7 Things about the "New" YouTube that Businesses Need to Know

YouTube is the 2nd Largest Search Engine in the World Behind Google.  You may already know that amazing fact. But did you know that YouTube is also one of the most “Social” sites on the internet?

The "New" YouTube - 10 things businesses need to know
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YouTube. Social. Very Social.

YouTube has just undergone the a “social facelift” with a major revamp.  Here are 7 Things about the new YouTube that YOU need to know if you are in Business.  And thus 7 Reasons why it is never too late to start including video in your Social Media Strategy.   The recent “social” upgrade and facelift to YouTube has brought with it many new features, so it is all very exciting. Check out these 7 awesome nuggets of info about YouTube that you need to know if you are in business and looking into Engaging Social Media., and then stay tuned for more Blog Posts about YouTube over the coming weeks.  We have plenty of tips to share!  Refer to point 4 if you want to stay updated.  [Shameless Plug asking you to Subscribe to Socially Sorted's channel.  www.youtube.com/sociallysorted – just sayin']

1.  YouTube is the 2nd Largest Search Engine in the World. So your business needs to be on it.   YouTube and Videos played on YouTube can impact greatly on your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Google Loooooves Video. Refer to Point 7.

2.  You Tube is Social. You can like and dislike YouTube Videos.  You can comment on them.  There is even now a NewsFeed!  Don't take my word for it…check out the following video for an overview of the new “social” YouTube and one quick tip for optimising your YouTube Channel.


3.  YouTube is now integrated with Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus. You can showcase your other social media sites direct from your YouTube Channel.

4.  YouTube is now integrating the old “friends” format with “Subscribe”. Previously you could be “friends” with other users on YouTube as well as “subscribing” to updates.  YouTube has announced that it is planning to merge the two into one Subscribe List.  What does this mean?  If you have “friends” on YouTube, then subscribe to the channels of those friends that you love.  And it means that the Subscribe Button just became more important for building your social media community on YouTube.  

5.  YouTube is a lot like your iPod. YouTube now has really cool Playlists so that you can feature videos under particular categories.  This is great for highlighting videos that you are producing, as well as featuring the videos of other channels.  With playlists you can do pretty much anything and feature any series of videos in any way that you like.  Have fun with it!  The playlists are a bit like channels on a TV.  This has enormous potential for business!

6. Facebook Loves Video so give it Video! Facebook loves posts that keep people “on Facebook” for longer.  Therefore video and links rate higher than photos or status updates, as they are more engaging. And let's face it. Everyone loves a video!  So, what does this mean?  Make more videos, feature more videos and repost your videos from YouTube to Facebook (and Twitter and Google Plus while you are at it!).

7.  YouTube and Google LOVE each other. In Fact, Google bought out YouTube a few years ago, so video rates highly. Posting video online will definitely attract Google's love and attention.  With all the changes in social media and the way in which search engines work, and the introduction of Google+ as another social media platform using video, getting your content online in a video format has never been more attractive.

So there it is. Just a few reasons why it is worth considering YouTube as part of your Social Media Tool Kit.  Look out for future posts with lots of tips about how to take advantage 0f YouTube over coming weeks.  The new YouTube is a bit like a playground – lots to explore, so I will be sharing my journey with you!

Do you have a YouTube Channel?  Have you played with any of the new features?  If you haven't used video yet, what is holding you back?

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Donna Moritz

Visual Social Media Strategist at Socially Sorted
Donna is a Visual Content Strategist and founder of Socially Sorted, listed by Forbes as a "Top 5 Social Media Blog You Need to Know About in 2019". Donna helps brands leverage the power of visual storytelling and content strategy in their business. Her content has been featured in publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur Online and she is a contributor to Social Media Examiner. Donna speaks about digital and visual content for the marketing and tourism industries internationally.
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  1. Madonna

    Hi Donna,
    That’s a fantastic post. I’ve yet to branch into the U tube world, but have copied this post to my docs, so I can revisit it.
    Thanks for educating me. Have been a technophobe all my life. Time to change thanks to people like you.

    • Donna Moritz

      Thanks so much Madonna – I will keep posting thanks to people like you! Right back at ya! Yes, YouTube can seem daunting, but once you post a video, it can become fun! And if you don’t like putting yourself on video too much there are lots of ways to run a channel – you can be a curator of information (collating videos from other sources into playlists that are useful to your target market) or do voice over or screenshots like in this example. And with filming yourself it can be with a webcam or iphone – in fact the more authentic the better, in many cases. Have fun!

  2. Sam Nordberg

    I love your blog, it is always so informative, in a light hearted way.

    Thanks for sharing, and for reminding me that i committed to making videos often, not just pushing them to the bottom of my long to do list.

    • Donna Moritz

      Thanks Sam – that’s awesome. It’s always good to know that info is useful to others – I try to write about things that help me out in business and social media…and hope everyone gets my quirky sense of humour! Yes videos can be easy to avoid but fun when you do them…saying that I have just done my revamped facebook page and I only have the videos to do….better get over myself and do them ha ha! Love your blog too – maybe you should video other people about their thoughts on living and buying locally – that would make a great montage to promote your project this year!

  3. @KrishnaEverson

    Thanks Donna, love the integration of video, blogging and other social media. Have shared and tweeted. Love your informative posts! Krishna xx

    • Donna Moritz

      Thanks Krishna! I am becoming a big fan of cross channel marketing and especially the merging off offline “real time” with online….you can really have some fun with it. Thanks for sharing and I really appreciate your feedback. After all, I have blogged more because of you encouraging me to do the Blog Challenge, so I really value your comments – I gotta say it has been worth it even though I am a few posts behind. I intend to do a few “double days”. ha ha.



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