How to Use Easil for DIY Design (So Good it Looks like a Pro Designed It)

In this post you'll learn how to use Easil for DIY Design (that's SO good it looks like a Pro designed it). 

If you need to create DIY Visual Content for your business then get excited – Easil is about to become your Secret Weapon! You'll be crushin' on this tool as much as me by the time we're finished.  

How to Use Easil for DIY Design so Good it looks like a PRO Designed It
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Image by #EasilStock


We've come a long way with design tools for creating visual content and I have talked about a lot of great visual content tools on this blog (and will continue to).  I love that we no longer need a degree in Photoshop to create something!

But I've been searching for a “next-level” DIY Design tool because a lot of my readers represent brands and businesses that don't want their content to look “DIY”, even if it is.

They want to avoid cookie-cutter templates that look like everyone else's designs, and they keep returning to using a designer…which costs them time and money.

So when I discovered Easil I was excited. It's perfect for the type of brands I work with in tourism, hospitality and entertainment  – as well as entrepreneurs who want to create edgy graphics.

Easil's story is unique in that it is not “new” but instead was developed a few years ago to service the in-house design clients of it's parent company.  So, Easil has been used as the DIY Design Tool of choice with large Australian companies for a few years now. We're just lucky that they decided to share it with the general public!

I've been using Easil for DIY Design more and more in my business, so I wanted to share how to use Easil in this post as well as some of the awesome features of this tool with you!


9 Awesome Easil Features to”Next-Level” Your DIY Design

These are 9 of my favourite features in Easil.  Easil is FREE to join at this link with a free upgrade to Plus Level for 30 days – which gives you access to all of the features mentioned in this post.

Note : After 30 Days it's just $7.50 USD ($9AUD) per month if you wish to remain on Plus. No credit card required to start. Go back to Easil's Free Plan ongoing at any time.  

#1.  Killer Templates and Fonts

The templates and fonts in Easil were the very thing that caught my attention in the first place – I had seen a few very funky fonts and designs floating around in a visual content challenge I was running, and simply had to find the tool that was being used to create them.  I signed up for a trial that day!

Check out some of the fonts and templates in action. It's easy to drag in images, switch out text and create a custom design:

Easil has 1000s of templates and one of the largest font selections I have seen. There is a lot to love! You can:

  • Access 1000s of professionally designed, modern templates ranging from social media posts to posters, flyers, infographics, Instagram stories, blog graphics, and more!
  • Choose from dozens of fun, modern fonts – it's a breath of fresh air to have some new choices!
  • Upload your own brand fonts to use on any template
  • Use all existing images or elements within templates without paying extra when you go to hit publish.  There's no extra charge unless you add elements or premium images to a template.
  • Search for templates by theme or topic in the app, not just size (all images are tagged for easy search).
  • Resize images in a snap. Easil's resize feature is intuitive and makes it super easy to resize from one social media template size to another. Very little tweaking required!
  • Note:  You can upload your own images, access layers and groups, free graphic elements and a free stock image range on the free level of Easil. Resizing and uploading of brand fonts begins at Plus level.    

Here are some of my favourite template styles, to give an idea about why I am crushin' on them:

Social Media Templates:

Easil's social media templates (from Instagram to Pinterest to Facebook, Twitter and more) are always expanding with new ones being added every week:

A Selection of Easil's Instagram Templates - How To Use Easil For DIY Design (So Good It Looks Like A Pro Designed It)
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These are just a few of my favourite templates – there are posters, flyers HDTV displays, and many more social media sizes to explore.

Instagram Stories Templates: 

These are relatively new but they are great for branding of your stories and ideas for different types of content to share:

A Selection of Instagram Story Templates in Easil - How To Use Easil For DIY Design (So Good It Looks Like A Pro Designed It)
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They're also great for preparing a story ahead of time and uploading it in one sequence (something savvy brands are doing rather than just ad hoc photos -giving a lot of options for storytelling).

Infographic Templates:

These are probably my favourite. Mid-length infographics that are just long enough to catch attention and short enough not to lose it:

A Selection of Infographic Templates from Easil - How To Use Easil For DIY Design (So Good It Looks Like A Pro Designed It)
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Can you spot the template used to create the infographic below in this post?

In my experience some of the infographic tools available are variable in the quality of their design whereas others give us too much scope to create them, resulting in DIY Design that looks very DIY.

Easil's infographic templates keep it simple.  It's really just a matter of drag, drop and edit.  The more you stick with the template, the quicker it is and the better the final result.  I've created a few of these now and they often don't take more than 30-60 minutes if I have my images and text ready.

Access Easil's Killer Templates You get access to 5,000+ templates on the Plus Level of membership vs 2000+ on the free account.  Hospitality-level users can access another 4,000+ industry specific templates (9,000+ all up). For most of my audience, Plus is a great place to start and you can trial it for 30 days. If you are in tourism and hospitality, Hospitality level is brilliant.

#2.  Design Merge

Design Merge is a recent update in Easil that has changed things up a lot! It allows you to bring a single page or a whole bunch of elements from another design into your current file.

Design Merge is best viewed visually to understand how it works. Here's how to use Easil and Design Merge to take elements of one design into another:

You can use it to grab a group of elements together and “merge” them into another page, add a footer design to pages, or bring a different template into your existing document. You can also merge menu templates into a new design.

Love one part of one design and another part of another? Then “merge” them!

Here's an example of how to use Easil to merge a footer with Design Merge:

Using Design Merge for tables and menus is one of my favourites.  Check out how to use Design Merge when creating menus from different designs:

I should mention here that Design Merge works with layers.  In Easil you can work in basic layers in your design, and group elements together.

You can also hide a layer (which you can't do in many other tools) which is very handy if you are undecided about the final image. It allows you to experiment with what works before deleting anything.

Access Design Merge – if you are a Plus or Hospitality user (also available on your 30-day free trial).


#3  Color Palette Generator

Ever struggled for the right color for your design (maybe to match the your title to an image), and you can't work out the best match?  No longer!

Easil has a very handy tool called Color Palette Generator. Put simply, it automatically pulls in a selection of colors and tones from the image in your DIY design – so you can select the right color for your design, every time.

Here's how it use Easil to get the right colors every time with Color Palette Generator:

Color Palette Generator is like having a designer in your back pocket, ready to tell you the best color combinations. I use it ALL the time.

The best part is that it pops up easily in the Action Bar, while you are designing in images and text. An example of how it works in the Action Bar is shown in the video above. Depending on what you are working on (text, colors, images), the relevant Action Bar selection opens for you to use, including the Color Palette Generator.

Access Color Palette Generator – trial it for free at Plus Level or above (starting at $7.50 USD per month).

#4.  GIF Maker

Yep, it's true. I've lost hours with the GIF Maker Tool. Hours of FUN!

It's just what I have been looking for to create GIFs and even short videos (easily converted from GIFs).

GIF is short for Graphic Interchange Format, but I prefer the less technical description of “it's like an old-school flip-book where you add motion to stationary images”.  

Here's a GIF I made recently to use in replies on Facebook and Twitter, (to thank people for sharing my content):

Example GIF Made in Easil - How To Use Easil For DIY Design (So Good It Looks Like A Pro Designed It)
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and here's one I made for the Festive Season, straight from a template in Easil:

Christmas GIF Made in Easil - How To Use Easil For DIY Design (So Good It Looks Like A Pro Designed It)
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You'll notice that unlike a lot of GIFs you create from templates in other visual content tools, these GIFs are not restricted to animating just text.

This has been something that frustrated me until now, as I was often restricted to animating the text in the same 4 or 5 ways (ie swipe left, right, appear, fade in etc).  The animation options are usually pretty locked down within tools.

Easil's GIF Maker gives you the option to animate text, icons OR photos.  It isn't “one click” but it IS easy to create very unique GIFs!

Here's a quick overview of how to use Easil's GIF Maker:

GIFs are huge across messaging apps, social media posts and replies, blog posts, websites and emails.  We use them to say what words can't … and usually it's pretty funny!  I see Easil's tool as a great way to create GIFs that stand out from everyone else's.

Why not stand out from the crowd with your own custom GIFs? – take it for a spin on a free Trial. Available at Plus level or above.

Infographic Break – How to Use Easil to Next-Level your DIY Design

I've used one of Easil's easy-to-edit Infographic templates (or “Pinterest Tall” images) to create an infographic that summarizes the best features of Easil.

It shows you how to use Easil to Next-Level Your DIY Design:

How to Use Easil to Next-Level Your DIY Design - This Infographic Shares 8 Ways You Can Use Easil For DIY Design (that's So Good It Looks Like A Pro Designed It)
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Share this Image On Your Site

Want to use this infographic template?  You'll find it in the Pinterest Tall (Infographic) Templates in Easil.

#5.  Folders & Favourites

If you are designing #AllTheThings, you need a place to store them!

At Plus level or above, you can store all your designs in folders. I have folders for GIFs, Infographics, Social Media Designs and more!

You can also add all of your logos, illustrations, images into folders for easy access!  Find your brand assets in a snap:

Save your design assets into Folders in Easil. - How To Use Easil For DIY Design (that's So Good It Looks Like A Pro Designed It)
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I also love how Easil saves the elements of a template in the a unique folder, so you can access them easily.  Here's an example of some assets I had saved within an infographic design:

Access your template assets using Favourites in Easil - How To Use Easil For DIY Design (that's So Good It Looks Like A Pro Designed It)
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Get access to Folders and Favorites – Available on Plus level and higher (try it on a free trial).

#6.  Easil Stock and Stock Library

If you've followed my blog you will realise I am not a fan of boring stock images.  The problem, however, is that good quality, different, fun, edgy stock images are hard to come by.

Easil is on a mission to stamp that out!  There are two levels of stock images to LOVE with Easil:

1  Easil Stock

Easil's in-house photographers regularly do shoots to give you a huge range of #EasilStock Images – over 1500 of them!

Easil Stock images are modern and fresh and cover everything from food and hospitality to blogging and entrepreneurship… even DJs and Beer!

Oh and if you love pineapples and watermelons, then pineapples and watermelons you shall have.

I use #EasilStock a lot in my social and blog images. Check them out below (drool):

Easil Stock Images with Easil's DIY Design Tool - How To Use Easil For DIY Design (that's So Good It Looks Like A Pro Designed It)
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2  Stock Library

Access Millions of affordable, pay-per-use stock images from some of the world's biggest libraries like iStock Photo – from $1-$3 per image.

Get access to Easil Stock – Available on Plus level and higher. Start your free Trial on Plus Level here.

#7.  Text Effects

Text effects like Drop Shadow can be hard to get right for DIY Design. In fact, in general, (as we say in Australia) us non-designer types “stuff it up!”.  Easil makes it easy to create great drop shadows and “glow” effects with their Text Effects tool.

Text Effects pops up as an option in the Action Bar when you are working on any Text. You can add shadows, glow (my favourite) or blur effects.

Here is an example of how to use Easil with stunning Text Effects (in this case “glow”) in your design:

Text Effects tool in Easil's Dashboard - How To Use Easil For DIY Design (that's So Good It Looks Like A Pro Designed It)
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Here's a few tips from Easil on using the Text Effects Tool:

Start using stunning Text Effects – Available on Plus level and higher (try it on a free trial).

But wait there's more – Text Masking!

Easil has an awesome new text feature called “Text Masks”. It's a different tool in Easil but I will add it here as it also helps you to create stunning effects with text. Only this time, it's about turning any font or text – Easil's or your own uploaded fonts – into beautiful text that is filled with the image of your choice.

It's easy to do – just a few clicks.  Here's an example of how stunning text masks can be with a poster design from Easil:

Summer Beats Poster - Text Mask Design in Easil
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If you don't think this effect is cool, then I seriously have nothing for you haha.

Think glitter effects, photos in text, patterns in text. The creativity that you can unleash with this tool is endless!

#8.  Tables

Easil's Tables feature is in Beta and it's making my life a whole lot easier, especially for creating documents that need a little framework!

Watch the short video to see how to use Easil's Tables:

Tables appear in many of Easil's templates already, or you can click to grab a table and add it to your own design.  It's perfect for creating:

  • Menu's – Easil's menu maker is built on Tables functionality and is a event or restaurant manager's dream.
  • e-Books – Easil has a whole bunch of e-Book templates for you ready to go and create your next best-seller!  Format your book in a snap!
  • …get creative – anything that needs a little structure… Tables is your friend! 

#9.  Transparent PNG Images

This post used to be about 8 awesome features but I had to expand it to 9. Design with Easil just got a whole lot better with Transparent PNG images being added to the mix.  I've been waiting for this for ages, so that I can create designs with transparent backgrounds that I can then use to overlay other visuals.

Here's a video showing you how it works:


Other Things to Love (if you really need more!)

The Team

Easil's team are super helpful and have great customer service. If you're stuck with your DIY Design, they're more than happy to help.

I also love that they are creating new tools within Easil every few months, and always improving the user experience.

Design Assist

This is a service that I imagine would be super handy to many businesses or brands. Instead of paying for full service graphic design, get the designers to finish your design in Easil.

Stuck and can't finish something the way you would like? Easil's Design assist team can step in (for a fee) and finish it for you. More affordable than a designer, and takes less time!

Easil Print

Easil Print has been around for a while now in Australia but they have plans to expand into the US soon. It's a handy service should you need to print something straight from Easil.

Your Turn – Take Easil for a Spin!

Easil is FREE for my readers to join at this link with a free upgrade to Plus Level for 30 days. This will give you plenty of time to take it for a spin and test all the features of Plus.  Then at the end of the 30 days you can either:

  • Pay to continue with Plus – for $7.50 USD per month ($9 AUD) to continue with Plus!
  • remain on Easil's Free Plan ongoing (without the Plus features).  Either way you get to use Easil, which is a win!

In the meantime, I hope this post has given you a helpful overview of how to use Easil to Next-Level Your DIY Design!

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

How to use Easil for DIY Design that's so good it looks like a Pro Designed It - Check out the full post including Infographic for all the awesome features and tools in Easil!
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Image by #EasilStock

This post is not sponsored or part of a paid content partnership. I just love Easil. It does, however, contain affiliate links, so if you sign up to Easil using the links in this post, I will receive financial compensation (at no cost to you).  I only promote brands, services and tools that create kick-butt helpful content, resources and offers for my community.  

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Donna Moritz

Visual Social Media Strategist at Socially Sorted
Donna is a Visual Content Strategist and founder of Socially Sorted, listed by Forbes as a "Top 5 Social Media Blog You Need to Know About in 2019". Donna helps brands leverage the power of visual storytelling and content strategy in their business. Her content has been featured in publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur Online and she is a contributor to Social Media Examiner. Donna speaks about digital and visual content for the marketing and tourism industries internationally.
How to Use Easil for DIY Design so Good it looks like a PRO Designed It
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  1. Hilarie Olson Strong

    This looks amazing. Thanks Donna for the link.

    • Donna Moritz

      Hey Hilarie – so glad you like it. I’m sure you’ll enjoy playing with Easil. There’s a lot to love! Let me know if you have any questions or talk to their team. They’re very helpful.

  2. Jaime

    Thanks for sharing Donna. I would love to know the main difference between Easil and Canva for business. If you had to pick, which is better or easier to use? Maybe another post you can someday share a comparison.

    • Donna Moritz

      Hi Jaime – It’s always good to trial a tool to see what you like best – what is my preference will not be your preference (hence the 30 day trial). Which is why I write about a bunch of tools (including Canva) on this site. However saying that, there are many differences outlined in the post if you look at particular features. If it’s price, Easil is cheaper at the Plus level, and you don’t pay more for any in-template assets like images or icons so unless you add extra premium images or elements you can feasbily do a lot of quality designing without paying more – They premium images are included if they are in an existing template which is cool! Other features that are unique to Easil are the GIF Maker (that allows you to control which elements you animate, not just text), the Color Palette Generator, the Design Merge functionality and the ability to design with more layer functionality, hide layers etc, the Text effects tool. You can also save assets via designs, favorites, folders and templates so it’s good for organisation, and the tables functionality is unique to Easil too (in beta).

      But when it comes to templates I think Easil is a different level of tool (hence why I didn’t compare it directly) as they have had to adhere to a high industry standard using it with major brands before it was released, so a lot of the templates are actually industry tested and can’t look “DIY”. They also have a lot of unique templates like infographic and instragram story templates too, so I like how they designing for what brands need right now. Saying that a lot of bloggers and entrepreneurs are realising this too and are using Easil’s templates and I’m seeing their designs stand out a lot on sites like Pinterest, so it’s definitely used by a few different audiences. There is a free level but that’s actually a small proportion of their users, which again reflects how good the paid version is. I hope that helps – a trial is always best and reach out to their team if you need help as they have good customer service. Short answer…most of that should be covered in the post and I recommend you take it for a free spin.

      • Donna Moritz

        PS I have been made privvy to a few features coming in Easil that will definitely separate them out in quite a few ways. It’s just not launched yet but there are good things coming for sure!

  3. Suzy Taylor Oakley

    Donna, what a comprehensive review, although I’m sure you just scratched the surface of Easil’s awesomeness. I’m definitely going to give it a spin for 30 days. I’ve been using Canva, which is good but I’m not always thrilled with the limitations. Thanks for putting so much effort into giving us the scoop on Easil!

    • Donna Moritz

      So glad you liked it Suzy and yes it’s hard to fit it all into a post, but it definitely covers a lot of it. I think you’ll find it will is different in many ways to most tools out there… with regards to the quality of the templates through to how much you can customize with this tool if you are design savvy and can use layers etc. I don’t like to compare with the other DIY tools as I think it’s at a different level but I definitely think it’s worth using for a few weeks and seeing how you feel about it. Please let me know what you love or if there’s anything you feel is missing as they are always improving the tool.

      • Suzy Taylor Oakley

        Ha! I’ve already sent Annette an email (or at least to the “info” email address) saying I’d love to have a manual save button instead of relying on the system to save for me. When I exported my first design, it hadn’t saved the last several changes. I’m an obsessive saver, and I looked everywhere for a Save function but couldn’t find it. I ended up doing my design 3 times for various reasons.

        Not gonna give up, though. I appreciate having 30 days to walk through all the functionality and learn how it all works.

        • Donna Moritz

          That’s funny actually as I don’t like having to manually save so it’s something I’ve liked about Easil (I haven’t experienced any exports where it is not up to date as yet), so I would be interested to hear what is happening with your designs – and sorry to hear that happened. But I do totally get that some people prefer manual. It’s funny though as I was having the same problem you mention with Canva – that I always had to manually save before exporting but with Easil so I like it when the save function is frequent. It will be interesting to see what they say as if anything it was saving too frequently vs not enough. Maybe they have adjusted the frequency of it.

          • Suzy Taylor Oakley

            I want both! I like that it saves as I go, but I also want to save when it’s not doing the job for me. The help file said it might not save if I have a slow internet connection. I don’t, but perhaps I had too many tabs open or some other system thing that slowed down Easil. Either way, it’s not a deal breaker, but it would be nice to have. 🙂

          • Donna Moritz

            Totally! It’s always good to request “nice to haves” for sure – any tool worth it’s weight has a never ending development list and customer feedback sure helps to prioritise! I doubt I will ever get a tool that does everything I want, but if Easil keeps improving the little things like they have bene and giving me things like GIF makers, I might re-assess that view haha.

  4. Simon Zaku

    Wow, amazing content. Everything is in details when you rock with Donna 🙂

    I love this tool so much. It’s great and I love how detailed it makes images look.

    Thanks for the great post.


    • Donna Moritz

      There’s a lot to love! I agree – the templates are definitely classy! Let me know how you go with it!

  5. Lisa Rothstein

    I’d love a direct comparison between this and Canva…

    • Donna Moritz

      Hi Lisa – I didn’t do it that way as I honestly think they are different levels of tool and so many of their features are unique that it’s not a straight comparison. Also I tend to view Easil as more pro level (but without needing pro skills). I always recommend that my readers try a tool rather than just going on me saying one is better than another as it’s always a personal preference hence the free account with upgrade to Plus for 30 days. I am finding that a lot of people that use Easil for a week or two tend to switch but I’m still monitoring the feedback. No tool will be everything to everyone. But as far as the features that make me love it for high quality design in my business:
      1 the templates are designer quality – and they are designed by professional designers (I know the company) that have worked with major brands for years so they are commercially tested so-to-speak. They had to adhere to a high industry standard using it with major brands for a few years before it was released, so a lot of the templates are actually industry tested and can’t look “DIY”. They also have a lot of unique templates like infographic and instragram story templates too, so are designing for what brands need right now… and bloggers/entrepreneurs love it as their designs just stand out on Pinterest etc.
      2 Design Merge makes it super easy to work between templates, and it works in layers more than any of the other tools so it’s got that Photoshop element without being difficult to learn. You can switch on and off layers in a design which is unique. Tables is in beta but that is huge for creating ebooks, menus etc. Again I have not been able to get that in other tools.
      3 You also get ALL the images in the template you use, ie no paying extra for this element or that element unless you add a premium image but they are still quite affordable. There’s also a huge library of free Easil Stock images so I use those a lot (see above).
      4 GIF Maker stands out to me as you can control how images and icons animate not just text.
      5 I use Color Palette Generator and Text Effects all the time as I can’t get that in other desktop tools.
      6 Organisationally having all my template images in folders, designs in folders and favourites folders are super handy. and just organisationally ,

      Short answer…most of it is covered in the post and in fact most of the features other than templates are unique hence why it kind of stands alone! Hope that helps. If you have any questions when trialling it please use their help feature as they are super responsive with support (another thing that is a big plus).

      • Lisa Rothstein

        Wow this is an awesome response! I guess I have to check it out now 🙂

        • Donna Moritz

          No worries – I know I could do a Canva vs Easil vs other tools kind of post but I love them both for what they are and just think it’s a different kind of tool. There are plenty of Canva copies out there for sure and never enough for me to stray for long. It’s worth checking out for sure. Here’s a GIF that I created in Easil and I love that you can animate any part of it… not just the text flying in.

  6. Elisha

    This sounds like a great program and I will definitely sign up for the trial. Do you think I would be able to use this for any print on demand type graphics to sale, like for shirts or mugs?

    • Donna Moritz

      Hi Elisha – so sorry I missed this – I didn’t get a notification. The GIFs are definitely amazing. I am having so much fun with them for email marketing but also replies on social media. Here’s my branded GIPHY channel – feel free to use them as they are searchable on Giphy as well – To answer your question, you can currently get a huge range of things printed with Easil in Australia and they are expanding it overseas but let me check on it for you and get back to you. I’ll ask their team!


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