Awesome Virtual Zoom Background Images – 3 Easy Ways

Need some awesome virtual Zoom background images for all those virtual conferences and meetings you're finding yourself in? Look no further! In this post, we share 3 Easy Ways to create awesome Zoom visuals. Transport you (and your viewers) to fun places in style! 

Create Awesome Virtual Zoom Background Images in 3 Easy Ways
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While the world is pivoting to more remote communication, our meetings, conferences, and training have moved online. Not to mention our friendly catch-ups with mates and family members going digital… all over the world.

What in the heck is “Zoom”?

And as a result of this, Zoom video calls have reached an unprecedented level of popularity in 2020. What is “Zoom” you might ask? Zoom is a popular online video conferencing tool that allows us to communicate and engage remotely. Zoom has a lot of features and price points and can be used for simple online video calls through to webinars.

The best part is that you can get started for free on Zoom. And one of the features you can use not he free version of Zoom (and the paid versions too) is that you can change out your background image to a virtual Zoom background. Here is a video sharing how to change your virtual background from the Zoom team:

Why Change Your Zoom Background?

Adding a fun background can have multiple benefits. Not only can it cover up a messy office or living room. But it can also spice up your Zoom meeting and add some fun to the experience.

So with that in mind, let's dive in and take a look at 3 ways you can easily (and quickly) create stunning virtual Zoom background Images.

3 Ways to Create Awesome Virtual Zoom Background Images

There are 3 ways you can create virtual Zoom background images. We'll firstly walk through how to create the images, then recap the instructions for adding your virtual background to Zoom.

1. Create a Zoom Background Image

Lucky for us, our favourite online visual design tools have come to the party with awesome templates for creating Virtual Zoom Background Images. Here are some examples:

(a) Easil

Easil has created some fun backgrounds for Zoom. They're easy to edit .. and easy on the eye. Check them out!

Create Awesome Virtual Zoom Background Images in 3 Easy Ways
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Grab an Easil Template for your Zoom Background Image!

When you're in Easil, search Zoom Templates to find the library.

As you can see that Easil has a range of professional and fun Zoom background image templates. Here are a couple of templates that I love. They're all super easy to edit. Here are some examples:

Team Meeting with a Twist

I love this fun Neon template from Easil. What I like is that it is super easy to edit and create something fun and personalised. Here's the template:

Easil Wall Background - Create Awesome Virtual Zoom Background Images in 3 Easy Ways
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You can easily edit the title to suit your theme or meeting for the Zoom! And there is plenty of space to allow others to see you without too much distraction:

Easil Virtual Zoom Background Create Awesome Virtual Zoom Background Images in 3 Easy Ways
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When you're in Easil, search Zoom Templates to find the library.

Edit this Zoom Background template (and others) in Easil. Note that I also used this background to create my blog header image for this post. You can use these Zoom-optimized images for other purposes too!

Create a Custom Library of Books!

This background is all about fun! Get creative with this library Zoom template from Easil. There are a number of books that give you the option to change the titles, switching “YOUR TITLE HERE” for your own personalised book covers:

Easil Library Background - Create Awesome Virtual Zoom Background Images in 3 Easy Ways
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Start with a template in Easil…

I had fun with this template when my daughter was doing a virtual birthday Zoom call with one of her friends from school. In just a few minutes we could switch out the titles of the books for some fun around a young girl's interests… raising chickens, reading books, and Llamas!

Easil Library Background - Create Awesome Virtual Zoom Background Images in 3 Easy Ways
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Edit your custom library Image!

You can take it a step further and switch up the fonts on each editable book cover too. But for simplicity (and speed) we kept them the same.

The result? The birthday girl was SO chuffed. She loved it!

Introduce Yourself in a Fun Way

I like this idea! Share your name or a something about yourself. This virtual Zoom background image is great for breaking the ice and avoiding awkward prononuciations of your name!

Easil Name Background Image - Create Awesome Virtual Zoom Background Images in 3 Easy Ways
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Introduce yourself with a little cheeky comment!

When you're in Easil, search Zoom Templates to find the library.

With all of Easil's templates, you can jump in and edit them in minutes. Switch up your Zoom background templates on a regular basis to mix things up!

(b) Canva

It's no surprise that Canva also has a bunch of Zoom background image templates for you to choose from. Again, to find the templates, just search for “Zoom Background”. Canva even gives you suggestions to narrow down the search:

How to search for Virtual Zoom Background Images in Canva
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As you can see, you'll be given a whole swag of options. Here's a quick snapshot of some of the templates that are available on the free Canva plan:

Virtual Zoom Background Images in Canva
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You'll not be stuck for choice for Zoom Backgrounds in Canva.

Here are a few examples that I love from Canva:

Fun illustrated backgrounds.

Canva has a bunch of fun repetitive backgrounds that are interesting enough to add detail to your background but not too distracting to detract from the important thing – you! From lemons to Avocados to floral and funny illustrations, there are plenty to choose from. Citrus, anyone?

Lemon Virtual Zoom Background Images in Canva
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Go Citrus with your Zoom Virtual Background Image!

Virtual Teaching Backgrounds

With online learning and teaching happening more than ever, virtual Zoom background images are helpful for prepping students and keeping them on task. Here are a couple of examples:

Teaching Backgrounds in Canva for Zoom
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Canva has you sorted for Classroom Zoom Backgrounds!

Share a Celebration or Theme Background

Canva creates a range of “themed” Virtual Zoom Background Images on different days. For sample, they released a whole range of Earth Day themes:

Earth Day Virtual Background Image in Canva
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Share the Earth Day Love with this Canva Zoom Background Template

I'll leave you to search through the Canva template library to find something that suits! If the title or content on a particular Zoom background doesn't work for you, simply click the text or replace the image to change it up!

Now it's time to level up our Virtual Zoom Background Image game… with video backgrounds!

2. Create a Custom Zoom Background Video

It is, of course, possible to add a video as a virtual background. However, you need to have a computer system that meets certain hardware requirements. I've listed more information about this below, but suffice to say that some computers won't be able to handle video backgrounds (for now).

Now while this may be a disappointment for those of us that love video and can't use video backgrounds, it's not all bad. I think that while video backgrounds are fun, they do have the potential to be quite distracting to other people in your meeting or watching your webinar on Zoom.

So if you are using video as a Zoom background, be aware of these things:

Tips for using a Zoom Background Video

  1. Keep the movement on the video to the very minimum. Too much movement and we will get sea-sick watching you on camera.
  2. Use video sparingly. Perhaps at the start of a call for some fun engagement, or at the end, but switch to a solid background where possible.
  3. Use video creatively if it is part of a presentation. Otherwise, again, stick to keeping it simple with a static image.
  4. Choose a background that leaves white space in the area your head/shoulders/body will be – for most of us this will be in the middle of the screen, so add detail around the edges.

Here are a couple of places or tools where you can find Zoom background videos:

(a) Wave has a large selection of video templates for your Virtual Zoom Background videos. They're easy to edit .. and easy on the eye. Check them out!

Wave Virtual Background Videos for Zoom
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Wave has a bunch of video background templates to choose from.

Here's an example of a “Breaking News” template from Wave:

Of course, you can have fun with something like this, but just be careful about how busy you make the video. Busy videos are great for waiting screens or your first intro screen:

Hot Tip: You don't have to just stick to the templates. Wave has millions of stock images and video stock footage files that you can search on to create your own videos.

(b) Canva

Canva also has a large library of video stock footage files that you can use in your Zoom Virtual Backgrounds. These appear when you search in the templates, as shared above. But you can also upload your own video into Canva to create a virtual background.

Canva Virtual Background Videos for Zoom
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Canva has a big selection of Zoom Video Backgrounds

Now to our 3rd type of Virtual Zoom Background. I think the next idea is one that will give you the most well-received content if you are going to do a virtual video background:

3. Use Your Camera to Create Custom Virtual Zoom Background Images

With connection being more important than ever, there's never been a better time to share something about who you are. Maybe your office is a bit messy to show behind-the-scenes right now. But why not share something from your yard, your suburb, your town or city, or your favourite interest?

To do this you only need one thing – your mobile phone. Either scroll back through your images or videos to find the perfect background, or go out and find one! Here's a video that I took at my favorite local beach to use in Zoom meetings as well as when I go live using Ecamm Live.

It's an easy step to add your video or image as a virtual background into Zoom. See the instructions below. It's a simple matter of choosing Virtual Background and uploading it into your Zoom library:

Uploading a virtual background video or image into Zoom
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Upload your own virtual background into Zoom like this!

Adding a personal touch with your image background can generate some fun discussion with your live attendees at a webinar, meeting or live stream. So consider using your phone to create a background image for Zoom!

Here's an example of a beach background I used in my virtual presentation for Atomicon20. Although this Ecamm Live, you can do the same with Zoom if you have video capability.. The fun part was that it created conversation as I could say that it was an video of my local beach.

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Presenting with a virtual background.

Using a video for the intro or outro of a presentation or Livestream is just enough to keep it interesting. I would hesitate to keep it on for the whole presentation (in this case I switched to slides after the intro) so it's not distracting. But for an intro, it's a good conversation starter.

Or if you're in a Zoom meeting, tease your colleagues with your stunning background. If nothing else it will make the meeting past a little quicker and with more entertainment.

Easy Steps to Set Up Your Background in Zoom

It's super easy to set up your background image in Zoom. Follow these steps to get your background set up:

  • First, you need to sign into Zoom from your desktop computer.
  • Then go to Settings and select the option Virtual Background option. If you don't select anything, Zoom will select the last background you use.
  • Next, select the video or image you want to appear as your background. You have the option to choose an existing background from Zoom's selection (as discussed). But to take it a step further, you can choose one of the images from the sources suggested above.
  • Once you add your Zoom background image, it will stay in place in your Settings until you remove it. This means you can keep a library of Zoom background images to choose from at any time!
  • To disable your Zoom background just choose “None” from the options to remove it and show your camera view as the background.

Best Resolution for Zoom Background Images

According to Zoom, it's best if you stick to the following resolution guidelines:

  1. Images should have a minimum resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.
  2. Videos should have a minimum resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Tips for Using a Green Screen

  1. Use a solid background color for your backdrop. Green is best, hence the term “Green Screen”.
  2. Use even lighting – this will give you the best effect, and reduce the weird blotchy effects that can result from overly bright or dark lighting.
  3. Avoid wearing colors that are the same as your background color (ie avoid green!). This will mess with the green screen!
  4. Use the best camera you have available. Your in-built web camera is fine but for best results, use a HD web camera.
  5. Follow Zoom's resolution guides for best results. You can find their System Requirements and Resolution Guides at the Zoom Support Centre here and searching for Virtual Background.

Phew! That's a lot of information about background images for Zoom. You should have just about everything you need to know to create amazing Virtual Zoom background images.

Over to You

Are you joining in on Zoom meetings or presentations? Have you created a background image yet? What's your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

Create Awesome Virtual Zoom Background Images in 3 Easy Ways  #Zoom #VirtualConference
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