Visual Testimonials – Create Social Proof with Images & Screenshots

What are Visual Testimonials?

A visual testimonial is where you use an image that contains a testimonial.  Rather than a written testimonial, if you combine an image with the testimonial, your impact will be greater when you share them on social media sites or your website.  

In this post we talk about one easy way to create testimonials by using visual marketing strategies. You will be surprised at the content that is already at your fingertips.. that you may not be using!

visual testimonials - socially sorted
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Most clients are surprised when I point out this simple way of finding content that is “ready to go” for posting testimonials on their website or facebook page.

Why does it work so well?  Apart from our human inclination to be drawn to images and visual content, the fact that screenshots of testimonials contain an image of a person is hugely important.

We are hard-wired from birth to relate to and connect with other humans.  The fact that a baby lights up when they see a face (any face) is not something that we lose – we relate to human faces, human images, humans.

If we see a testimonial that includes the following, it brings more credibility and relata-bility than a single, typed testimonial:

  1. The testimonial includes a photo to show that it is from a real person
  2. The image shows logos or styling that indicates that it is sourced directly from a recognisable social network such as Facebook or Twitter.
  3. It shows that the testimonial was originally posted by a real person – of their own free, excitable will

I would even go as far as to say (and this is simply me postulating) that we trust a testimonial with an image attached more than we trust a simple typed testimonial with a name or initial included. One is uploaded by the person giving the testimonial and one is uploaded by the business. This is not to say that the latter is not valid – it is a very valid means of providing testimonials. But when you can see that the image is a snapshot of a real testimonial uploaded somewhere by a real person – wow factor increases exponentially.


I got a great testimonial on Twitter recently from Mary, who runs a wonderful website called Sip and Om. Now, I could post it on my website like this:

“Your Newsletter is one of the best around” Mary Meckley

…or, I could post up the following image: which includes a photo, and acknowledges the person who wrote it for me:

Visual Testimonials - Mary Meckley - Sip and Om
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Visual Testimonials - Mary Meckley - Sip and Om
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A screenshot of a testimonial can be very powerful. Don't just quote it – snap it and post it!

What is great about the screenshot, is that it shows her Twitter Username as @SipandOm, which for the reader is great social proof – as well as providing exposure for Mary's social media presence.  A win for both of us!  Just be sure that if you post an image up on your website or Facebook, that you include a caption or comment with a link to the person's website. It's only fair (and creates a positive connection!).

…and just so that I practice what I preach, I have just posted out this testimonial on Facebook as follows:

Visual Testimonials - Socially Sorted - Images - Social Proof
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Visual Testimonials - Socially Sorted - Images - Social Proof
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I could tell you …but if Mary tells you, it (hopefully) has more impact!

What about other types of testimonials?

One of my clients is one of the largest Driving Schools in Australia, and they get a LOT of testimonials come through their Facebook page on a regular basis. We have worked with their team to encourage testimonials.  The driving instructors will also encourage the students to post if they are happy with their lessons or the service (but that is for another post…).

They post these “testimonials” publicly on their Facebook wall (with permission) by the students, so they are in “open forum”. But as you know, a “Post by Others” post does not go out on to the newsfeed – it sits on your Facebook Wall only.  In this case, the social media admin will take a screenshot and re-post the testimonial on their Facebook Page so that it then goes out into the newsfeed to all of their fans.  The student feels acknowledged,  the driver gets a pat on the back – and the company gets to show how pleased their students are.  It is a 3 way win!

The last example is from my own website, where I display testimonials – you can see some of them on this page.

Amy Porterfield - Testimonial - Socially Sorted - Donna Moritz
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Amy Porterfield - Testimonial - Socially Sorted - Donna Moritz
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My mentor and friend Amy Porterfield was kind enough to say this about me – the testimonial is powerful on its own but with an image of Amy, it really pops!

In the following example, my client Pauline from The Allergy Menu, posted something great on another website as a testimonial. She was happy for me to include it on my own website, and we added a picture.

Do you feel that you know Pauline a little bit better from seeing her image? By the way, she is a lovely person and her business is awesome. You should check it out (disclaimer:  I may be a little biased – she is my client).

Testimonial  Pauline O'Sullivan The Allergy Menu
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Testimonial  Pauline O'Sullivan The Allergy Menu
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Adding an image to the testimonial makes it more personable.

Get Sorted!

I want  you to take action! Go to your Social Media Accounts and find any of the following:

  1. Facebook Page:  Go to POSTS BY OTHERS and find any positive posts, hat-tips, acknowledgements or specific recommendations or testimonials.  Take screen shots of them!  Also go to your private messages account on your Facebook Page and find any private messages that are relevant.  Ask for permission to use these in particular as they were not posted in a public forum.
  2. Twitter Account:   Go through your @mentions and find any great mentions of you, your services, your blog and take screenshots of them.  Check through your Retweets and Favourites. Chances are you may have tucked a few of these away in there!
  3. Email Account:  Start a folder of positive emails and testimonials.  You can use these as screenshots or text based testimonials – just add an image if you can to make them pop.
  4. Start using some or all of the above on your website, sales pages, facebook account, email newsletter (post a testimonial up and add a comment – it makes the fan feel good too!). Why not get clever and start a testimonials account on Pinterest.  How can you use these images on a YouTube video?  Be creative and don't hide behind your awesomeness!
C'mon – tell me if you have found some awesome testimonials you didn't realise you had!  I am sure you have found some nuggets hiding away!  How will you use them?  Please send me a link via my Twitter account @sociallysorted or via email or my Facebook Messages if you have one to share!  
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Donna Moritz

Visual Social Media Strategist at Socially Sorted
Donna is a Visual Content Strategist and founder of Socially Sorted, listed by Forbes as a "Top 5 Social Media Blog You Need to Know About". Donna helps brands leverage the power of visual storytelling and content strategy in their business. Her content has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Inc. & Entrepreneur and she is a speaker and trainer on visual content for the marketing and tourism industries internationally.

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