9 Best Instagram Tools for Visual Storytelling

If you're looking for the best Instagram Tools for Visual Storytelling then you're in the right place. In this post, I share 9 of the Instagram Tools I am using right now to create amazing visuals that get noticed. Get ready to create engaging images, videos, stop motion and more!

9 Best Instagram Tools for Visual Storytelling
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Image by Cressido Studio, Shutterstock

BY DONNA MORITZ | 1 April, 2019 | Contains Affiliate Links

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Recently, I shared some of my top Instagram Tools for Visual Storytelling at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego (#SMMW19 if you've been following along at home) in a packed room of 800+ people. I always try to share new or updated tools that few people have tried yet. I got such great feedback about the Instagram tools I shared in my session this year, that I'm featuring them in this post.

I know you will love using these tools for creating great visuals for your business. Each of these tools is fabulous for non-designers, most are free to get started, and all of them are easy to use!

Ready? Let's jump in!

9 Instagram Tools for Visual Storytelling to add to your Toolkit

1. In- Instagram Tools

There's one thing I'd like to say before jumping into all the 3rd party Instagram tools I am going to show you – don't neglect Instagram's own “In-Instagram Tools”. There's nothing more powerful than the combination of your smartphone + Instagram. It's a visual content creation machine!

Why? Because Instagram is jam-packed with tools! There are literally dozens of ways to create, design, illustrate, record and embellish your content so that it catches attention – on the Instagram feed and in Instagram Stories.

In fact I'd go so far as to call it a Tardis! Just like Dr Who's Tardis, there's much more inside Instagram's toolbox than you would expect… once you step inside. Here's just a few of the Instagram Tools you'll find:

Tools within Instagram
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Don't forget all the awesome In-Instagram Tools for creating visuals!

As you can see, you can use Drawing tools, Boomerang, Hyperlapse, Stickers (from Polls and Question Stickers to Emoji Stickers, Countdown Timers, and Geolocation Stickers), GIFs, video snippets and more. You can literally create amazing visual stories using Instagram tools alone.

But of course, I am going to share more external tools with you in this post that you can use with Instagram to create amazing visuals. Here they are:

2. Headliner

Headliner is an awesome tool that allows you to convert any audio file to video. Here's a snapshot of just some of the video types you can create with Headliner:

Headliner App Home Page
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  1. Video Transcript – This allows you to upload a video to automatically transcribe its audio, adding in customizable captions.
  2. Audiogram Wizard – You can create audiograms up to 10 minutes long from one clip of audio.
  3. Full Episode of Video – Make one full video from a longer episode of audio (max 2 hrs) – then share it on YouTube!
  4. Find my Content – this allows you to pre-fill a video with images & videos that are pulled from your news, entertainment, or sports audio.

As you can see, there are loads of options which is why this is one of my favourite Instagram Tools! Headliner works by automatically transcribing your media, identifying the keywords that are important, finding the corresponding images and auto-cropping, among other things.

Here's a video showing you how it works:

It's easy to create Audiograms with Headliner!

Creating an audiogram is easy. Here's an example of one that I created by adding an MP3 file, uploading a background image and then using the color picker to match the color of the audiogram to my image:

How to add a background image and match colors on Audiograms in Headliner
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If you're someone who doesn't love being on camera or maybe isn't a fan of video editing or not technically minded – Headliner gives you a great option to create video without having to do a lot of work. It's super easy to repurpose your audio content into video with Headliner, and well worth adding to your kit of Instagram Tools.

And the best news is that you can create up to 10 videos (without a watermark!) on the free plan every month. So it's easy to get started with Headliner!

3. Easil

I’ve been using Easil for almost 3 years now and I’ve written about why I love Easil here.

Easil Home Page - DIY Design Tool
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Easil is my go-to tool for creating visuals!

Some of the features I love are:

The editing tools – you can easily find the tool you need by clicking on a text box or image and the Action Bar will pop up with the tools you need. It’s intuitive and fun!

The templates – you get thousands of pro-quality templates in just about every social media and print size you need. To be quite honest this is what first alerted me to Easil. I was sick of the template options out there and these really caught my eye on social media!

I really like Easil's Instagram Stories Templates which is why I've added it to this list of Instagram tools. Here's an example:

Instagram Story Templates in Easil - 9 Best Instagram Tools for Visual Storytelling
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Easil's templates rock.

And in particular the way you can design with multiple-page Instagram Story Templates, like this one:

Multipage Instagram Story Templates in Easil -  9 Best Instagram Tools for Visual Storytelling
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Create multi-page Instagram Stories in Easil in a snap!

The text effect tools – great for taking your designs to the next level. You can add images in text (text masking) drop shadow, glow effects and more.

The GIF maker – I use this tool all the time to create GIFs by animating images and icons, not just text.

All the other things – you can merge designs, use folders for awesome organisation, grab colors using their Color Palette Generator and even use layers (oh yes, it's like Photoshop and Canva had a baby) but here's why I really love Easil now:

Easil has Awesome New Features for DIY Design in Teams

Here's what they have just released, and it's game-changing for teams (big or small!):

Brand Kit – You can now upload your Brand Fonts, Colors and Logos as well as Brand Images. Most other tools only allow you to add the first three (fonts, colors and logos) but Brand Images is super helpful if you have brand imagery that is approved for your wider team. From photos to illustrations to icons… it's one of my favourite features of Easil. Here's an example of my Socially Sorted Brand Kit like in Easil:

Brand Kit in Easil - 9 Best Instagram Tools for Visual Storytelling
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Socially Sorted Brand Kit in Easil

And here's an example of a Brand Kit for a Cafe in Easil:

Easil's Brand Kit
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Add your brand colors, fonts, logos and even images for your brand.

Adding your brand fonts is easy – just click a text box and you'll see your font options pop up in the action bar. Choose your body or copy fonts (and more) from the drop-down menu:

Choosing Brand Fonts in Easil
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Choose from Easil's huge library of fonts or upload your own Brand Kit Fonts.

It's just as easy to add brand colors straight from your color palette. Choose from template colors, brand colors or image colors:

Choosing Brand Colors in Easil - 9 Best Instagram Tools for Visual Storytelling
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Choose from Template Colors, Brand Kit Colors or Image Colors.

Did you notice in the example above, that Easil will pull in colors from your images? This uses a fun tool called the Color Palette Generator. This is one of my favorite features, coupled with the Brand Kit colors.

And you can add your brand logos in a snap too, like this:

Adding Brand Logo in Easil - 9 Best Instagram Tools for Visual Storytelling
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Adding brand logos is now easy in Easil:

and your brand images like this:

Adding Brand Images in Easil
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