Why You Must Tweet More Images and Other Awesome Twitter Facts [Infographic]

Think Twitter is not a Visual Platform? Think you don't need to Tweet Images?  Think Again.  

This infographic highlights some surprising stats about images on Twitter – and a range of other Twitter Facts you won't want to miss.

The guys at Linchpin SEO produced the fabulous infographic featured in this post. It highlights some stats that you will definitely want to consider when engaging on Twitter.

There are a number of takeaways from this infographic (and we will get to them) but here is the main one for me:

Tweets with Image Links Get 2x the Engagement Rate of Tweets without Images

We hear about images in terms of the very “visual” platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube,  but nobody talks much about how images are shared on Twitter.  We often think of it as being a very “text-based” platform, where images are not easily showcased.


Twitter actually showcases images in the Twitterfeed (Twitter Newsfeed).  I talked about this here in this post.  In the “Twitterfeed” means that they also show on your mobile and many of us like to tweet on our phones and iPads, right?

But did you know that images get 2 x the engagement of posts that don't include images? This is massive. Put simply, if you want to make your tweets stand out on the Twitter Feed, include more images in your tweets!

One way to easily tweet images from your website or elsewhere is to use Buffer (remembering to make sure you have permission to share the image, so it is always best to share your own image or images you created or own). Buffer highlight this little-known feature in this article – be sure to check out tip #2.

Other Takeaways from this Infographic: 
  1. Tweets with hashtags receive 2x More Engagement than those without hashtags.  Tweet this!
  2. Tweets with one or two hashtags have 21% higher engagement than those with three or more hashtags.  Tweet this!
  3. When Followers are asked to Retweet, the Retweet Rate is 23x higher than average!  Tweet this!

Here is the infographic:

Infographic Source:  Linchpin SEO

Your turn!  Did you learn anything new from theses stats?  Do you think you will start posting more images on Twitter? Let me know in the comments below, and be sure to leave your Twitter @username so we can all follow you!  

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