The Science of Pricing [Infographic of the Week]

Are you taking advantage of the Science of Pricing when selling your products and services online?  Be sure to check out these awesome research-based strategies for pricing your products and services to sell.    

This Infographic of the Week is from and is guaranteed to have you think differently about how you price your products and services – online and off.

In this post, we break down the components of this thought-provoking infographic.

[Disclaimer] Our team was fortunate to be able to help create this infographic and it is truly one of our favourites! Our Infographic Breakdown highlights the key components that went into its design and execution:

Infographic Breakdown:

Here are some of the components of this infographic that we love:

  • The infographic breaks down text-heavy research articles into visuals complemented by text.  For the most part we hoped to convey the research with as little text as necessary.
  • It is visually appealing. The Einstein character adds some light-heartedness to the infographic. Adding a visual element like this character helps to tie all of the elements together – essentially this infographic is comprised of multiple “stories” or examples, so having a common thread helps to draw the viewer's eye down the infographic into the next section. He is also little bit cheeky, which we like. 
  • Having “Takeaways” helps to bring the message of the infographic home in 3 key ways:
    • the images alone tell a story (complemented by minimal text)
    • the takeaways confirm that story – the key message
    • the research and references provide the back up should the viewer/reader wish to go deeper into the hows and why's.
  • This is a research based “Classic” type of infographic with references, but by using images to tell a story (rather than just a series of pie graphs and bar graphs) we hope to make what potentially could be an academic subject “interesting”.  And by adding beer, well, let's face it, anything becomes interesting and relatable.

Here it is:

Please share with your networks and if you share this infographic on your blog, be sure to reference the source of the infographic and blog post/. 

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You can read more about how to create great infographics here

Do you have a blog or website? Do you sell products or services?  How will the information on this infographic change (if any) your pricing strategy in future?  

Or if you have a brick-and-mortar business, will you consider these strategies there too?  

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