How to Use Images on Twitter to Make us Stand to Attention

Are you struggling to get your content seen on Twitter?  Your tweets lost as soon as they hit the Twitter feed?

In this post, I share 3 easy ways to get noticed and have your fans standing to attention by using Images on Twitter.

Twitter has changed. From a text based micro-blogging (very micro) platform it has gradually become more visual.. in that there are many ways you can use images on Twitter to stand out.

Let's take a look at just how much an image on Twitter stands out on the newsfeed.  See?

How to Use Images on Twitter to Make us Stand to Attention
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Tim Fargo's tweet stands out above all others!

Yes, it's important to add some images into your tweeting mix. Why? Because they get noticed and they get retweeted. I have mentioned this many times before – tweets with images get retweeted twice as often.

For this reason I recommend you do the following with your Twitter marketing:

  1. Include images in your tweets – a range of twitter-sized blog images, tips, quotes or promotional images.
  2. Set up Twitter Cards – you can find out more about it here. Twitter cards allow for an image to be “pulled in” from your blog when someone retweets your blog posts. It's like they do the visual marketing for you. The best part is that it is “set and forget” – set it up once and the magic happens every time your blog posts are retweeted.

But beyond these simple image strategies on Twitter, there are a couple of extra tips I wanted to highlight.

These examples made me stand to attention.  They pulled me in.  Let's take a look at what they were:

How to Get Fans to Stand to Attention with Images on Twitter

1  Send a Personal Video on Twitter

In the past two weeks I have received two separate videos that stopped me in my tracks. In both cases they were “thank you” videos.

They stood out not only because they were video (surprisingly not many people post videos on Twitter, despite the fact that they stand out visually and you can play them right there in the newsfeed).

They stood out because they were personal.  

The first one was from Ryan Hanley to thank me for sharing my interview on his podcast. You can check it out here. I share many posts from interviews I have with podcasters, and although I particularly loved my chat with Ryan (seriously, check out his podcast) I don't usually expect anything for it, other than to share great content with my audience.

But. This….

Can you see how a personal video goes above and beyond? It may only take a few minutes to film the video and upload it, but it seems like a bigger gesture than that.

Why?  Because nobody does it!  It's so rare, I can count on one hand the number of times I have received a personal video like that in the last year or two.

And (she says sheepishly) I have rarely produced one of these myself.

We should take a leaf out of Ryan's book! Adam did – this was another video I received just a week later, after engaging with Adam on Periscope.

Not only have I ended up asking Adam about the funky hoodie he is wearing (it's a faux fur hoodie from SpiritHoods by the way) but I will likely catch up with him on skype like he suggested.

Why?  I rarely respond to any request to pick my brain, as I get so many of them,  but Adam's video was not the first time he has reached out to me. In fact he has jumped on to a few of my Periscope broadcasts and moderated without being asked.

I've said it before and I will say it again – if you want to get someone's attention, don't ask them to help you. Help THEM.

And… make a video for Twitter. That will REALLY get their attention (but please, for the love of all things social, do it in a genuine, helpful, grateful, non-spammy way, like the lads did!).


2  Create a Unique Style with Content, Shapes and Colour

Yes, images stand out on Twitter.   Yes, you should be posting more of them.

But post them selectively. Experiment. Think about what stands out.  What content will stand alone on an image?  What content will summarize your blog post or article well? How can you tease us or draw us in with your image?  And what fonts, colours and message will stand out on the Twitter Feed.

A while back I would have recommended that you focus on those things like colour and fonts and message. But sometimes you just have to do things a bit differently.  Gym Navigator does just that with these simple circle shaped images on white backgrounds:  

How to Use Images on Twitter to Make us Stand to Attention - Gym Navigator
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Stand out much? In fact if you go to their profile you will see that they post a lot of these circle images.

Not only does it stand out but to their followers, it can be a trigger – they start to recognise the style of tweet as being from Gym Navigator.  

How to Use Images on Twitter to Make us Stand to Attention (Gym Navigator profile)
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It's become their calling card, and many times their tweets have made me stand to attention on Twitter.

What can you create with colour, shape, style that helps your tweets to stand out?

3  Multiply your images

Why post just one image when you can post a whole bunch of them?

Image collages on Twitter can be very powerful for

(a) catching attention and

(b) enticing followers to engage with your images.

General Electric do this VERY well.  By posting multi-image collages they tease us to click through. Whether it is some cool images from an air show:

Or showing that they are down with all things Emoji for International Emoji Day:


..and I may have spent some time pressing my close close to the screen and then moving back slowly. I may have. Yes I may have:

(and FIY I could see the 3D images – I was a master of those 3D books at school, back in the day).

That's it!  3 Simple, but super super eye-catching ways to make us stand to attention with images on Twitter.

3 Ways to Make us Stand To attention with Images on Twitter
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My Challenge to You?

Start by adding more images to your tweets.

Try something different, something you wouldn't normally tweet – in colour, shape or style, create a video for someone (or about your business) or consider doing a photo collage.

Get creative and get your tweets NOTICED! Leave a comment below and tell me what type of tweet catches your attention!

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Donna Moritz

Visual Social Media Strategist at Socially Sorted
Donna is a Visual Content Strategist and founder of Socially Sorted, listed by Forbes as a "Top 5 Social Media Blog You Need to Know About in 2019". Donna helps brands leverage the power of visual storytelling and content strategy in their business. Her content has been featured in publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur Online and she is a contributor to Social Media Examiner. Donna speaks about digital and visual content for the marketing and tourism industries internationally.
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  1. Adam Cinemre

    Great article, Donna. Very clever idea from GE about creating the image collage for full effect. Hopefully you got the optical illusions (I never could). Thank you for the feature and for sharing these tips – can’t wait to try some of them!

    • Donna Moritz

      Thanks Adam (not sure how I missed this!) – GE are awesome and they are one of the few brands using image collages consistently (and in a clever way) on Twitter – in fact everything they do on social is brilliant. Thanks again for the video – you and Ryan sparked the idea for this post…

  2. Celeste Mitchell

    So many great tips, thanks Donna! I especially love the video posts. So simple but SO effective.

    • Donna Moritz

      thanks @celestemitchell:disqus – the videos are awesome hey? you forget how quick they can be to make with an iphone… very cool.

  3. Web Outsourcing Gateway

    Hi Donna
    Another great article… from top to bottom I like all of the tips… took the words (or tips. haha.) right out of my mouth.
    1 – I just love using videos for marketing
    2 – I’ve always thought of this… diff shapes and/or colors will get our attention… almost every time. 🙂

    • Donna Moritz

      Thanks! Yes I think as more and more images appear on the stream, different shapes and colours will catch attention for sure.

      • Web Outsourcing Gateway

        Have you made an article like this for LinkedIn? It can be good. It’ll be different but I think the readers (that includes me. lol) will definitely be curious with it and find it interesting. 🙂

  4. helentonetti

    Hey Donna … thanks great value again… I used to use loads of video messaging years ago, when it was harder to do…. not sure why I stopped , but here I go, this is on my list as of today!

    • Donna Moritz

      haha well Helen you were a trail blazer! Yes it’s definitely easier now, so you can jump back in!

  5. helentonetti

    quick question/ challenge … we look after a few twitter accounts for clients, normally for user groups and brand … would like to use video to thank selected followers that join our chats, re-tweet etc. But don’t want to use our faces … do you think a video from the brand personalised to them, would work?

    • Donna Moritz

      I think if you can use your faces it is WAY more personal – you could do a generic business thank you and that is still better than nothing and nobody is really doing video thank you’s so it would be a step up (and yes if you personalise it to them even better), but making it personal goes one step further. Maybe start with a branded video and consider making it personal if you become more comfortable later… depending on the reason why you don’t want to be on camera.

  6. Barbara McKinney

    So true! Using images on your tweets can be catchy. I’m already doing that and it’s very effective. You can also mention names on your tweets. It is for building good relationships with other persons.

    • Donna Moritz

      Yes Barbara, totally agree – I mention names on as many tweets as I can – it’s tricky if people only include their business name but if there is a personal name, I’ll use it!

  7. Sabrina Kizzie

    Great article Donna! Thank you for sharing these Twitter tips.

    • Donna Moritz

      You’re welcome Sabrina – glad you liked them!

  8. Kim Matheson

    Hey Donna thanks for taking the time to write such a great article. Images, images and more images backed with video sure fire way to rock it on Twitter. I love how gave a shout out to the lads that took the time to send you a video thankyou. Have you ventured into using Periscope yet? If you have what has been your experience with it. I see Kim Garst from Social Boom seems to be having a lot of success with it at the moment. And if or ever free for coffee I have the best kept coffee house in Mooloolaba just down the road from me. Aren’t we lucky to live on the Sunshine Coast. Cheers Kim 🙂

    • Donna Moritz

      Thanks Kim – glad you found it useful. Yes I use Periscope a few times a week – it’s a great platform. There’s a big guide to periscope a few posts back. Kim is a good friend of mine and she is definitely rocking it on Periscope!

  9. Wendy McCance

    Excellent article. Personally I like using Yoast for my images on Twitter. It will add the meta tag info for Twitter and all my other social media platforms right from my blog.

    • Donna Moritz

      Yes I like Yoast too – I use Twitter cards for Twitter but do use Yoast for many things including Facebook Images – it’s an awesome tool especially for SEO when you are not an SEO expert!

  10. Sharon

    Donna, another excellent post! Thank you 🙂

  11. Dara Lin

    Thanks Donna. I will surely put all of these in mind. I usually put some pictures in my twitter post and to my surprise nothing happens. No click & No retweets. I think the reason would be the caption and bad picture. According to my experience, picture can catch the attention of the audience but if it has low graphics and not relevant with the content, tweets like that will be snob and sometimes some see it as spams.

    • Donna Moritz

      Glad you found it useful – keep persisting – Twitter images still stand out a lot!

  12. mcquaid5634

    To use the image in twitter we find more tips from you and i think we can enjoy this so more today. So for more facilities to use this we can upload more photos in here.

  13. Rochell Marco

    Hello Donna,
    Thanks for sharing the very informative knowledge regarding twitter images. Seriously, I don’t know about these facts that you have mentioned. Now I got and all these things will remember always whenever I uploaded. Keep sharing!

    • Donna Moritz

      Awesome – have fun with visual on twitter – they definitely stand out!

  14. Ranny Watson

    Thanks Donna, for this useful information about twitter images. I will definitely keep these steps in my mind while tweeting on my Account. Appreciable content!

    • Donna Moritz

      Awesome – yes it’s easy to stand out with visuals on Twitter – not many people are using video in particular. Have fun with it!



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