5 Brands Shaking up Visual Content Strategy with Hyperlapse

Do you have a visual content strategy?  

Smart brands are thinking outside the square to include new types of visual content for driving traffic to their business. Short video on Instagram is one of them.  

In this post, I share 5 brands who are shaking up their visual content strategy with Hyperlapse videos and provide some ideas for how you can use it too!

5 Brands Shaking up Visual Content with Hyperlapse
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5 Brands Shaking up Visual Content with Hyperlapse
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Instagram's recently released “Hyperlapse” app has empowered businesses to create a whole new style of video, taking advantage of the cinematic look, quality and feel of time lapse video””something that was previously only possible with expensive equipment.

You may notice on this blog that I don't post about video production a lot – as it is not my superpower, for sure.  But I do absolutely believe in the power of video content, youtube, video marketing and all the SEO goodness that comes with it.

What really gets me excited is the potential for “short” snappy 15 second videos on sites like Instagram (or even short 6 second videos on sites like Vine).

You can do sooooo much in 15 seconds.

In fact, I recently presented at Problogger and part of my message was for attendees to consider different types of visual content.  Short video is one of them.

Why short video?

Our attention spans are getting shorter. I read today that we have moved from having an attention span of 12 seconds to 9 seconds in just a matter of years. Apparently a goldfish has an attention span of 8 seconds. What the?????

Yep.  We can't even beat out a goldfish in the attention stakes.

So, as marketers, it's important to consider the playing field you are marketing in.  You need to, more than ever before, post natively on the platforms you are on (which means don't disrupt with ads and marketing hype, but post the type of content that users are already using on that platform).

On Instagram in particular, short video works well and it also works well on other platforms too, where users are busy and “snacking” on content.

Did you know that even films are released as “Instagram previews” now?  The Jobs movie was the first one to do this. Click here to check it out.


A word of warning…

Hyperlapse (or at least time-lapse photography and video) is not new. But like anything given a fresh coat of paint, it will seem new to many people and will be most likely over-used for a while.  It's best use is for condensing long stories into a shorter video – don't over-use it!

The following video is an example of hyperlapse used “well”.  It is an amazing display of hyperlapse's built-in stabilization technology that allows you to easily create handheld time lapses that are cinema quality!  In fact this entire video was hand held – one hand on the handlebars to steer and the other holding the camera!

No post-editing was completed – all the stabilization is from the Hyperlapse app!

The resulting “bikerlapse” shows how steady the finished product can be, even when filmed with one hand on a moving bike:

Bikerlapse – Instagram Hyperlapse on a bike from Nathan Kaso on Vimeo.

So let's jump in and look at 5 brands who are using Hyperlapse in some inventive ways:


#1  Whole Foods Market

I am sure we will be seeing a lot of cool hyperlapse videos from this fun, innovative brand.

No doubt, those hyperlapse videos will also make me hungry.

Hyperlapse is great for highlighting crowd movement, so a live launch is perfect for using time lapse photography – in this case, the launch of a new store.  How can you showcase an event or behind the scenes of your business?


#2  HubSpot

HubSpot are experimenting a lot with Hyperlapse – most recently at their Inbound Conference. Here they use it to highlight a charitable cause:

#3  Lauren Bath (Professional Instagram Photographer)

My friend Lauren Bath has a massive following in Australia and around the world. I featured her previously in this post.

Lauren travels the world working with Destinations to showcase their region in images – most often using her DSLR camera.  Her photos are simply stunning.

So it was refreshing to see Lauren take a recent holiday to Iceland where she gave herself a break from editing daily and played around a little more with her iphone, doing some live posting.  While I eagerly await the post-edited images from her camera, I get to enjoy this Hyperlapse treat!

Note:  Hyperlapse is at its best when it is used to speed up otherwise slow moving scenes.  A glacially slow glacier couldn't be any more fitting for Hyperlapse.   Whether you are a tourism destination or a non-tourism destination, you can easily showcase your local region.  People want to know more about your location and what it has to offer!


#4  Tesla Motors

Telsa take us behind the scenes setting up a display in a shopping centre in New York City.   Cool car. Cool idea.



#5  Southwest Airlines

I have no words. This is insanely cool.  Talk about launching with a bang!

What can you reveal, open, give a sneak peek of?

OK, it won't be Southwest's level of cool (or maybe it will be) but there are so many options with Hyperlapse!


A few ideas…

Start experimenting with Hyperlapse.  You don't have to post the final product to Instagram – it can be posted anywhere – from YouTube to Vine.

Here are a few ideas:

1  Show crowd movement at an event or launch

2  Take us on a tour

3  Speed something up that is usually slow!  (this is where Hyperlapse shines!) – especially nature or your surroundings – have some fun!

4  Showcase your local region, especially if you are a local business.  It's not just about your business – it is about the community around you.

5  Open or reveal something – be it opening a new product or giving a sneak peek.

6  Use video to map the process of building or developing something then speed it up into a hyperlapse video.

7  Tell a story!  Fans want to know your story. It's inbuilt in our DNA to resonate with stories. What story can you tell with video using Hyperlapse?

Over to you. Have you played with the app yet?  Name one thing you can think of now that you can video for your business using Hyperlapse.

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Donna Moritz

Visual Social Media Strategist at Socially Sorted
Donna is a Visual Content Strategist and founder of Socially Sorted, listed by Forbes as a "Top 5 Social Media Blog You Need to Know About". Donna helps brands leverage the power of visual storytelling and content strategy in their business. Her content has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Inc. & Entrepreneur and she is a speaker and trainer on visual content for the marketing and tourism industries internationally.

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