7 Facebook Group Tools and Tips to Build an Engaged Community

Facebook Groups are getting a lot of attention lately, especially as organic reach on Facebook Page is declining.  In this post I share Facebook Group Tools and Tips to Build an Engaged Community.

This Post was Updated on 25th September, 2016

Facebook Groups can be a great way to grow an engaged community and generate more traffic, shares and sales.

I have been the admin of a number of groups, some with a dozen members, some with thousands (You're welcome to join our Visual Content Creators Group right here).

I have seen Facebook Groups work in dozens of scenarios.

I've seen them build thriving communities.

So,  I am definitely an advocate of Groups and have a few Facebook Group Tools and Tips to share with you.

But, with so many people jumping from Facebook Pages to Groups, it's worth knowing a few things about Facebook Groups.  Firstly,

  • They shouldn't replace your Facebook Page, but instead, provide another way for your community to find you and engage with you (and each other).
  • Facebook Groups take time to set up, manage and moderate.  Which is why you should consider the tips in this post before starting one!
  • They can become a very important part of your business, building engagement and community, driving traffic, shares and sales to your website… so treat them with the respect they deserve.  Don't just start a group because it's the “thing to do”. Start one with a strategy in mind.
  • Facebook Groups can be a great place for people to come together around a combined subject or cause. Groups can be built around:
    • a topic or subject in your industry
    • a mastermind
    • a community cause
    • a group of paid members for a program or service.
  • There are 3 different levels of Facebook Groups – Public, Closed and Private (we will discuss them below) and you need to choose one that suits your goal and your audience.


7 Facebook Group Tools and Tips

#1  Type of Facebook Group

As I mentioned above, there are 3 main types of Facebook Group. These are:

  • Public or open (anyone can see the members and their posts and can join)
  • Closed (anyone can see the members but they can't see posts and have to request to join or be invited by an admin)
  • Private (only those in the group can see that it exists. You have to be invited or added to join). It's secret squirrel stuff.

Facebook Group Settings - 7 Facebook Tools and Tips to Build an Engaged Community
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The type of Facebook Group you choose will depend on your purposes for setting up the group in the first place. And you can change the type of group in your settings.

Generally, a Public Group is great for a common cause or discussion where you want people to discover the group easily.  When someone posts in this group, their friends may see a notification “Donna posted in ____ Group” with a link to the post so people can see it.

If you don't want your posts to be public, then consider one of the other group types:

  • Closed Groups allow you to check who you are inviting or accepting into the group – it gives you more admin control. These also work well as bonuses for paid programs whereby you can allow someone access to the group as a member of your program or membership site.
    • Please note that it is against Facebook's terms of service to “charge” to use Facebook features, including Groups.  So it needs to be a bonus or some other arrangement. Do not charge a fee for someone to be in a Facebook Group. 
  • Private Groups are great for small groups, family members, friends or projects you want to keep secret.  You can always make them “Closed” or visible later using the Privacy Settings in your group, as in the image above.


#2  Pinned Posts

This tool I love! It is especially great for group admins like me. The reason?  It allows you to “pin” a specific post to the top of the feed, so it is the first thing that shows up.

You see, there's one thing that can be a little hard to get used to with Facebook Groups. Posts are not just chronological.

This is how it works:

  1. In a group, the last “post” that has had any activity sits at the top of the group “newsfeed”. This means that if someone posts a post, it will go to the top.
  2. If someone comments on a separate post, that post will jump to the top. And so on. In a larger group this means that the posts move thick and fast, and new posts are intertwined with old posts.

It can be great for seeing the latest comments but somewhat frustrating for a Facebook Group Admin. What if you want to give certain posts priority to be seen by the group members?

By including Pinned Posts in groups, Facebook have solved the problem of how to keep the important information “up front and centre”.  Just like the pinned post on your Facebook Business Page, this is how it works:
  • To pin a post simply choose the drop down menu on any post and choose “pin post to top” – you will be asked to confirm if you want to replace any old post.

Here's what a pinned post looks like (see.. it says “pinned post” at the top)… and it sits at the top of the Group Newsfeed:

Pinned Post - 7 Facebook Group Tools and Tricks to Build an Engaged Community
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The pinned post will stay pinned to the top of the group page – fixed in position regardless of who posts afterwards.  Some things to remember:

  • Unfortunately, you can only pin one post at a time, so make sure it counts.
  • Another thing to bear in mind is that the pinned post will not show automatically on mobile view and users in your group may not realise that they have to click on “View Pinned Post” to see it, as follows:

Pinned Post on Mobile
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Therefore, If it is something really important and you don't want mobile users to miss it, it may be easier (if it will get a lot of engagement) to post it freely on the wall and let it “float” at the top of the feed.

And yes, I wish Facebook would bring back multiple pinned posts for this reason!

It would be nice to have one “welcome” pinned post and one spot you can pin another post to show something important, an event or announcement.

But for now, we have one Pinned Post, so use it wisely.

#3  Facebook Group Admin Files

This is one of my favourite Facebook Group Tools.

It's actually a group of tools or resources you can use within your group to help members understand the group, what it is about, the group rules and more

When it comes to admin documents, the main Facebook Group tools you will want to know about are:

1. Group Description

This is where you can add a blurb about the group, including basic group rules.  Make sure you add this at the time you start your group. You have a decent amount of space to add a description and you can link to other file documents.

Whenever you update this, it will appear in the newsfeed too, so it's a great way to keep members up to date with any group or rule changes.. and it will go out on the newsfeed to group members (if Closed or Secret) or group members and their friend (if Public).

Facebook Group Rules Update - Screenshot - 7 Facebook Group Tools and Tips to Build and Engaged Community
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2.  Files – this is where you can add files and documents about the group for group members.

I use this feature a LOT. For example, in our Visual Content Creators Group we have documents for:

You can add documents for anything you wish!

The native Group document creator actually looks pretty nice (it has the same builder as the new Facebook Notes feature). Or you can upload a PDF if it is a document you don't want it edited by anyone else.

Here is a screenshot of the documents or Files we have in our Visual Content Creators Group at present:

Visual Content Creators Facebook Group Admin Files
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3.Photos – this where you can find Group Photos.

Photos works like any other Photo manager on Facebook – it keeps a records of photos posted on the newsfeed by you (the Admin) or by members and you can view them in categories of Photos, Albums or Videos.


#4  Search

Have you ever been in a group and seen a great post, link or comment and you think “I must come back to that”?

But then you lose the comment in the group posts when you come back to it?

Or perhaps you have been looking for your own comment in the group but can't find it in all the posts?  You need to use the Search function!

It's one of my favourite Facebook Group Tools.

Go to your favourite group. Let's use my Visual Content Creators Group as an example:

Facebook Group Search
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Take a look at the image above.  See the little red circle? That's it. The search function.  Here is what this great little tool can do:

  1. You can search on the name of a Group member.  All of their posts will come up. Brilliant!  Especially if, like me, you often see a post and want to return to it but then forget what it was or you can't find it!
  2. You can search on any word.  So, if you want to find all the posts that mention a particular topic, you can just type it in!  Posts containing that word will come up in the search results.
I use search ALL the time when managing a group, and in groups I am a member of too. Don't forget to use it!


#5  Events

Another of the Facebook Group Tools you might want to check out is “Events” within your Facebook Group.

These can be handy if you are having a meetup or a webinar.  Like a pinned post, they help to highlight something important.

This will allow you to reach more group members as well.

You find the Event tab at the top of your group and you set it up like any other event.

Create a Facebook Event in Your Group
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#6  Video and Live Video

A great thing about Groups is that everyone can add video and even go live in the group.  This can be great for having guests present to the group or doing mini-trainings.

You can do the following with video in Facebook Groups:

Just make sure you are very clear about the rules for video in your group if it is a large group.

Many large communities have a rule about no-live streaming in the group (other than admins) to allow for moderation of content.

However video and Facebook Live can be a HUGE asset for a group so be sure to consider creative ways you can use it, especially as an admin.


#7  Grytics

I have discovered this awesome tool recently called Grytics – a tool specifically designed for Facebook Groups Analytics and Marketing.

And if you are a Facebook Group owner or Admin, it will become your best friend!

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Grytics helps you achieve a number of things.  With Grytics, you can:

  • Get insights on the group, posts and members – you can find out key statistics about your group including who your new members are, and who are the engaged members  (and whether they are a “publisher” “commenter” or “reactor”.  You can also see which posts perform the best, and the time of day that members are most engaged.  The detailed reports also allow you to compare the performance of your group over different date ranges to see what is working (or not working) in the group.
  • Get to know your members better so you can keep them “on board” by reaching out to them, acknowledging them and engaging with them. For instance, you can download a spreadsheet of new members and then use the list to welcome them into the group.  Grytics will also publish a Wall of Fame leaderboard for you to share in the group to showcase the most engaged members.
  • Publish in the group – Grytics is great for publishing your posts.  You can post your group posts “now” or schedule for later (up to 60 days in advance).  No longer are you a slave to your group – you can think ahead!
  • Easily locate your active, inactive, new, current or former members and engage with them as appropriate.
  • Print detailed reports to track the progress and engagement of the group.

Check out Grytics – it starts at just $12 per month and if you have a Facebook Group, it's worth it.

I doubt that I will want to run a group again without this tool and I am sure you will feel the same!

BONUS:  Admin Tips and Tools

There are a few tips you can benefit from when acting as an admin for a group:

  1. Have more than one “Admin” member. This helps if you can't access your account but also if your group grows, it's handy to have a back up person to moderate the group.
  2. Get very clear on your Group Rules as they make it much easier for you to grow your group of moderators (and moderate the group) if you are clear from the start.  Many a large group has been abandoned because it became too hard to moderate.  Post the rules up in your files and in the description!
  3. Encourage your group members to report posts they feel are outside of the group terms. This will save you loads of time rummaging through every post and helps members to feel that they are truly part of the community. In a larger group where you can't vett everyone thoroughly, you will get spam. Let your members give you a heads up about it.
  4. If you're lucky you may be able to show your group posts in chronological post order. But fair warning, this may be being phased out by Facebook as it currently doesn't work for everyone.  Check if it worksf or you. Type * in the search bar. If it works, you'll see the group's posts in chronological order!  Apparently “*a*” also works for some people.  Just bear in mind that this does not 100% work for everyone, and in bigger groups it won't necessarily include all posts.But hey, it's worth a shot, right?
  5. Get very clear on your settings – decide if you will allow members to add people, if they need admin approval, who can post on your group wall.  These are all in the “settings” section of your group. For example, here is ours:

Facebook Group Settings Example
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Want more information about Facebook Groups?

For more information about Facebook's FAQs on Groups, they have a page you can go to:  Check it out here.
It includes loads of questions and information about how to join groups, how to set up your own group… how to share and contribute to groups and even how to leave a group!
Are you using Facebook Groups? In this post I share 7 Facebook Group Tools and Tips to build an engaged Community.
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Over to You!

If you are a member of a Facebook Group or you have your own that you are an Admin for, use these Facebook Group Tools and Tips to get a better experience (and results) from your participation in the group!

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Donna Moritz

Visual Social Media Strategist at Socially Sorted
Donna is a Visual Content Strategist and founder of Socially Sorted, listed by Forbes as a "Top 5 Social Media Blog You Need to Know About". Donna helps brands leverage the power of visual storytelling and content strategy in their business. Her content has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Inc. & Entrepreneur and she is a speaker and trainer on visual content for the marketing and tourism industries internationally.
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  1. Eau-Vive

    Thank you! Glad to be learning new ways to make Facebook more of a tool & less time-consuming… Great easy to follow tips!

  2. Donna Moritz

    You are very welcome Eau-Vive. It is so great to know it is helping you out as much as it has helped me. Thanks for the feedback and expect more time-saving tips and tricks!

  3. Richelle Anderson

    I didn’t know about the pinning option. I have a love/hate relationship with posts being bumped up when a person comments on them.

    • Donna Moritz

      Ha ha yes totally Richelle – I so agree with you – it makes it so hard sometimes to follow the chronological vs popular thread! Thanks for the feedback. Hope pinning helps you ebb on the side of love vs hate!

  4. Celena Ross

    there just seems so much to learn about Facebook on a weekly basis! So thanks for this. Little bits of information at a time, are easily absorbed!

    • Donna Moritz

      Thanks Celena – it is great to get the feedback, as I have been finding that posts with one or two easily actionable tasks having been getting great feedback, so I will definitely do more of that (that’s how I like it too!). Have a great weekend!

  5. Krishna Everson

    Ooooh….loving that PIN feature on groups! That would have been very useful this week, I must read your posts the moment they are written, I might miss something that will be useful. I’ve just subscribed so I don’t miss anything! Thanks Donna…. xx

    • Donna Moritz

      ha ha ha that’s funny! Glad you can use it now Krishna! My newsletter updates have all the posts for the week (plus usually one extra ninja strategy of some sort) and the other way is RSS. I do love the pinned posts though! I use it a lot in a couple of groups that I am admin for. It’s awesome! And the search function is definitely helpful too….more of the same coming this week (for Pinterst and visual marketing) so stay tuned!

  6. Beth Soler

    Great information thank you for sharing. I really like the search feature that I never knew existed.

    • Donna Moritz

      Thanks Beth – it’s great, isn’t it! Have fun with it!

  7. Leanne Chesser

    I know about these features and I love the search box! I haven’t yet used the pinned post feature, but do like the idea of keeping important info at the top of the page.

    • Donna Moritz

      I agree Leanne – the ability to keep important info at the top of the page is huge for group admins – lots of possibility – have fun with it!

  8. Dave Butler

    Unfortunately pinned posts are now limited to one at a time

  9. Waseem Muhammed Khan

    The Amount of SPAM on my page can give anyone the strongest headache. I’ve been on it for the past 3 hours deleting SPAM. This is painful.

  10. Isabelle Fay

    Facebook grows worse minute by minute. There was no need to remove the option for sorting posts in a chronological order by date.

    • Donna Moritz

      I agree Isabelle – this post was written a couple of years ago, but I do find it challenging in groups as people who write a post can have their post dropped down immediately as soon as people comment on other posts, which are then moved to the top. Chronological is better in many ways.

  11. Geraldine M

    when i try to change the group photo using group photos previously posted i only get an option to use the last couple of photos and i really want to use some of the older photos posted. I use to be able to do it but this option seems to have changed any ideas ??

  12. Wanda

    The search tool/button for my groups doesn’t seem to be working now since Nov. 13th. I can’t even enter my name/get my own post in groups to show up, or it says No Results on some members names I’ve entered.I have to go to All Members & search it there to make sure the person is still a member,anyone else noticed it or have a fix they know about as I’ve found none?

  13. Marcus

    Hi is there a way to post to multiple groups at the same time? As it’s a pain shareing one by one. Thank you

    • Donna Moritz

      Yes a lot of tools allow it but personally I don’t do that as it can go wrong – like for instance this morning we had someone multiple post into my open group and it was a webinar promotion and we don’t allow promotional posts – my assistant would have deleted it but and potentially banned the user because of the type of post but I recognised it was one of our usual contributors and it may have been a group post – and it was. Just be wary of posting the same thing out at once. If it is to sell something or some sort of affiliate link it can backfire. But if it is content, then yes it is possible and not such a bad idea, though I would still recommend choosing a tool that allows you to schedule the posts so they go out at different times.

  14. @VeganFreeze

    Can you schedule the beginning of a comment yet?

  15. Christy Buchman

    Donna – Is there any way to clean up posts to a group made over xx days ago? There are hundreds of posts and we’d like to remove the old ones without have to go through the infinite scroll. Thank you!

    • Donna Moritz

      Hi Christy – as far as I know you would have to do it manually – just not sure why you would want to delete old posts if they are not spam or inappropriate? Unless you are wanting to change the focus of the group but if that’s the case I would just start posting a lot of new content – the old content will move on down the feed pretty quickly.

      • Christy Buchman

        Sorry, Donna! I should have explained. The group is actually a sellers group where individuals can post items for sale. Unfortunately, after the item has sold, the sellers don’t always go back and remove the item that is no longer available. It takes quite some time to manually go in and remove the sold and no longer listed items. Just thought there might be some ninja trick I didn’t know of. Thank you so much for your response!

  16. Spencer Field

    Those are two good tools. Does anyone have any outside tools?

  17. SS

    Is there a way that I can gather all my group posts in a certain area (groups, interest, folder…etc) and take them off my timeline?

  18. Johnny

    Thanks for the information and together,we shall do more

  19. Donna Moritz

    Haha I had totally missed this comment, sorry – but YES I totally agree with you. We just updated this post as it gets a lot of visits still, and I wish you could see posts by date, not “last comment” …..if you find that magical tool, let me know!

    • Nixon Virtual Strategies

      2 years later and still looking. I’ve reported it and complained to no avail.

      • Donna Moritz

        haha yes, I think it’s a very long shot as Facebook seems to like the constantly dynamic newsfeed vs chronological. But you can only try…

        • Senica Evans

          Here’s a fix. Type * in the search bar and it will organize the posts by date.

          • Donna Moritz

            That’s super clever Senica – I just was talking to someone about it last week and they said the same thing. It’s not a very well known hack for sure. I’ll add it in!

          • adam

            doesn’t work, please try now

  20. Lisa Hyden

    How do I become admin of a group that has no admin?

    Add Me To That GROUP. I will Help you to Make you ADMIN.

    • Donna Moritz

      Hi… I actually have no idea what you are talking about sorry!

  21. Meir C

    @sociallysorted:disqus An important note about the bonus hack at the end of the article:
    Searching in group for asterisk (*) does indeed sort the posts by the chronological time of posting (regardless of “bumping” comments), but it certainly doesn’t list all posts.
    I’m not sure what’s the filter behind it, but I compared the ‘*’ search results to the real group feed (a super active group of 140k users) several times, and I found out it skips a lot of posts.

    • Donna Moritz

      Thanks and yes that would be totally expected for a group that size… It would be a mean task to order posts in a group with 140k users. But for smaller, reasonable sized groups it seems to work well. I doubt it’s perfect but I’d rather have it than not have it.

    • Ouagadougou

      Did they kill this workaround (*)? It stopped working for me.

      • Donna Moritz

        Hi – it’s still working for me and to be honest Facebook change their functions and features so often that it could well go away at any point. But I tested it on two groups and it still works. And yes for larger groups, you may see some posts go missing.

      • baardove

        Doesnt work for me either, but was able to trick it. Put “*a*” instead.

  22. Mary

    Thanks for this article. I’m wondering if FB has the capability of grouping files under one category: i.e. all articles posted about BEES goes in one folder in the FILES link. Feedback welcome.

    • Donna Moritz

      Hey Mary… great question. And there, is but I am unable to access it at present. There was a thing called Facebook Discussion Topics – you can see how to do it in this post: https://grytics.com/blog/how-to-create-discussion-topic-for-your-facebook-group-infographic/ but it would appear that it is not available to all groups. I actually have seen it available on my posts and then when I went back to add them, the option was gone. I know from a few other group owners that they can’t see it either, but i you can get it in your group, then grab the chance and set it up, as it is a great way to categorise posts.

  23. Prabhjot Anand

    is it possible, if i can see, which person added how many people in my group ??

    • Donna Moritz

      Hi Prabhjot – I’m not sure you can, sorry… you can see which admins added group members but I am not aware of any way to split them into who added which person. However, given Facebook changes their functions almost on a daily basis, I can’t possibly keep up with every change so there is a strong possibility I have missed something.

  24. The Texas Momma

    Donna, I am looking for the “file” tab in my closed group. I have several closed groups and all of the larger ones have the “file” tab but one closed group that was just started and still does not have 100 members, does that have anything to do with it? Thank you <3

    • Donna Moritz

      Hi there – I’m really not sure. It is likely that’s the case but I tend not to claim that I know every function in Facebook as I would drive myself crazy keeping up with their daily changes. It could be that something has changed or it could be that it is only available with 100+ now. I’ve had it in groups under 100 though so the other possibility is that it is a glitch. You could try to check with them on it but Facebook are not easy to get hold of. Hopefully it will just show up!

    • EBT

      Hi! I had this same problem in a small group that I admin. The File tab wasn’t there. BUT, this morning I posted some files, and voila! The next time I went into the group, the tab was there. If you don’t have files in there yet, this may be the issue. Good luck!

  25. Charles Robertson

    Is there a tool/plugin/service for me to filter my Group Membership joining requests [closed group]. I only want to add users that have a genuine interest in yoga. Usually, I have to go to their profile & check out the groups that they are already members of. I would like to just submit a keyword like ‘yoga’, and the tool would automatically search through users’ profiles, and give me a rating or just automatically approve requests that meet my criteria. This would save me a huge amount of time.

    • Donna Moritz

      Hi Charles – not that I know of but it sounds like a great idea… If I hear of anything I will swing back to you but as far as I know most people are faced with the same challenges that you mention (including me!). It would be great if a developer could solve that one!

      • Charles Robertson

        Thanks Donna. I have just posted another comment that addresses the current status in relation to this issue.

  26. Charles Robertson

    As an iOS developer, I had a quick look at the Facebook ‘Open Graph’ API. Unfortunately, the only data that can be queried, related to Group Membership Requests, is membership_request_count. It is not possible to query membership request profiles. This is not a privacy issue, because as a Group Owner, I am able to look at membership request profiles freely.

    If this attribute ever becomes available, I will create an iPhone/iPad app that allows Group Owners to filter membership requests using a keyword search.

    I will also add the ability to automatically approve those that match the specified criteria.


    • Donna Moritz

      Sounds great – let me know if you do… I am sure it will be handy!

      • Charles Robertson

        Yes. Donna. I will keep you updated on this. I am going to make a feature request to the Facebook Development Team to see if they will expose one property [membership_requests] and one action [approve_membership_request].
        I cannot see any good reason why they won’t? This is not a privacy issue, because I can access membership request profiles as a Group Admin via the the Facebook App & website.

  27. carlosbas

    The fact that mobile users have to click on a button to view a pinned post renders the functionality pretty useless, even worse, they will miss what you intended to be seen the most. It’s ridiculous.

    • Donna Moritz

      Yep. That’s why I addressed that in detail in the post. I’m afraid when it comes to Facebook, logic doesn’t always prevail. But if you are in groups, while facebook does this, you’ll need to click to see the pinned post. I generally do now out of habit but I wish they’d change that.

  28. Peter Quodling

    There are a few things that I would love in terms of Group admin. I am a co-admin of a closed group that is primarily a political discussion group. It sits at over 30,000 members. We try not to restrict of speech, but don’t tolerate personal abuse.

    Firstly it would be nice to be able to report en masse all of the members that have blocked one or more admins – that is against our policy and a reason for instant departure.

    Secondly, While we promote political discussion, we insist on civility – some are unable to even attempt that, and more often than not they are booted – especially if they attack the admins (personally rather than countering an argument or statement). I just noticed however – we “booted” say a “John Bennet”, and within hours get a request for membership for FB account for “jean benoit” – a new FB Account, with the same photo, and the original “John Bennet” as the only friend (Talk about dumb). The problem is, one can’t search blocked members for a name. Another “bonus” would be to be able to tag an applicant as a “to be discussed” – stopping an other admin from approving until a concern has been discussed.

    Thirdly, we have a “sin bin” of sorts – There are a lot of idiots that like to argue, no, like to curse out the admins (who, of course, are relatively prolific posters). They are given an “ADIOS” and personally blocked by the ADMIN – As admins we can still see the #($$ they write, but they can’t see or comment on anything we (the admins) post, which is intended to make them feel that suddenly they aren’t “in the loop”. From time to time we compare personal blocked lists, and if someone pops up in two out of the three admins’ sin bins, they are “booted. But that is a very manual process with screen grabs of lists – it would be nice to be able to extract that data.

    Finally, with 32000 members we are fairly confident that there are a lot that are listeners rather than communicators – it’s probably hard to determine if someone is actively reading, But it would be useful to have an ability to report on how much someone posts or replies. Equally a comment tag field on a block would be great, so that we can remind our selves of the circumstances for a block (even a link would be great.

    I am trying to work out where in FB to raise discussion on these enhancements, but no joy – I noted we have the IOS Developer here – perhaps a pointer…

    • Donna Moritz

      Wow Peter that sounds great but complicated. Unfortunatey I have no way of knowing what FB will do or contacting them… you can try suggesting through their support but they won’t reply and chances are all of your great ideeas won’t get implemented but you never know. I would suggest you check out a tool like http://www.Grytics.com (it’s mentioned in the article) as it is great for managing groups and downloading csv files on some of the things you mention (especially the last point on your wishlist about working out who has engaged with your content – this tool will do it) so you can more easily track and engage members. Hope that helps!

  29. John Rebus

    can you help me please? I am admin in my group but I can see a moderator turned off commenting, in purpose today. How can I find who was engaged?

    • Donna Moritz

      Hey John – anything technical you’ll need to contact Facebook unfortunately. This is just a post about how to use groups, not tech support. But I will say that if you want to be able to see who was engaged then a tool like http://www.grytics.com might help. Hopefully you can switch commenting back on and remove that moderater if they are changing functionality without your permission.

  30. Michael Ryan

    Hi Donna. How does a business benefit from running a Facebook group – the reach of posts in groups appears small. For example if you post to a group that has 8000 members – what do you reckon that organic reach is?

    • Donna Moritz

      Hi Michael – that’s a good question and one that has dozens of options. But the simple answer is there are many ways you can benefit from a group but it depends on how you run the group. If you are not engaged and don’t engage people or give them value or build a community then it will naturally be harder to monetize it in any way. Likewise if you try to sell to your group directly it probably won’t work either unless you provide a ton of value first The most successful groups I have seen that monetize use the group as a place of sharing information, building community and then they periodically offer options for joining a membership site or buying programs BUT their community is very invested in the content and value first so it is a no brainer for them to join or buy. As for reach, again it totally varies. It depends on how engaged your facebook page is. For somepoeple the reach of a group will far outweight a facebook page if they have a highly engaged group and they train their group members to have notifications turned on. A great group is one where members check in and see what is being posted daily… and don’t rely on reach and notifications. That’s the sweet spot.

  31. Jeff Sneeringer

    Anyone hear any updates from Facebook if and when they are going to do a full rollout of the “Ask Pending Members Questions” feature in Groups?

    • Donna Moritz

      Hey Jeff – I saw it tested on my account then it disappeared and haven’t heard of anyone having it permanently as yet – I am not even sure if they are rolling it out at all. Sorry, can’t help on that one.

      • AMC

        It’s available now

  32. Sandy Troy

    Is there a way in the “Files” tab to set it up so files are visible chronologically (not date order)?

    • Donna Moritz

      Hi Sandy – not that I am aware of, but I haven’t tried to do it. Facebook changes the way Groups work constantly (like all their features) so it’s worth trying from time to time, but so far I haven’t seen that you can do that.

      • Sandy Troy

        Thank you Donna for responding appreciate!

  33. Sandy Troy

    I needed to create a Facebook Page for a club (not a FB group) because the Page has the left side Tabs/sorting feature. However there is no ‘File’ tab that I can set up. Do you know if there is a way to set up ‘File’ feature in FB ‘Page’ ? thank you

    • Donna Moritz

      Hi Sandy – the files faeature is just on groups at the moment, not pages, but with Facebook you never know as they change things constantly.

      • Sandy Troy

        Thanks for answering so promptly!

  34. adam

    searching by asterisk (*) is not working (on facebook group), why?

    give me a solution 🙂

    • Donna Moritz

      Hi – as I said in the post – “Just bear in mind that this does not 100% work for everyone, and in bigger groups it won’t necessarily include all posts” – I’m sorry I can’t give tech support for FB as they change their platform too often so it may be that is is not working for you or even that it is not working for anyone anymore. It is still currently work for me but that doesn’t mean it will work for everyone.

      • adam

        oh okay,sorry & thanks FYI 🙂

  35. Rhonda Andersen

    I manage a group of 4000+ members. It’s an inspirational group, and I’d like to collect my posts and photos over the last 17 months to write a devotional book. I’ve not found an easy way to unarchive all the posts on my Mac OS. Do you have a recommendation?

  36. Susan Brookes

    Really helpful article thanks

  37. Krystal Epc

    Hi, This week I made a Facebook page for my not for profit as a way of profiling our volunteers who are working with people who are dying. Today Facebook has sent me a message saying they have unpublished the page. I have done a lot of research and it seems from what I read that this can be quite arbitrary and take a long time to resolve. Do you suggest I move to a group instead? I was wanting to get the word out into the community about our work.

    • Donna Moritz

      Hi Krystal – I’m not sure why Facebook would do that. We tend not to get involved in trying to guess what Facebook thinks as it can change so frequently so I don’t usually write about features, admin, etc on Facebook, but I would recommend you definitely put in a support ticket/appeal about it. It sounds like it shouldn’t have been unpublished. A group can be a good thing for sure but I wouldn’t give up on your page – both is best…. Good luck!

  38. Alexandra Lawton

    Thank you for such an insightful article about Facebook groups. I manage a few and it’s so hard to keep up. I think now is the time to get serious.

    I’ve used a few tools in the past, but Grytics is looking good. Do posts you schedule through Grytics show up with ‘posted by Grytics’ underneath your name / post?

    • Donna Moritz

      Hi Alexandra – it’s definitely the best group tool that I know of. As far as scheduled posts go, the other groups that I am in where grytics are used have the date and the word “Grytics” show to the group members. I don’t think it is a huge issue as if you are using Grytics tools like the featured members then they understand that you are using a tool within the group. But I agree with you – groups can be hard to keep up with for sure!

  39. AMC

    Hi, this was a useful post! I think some new FB features for Groups replace some of the Grytics features you mentioned, like Group Insights. But the main thing I’m looking for is, is there any way via a 3rd party app or inside FB to invite a couple hundred people at a time to a closed group if you know their email addresses (but you’re not FB friends)? Something other than sending out a mass email with a link to the group.

    • Donna Moritz

      Hi there. I’m not sure about that function to be honest – It’s possible there is a tool or app that does it, but I’d be very clear you have permission to do whatever you are doing when it comes to subscribers and email marketing. If you are taking email addresses where people have opted in for one purpose, then you have to be careful you are not breaking spam legislation/rules to use that information within another tool or app to message people.

  40. Ismail Çapar

    hi, thank u for nice informations, i have recognized there is a new tool facebook group statistic and no need to register grytics, but i can open this tool some of the groups i admined, but i can not see this tool in one of my big open group, i have searched it but could not find this on one group, i can not understand reason of differences

    • Donna Moritz

      Hi Ismail, yes there are some new tools in Facebook Groups and I am sure more coming – they don’t completely replace Grytics but it’s good Facebook is adding new tools. I am not sure why you are not seeing group insights in your open group, sorry – usually it’s in the LHS tab. Maybe contact Facebook admin or there may be some answers on Google as group insights are relatively new.

  41. disqusBird

    Have set up a secret group for my appartment block. I asked my neighbour who joined to clock on my profile to see if he can access my personal FB account. He can.

    I do not want everyone in the block to see my personal stuff. How do I stop that?


    • Donna Moritz

      Hi – you have to use your personal profile to be in a group. The only other option you have is to set up a facebook page for your apartment block, then post as an admin of that page on your group as Facebook will allow that now. When you go to post there is a drop down menu that allows you to choose the option to post as your Facebook Page. If you really don’t want people to see your personal info that would be your best bet, but to be honest, if you can be a “person” on a group it’s always good for engagement. If you use your Facebook Page profile to post in the group as admin, I would definitely add your first name at the end of posts to make it personal, but you don’t have to. Here’s a screenshot from my group showing how I can choose to post as my Socially Sorted page. Hope that helps: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/98dd2b21424d96a5f1dec9e0a3a9a94bc20d255f80758630435b54ca58e1a37f.png

  42. Wilson Logan

    Hi Donna, I notice people asking how to sort FB group posts by date and how to download all the FB group content. I have a service to do both. I can download all posts, comments and media from an FB group and present it in an easy to use viewer program or as PDF or Word documents. I don’t want to post a link here as people are understandably touchy about that sort of thing but google “Personalgroupware Facebook” and you’ll find me. Cheers! Wilson Logan.

  43. Cindy Beane

    I’m trying to post photos from our “discussion” into individual albums. First of all, I have to manually go from photo to photo, save the photo then post them into an album. That wouldn’t be bad except in a group (as opposed to a page), you can only see nine of your photo albums on a screen at a time (which doesn’t allow you to arrange the photo albums in an order that makes sense! VERY frustrating. Also, I wanted to jump to photos posted beginning on a certain date (so I don’t have to go back four years and start from scratch with the scrolling, but there is no way to search for a post by date or a photo by date!!

    • Donna Moritz

      Hey Cindy – as much as I try to keep this up, I can never keep up with the changes or intentions of Facebook – it’s a fast track to frustration, so I am afraid I don’t have anything to help with on this one, other than to say yes, it’s tricky to search for content like that unless you are using keywords but even then it doesn’t always come up very well. Their search system is not like Google. I can say that they don’t always set things up to make it super easy for you and it may just be easier to focus on getting all new content into albums. if you are trying to go back to the start and do it I can imagine that, yes, it would be a LOT of work. Sorry I have no joy in terms of advice!

      • Cindy Beane

        Hi Donna – Thank you for responding. At the moment, it’s even more frustrating that I can’t see all of my photo albums on one page so I can rearrange them (the albums themselves). Oh well. I wish FB had some method whereby you could make suggestions. Thank you for your response though. Have a good evening.

  44. Rolins Humonggio

    how to tackle the empty wall group facebook and be able to see back the admin report, now all has become blank

    • Donna Moritz

      Hey Rolins – unfortunately I can’t help with Facebook functionality issues as it’s just impossible to keep up with. The best I can suggest is to submit a report to say that there’s a problem. Also I can’t quite work out what you are saying the problem is so I think the best thing is for you to contact Facebook – sorry!

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