How to Use Tailwind App for better Pinterest Marketing Results

If you haven't tried Tailwind App to get better Pinterest Marketing results then read this review. 

In this Ultimate Tailwind App Review, I share why Tailwind for Pinterest helps you get more Pinterest reach, shares and Pinterest traffic. And how it's helped Pinterest to blitz Facebook Results for traffic to my website. 

How to use Tailwind App for Better Pinterest Marketing Results
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How to use Tailwind App for Better Pinterest Marketing Results
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Looking for better results with Pinterest marketing without spending hours each day? Meet Tailwind App. It's your new secret weapon to drive more blog traffic and shares with Pinterest marketing.

Here is why I wrote this review. Other than Google search, Pinterest is the biggest source of traffic to my award-winning blog from any social media site.

More than Facebook.

More than Twitter.

And more than anything I wish I started using it actively… earlier. Much earlier. So I am writing this for you, so that you don't miss out like I did on a lot of early traffic.

What's the best time to start using Tailwind App? How to use Tailwind App for Better Pinterest Marketing Results
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What's the best time to start using Tailwind App? How to use Tailwind App for Better Pinterest Marketing Results
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Don't make the same mistake I did (Image: Shutterstock)

Tailwind App was also a major contributing factor to me doubling my blog traffic in the past 6 months. It's also the reason why I get more than twice as much traffic from Pinterest vs Facebook.

So I wanted to share with you my Ultimate Tailwind review and walk you through why you should consider Tailwind for Pinterest Marketing.

I'm sharing everything I know about Tailwind App for Pinterest. I'll update this Tailwind Review as I learn and experiment with Tailwind. They're always improving and adding new tools and features. Get ready for more Pinterest Traffic.

Oh and did I tell you the best part? You don't need many followers to benefit from Tailwind App.

Let me repeat that so you can Tweet it out:

Who doesn't love a tool that helps them get more traffic without a ton of followers? That's why I love Pinterest so much more than Facebook right now. But we will get to more of that later.

Disclosure: I am an affiliate for Tailwind. If you sign via my link, I will receive a small commission (at no cost to you) if you upgrade to a paid account. It's Free to get started and publish up to 100 pins on Tailwind. Please know that I use Tailwind every day and don't recommend tools unless I use and love them and know they get great results for my readers.

This is a detailed post and has been a few years coming, so I've included a Table of Contents for you. Use it to skip ahead to the section you want to read. Let's do this!

How to Use Tailwind for Pinterest Marketing: The Ultimate Tailwind Review

What is Tailwind App?

I often get asked ‘What is Tailwind and how does it work?'

Tailwind is the ultimate Pinterest Marketing tool for anyone who creates content online or wants to share their offline content online – from small business owners to bloggers to content creators.

Or put simply, it's the best way to help you post your pins to Pinterest at the time when you will get best results without having to do it manually. It helps you schedule bulk pins at the best times and then shows you how they are working so you get better results:

How to use Tailwind App for Better Pinterest Marketing Results
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Note: we are just talking about Tailwind for Pinterest in this post. It's a separate tool to Tailwind for Instagram although both are awesome!

Tailwind App for Pinterest is really a complete toolkit for sharing, scheduling and analyzing content you share from your blog or website to Pinterest – and for managing traffic, shares and sales on Pinterest.

Can you “Do” Pinterest without Tailwind App?

Yes it's totally possible to pin manually to Pinterest, but it costs you way more in time than this tool costs in money to do it effectively.

You'll get results without Tailwind. Pinterest always delivers.  But it will likely be much slower and take a lot more effort to get results anywhere similar to using Tailwind App.

I tried doing it all manually for a while and the difference between Pinterest marketing without Tailwind and with Tailwind is miles apart. I only started seeing traction after I started using Tailwind.

Why Should You Try Tailwind App for Pinterest?

When you use Tailwind for Pinterest you will get results. Even with a small audience. Bold statement, right?

Firstly, you'll save time because you can literally get all of your Pinterest content mapped out in as little as 10-15 minutes per day (or if you prefer) around 1 hour per week.

But the more time you spend the better the return – in terms of not only time saved but actual Pinterest reach, Pins and Repins or Saves of your visual content.

Tailwind App gives you: 

  • the best times to post
  • an easy schedule and mechanism to add your content
  • the ability to schedule individual posts or repeated content over time
  • the ability to share content at intervals across different boards on Pinterest.
  • an easy way to find great content to share within the Tailwind app
  • an easy-to-use analytics platform to analyze your results and modify your strategy or schedule if necessary.

We'll cover all these things in this post and some more bonus features (to love) in Tailwind. It's the ultimate Pinterest Marketing tool and Tailwind is a Pinterest Partner, so you won't get your account shut down or anything nasty. Pinterest likes Tailwind, so you're in good hands.

Firstly, let's take a look at what to expect in terms of results.

What Results Should You Expect?

There are a lot of blog posts about results on Tailwind (you can Google them). It's astonishing how many people are getting impressive Pinterest growth with Tailwind while seeing a sharp decline in organic reach on other platforms. Hello, Facebook.

So I wanted to share an overview from Tailwind themselves about the results you should typically expect. They've even wrapped it up into a handy blog post and infographic.

I'll run through the results below or you can read the full blogpost here, but first check out this infographic from Tailwind showing the results in a visual summary. Note that it's based on results from Tailwind Users on the Plus plan which is as low as $9.99 per month.

Typical Pinterest Results of Tailwind Members - How to use Tailwind App for Better Pinterest Marketing Results
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People using Tailwind for Pinterest over 6 months on the Plus Plan ($9.99 per month paid annually) saw the following average results:

  • 6.9x more saves (Repins) generated on average (ranging from 10x for accounts with fewer than 100 followers to 3.1x more saves for accounts with 10k+ followers).
  • 3.7x more followers added on average (ranging from 6x more followers for accounts with less than 100 followers to 1.8x more followers for accounts with 10k+ followers).
  • 4.2x more Pins published on average (ranging from 6x more pins published for accounts with less than 100 followers to 1.9x more for accounts with 10k+ followers).

So, it's not just me saying that Tailwind works. There's an excited community of Tailwind users that are seeing results, even new Pinterest users with a small number of followers. If you use Tailwind App, Pinterest is the easiest and best platform to get results on from social.

My monthly views from Pinterest have grown to between 200-250k monthly views, sometimes up to 350k. And that's honestly without me putting in a lot of effort.

How to use Tailwind App for Better Pinterest Marketing Results
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Time to fess up. I have not always been as {cough} consistently vigilant as I should have been with Tailwind or Pinterest and I still got awesome results.

Pinterest is also my highest referring social media platform with an average of 60% of all traffic coming to my website from Pinterest. It has been as high as 75% in recent months. Here's what my top 5 “social” referral sites are, as of September, 2018:

  1. Pinterest 61.7%
  2. Facebook 27.58%
  3. Twitter 8.35%
  4. LinkedIn 1.39%
  5. Pocket 0.28%

Bear in mind that after blogging for 8 years, the vast majority of my traffic is now from Google search, however the traffic that does come from social… it's almost all Pinterest, baby!  And Tailwind plays a big part in that.

The very act of writing this post has convinced me that Pinterest (using Tailwind App) should be where I am focusing my social media efforts. It's returning maximum results for minimal effort right now, and we have to get excited about that, right?

How does Tailwind Work?

To get started with Tailwind App, you'll need:

  1. an active Pinterest account
  2. a free trial or active account with Tailwind.
  3. the Tailwind Browser Extension.  You can get the Tailwind Browser Extension for Chrome here.  It's also available for Safari and Firefox.

Before we go into more detail about the browser extension and how Tailwind scheduling works, here's a great quick overview from Tailwind:

As you can see from the video, the Tailwind extension is an important tool to start using when you use Tailwind App. If you skipped the video, here's how it works:

Why use the Tailwind App Browser Extension?

It's the easiest and fastest way to schedule Pins and Repins on Pinterest. Here's what it looks like in my browser:

Tailwind Browser Extension - How to use Tailwind App for Better Pinterest Marketing Results
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Once you have it installed, you'll see the Tailwind Icon in your browser. Then you can use it to share content easily on Pinterest.

To recap from the first 3 minutes of the video above, you can use the Browser Extension in the following ways to share content to Pinterest from a website page or blog:

  • If you are browsing the web and see an image you want to Pin, you just hover over the image and the click on the Tailwind Schedule button that appears on the image.
  • If you have multiple images you want to Pin from one page, click the Tailwind browser extension and all the images that are on the page will show up and you can select one (or many of them). Then select Go Schedule to schedule them. The images you are selecting will highlight and also show up in the bottom corner as a set:

Adding pins to Tailwind's Smart Schedule - How to use Tailwind App for Better Pinterest Marketing Results
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In this example, I have chosen 3 images to share at once from a post I wrote about infographic tools. Because all 3 images are related to Infographics, I can use the top field to enter infographic groups or group boards.

Each of the 3 images will then be scheduled to each of the 3 boards I select, as you can see in the image below:

Adding Multiple Pins to Tailwind Schedule - How to use Tailwind App for Better Pinterest Marketing Results
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Once I'm ready, I just click Schedule All and my pins will be added to my pre-determined Schedule. I'll share how I set that up in a moment.

I can also add additional boards to any of these infographics. Say for example, one of the infographics was about a particular topic, like Instagram, I could scroll down to the bottom of that image and share that image to the Instagram Tips board as well.

You can also use the Browser Extension to Pin content directly from Pinterest:

  • If you are in Pinterest and see a Pin you want to Repin, just click on the Tailwind Schedule button that appears over the pin and click to Pin/Repin it via Tailwind.
  • If you are on Pinterest and want to Repin multiple Pins on the page, you also click on the Tailwind Browser Extension and all of the pins on that Pinterest page will show up. Select one or many of them and click Go Schedule. All the Repins will show up as drafts, so you can select boards, descriptions and schedule them.

In summary, the Tailwind Browser Extension allows you to easily Pin or “save” any image to Pinterest – from your website, another website or even from Pinterest itself.

Scheduling Pins with Tailwind

As you can see from the video above, smarter scheduling is the cornerstone of Tailwind App.

You can schedule pins at all times, in any time zone, to reach your audience when they are online – not just when you have time to pin manually. This is what leads to reach and traffic.

Using Smart Schedule to Schedule Pins at the Best Time

It's time to meet Tailwind's Smart Schedule. This is basically where Tailwind uses all of its smarts, and generates the perfect schedule for you. The schedule is based on when your Pins or content performs best on Pinterest.

It's like being handed the fast-track to results …. on a silver platter.

You can set up your Smart Schedule to post any number of times per day. You might start with 5 or 10 pins and work up from there:

Tailwind's Smart Schedule How to use Tailwind App for Better Pinterest Marketing Results