How to Strike Gold with Visual Content Ideas – 3 Awesome Tools

Do you ever get stuck for visual content ideas to post to your social media channels?

If you are lost for inspiration then these 3 Tools will have you creating (and curating) so much content you will be scheduled ahead for months.

How to Strike Gold with Visual Content Ideas - 3 Awesome Tools
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Image by Shutterstock

One thing I want to say about all 3 of these tools is that they are SUPER easy to use, and very very quick when it comes to identifying an idea and taking that idea to being scheduled and DONE.

All 3 are like having a new team member for your visual content strategy. They are perfect for both creation of visuals and curation of content to share.

Let's dive in and take a look at the 3 tools:

3 Awesome Tools for Visual Content Ideas

1   PromoRepublic

First up is PromoRepublic.  Recently I trialled this tool and I can tell you that it saved my bacon when prepping to come away for an extended trip overseas.

I wanted to have at least one post per day scheduled for Facebook so I could then add further content like blog posts etc.

I was able to schedule 35 posts in 1.25 hours on PromoRepublic the first time I used it – quotes, tip images and entertaining posts.

Not bad hey? Here's an example of just a few of their templates:

Promo Republic Templates help with visual content ideas
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Let's take a look at PromoRepublic and how it works.  Basically PromoRepublic lets you:

  1. Find customizable and professional-looking templates that fit your business needs. You can search by category or image type.
  2. Publish images with just one click or schedule them to be published on all social networks
  3. Get better engagement with your audience with more consistent posting!

They have loads of promotional templates and ideas (hence “PromoRepublic”) but for pure engagement there are some great tools and templates that are based around entertaining and inspiring posts too.

What helped me, was the fact that I could take a template, add my logo and publish as my own, or edit it to customize it a little.  Their images also spark creativity too, so maybe you will create something from scratch.

I particularly like all the images they have for particular celebrations and events so you can find something for just about every day of the year if you are stuck for visual content ideas.

Here's a quick video walkthrough showing you all the different types of templates you can use:

PromoRepublic also has a handy Graphics Editor so that you can edit existing posts or create your own posts from scratch.

You can edit and change fonts and text styles, add your logo, change out the background image and many of the basic functions you would expect on an image editor.

You can also upload your own images and they are kept within PromoRepublic's system to use again later.

Here's a walkthrough of how to use PromoRepublic's Graphic's Editor:

What do I love most about PromoRepublic?  

It;s the endless list of post ideas that got my interest and made my life easy when needing to schedule a lot of content.

There's something for every day of the year so there's no excuse not to have something to post.

I've partnered with their team to offer you a free trial of PromoRepublic here.  Enjoy!

2   Tack

Tack is one of my favorite things right now.  For anyone wanting to curate and share content created by others on Instagram, this is a must-have tool packed full of visual content ideas.

And it's an absolutely must-have tool if you are in an industry like tourism.  Tack is a goldmine for user-generated content.  Check out Tack here.

Found on Tack is the perfect tool for user generated content.
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Basically Tack allows you to:

  1. Search for the perfect photo by browsing Instagram images by location and hashtags to find user-generated content.
  2. Request Permission.  With Tack you can ask for permission to use the content you find in your marketing. Tack keeps track of the permissions in a cool media library and also allows you to easily manage photos and videos.
  3. You share the images or videos with your audience using Instagram or your favorite scheduling tool knowing that you are covered for copyright and permission.

For example, I can search via hashtag for content to share, using the #VisitSD hashtag for Visit San Diego:

Using Tack to search for images via hashtag
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Search for images with Tack using a specific hashtag.

I can also search by location, such as this search for photos posted from the Top of the Hyatt Bar in San Diego (the views are to die for!)

Using Tack to post images from geotag locations
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You can also search by location for images.

Once you have some images you wish to share, simply click on that image to comment and Tack will provide a template comment including T&Cs that you can use to request permission.

It's important to customize your request with something specific about the image. For example, I searched on images from #SMMW17 and found this great illustrated notes image from one of the sessions from Amy, a team member at Adobe Spark.

To request to use the image, I simply customize the message (to make it about the image) and the T&Cs and instructions for how to respond are included. All Amy would have to do is reply with #yessociallysorted:

Request for Permission on Tack
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Once you get permission it is recorded in Tack's media centre. It also allows you to easily download the images (and video) you have permission for. Being able to download video is a great feature and you can only download the video once permission is granted.

Permission also stays on the actual instagram post, but if for some reason it is deleted, you will have permission recorded in the Tack media centre.

You can also easily go back through all your approved images, images you have requested and also process images you have searched on.  It's super easy to use!

Why should you use a tool like Tack?

Here's the thing. Sharing user-generated content on Instagram is HUGE.  Everyone does it.  But… we need to get permission and not many users are.

There's no sharing tool on Instagram so legally, we really should be gaining permission.

Problem solved with Tack. You can easily and quickly find image.s, ask for permission, gain permission and store permission securely.

You can also easily comment and engage using Tack's features.  And it's a great way to network and meet other Instagrammers. In my experience most people LOVE being asked to be featured.

If you are looking for visual content ideas and user-generated content to curate on Instagram, look no further than Tack.

Get a free trial here, and if you are a destination marketing organisation, definitely ask their team for a demo!

What Do I love most about Tack? 

I love that Tack solves a VERY big problem – the legality of sharing on Instagram without explicit permission.  A lot of organisations are using user generated content without a fail-safe tool to generate and track permission requests and Tack offers a great solution for that problem.

I also love that it has a powerful search function so if you are a company or location-based business or destination marketing organisation you will never miss another image posted about your location or hashtag.

3  Post Planner

PostPlanner is a long time fave tool for me when it comes to visual content ideas. I have used it to find, plan and schedule content. It's great for inspiration for creating my own content and for finding content created by others that is proven to be shareworthy.

Here's Rebekah Radice from Post Planner to introduce the tool:

One of the best functions of Post Planner is the ability to see what content is being shared the most on different platforms, pages and accounts.  It means you are no longer guessing which content will “fly” but sharing content that is already being proven to do well.  It's adding science back into social!

You can search for content by keyword, hashtag, Facebook page or Twitter handle and set up lists to gather all your favorite content in one place.

You can also browse Post Planner's feeds that are curated based on Industry and Interests.

Rebekah from PostPlanner explains this “find” feature in the following video. This is the best way to find visual content ideas in Post Planner:

Post Plannner is super affordable starting at $9 per month and you won't know what you did without it! You can check it out here. 

What do I love most about Post Planner?

The intel.  I love that Post Planner is based on science – you can see what posts are being shared the most and where.

You can then use that intel to either share those popular posts (knowing they are more likely to do well for you) or use them as inspiration to create similar content that is likely to resonate with your audience. You'll never run out of visual content ideas with Post Planner.

A few more tips:

Still stuck for content? Try these quick tips:

  1. Recycle an old post – pull out elements of it and go deeper with a blog post or series of images.
  2. Create a “hit list” of people, pages, brands and accounts you know always have great content so you can share from them when you need content.
  3. Use an event calendar. Promo Republic has great event suggestions for different celebrations and Track Maven have a comprehensive list too (some are American and some are international). You can check it out here.

I also keep a regular “ideas dump” document in the cloud that I can access from every device. It's great for jotting down ran

How to Strike Gold with Visual Content Ideas - Never Run out of Ideas with these 3 Awesome Tools
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Image by Shutterstock

dom ideas that come at any time for visual content (or any content in general).

This post contains affiliate links. I only partner with brands or tool companies that I know and trust so that I know you are in good hands.  

Over to You

With these tips you should never run out of visual content ideas!  

Tell me in the comments below – what is your favorite way of finding and recording your visual content ideas so you are never stuck for what to write or post?   

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Donna Moritz

Visual Social Media Strategist at Socially Sorted
Donna is a Visual Content Strategist and founder of Socially Sorted, listed by Forbes as a "Top 5 Social Media Blog You Need to Know About in 2019". Donna helps brands leverage the power of visual storytelling and content strategy in their business. Her content has been featured in publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur Online and she is a contributor to Social Media Examiner. Donna speaks about digital and visual content for the marketing and tourism industries internationally.
How to Strike Gold with Visual Content Ideas
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  1. Jan Sullivan

    Promo Republic looks especially good. Like Canva and it seems to go straight to social media. Thx.

    • Donna Moritz

      Yes it’s strength is in the templates and having lots of ideas for different days of the calendar. I still use Canva for most visual content creation as I like the flexibilty to design from scratch with it and it’s range of fonts, but if you are looking for extra ideas and content for daily posts, then Promo Republic is a good addition to your toolkit.

  2. PostPlanner

    So in love with this post, Donna! Such a great overview of the tools, and especially Post Planner! ?

    • Donna Moritz

      So glad you love it – I was thinking about doing this post and it was a no brainer to include Post Planner!

    • Michelle Eckles

      Great app but unethical billing practices. I tried to cancel my plan as I’m not using it
      any more only to find out they still “automatically” billed me two days after I
      submitted online cancellation request (the only way you can cancel the service)
      and more than a month before the renewal was actually due. And they are
      refusing to refund the money. Have since read hundreds of cases from other
      users with the same issue. No wonder they don’t allow followers to post on
      their facebook page. Such a shame.. Make sure you read all the terms and
      conditions and their complete billing policy before you sign up.

  3. Kaminska Zakrzewska

    So what if a company uses your image with watermark without permission? Are there resources to calculate the value of the image that might be used to fairly price that image?

    • Donna Moritz

      Hi Kaminska – I believe there are ways of calculating it but I am not sure what they are having never had the problem where I couldn’t get them to take it down or add credit. But it varies greatly depending on the image, your following/audience and where it is being used. However, yes it is a problem and always a risk that someone will use your image and watermark without permission. It does happen and I would firstly ask them to add credit or remove the image. If they don’t you can report the image , but always best to ask first especially if it is a company you want to work with. They shouldn’t do it!!! , and it’s poor form to do it, but approach it in a nice way to start with as sometimes it is literally just an intern who doesn’t know any better. Mostly (there are still some #A$$hats who do it even though they know it’s wrong).

  4. Jaylene Ericsson

    Hi Donna,
    Very interesting tools! I wasn’t aware of the existence of any of them but I will see what they can do for me and if I’ll start using them:)


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