5 Powerful Pinterest Tools to Skyrocket Your Pinterest Traffic

If you're looking for Pinterest Tools to skyrocket your Pinterest traffic and shares, then you've hit the right post!

In this post I share 5 powerful Pinterest tools that have helped to catapult Pinterest to the highest referring social media platform for my blog – and send me quality organic traffic from Pinterest.

5 Powerful Pinterest Tools to Skyrocket Your Pinterest Traffic
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Why should you care about Organic Pinterest Traffic?

Because it's flat out hard to get these days!  Organic means free traffic that happens “organically” and is not sent from paid ads.  This type of traffic is becoming harder and harder to get from many social platforms, especially Facebook. But not on Pinterest.

On Pinterest, I am seeing growth, not reduction. And with that comes more reach, traffic and conversions.

If you caught my post about this Interview with Pinterest you would know why I am excited about the potential for Pinterest Traffic using the Pinterest tools featured in this post.  There's still plenty of traffic, shares and search benefits to be had with Pinterest.

So I decided to share all of the Pinterest tools I am using to make Pinterest my #1 source of traffic to my website (more than Facebook!) and to manage my Pinterest strategy more effectively (there are some serious time-saving tools in this list).

5 Powerful Pinterest Tools

Here are the Pinterest tools in no particular order. Please note that I am an affiliate partner for tools listed in this post and as such I will receive an affiliate fee should you use my link to purchase (at no cost to you). 

1.  Tasty Pins from WP Tasty Plugins

Tasty Pins is my new favourite thing when it comes to Pinterest Tools. If you have a WordPress site, and you want to optimize your images for sharing to Pinterest.. then you need this plugin.  It's a huge part of growing your Pinterest traffic.

Tasty Pins plugin helps you to optimize your images for sharing, separate your Alt-Text and Pinterest descriptions, add hidden images for pinning and more!

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Tasty Pins is super easy to add to your WordPress site or blog. It adds a few key functions as a Pinterest tool, by allowing you to:

  1. Set Pin Descriptions for your images so that they perform well in Pinterest search.  You can include hashtags, keywords and any other information that will help optimize Pinterest search.
  2. Optimize Alt Text for SEO.  Ideally the Alt Text for your image should be used to describe your image first and foremost. As a default this description also doubles as your Pinterest description. Since Pinterest has returned hashtags to the mix, it's not really ideal to be adding hashtags to Alt Text  in order to optimize content for Pinterest.  Hashtags don't belong in Alt Text.  Using WP Tasty means that you can add a separate, more suitable description for Pinterest. You don't have to choose between Pinterest Optimisation and SEO anymore. You get to have both!
  3. Hide Pinterest-Specific Images from your page. With WP Tasty, you can add a hidden Pinterest-specific image on your blog. Personally I like to have my PInterest-optimized image show at the bottom of each blog post to remind readers to share the visual. However this function is a super helpful Pinterest tool if you want to add multiple image designs to your post. Sometimes you just want to give people more choice for images to share, especially if your post becomes popular.
  4. Disable Pinning of Certain Images. Not every image on your website is optimized for Pinterest. For example, some images might be landscape in orientation and so not ideal for Pinning. You can disable “saving” to Pinterest for certain images, and therefore give your readers fewer, better options for sharing your visual content.
  5. Adds a Pinterest hover button to all images. This makes it easier for readers to share visual content.

Tasty Pins is $29 USD per year, and you can buy it here.  I think it well and truly covers the outlay cost and it's why I've included it in this list of PInterest Tools.  I'll be renewing my subscription next year for sure.

Oh and WP Tasty are continuing to develop a full suite of Pinterest plugins for bloggers, so it's worth keeping an eye on their other products.

2.  Tailwind and Tailwind Tribes

I use Tailwind as one of my key Pinterest Tools. It's probably THE key tool that I use. It's the only way I can manage scheduling dozens of pins to Pinterest every week – I just don't have time to do it manually.

Tailwind allows me to instantly create a posting schedule by telling me the optimal times to post based on my audience, traffic, engagement and more.  I can also effortlessly schedule multiple Pins at once or pin directly from Pinterest using the chrome browser extension.  It also has awesome analytics so I know what is working on Pinterest for my business.

As if this wasn't enough, Tailwind introduced Tailwind Tribes to the mix. Tailwind Tribes …. is Tailwind on steroids.

Tailwind Tribes consist of like-minded groups of trusted peers helping each other grow their Pinterest traffic and reach. This works by the Tribe members helping each other to discover the best new content for their audience, then sharing that content to amplify its reach.

Here's a video showing how it works:

As outlined in the video above, Tribes have two benefits. They help us to:

  1. have a steady stream of great content to share
  2. reach more of our target audience through other Tribe members.

It's about power in numbers. Everyone in the Tribe focuses on aggregating content (which is just a fancy term for banding together to both contribute and share content as a group).  Each Tribe is established around a Core Theme or Topic.

For example, I have a Tailwind Tribe based around Visual Content.  I also contribute to and share content from a number of business, blogging and social media Tailwind Tribes. Each Tribe works like this:

  • Tribemates work together to add a continuous stream of quality content to their Tribe, and then Tribe members can easily review content to share on the Tribes's feed.  .
  • All Tribe members agree to share content around a specific content or theme, and not to share unrelated or spammy content.
  • All members who share content into the Tribe get the benefit of exposure to new, highly-relevant audiences – resulting in an increase in shares of their content.

Overall I am finding Tribes much more effective than groups in terms of quality sharing.  And I am finding many tribe members who I trust to share quality content so it makes it easy for me to share and submit content.

Want to try Tribes?

Tailwind Tribes don't require you to be a paid member of Tailwind to use them. All you need is to open an account with Tailwind (for Pinterest).  It's super easy to join 5 Tribes for free, and you can make up to 30 content submissions per month.

If you want more Tribes then you can purchase “Power Ups”. These give you more submissions per month. They start at $5 per month.

And of course you can start using Tailwind here on the Plus plan for just $15 per month, which includes scheduling of pins and analytics. Personally I think that Tailwind + Tailwind Tribes is a no-brainer investment in your business.

And when you add Tailwind's new SmartLoop to that mix… well, the potential is huge.  

3.  Tailwind SmartLoop – Automate Your Pinterest Marketing

Something very exciting has arrived at Tailwind – Tailwind SmartLoop. SmartLoop allows the automatic republishing and looping of Pins within Tailwind. If you're not excited about Pinterest Tools yet, then get ready to be!

I'm still playing with this new feature and tweaking how I have it set up – but so far I am loving the potential. When I've monitored it for a while, I'll swing back with a full review on my blog, but for now, here's the nuts and bolts of this AMAZING Pinterest tool:

How does Tailwind's SmartLoop work?

SmartLoop allows you to Loop a selection of hand-selected Pins – from your own Boards, Secret Boards, or Group Boards.

Looping allows you to schedule Pins across a set of Pinterest boards that you choose. Once a Pin is posted to the boards you choose, it's then recycled and will be posted again.  This means more opportunity for your Pins to be discovered on Pinterest.  No more wasted hours pinning manually or scheduling manually to Pinterest. You can rest easy, knowing that your best content is being shared regularly. And that leads to more Pinterest traffic.

Here's how to loop an entire Pinterest board using Tailwind SmartLoop:

Note:  When you add a new pin to a board, you need to add it to the SmartLoop as well.

You can use the“Quick Add” feature to import an entire board. Or you can filter your content to quickly select only the Pins that go to your own website. You can also filter by a certain keyword or hashtag.

Using SmartLoop ensures that you are always saving your own fresh Pins to Pinterest, and not RePins.  As I shared in this post, Repins are not the same as Pins in Pinterest's eyes.  Pinterest wants you to share fresh Pins. It doesn't count Repins as engagement in the same way.

What about Seasonal Content?

You can leverage season content so much better with SmartLoop. Say for example, you want to share holiday pins for Christmas. You can load up a holiday loop with those particular pins and only share them for a period between specific start and end dates.

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You can always add new seasonal pins at any time. With seasonal looping, you're covered every year for the topics you want to cover around a particular season – Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter… and driving more seasonal Pinterest traffic to your website.

Here's how to set up seasonal loops:

Does SmartLoop break any Pinterest Rules?

Tailwind is an approved partner for Pinterest, and as such they play very closely by the rules. The team at Tailwind ensures that any functionality they allow their users to access, is approved by Pinterest.

You may have heard some press about tools being shut down by Pinterest recently in June, 2018.  One of these tools, BoardBooster, allowed automation but was shut down for non-compliance with Pinterest's rules.

SmartLoop has one key difference – it's part of Tailwind, and Tailwind is an approved partner, so you can use SmartLoop without breaking any Pinterest or Group Board Rules. 

To keep compliant, SmartLoop let's you customize how you set up looping within the guidelines of your Group Boards.

Setting up your board rules in SmartLoop is super easy. Even if the group board is in more than one Loop, SmartLoop is designed so you don't have to worry about your SmartLoop breaking the rules.  Here's an example of the Group Rules set up:

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And here's a video showing how it works:

You just have to remember that Pinning manually or adding Pins with regular (non SmartLoop) Tailwind will of course add additional Pins to the group boards, so you need to factor this in to your strategy.

SmartLoop has Powerful Analytics

Yes, that's right. SmartLoop has powerful analytics. You can easily see how each loop (and each Pin within that loop) is performing.  You can also sort by the best and worst performing Pins in terms of engagement and Pinterest traffic.

If you have Pins that are not performing well, you can easily change up your descriptions or hashtags, or fix the under-performing Pins. You can even create new Pins to replicate those Pins that are performing really well. 

Here are a few key things to love about SmartLoop from Tailwind:

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In summary, I just love that Tailwind's SmartLoop allows smarter scheduling and resharing of pinned content to Pinterest. And by using a Pinterest Partner like Tailwind, you're keeping your account safe as well as active… while massively boosting shares and engagement. 

How Much Does it Cost?

You need to have a Tailwind Plus plan to access SmartLoop. Tailwind Plus starts at $15 per month or $119.88 annual lump-sum payment. It includes the scheduling and analytics etc that I mentioned above, as well as a basic level of Tailwind Tribes mentioned above. For most users, this is well and truly enough to get started with Tailwind and Tailwind Tribes.

When you join Plus it includes 250 looped pins.  Apparently 1 looped pin counts when it is scheduled to 1 board.  So you need to count each time it will loop in a month.

You can trial Tailwind for FREE before purchasing and you are able to include 100 scheduled pins in that trial.

If you love looping and want to invest in doing more, you can buy a Power Up for SmartLoop. Currently the prices are discounted in beta phase but likely to go up later. Power Ups begin at $4.99 per month or $59 per year, paid annually (currently discounted by 50%).

At the end of the day, Pinterest wants you to be consistently active. SmartLoop helps with that and keeps a steady flow of eyeballs on your content … and quality Pinterest traffic back to your site!

I'll be playing with SmartLoop a lot more, so I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.

4.  Easil

Before I tell you about why I love Easil (and you've probably heard me say it before)… let's talk about the elephant in the room.


The elephant is the Pinterest images that you see on Pinterest, and on Pinterest Group Boards.  Unfortunately, many of them suck, especially when they involve affiliate marketing. For the most part the pins are quality but you may need to experiment with groups or even Tribes to find the best ones where people are sharing quality content (and quality pins!). Some tend to have a lot of poor quality pins to wade through.  I'm on a mission to find attractive, well designed images to share.

I'm not blaming the users. I'm blaming the way things are! We love design tools but often we're not using them properly. We're either directly using cookie cutter templates that everyone else is using OR we're customizing the templates, but butchering them in the process.

Ouch. Yes, it's what happens when non-designers go rogue with awesome tools.

Which is really disappointing when I KNOW that the content behind those images – the actual blog posts, websites, podcasts or content – are great!  It's just that the cover of the awesome book I'm judging is not so great.  If you use Easil you can change up your Pinterest images with hundreds of designs.

Pinterest Templates on Easil - 5 Powerful Pinterest Tools to Skyrocket Your Pinterest Traffic
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I've always been about sharing great visual content tools so I wanted to share Easil with you so that you have something unique to add to your blog or website and to share to Groups, Boards, and Tailwind Tribes… or with SmartLoop.

Here's some of the Easil Pinterest templates in action:

With Easil you can also create infographics easily and quickly from a whole bunch of stunning templates. Perfect for adding to your posts for more stunning sharing options!

Infographic Templates on Easil - 5 Powerful Pinterest Tools to Skyrocket Your Pinterest Traffic
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Don't get me started on all the other features. You can find out more about Easil here and why it's my #1 DIY design tool for images.  I also wrote about it in this blog post.

But features aside (and oh boy, there are amazing features and more coming) the awesome templates alone are enough to get you switching to Easil for your Pinterest-optimized images.

And you can thank me later when your Tribe or Group Board looooooves sharing your stunning images and you see more quality Pinterest traffic.

Easil is free but you can try Plus Level for free for 30 days (more templates, more features and more Easil magic!).

5.  Pinterest Search

Now this might not seem like an obvious choice for Pinterest tools, per se, but hear me out. Pinterest has a whole kit bag of tools and features that help you succeed with Pinterest and for that reason, I am including this here. It's about working with Pinterest's inbuilt tools to get better results.

I also recommend that you check out this post for a run down of many of the Pinterest tools and how to leverage them… from the team at Pinterest themselves!  It covers their internal tools, algorithm and how how to succeed with your Pinterest Strategy.

Pinterest Search is one of them.  Pinterest is not really a social media platform. It's a search engine. And a powerful one!

So before you dive into buying any external Pinterest tools, get to know Pinterest and of course, Pinterest Search.  Pinterest content shows up on Google but Pinterest itself is also powerful place for your content to be found. There are 3 ways to be found on Pinterest:

  1. The Pinterest Smart Feed – This is the Algorithm that Pinterest uses to decide how to rank Pins based on the search terms that you use.
  2. Hashtag Search – Pinterest’s hashtag search works similarly to other platforms.  You can search for any hashtag using the search bar, or click any hashtag in any pin description to find content.  Pinterest has said that they will return the most recent pins on any hashtag search.
  3. Follow Tab – This is a new feature on Pinterest where Pinterest distributes content to people who follow you and your boards. It’s new and is a great way to better see content from the people you follow.

It's important that you consider how to optimize content for Pinterest search across the Smart Feed, Hashtag Search and Follow Tab. Just like you would for Google search. Some of the tools in this post will help immensely, but if you want more Pinterest traffic, do some of these things:

  • Add rich data to your pin descriptions – add keywords but also additional contextual information and associated keywords and keyword phrases around what your ideal customer might be searching for on Pinterest.
  • Add keywords to your Boards as well – this includes board descriptions as well as your board titles.
  • Use a tool like #1 (Tasty Pins) in this post – to add hashtags to shareable images on your blog.

When you put all of these Pinterest tools together, you have power behind your Pinterest Strategy. Get ready for more Pinterest traffic – and quality Pinterest traffic at that!

Your Turn

Are you ready to skyrocket your Pinterest traffic and shares with these Pinterest tools?  What's your biggest challenge with Pinterest right now? 

5 Powerful Pinterest Tools to Skyrocket Your Pinterest Traffic
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