. Web Outsourcing Gateway

    As a culture, another great article here Donna.
    First i like the way you define ‘sexy’, it’s engaging. And after all i’ve read the article, i first think of doing this, ASAP!
    I mean, since all around the web is ‘boring’, i think SEXIEST is much better. sexiest in a way that i Inform people, I entertain with great storis, and Inquire about their interests (and put them to my content). And most importantly, I help people. I guess that the root of SEO.

    Thanks Donna!

  5. Sofie

    This is a great article! I’ll definitely be trying to get better at creating “sexy”content. This was such a helpful read!

    • Donna Moritz

      Awesome – glad you liked it… some great brands doing great things in this post, I had fun writing it!


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