Video Captions Made Easy – 3 Video Caption Tools

If you're creating video content, then you need to use video captions and video caption tools. In this post, I share 3 awesome video caption tools you can use to create engaging videos, easily and quickly.


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It has become more and more important to be able to create video, quickly and easily. But, there's another factor that many video creators have had to add to their considerations – how to add video captions to your videos.

The online world watches a lot of video. It's also becoming pretty well known that we watch a lot of that video with the sound turned off!

So being able to add video captions is super important – from Instagram Story videos to YouTube and everything in between.

Why add Video Captions to Your Videos?

If you want to jump straight in, the awesome video caption tools I will be sharing below are Rev, Splasheo and Quicc (although you'll want to scroll down as I have offers, free trials and bonuses for the tools).

But, before I do that, I want to share a cool infographic from the team at Uscreen. It's a great walkthrough about why you should be adding video captions to your videos and thinking about video transcription. In a nutshell, here are 7 reasons they give:

  1. Not everyone can hear your audio track – the most obvious group to consider are the millions of people with hearing impairments. It's a huge audience you're missing without video captions or subtitles.
  2. Many people don't turn on audio (or can't turn it on) – Did you know that around 85% of Facebook videos are watched with the sound off or “mute”. And only 2/3 of Snapchat videos are played with the sound on. Video captions solve this!
  3. Subtitles improve our comprehension of the message – have you ever read video captions while watching a video you loved? Many of us prefer to watch videos with subtitles even if we don't have to. It helps to “get” the message.
  4. Not everyone speaks the same language as you – it's important to take your audience's target market into consideration. Maybe video captions in another language would be beneficial.
  5. It engages us more – some cool stats below show that 66% of videos without subtitles were watched to completion (on average) compared to 91% with subtitles.
  6. Subtitles increase video social reach – it has been shown that subtitles help us reach more people, including 15% more shares, 17% better reactions and 26% more call-to-action clickthroughs.
  7. Captions improve SEO – if someone spends more time watching your video, this impacts your rankings. And at the very basic level, if your videos are appealing it helps to boost visits and traffic and reduces bounce rates.

Check out the full infographic below from Uscreen about Video Captions:

Facts about Subtitles and Video Captions - Infographic (Video Captions Made Easy - 3 Video Caption Tools)
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Click here to read the original article by Uscreen.

So, now we've covered the why of video captions, let's look at the how. I have 3 awesome video caption tools to share with you. All of them are easy to use, quick and effective.

I have chosen these tools based on 3 criteria:

  • For the tools that burn video captions on to the video, the video captions need to ‘look' great – ie no crappy fonts or dodgy looking designs.
  • The process either done-for-you or automated in some way. This means that you are not the one painstakingly adding captions to your video, word by word. There is an external, skilled person or AI (artificial intelligence) system adding the captions for you. You drink coffee while the captions happen.
  • The video caption service is fast. It's either super fast and happens within minutes or is still relatively rapid and takes less than 24 hours. I've given you options for both.

The tool you choose will come down to personal choice, and the purpose of your video. For many of my readers (who are creating a lot of videos), you might even want to use more than one of these tools (I do!).

Here are the 3 tools I want to share with you:

3 Video Caption Tools You'll Love

I have special offers for each of the video caption tools below, ranging from free trials to discounted subscriptions or bonus “time”. Now you'll have plenty of opportunities to play with them – and see the one you like best!

1. Quicc

Quicc tool for captioning videos
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Quicc is a relatively new Video Caption tool that I shared here in this post. It allows you to submit any video (from YouTube to Facebook to Instagram and Instagram Story sizes) to their website and get the fully captioned video back in just a couple of minutes.

The company that created Quicc has some pretty spectacular AI technology in their back pocket, so they know their ‘stuff' when it comes to Artificial intelligence.

If you create social media video on any platform from Instagram Stories to Facebook video, then Quicc is a great tool to take on the challenge of “silent video” that I mentioned above. It helps you to add video captions (easily!) to your video and share it so everyone can hear it (even if they are reading it!).

How Does Quicc's Video Caption Service Work?

It's super-easy to use Quicc and it takes just minutes to convert your submitted video. You simply:

  • Log into Quicc on desktop or your phone.
  • Take a video ‘live' in Quicc with your phone or upload a recorded video. Choose your transcription “language” – yes it does recognise “Aussie” or other variations of English.
Quicc Upload Video
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Upload your video from your phone!

It's super easy to upload from your desktop too. Just click and drag any video into Quicc to start the process:

How to upload videos into Quicc on Desktop - Video Captions Made Easy - 3 Video Caption Tools
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  • Quicc will edit your video, adding the video captions. It only takes a couple of minutes:
Video Captions Made Easy - Quicc
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It takes minutes to transcribe your video.
  • You get the chance to make quick edits – it's super simple to adjust any tricky words that Quicc might have transcribed incorrectly. It's actually very accurate.
  • Quicc burns the video captions onto your video, saving you time. It takes just minutes, and the process is automated.
  • Although Quicc doesn’t have a mobile app, you can submit your videos straight from mobile on Android or iOS. You can download videos from Quicc to Android. Apple restricts video download to iOS but the alternative is an app like Readdle. Apparently, Quicc is working on a Dropbox integration as another workaround.

You can easily edit your video captions to suit your brand in style, font and color, which is awesome!

Quicc - Video Captions Made Easy - 3 Video Caption Tools
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All of the Quicc plans include automatic burned-in caption transcription, custom font styles and colors, cross-platform use in browser, 11 language profiles, support for .SRT files, ability to re-edit, and ability to upload pre-recorded videos. You can even have Quicc do your podcast show notes, if you want.

Here's a GIF I created from the short video I captioned when a friendly Joe Blake climbed upstairs to the house to ‘sun' itself on our front deck. It's a good thing I had captions for this, because I was lost for words. I may have even squealed:

Quicc Caption example - Video Captions Made Easy - 3 Video Caption Tools
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Even with my freaked-out voice, Quicc managed to decipher all the words to caption them.

Note to my readers: My sun-baking friend is a python, so not one of our friendly neighbourhood deadly Australian snakes. And yes, it did go back downstairs again. Snakes are good with stairs, so it would seem. Just awesome.

Back to Quicc. The team at Quicc promises 90% accuracy and I have to agree – the accuracy is great for being entirely machine driven. You don't need to edit the final transcription too much and it is easy to do so.

How much does Quicc cost?

Quicc is reasonably priced. You can get started with a “Free Forever” plan that gives you 10 minutes of video caption time on the 1st month, and then 2 minutes after that – for free. That's enough to do a few Instagram Stories! Pricing then goes to $12 for 10 minutes/month, through to $65 for 80 minutes per month. So there's a plan for everyone.

BONUS for my Readers:

If Socially Sorted readers click on any of my links to Quicc on this post, you'll get double minutes on your first month on ANY subscription plan.

2. Splasheo

Splasheo Caption Tool - Video Captions Made Easy - 3 Video Caption Tools
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Splasheo is another hot service for creating video with catchy captions and headlines. Splasheo videos are displayed in ‘meme-video' style, guaranteed to make us stop and watch – even with the sound off!

Splasheo - Video Captions Made Easy - 3 Video Caption Tools
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Meme-style caption videos are super popular on Instagram & Facebook

Splasheo is a ‘done for you caption service' but still has a fast turnaround (they promise to have your video back within 24 hours!).

It really is the sweet spot for brands and entrepreneurs that want to create a series of videos in a Netflix-style series or create regular content around their personal brand.

Here are 4 reasons why Splasheo was an obvious choice of video caption tool to feature in this post:

  1. It taps into the super popular world of video-memes. Splasheo's sweet spot is the video meme style with the fixed heading at the top and moving captions at the bottom. Your audience is hungry for video memes. Splasheo feeds it to them.
  2. Slasheo enables you to create serial video content. You can send off a series of videos to be edited and converted at once – allowing you to tap into the other super popular trend of “Netflixing” your videos. I've shared about how important this can be for your brand here. Videos in serialised format catch our attention and keep us watching for longer. Creating serial video content can be daunting, but not if you have a way to easily edit the content! Now you can create a series for Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn in a snap.
  3. It's humanized – Splasheo doesn't just rely on automation. There are real humans making sure your captions are 100% correct. This saves YOU time on the backend, checking the edits. If you are churning out a bunch of these videos, then this is like having a dedicated editor without the price tag.
  4. The captions are burned directly on to the video. They are not “closed captions” which requires somebody to switch them on. There's no chance they'll be missed.

How Do Splasheo's Video Captions Work?

Once you've uploaded your raw video into Splasheo, it's easy to add some customization for their team to go and do all the work for you:

Video Captions Made Easy - 3 Video Caption Tools - Splasheo dashboard
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Enter your customizations, and hit send. Splasheo does all the work!

It's as simple as Shoot, Upload, Done. Splasheo literally encourages you to send raw video in, dumping it into their laps – handing off all the hard work.

Sounds pretty sweet to me! You'll then get your “memefied” video back with captions and ready to publish, within 24 hours.

Here's an example of a finished video by the founder, Gideon (you're in good hands with this guy as he also knows video after years working in video marketing).

Here's what the Splasheo team can do when you send off the raw video:

  • Choose aspect ratio to match your social network of choice: ie square, horizontal or vertical.
  • Add your engaging heading and moving captions above and below the video.
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You can add static titles and moving captions!
  • Add your logo as a watermark in your videos.
  • Choose the right attention-grabbing colors to suit your brand. You can edit/specify this of course.
  • Add your Call to Action at the end of the clip.
  • Add a “logo sting” animation to round out the video.
  • Provision of a transcript file upon request if you need one.

They also have a whole bunch of templates that you can use in landscape, square or portrait mode. So, you can easily customize for platforms like Youtube, through to IGTV or Instagram Stories:

Splasheo Video Captions on Instagram Videos - Video Captions Made Easy - 3 Video Caption Tools
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Customize the templates with your brand logo and colors.

How Much Does Splasheo Cost?

Splasheo are so confident with their service that they offer instant access on a 7 day trial with 4 FREE video credits to get started – no watermark limits or anything restrictive! Yep. You get full access to the platform as if you were a paying member for 7 days which is pretty cool. Your 1st payment kicks in after 7 days and you can cancel at any time.

From there you can get started with a Growth package for just $99 per month for 4 video credits. Plans move from there up to power-creator options for those that are churning out a lot of content (ie where you need 10 or 20 videos per month). For most content creators, one video per week will be plenty to get started. And with the free 7 day trial, you have no excuse not to start, right?

Note: each video credit allows you to upload up to 5 minutes worth of video for processing. You can upload longer videos but it will take an extra credit (although most meme videos are usually under 5 minutes anyway).

You can also roll-over your unused credit into the next month (for a maximum of 6 months), which gives you some flexibility.

For a done-for-you service, Splasheo is reasonably priced, especially when you consider the awesome 7-day trial offer with full membership. You can get started with Splasheo here.

3. Rev

Rev Video Caption Tool
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I have included Rev in this list as they also have an automated caption service. However they are best known for their Video Transcription services, which I've outlined below (well worth checking out!). Rev does a lot of things with videos and captions and transcriptions and translation … and all the things!

I should note that Rev's video captions are closed captions (ie that can be switched on and off like those that you see on YouTube or Facebook videos). They are not burned directly on to the video. If you are looking for captions that are burned on to the video, then check out the first two tools in this post.

How does Rev's Video Caption Service work?

The video caption service works for English captions and subtitles. Rev adds the captions to your videos including the dialogue of the video and any important non-verbal elements that set the scene of your video.

Video Captions Made Easy - 3 Video Caption Tools #Video #VideoMarketing #VideoTips
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Rev does Video Captions as well as Video Transcription!

It works like this:

  • You upload your video to Rev upload your files, paste URLS or pull the video from YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Rev's 10,000+ professionals caption your video with 99% accuracy, 100% guaranteed. They manually transcribe the verbal and non-verbal aspects of the video as well and align the phrases to the correct position on screen.
  • You receive your completed file by email. View and edit the video with Rev's tools including their free closed caption editor: