5 Ways to Leverage Visuals that Rule the Facebook Newsfeed [Infographic]

Legend AppFrustrated by your attempts to get your content seen on the Facebook Newsfeed?  

Not sure what actually works right now on Facebook?

In this post I share what is working NOW (backed by new data) in terms of links, images and video on Facebook.

And I share 5 Ways to leverage what's actually working now… to rule the Facebook Newsfeed!   

5 Ways to Leverage Visuals that Rule the Newsfeed
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5 Ways to Leverage Visuals that Rule the Newsfeed
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If there is one constant you can rely on it's that Facebook changes. So how can you keep up with what's working right now?

That's where the guys from quintly come in.  These guys know what works right now on Facebook – their company specialise in social media analytics.

So when I saw the current research from their team, I wanted to share it with you – the data collated when quintly analysed 100,000 Facebook profiles and more than 80 million posts between June 2014 to June 2015.

When you understand which post types are the most engaging – it helps us to share content more effectively…

Here are the key takeaways from their findings:

  1. Links were the most frequently posted post-type, followed closely (super closely) by photos and images.
  2. Links get less engagement than other types of posts like video and images.
  3. Videos and image posts drive the highest engagement (with video the highest for engagement)
  4. Photo post interactions are increasing.
  5. Frequently of video posts is increasing dramatically, more than doubling since January.

Maybe these stats are not new to you, maybe they just clarify what you are already seeing, but the important thing is not the stats themselves, but what we DO with this information.

How can we leverage the power of engagement on Facebook?

The team at quintly suggest this:  In a nutshell it can be said that photos are getting increasingly important in social media marketing. As discussed on many blogs, the majority of people are visual learners, thus visuals are faster processed in the brain. With that in mind, businesses should choose pictures for their posts wisely, add a link to the image post and consider not posting links alone. 

Now you know I am a visual gal, so I asked the team at quintly if they would be interested in making an infographic to showcase their findings – and they did just that – including both their findings and some tips we added for leveraging the power of image and video to rule the Facebook Newsfeed.  Check it out below…
Oh and be sure to read on below the infographic for more great tips for creating and sharing images and video!  
5 Ways to Leverage Visuals that Rule the Facebook Newsfeed [Infographic]
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Add This Infographic to Your Site

So now you have the stats, here comes the challenge!

For many businesses short on time, resources and without a graphic design team, the challenge lies in how they can create more visual content – both images and video – that will catch the attention of their fans and encourage engagement.

And remember – Facebook is giving natively uploaded video a lot of organic reach in the newsfeed.

So, let's jump in and look at 7 ways you can jump in and post more video and images – to take advantage of their engagement power on Facebook.

7 Ways to Leverage the Power of Videos and Images on the Facebook Newsfeed

#1  Repurpose your YouTube Videos

If you have shared a YouTube video to Facebook lately you'll know that they don't get given much airplay on the newsfeed anymore. In fact they barely get any organic reach at all.

Natively uploaded video on the other hand is the complete opposite. And if you consider the research quoted above, there's never been a better time to leverage it.

So if you have a YouTube channel there's no better way to tap into a huge content bank of video – consider taking your old YouTube video and uploading it to Facebook.

Tip: Break it down – Upload the whole video if it is relevant, but also consider breaking it down into short video pieces – remember that short video does very well on many social platforms.

5 Ways to Leverage Visuals that Rule the Facebook Newsfeed [Infographic] - Tip 1 (Repurpose old YouTube Videos)
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#2  Share short videos straight to Facebook

Not confident with video? Never created any before? The good news is that creating video for Facebook can be as easy as using your iphone to capture some footage and uploading it directly.
And remember that fans are not on Facebook to buy your stuff – they are there to hang out with their family and friends and to be entertained.  They don't want to see fancy polished product promotion videos – they want to see the human face behind your business.
Give them some tips, peel back the curtain, show what you are working on, where you work (take us on a virtual tour), or answer some “frequently asked questions” – there are so many ways that you can create some short video for your community.
Here are 4 tools you can use with your smart phone to create awesome videos – quickly and easily:
  1. iMovie on your iPhone – if you've used iMovie on your desktop then try using the mobile app – it's simple and easy to use for editing simple movies and has some cool effects.
  2. Videohance – an awesome app for quick editing and adding amazing effects right on your phone!
  3. Videolicious – got some video footage, images and music? This app knows how to combine them together to make them look great.
  4. Legend App – a great app for creating videos on your phone – shooting, editing and more.
  5. Snagit or Jing – is there something you can capture on screen? Use these simple screen capture tools to take a video and upload it to Facebook.

Yes you can add fancy intros and outros…Yes you can invest in production and “up your game” later… but if you are just starting out, these tools will help you to create video instantly.

Tip:  Leverage the strengths of your team – perhaps there is someone on your team that loves taking video with their iphone – ask them if they are interested in capturing some footage.
5 Ways to Leverage Visuals that Rule the Facebook Newsfeed [Infographic] - start creating short videos
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#3  Use Post Planner's Viral Photo Tool

Just like this post is based around data, planning to share the right kind of images can be based around data too.

But how can you find out what types of images are working on the Facebook Newsfeed?

The answer lies in Post Planner's Viral Photo Tool.  How does it work?  Put simply, this tool finds images that are already performing well on Facebook.

For example, on Post Planner I can save Facebook Pages that I want to follow in folders or categories.  I can then look up one of my favourite pages, Boom Social with Kim Garst, and I can quickly see which images have been liked and shared the most.   

Post Planner's viral tool featuring Boom Social with Kim Garst
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With Post Planner's viral tool I can see which of Kim Garst's Images got shared the most.

I can use this as indication to share that same photo OR use it as inspiration to create more original content just like it and share it from my own page.

Either way, this tool gives you a lot of information to help you to leverage the power of images on the Facebook Newsfeed.

The bonus of using Post Planner, is that you can schedule and share those same images right from within the same tool!

5 Ways to Leverage Visuals that Rule the Facebook Newsfeed [Infographic] - Use Post Planner's Viral Image Tool
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#4  Batch Your Images

You wouldn't bake a single cupcake would you?  You'd batch them right?  Then why post one image up here and one image there?instead, plan ahead to create a visual content strategy that works on Facebook.

Do a little research and see what types of images work on business pages you like in your industry.. as well as on your own business page.  It could be quotes, tips, how-to images, behind the scenes photos or jokes.

Then take those content ideas and create a series of images with that theme or under another over-arching theme or category (like Pinterest, or Fishing or whatever your page is about).

Then batch create your images in a series of 10 or 20. Two great tools for doing this are Canva or Relay.

5 Ways to Leverage Visuals that Rule the Facebook Newsfeed [Infographic] - Plan , Batch and Schedule a series of Images
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#5  Get Consistent with sharing images

Once you have created your images, schedule them out using the Facebook Scheduling tool or a tool like Post Planner.  You will love the fact that this then “frees” you up to do what's important – to engage with your fans when they engage with your content!

And don't forget content curation – it's just as important as creation. Facebook likes Facebook and sharing the images of others can be powerful too in terms of reach and shares.

Regardless of how you do it, be consistent.  The reality is that if you post consistent visual content – either your own or curated from others – then other pages will notice and will eventually start to share.

I have talked about the idea of a “Hit List” before – if you post great visual content – those other pages will add you to a hit list and start checking out your page regularly to share, or adding you to a list to share from.

5 Ways to Leverage Visuals that Rule the Facebook Newsfeed [Infographic] - Get consistent with posting visuals
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Over to You

What can you do NOW in your business to start leveraging the power of images and video on the Facebook Feed. Which tip will you try?  
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5 Ways to Leverage visuals that rule the newsfeed
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5 Ways to Leverage visuals that rule the newsfeed
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