What Do You Want to Know About Creating Rockin' Images that get Shared and Drive Traffic?

One of my most frequently asked questions from you, my readers, subscribers, and clients is about how to make great images and infographics – even if you are not creative, ie How do I do it?  What tools do I use? What type of images work best?  How can I get viral shares?  How do I use images to drive traffic back to my website? List? Program? Launch?  

Well, this post is going to be a little different. Instead of me answering what I think you want to know, I want to change things up a little – and ask you what questions you have for me around images and infographics.  It's question time!

Just this week, a small business owner asked me:  “Can you recommend an easy program to make pretty images, ie Top 10 lists, xyz explained – I want something that is easy to drive and will provide a nice way to present my information”. 

It hit me.  I have been blogging about this, been interviewed about this, presented webinars on this topic, and posted about it regularly on social media…but you keep on asking!  So I am going to turn the question back to you, once and for all, so that I can be sure I am answering the biggest, burning questions you have about images and how to use them to get more reach, referrals and results – more traffic back to your website.

Some of the things you might want to know are:

  • How to create original, engaging images without any graphic design skills
  • What tools to use and how to use them
  • What it takes to get your infographic or image shared (a LOT) just as the ones produced by Socially Sorted and our clients
  • How to create simple, fun, attractive images when you don't have a creative bone in your body.
  • How to create an infographic without paying a fortune to a designer (yes, we provide a kickass custom designed infographic service at Socially Sorted, but I am a nice person and want you to be able to do them yourselves too!).
  • How to get Images to work for you – you know that they are important to use in your marketing but what exactly can they do for your reach, referrals and results?
  • Ways to integrate the use of visual images into your current marketing strategy – having a call to action with your images.
  • How to promote your images and infographics

My team and I create amazing infographics that have been featured in top blogs and websites around the world and shared tens of thousands of times – but it is the DIY images and infographics that I want to help you with.  My clients and I have been able to achieve fantastic results with great images, using clever image strategies.  I want to share some of this with you – but first, I want to hear from you.

Here is how it works.

I want to know what YOU want to know.  What would you ask me if you could ask me anything about using images in your content strategy and social media marketing?  What do you want to know about creating infographics?   If you have a question, any question (no question is too silly!) just fill in the form below. Sorted!   

I really value your time and responses.  Please add your name and email and just one short sentence or blurb about how I can help you, and I promise to keep you updated about the results and any advice, tips or strategies that I produce for you all as a result of the survey.

That's it.

Enter your details and your question on the form below.  I will look forward to answering your questions!  Let's do it!  

This Survey has now finished. If you would like to provide your input, then I would still love to hear your responses in the comments below.  Please provide your response to the following question:  

What do you want to know about creating awesome images and infographics that get shared on social media and get results in your business? (even if you don't have a creative bone in your body!).

PS Can I just say that you are awesome – survey or no survey, I love my readers and YOU ROCK for joining me on this post!  

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Donna Moritz

Visual Social Media Strategist at Socially Sorted
Donna is a Visual Content Strategist and founder of Socially Sorted, listed by Forbes as a "Top 5 Social Media Blog You Need to Know About". Donna helps brands leverage the power of visual storytelling and content strategy in their business. Her content has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Inc. & Entrepreneur and she is a speaker and trainer on visual content for the marketing and tourism industries internationally.

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  1. Jen Havice

    This is a bit off topic but what plugin do you use for your bio box at the end of your blog post?
    Plus, I’d love to know how you do DIY infographics.

    • Donna Moritz

      No problems Jen – I think it is Custom About Author – there are a bunch of them that you can get, so I am not sure if it is the best one. I am no expert when it comes to plug-ins, but I try to check ratings and reviews before installing them! Hope that helps and thanks for your feedback!

  2. Samantha Gronemyer

    Oh this is such a great idea! I’m drawing a blank, but I’ll be sure to bookmark this page so that when I have one I know I’ll get an answer 🙂 Thanks for offering to help everyone!

    • Donna Moritz

      Totally fine Samantha – if inspiration hits you or you get stumped on something (or wish you knew what to put where with regards to images for your blog posts, wanting to get your message across visually on Pinterest or Facebook, then definitely drop me a note….it’s never too late. I am always refining my training. Thanks!

  3. Francene Stanley

    I’m not sure how an image could help me. I posted a status once on facebook about how disappointed I was with the sales of my book. That went viral. It didn’t have an image though.

  4. Adam Cothes

    I’d like to learn about DYI infographics. I really liked the LinkedIn profile infographic you guys did.

    • Donna Moritz

      Thanks so much Adam! We love the LinkedIn Profile infographic too – that one was actually one of our custom designs for a client which involves everything from copywriting to storyboarding to design and then promotion – We are still taking on clients for custom designs as those infographics get huge traffic, but what I am hoping to put together is more training for how you can do DIY infographics – as there is a lot of potential for small business if they can present tips, how-to and checklist type infographics – some of their day to day content can still pack a punch if you package it well. So thanks for your feedback – it is great to know that people would like to have a go at learning to do some basic ones.

      • Adam Cothes

        Hubspot put out some nice Infographic templates, which help. They still take time, so I have yet to crank one out. One day.. yes… one day! 🙂

  5. Lynne

    You will surely hear from me. I want to create great infographics that will make a statement for my business.

    • Donna Moritz

      Awesome Lynne! Infographics can be very powerful. We create custom designed ones and there is no doubt that they get amazing traffic and results for our clients, but I am looking forward to sharing more about how to create simple graphics and smaller infographic-style graphics that share your message just as effectively across different social media platforms.


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