Wave.Video Review: Quick and Easy Online Video Editor for Social Media

In this Wave.video review, I'll share how you can finally get excited about video creation and editing, because Wave.video makes it so easy you'll think you're cheating.

Wave.video is a quick and easy online video editor for social media.  In this post I walk you through all the features of Wave.video to show you how easy it is to create engaging videos for any of the social media platforms. 

Wave.video Review: The Easy Online Video Editor for Social Media Videos
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Posts on this blog may contain affiliate links, which means we receive a small commission at no cost to you if you purchase through a link. 

I've been using Wave.video as my preferred online video editor for 2 years now. I first reviewed Wave on this post in 2018. But the Wave.video team keep me on my toes and with all the new updates and features, I had to update this post for you! 

When Wave adds features, they really listen to their users and add in the functionality that we request. And they have updated the pricing and plans to be even better for you – more features and more affordable.

It's also why I recently became a Brand Ambassador for Wave and share the tool regularly with my community – they care about their users.

So let's take a look at why social video is so important at the moment, why you might consider using an online video editing tool like wave.video to create social video, and why Wave.video is a great option for you to consider as the No1 video creation tool in your tool box.

Why Social Video?

When I refer to “social video” I'm talking about the short videos of 30 seconds to 1 minute (maybe up to 2 minutes max). They can be posted on YouTube but generally they are shared on all the social platforms for engagement, teaching, and entertainment purposes. Here's a few interesting facts about social video in 2018 from research conducted by Vidyard:

  • Videos under 90 seconds see an average retention rate of 59% but videos over 30 minutes retain only 14%. We like watching short videos to the end! 
  • 75% of videos in the last year are less than 2 minutes long.
  • Businesses are producing an average of 33 videos per month, up a whopping 83% from 2017.

There's no doubting that it's a great time to get started with video. Yet many business owners get stumped when it comes to the actual creation of the videos! They don't understand the tech, they're not comfortable talking on camera… or they're just not sure what to create.

That's where Wave.video comes in. It helps you with all of these things! Wave helps you by:

  1. Giving you ideas for video content
  2. Providing the tools to create that video content
  3. Allowing you to Publish the videos in multiple formats so you can easily optimize the videos, and share them across multiple social platforms.

In this post, I share a full overview of Wave.  But if you're a visual person and want to jump ahead and see it in action, you can check out my video walking you through 7 

Wave.video Review and Walkthrough

In the video, I take you on a complete Tour of Wave and show you 7 features you can use to take your video creation from video to pro! You'll learn how to use these features to create a custom engaging video in your own style. Check out the video here:

If you try Wave via my affiliate link and upgrade to a paid account, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you.  FOR A LIMITED TIME my readers can get 25% off all paid plans. Use this link and add CODE: WXA_Creations_Donna25 at checkout.  

Now, let's take a look at some of the stand-out features of Wave video editor in more detail.

What Features Do You Get with Wave.video?

There are many features to love about Wave.video (that allow you to create videos quickly and easily). With Wave, every plan (even the free one) gets you started with the following features:

  1. Ability to upload your own videos, images, audio files and stickers
  2. Folders to organise your projects
  3. Free library of video clips and images.
  4. Auto-resize for 30+ video sizes
  5. Hundreds of professional designed templates
  6. Access to the audio library of 300,000 royalty free music and audio tracks.
  7. Recording of voice-overs on your videos.
  8. Add text to videos with a huge range of fonts to choose from and text animations + 350+ fonts to choose from.
  9. Add Animated Stickers to your videos.
  10. Easily edit and preview videos – all videos created without a watermark.
  11. Inspirational Content Calendar Ideas.

and lots more! Paid plans include more features, which I've outlined below. Here's a quick overview of some of the most recent features from the team at Wave:

Now that you've seen a little of what Wave.video can do… have I got your attention?Let's take a look at why I love Wave.video so much. And don't forget you can view the video at the top of the page at any time for my complete tour and grab my code for a discount.

Breakdown of Features to Love in Wave.video

As I said above, the team at Wave.video are always rolling out new features that make video content creation sooooo much easier (and in most cases, more fun!).

I've highlighted many of these features in my walkthrough video above, but here is a shortlist of some of my favourite features of Wave.video, including:

  1. Easy Editing (Wave is super user-friendly)
  2. Templates (Select from dozens of categories and examples)
  3. Awesome Text Effects (add transitions and animations to your text).
  4. Free Text Positioning (use text in groups or free it up!).
  5. Awesome Selection of Stock Images & Videos AND music. Millions of tracks and images and video… stock for days!
  6. Favorites and Purchased Tabs (save your favorite images for later)
  7. Advanced Sound Editing and Voiceover (cool editing features!).
  8. Stickers (add Stickers from Wave or Giphy or upload your own).
  9. Content Calendar (get content ideas for every day of the year).
  10. Ability to Brand Your Video – access fonts, colors and more!

Here's a quick walk-through of the some of the features above – Templates, Free Text Positioning, Favorites and Purchased Tabs, and Advanced Sound Editing:

Here's why I love these features and more:

1. Easy Editing

I have this feature first because it's important. Wave is super easy to use. Even the tools are intuitive, popping up when you need them. For instance, if you click on text, all the text features show up on your dashboard.

Most users can jump in and start using Wave without much training – and that speaks volumes!

2. Templates

Wave has a growing library of video templates it makes your video creation soooo much easier. The templates come in a number of different themes and styles to get you started! Here is an example of just some of the templates:

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3. Awesome Text Effects

There are many things I love about the text in Wave. Firstly, I love how intuitive the text tool is. You simply click on any text on any video and the tools you need to edit that text pop up, ready to go. This includes tools for:

  • Adding and changing fonts
  • Changing colors of text
  • Adding text animations (there are loads to choose from)
  • Adding text transitions
  • Text effects like drop shadows, neon glow effects and more.
  • Text styles … and more.
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The Text Tool is super easy to use.

Watch this video to see how you can create a fun neon-text effect with Wave's text tools:

Create fun Neon Text and more in Wave.video!

4. Free Text Positioning

Another thing I love about text, is the ability to group your text or use “free” text. With many video tools, you can only add text to the fixed position of the template. But, with Wave, you can control where the text goes and move it around, like this:

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You can “free your text”, move it rotate it and place it in any position on the canvas. I LOVE this as it gives so many more creative options. And when you need more structure, the fixed-position text is handy too. They work hand-in-hand.

One feature I'd love to see added, is the ability to have a different text animation for different lines of text in the sames section of video. Currently every line of text has the same text effects applied. For example, you can't have a top heading where the text flies in from the left, and aother line of text where the text flies in from the right. Both would have to fly in the same way. I hear it's on the radar to add eventually though :o)

5. Massive Stock Library

Wave.video has one of the largest video and image stock libraries of any video creation too.

The library includes over 300 million stock video clips (100 million of them are under $5) – many of which are free or as little as $1.

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Finding stock footage or images is super easy (and affordable)

6. Organise Your Favorite Assets

Wave includes tabs and folderst that make it easier to keep track of great images, video and audio clips you purchase or upload – with Favorites folders.  You can save any Favorites you see for later.

Now, when I stumble across an awesome music clip and think “I'll use that later”, I won't forget about it!

7. Advanced Sound Editing

You can clip and trim your audio, add multiple music tracks and even add your own audio content (hello podcasters!).

I also love that you can record your voice directly in to your video – like this:

8. Stickers

I'm leaving some of my favorite “Wave.video things” till last. I absolutely love that you can add stickers to your videos in Wave.video.

Sticker and animations add loads of personality to your video. They're best shown with a video:

9. Calendar

This feature is awesome for finding inspiration for social videos. It's just been released and you'll love it.

What's Calendar?

Calendar gives you timely ideas and inspiration on what to post each and every day of the year. This includes local, national and international holidays, themes and events.

Here's a snapshot:

Wave.video Calendar: Wave.video Review: The Easy Online Video Editor for Social Media Videos
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Each day you can get:

  1. Events, themes and holidays for that particular day to help you create video content and other types of social media content/posts.
  2. Relevant Hashtags and tips for making your brand relevant in the social conversation with video.
  3. A video template almost every day of  the year (sometimes more than one) that you can use to match the daily themes and events.

Click on any suggested topic, hashtag or video template and a new screen will pop up with ideas for how use it:

Choosing a topic on Wave.video Calendar - Wave.video Review: The Easy Online Video Editor for Social Media Videos
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Here's a snapshot of how the upcoming week looks when you click on it:

Wave.video Calendar Wave.video Review: The Easy Online Video Editor for Social Media Videos
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If I click on any of the items I get a pop up screen, showing me more information for sharing. In this case, I chose a #MotivationMonday post and it gives me a whole lot of tips and hashtags to use with my #motivationmonday video. Winning!

#MotivationMonday on Wave.video Calendar Wave.video Review: The Easy Online Video Editor for Social Media Videos
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Or maybe it's a local, national or international day of celebration you want to post about. Who can resist posting about National Taco Day?

Again, when I click on National Taco Day,  I get tips and ideas for creating and sharing my video. Even tips for in-house promotions in my business.

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Now we have no excuse to Taco 'bout the content that's relevant to our audiences. Sorry, I couldn't resist.  

Do you love Wave's Calendar as much as I do? I get the feeling I'll be using this a LOT in my business.

You can find out more about Wave's Calendar here. Click the Calendar tab at the top of any screen in Wave.

10. Brand Your Videos

One of the most powerful features in Wave is the ability to add your brand assets like logos, colors and fonts. This feature is available on the Pro and Agency Plans and is worth it if you create a lot of video content and need to create branded content.

Setting up your brand is easy – just start a new brand and add your logos, colors, fonts and choose your preferred text styles:

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Setting up your brand assets with Wave.video

Are you loving these features?

Honestly most of these Wave.video features need little demonstration or tutorials as they are very intuitive to use the first time you play with the software. It's one of the things I love about Wave – how you can just jump in and start using it without much training. That's the sign of a great user experience, right there.

My 12-year old son made a video using transitions, video, images, text and more the first time he tried the tool.

Ok, he's a little more savvy than me when it comes to tech, but it's a great sign that the tool has been well designed for ease-of-use.

That's what we want to hear as busy business owners.. that it is quick and easy to create video.

Take Wave.video for a Spin

Ready to take Wave.video for a spin? If you love the look of the features, why not grab a free trial?

You can take Wave.video for a spin here using this link.  And FOR A LIMITED TIME my readers can get 25% off all paid plans. Use this link and add CODE: WXA_Creations_Donna25 at checkout.  

How much does Wave.video cost?

You can start on Wave for as little as “free” and create videos up to 15 seconds on 720pm. Then the plans are as follows:

  • The Creator plan (super popular) is very affordable + you can create up to 1 minute videos at 720p and download mp4 videos for $8.25 per month (paid annually)
  • The Pro plan starts at $16.50 per month (paid annually) and includes everything in the Creator Plan plus: White Label Preview, and you can upload 1 font and enter 1 brand.
  • The Agency plan allows you to upload multiple fonts, add up to 25 brands, white label preview and 3rd party reseller rights (ie so you can create videos for clients)

Because you can get started for free, Wave is an attractive tool for anyone that wants to create video. Check it out here and watch my walkthrough here if you want more information.

Over to You

Are you creating social video? Are you afraid of creating video? Will you try Wave.video now that you know how easy it is? 

Wave.video Review: The Easy Online Video Editor for Social Media Videos
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