The Ultimate List of Visual Content Articles for Big Results

Looking for Visual Content Articles to learn more about how to use Visuals for better results in your business?

I created this Ultimate list of Visual Content Articles because I'm always sharing blog posts with my community.  

Now you can use it too – to find the latest articles from the most reputable brands and experts.

Ultimate List of Visual Content Articles for Big Results
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I'm often asked to share tips on various visual content topics, and I will usually share a link – either from my blog or another blog post or article that I know is super useful.  But the problem is keeping them all in one place to reference – including my own blog posts about visual content.

I've used many systems but it's hard to keep it all together.  So I decided to change all that and write a post to include them all. Now they're in one easy to find place, and I can share them with you.

So… here they are, in sections, categorised to make it easy to find the content you need.

Oh and my criteria for adding these visual content articles:  super useful, current, practical tips, great tools and actionable.   

If I'm constantly referring to an article, it gets included immediately.  Some of these articles are mine if they fit the criteria, but only those that I refer to often and are useful!  

This post will be updated regularly.  

Let's jump in!

The Ultimate List of Visual Content Articles for Big Results

#1. Visual Content Statistics

These articles are those that have been penned in the last 12-18 months. I want them to be current, so if I need a statistic, I know that I am getting it from a good source.

41 Visual Content Marketing Statistics You Should Know in 2017 – When you want stats, HubSpot are a reliable reference. I use these in presentations all the time!

10 Social Video Statistics that will Make You Rethink Video – I'm loving the research that Animoto has been doing into social video. I summarized it in this post.

Instagram Press Page – Latest product and tool releases and stats on Instagram

The State of Social Video Report – this is the most useful and well-written report I have seen about social video. You need to opt-in to receive it, but it's worth it. The team at Animoto have produced a great report.

#2.  Visual Content Tools

Here are a few articles about visual content tools to get you started.  I'll be adding more, for sure!  

50 Visual Content Shortcuts to Create Visual Content for Social Media.  I rounded up every visual content tip and tool I could think of and wrapped them into this post.  Dip into it when you need fresh ideas.

10 Best Photo Apps for iPhone Photography – Helpful post if you want to take your iPhone images up a level!

36 Visual Content Creation Tools the Pros Can't Live Without – I am about to update this article with a new round of tools (watch this space) but this post is still current with awesome tools for creating visuals (mainly images) and at 8k shares is still a useful resource.

#3.   Instagram – Guides and Tips

These are your “beginner” visual content articles for Instagram. Designed to help you set up your account, start engaging and growing your following: 

How to Grow Instagram Followers for Small Business – Tips from the Tailwind Blog for getting started (including Case Examples) for small business success on Instagram

5 New Ways to Get Instagram Followers in 2017 – It's WELL worth reading this post as it has tips for gaining followers that are working right now (and what is not working!)

7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Instagram Engagement with Visuals – From an image series to Instagram SlideShow to Instagram Stories and Video… get started with Visuals on Instagram.

How to Increase Engagement on Instagram – Top tips from Later about engagement on Instagram (they know their stuff… trust what they say!)

6 Instagram Secrets Nobody Shares – some gold nuggets of wisdom in this post!

#4.  Instagram Stories – Guides, Examples, and Tips

Instagram Stories gets it's own category – because I love Instagram stories and think it is a huge opportunity for small business. These articles will get you started: 

5 ways to Use Instagram Stories for Business – If you are getting started with Instagram Stories, these are handy tip!

Instagram Stories for Business – 7 Easy Ideas – 7 Examples of businesses using Instagram Stories and helpful tips for how you can do the same with each story-type.

Create Stunning Instagram Stories in Minutes – includes 12 Free Templates from Easil

#5.  Facebook – Guides & Tips

Facebook is ever-changing and with reach dropping I am always looking for the latest on what is working and not working for organic reach on Facebook. These posts will help: 

NEW!  Facebook Newsfeed Tests – The Impact on Organic Reach: What Marketers Need to Know – Hot off the presses this is a meg-post by Mari Smith and although it goes deep into the Facebook Algorithm and Paid vs Organic Traffic, it's explained in simple terms. It's also packed with 10 awesome, current tips to give your content the best chance of being seen on Facebook .. and many of them are video tips.  If you read one Facebook post from this list, read this one. 

Revive Your Facebook Page – 10 Quick and Easy Ideas – A bunch of ideas for adding life back to your Facebook page (many of them involve visual content)

My Top 5 “All Time” Best Facebook Post Ideas to Drive Big (FREE) Reach on Facebook – Kim Garst KNOWS how to get free organic reach on Facebook.  Listen to her – this post is crammed with tips!

How to Maximize Your Facebook Reach – Mari Smith wrote this super helpful and current post on Social Media Examiner.  It includes visual content tips as well as general advice. Worth reading!

#6.  Pinterest – Getting Started, Guides & Tips

I've split Pinterest into two sections – Beginner posts and then Advanced. These posts will help you set up your account, start pinning, and use tools and strategies to grow your Pinterest account: 

How to Get Started with Pinterest Marketing – tips for setting up your Pinterest account, optimizing your website for Pinterest and creating shareworthy Pins!

3 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Blog for Pinterest (even if you are not on Pinterest) – This is a great post to read if you are not on Pinterest yet… it will help you to set up, even without pinning a thing!

How to Set Up a Weekly Pinterest Schedule – This is a great post about how to get started with regular pinning from the Tailwind Blog. I highly recommend Tailwind as a tool for Pinterest.  I use it daily!

5 Pinterest Marketing Mistakes – How to Use Blog Graphics the Right Way – If you are starting out with a blog or want to set it up right, these 5 mistakes to avoid are super important

How does Pinterest Work – a Pinterest 101 – This is a super simple overview of how Pinterest actually works. If you are new to Pinterest, this is a great starting point!

#7.  Pinterest – Advanced

Need to take it a step further with Pinterest? These tips and case studies will help you!  

How to Optimize Pinterest Content for Search.  Pinterest is a Search Engine, not a social site.  This post is great for starting to think about it this way. Hot tips for getting traction with search!

How these 8 Bloggers Got Tons More Traffic from Pinterest – Case Examples sharing how 8 bloggers skyrocketed their Pinterest traffic to their websites.

How I got 1.7 Million Views to my E-commerce Pinterest Account – Great tips. I've read this more than once!

#8.  Twitter – Guides and Tips

Twitter has a LOT of potential when it comes to visual content and these articles are packed with ideas for using images and video to stand out on Twitter: 

How to Use Images on Twitter to Stand Out and Get Attention – 3 Simple (but underutilised) ways to use Visuals on Twitter to stand out.

4 Do's and Don'ts of Twitter Images – this is from a guest post on the Twitter site itself, so listen up… great tips!

21 of the Most Powerful Ways to Use Visual Content on Twitter – Packed with tips for visuals on Twitter – from images, to videos to GIFs this post by Rebekah Radice at Post Planner is a winner!

#9.   Infographics – Guides and Tips

I am a big fan of Infographics. I've seen them transform my business. Here are the visual content articles about infographics that I share with my audience and clients all the time: 

Stop Killing us With Boring Infographics – Do This Instead – an article I wrote about how to create infographics that are shareworthy (hint it has little to do with data)

7 Superpowers of a Knockout Infographic – complete guide to creating infographics including sizes, style, storyboarding and design.

4 Infographic Template Tools for Stunning Infographics – I share 4 tools that allow you to create infographics easily from templates (some fo them will surprise you re how easy they are!)

How to Make Your Own Infographics Using Low Cost Tools – Ian Cleary from Razor Social shares some great tips for creating your own infographic in this post (and at low cost!)

How to Make an Infographic that Attracts Massive Attention – Ian Cleary from Razor Social shares how he created an infographic and promoted it for tends of thousands of shares.

The Ultimate List of Visual Content Articles for Big Results
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Definitely pin this for later – you'll want to refer to it!  – Image by Shutterstock.

#10.  Short Video – Getting Started, Guides and Tips

Short Video is HUGE across all platforms.  Here are some great articles for getting started with short video on any social platform (even if you don't like being on camera):  

3 Video Storytelling Tools for Social Marketers –  Great short list of video tools from Social Media Examiner.

How to Get Started with Short Video, Even if It Freaks You Out – If you are not the outgoing type, then check out my top tips for creating video that don't require you to be “on” camera.

3 Social Video Tools to Make Short Video Like a Pro – I LOVE these video tools. I know you will too – they are super easy to use and you can make pro-quality videos in a snap.  You're welcome.

5 Tips for Shooting Video like a Pro – the team at Animoto know their stuff. This is an easy read and you'll be ready to go with these 5 tips.

#11.  Live Video – Getting Started, Guides and Tips

Live Video doesn't have to be complicated.  I have picked articles that help you get started on a budget and start getting results for your business: 

How to Look Like a Pro Looking Facebook Live – Great post by Kim Garst if you are getting started on Facebook Live.

Live Video Tools – the Best Apps for Going Live – Podcast Interview with Ian Anderson Gray. Great tips for different levels of equipment for going live, depending on your needs and budget.

Interview with Chocolate Johnny on Social Media Examiner Podcast  – If you are in small business, listen to this interview with Chocolatier, Chocolate Johnny about how to grow a business with live video!

#12.  Animated Visuals

This is one of my favourite types of visual content and these visual content articles packed with tools and tips will help you to create some awesome animated visuals. Enjoy!  

How to Make Animated GIFs that Stand Out – A round up of easy-to-use tools for creating animated GIFs on desktop and phone so you can start creating short video snippets and GIFs.

Create Animated Visuals With These Quick and Easy Tools – 4 Easy Tools for creating Animated GIFs and short video snippets – on your phone and ready to go!

Animated Visuals:  How to Bring Still Images to Life – my Interview with Mike Stelzner (Social Media Marketing Podcast) – crammed with tips and tools!

#13.   Snapchat – Guides and Tips

Full Disclosure – I am pretty inactive on Snapchat now, as I just can't be across every social platform or I would go crazy.  But I do believe it is an important platform for some businesses and here are some posts to get you started:  

10 Snapchat Hacks to Make Your Snaps Stand Out – If you are a SnapChat user you'll find these tips to be super creative and helpful when creating content on Snapchat.

How to Use Snapchat for Business – This post is super helpful… a combination of step-by-step tips for getting started on Snapchat while share Hubspot's content strategy on Snapchat and what they have found to work!

#14.   LinkedIn – Guides and Tips

LinkedIn is more visual than we realise – there are SO many ways you can use visual content on LinkedIn – these will get you started: 

NEW!10 LinkedIn Publishing Tips – We Analyzed 3000 LinkedIn Blog Posts – Great post backed by research about LinkedIn Publisher including tips for images.

7 Ways to Stand out with Visual Content on LinkedIn – Simple tips for using visuals.

10 LinkedIn Publisher Tips – We Analyzed 3000 LinkedIn Posts –   LinkedIn Publisher Tips including Visual Content.

#15.  Location-Based Visual Content (Mobile Marketing)

With so many platforms allowing geo-location you can do some VERY cool things with mobile marketing and location tagging. Get started with these posts:  

How to use Instagram Location Stories to Attract Attention – If you are a location-based business then this post is super important. It tells you how to leverage your location on Instagram!

How to Get More Facebook Reviews Without Even Asking – this post shows you step-by-step how to encourage people to check-in to your business and how that leads directly to reviews on Facebook.

Leveraging Your Location for Maximum Growth on Instagram – great post by SueBZimmerman sharing a whole range of ways to leverage your location on Instagram.

#16.   “Round Up” Visual Content Articles (List Posts & Tips from the Experts)

23 Visual Storytelling Tips from the Pros – a great round up post filled with actionable visual storytelling tips.

#17.  Multi-Image Articles

9 Killer Carousel and Multi-Image Ideas to Tell Your Story – A great round up of all the multi-image ideas across platforms from Mav Social.

3 Ways to Make Visual Content Shine with Multi-Image Collages – Quick tips and examples for getting started with Multi-image collages on Twitter and Facebook.

#18.  Image Sizes and SEO for Images

The Ideal Image Sizes for Your Social Media Posts – it goes through the idea image sizes for every platform. Now, I am a big believer in using a tool like Easil, or Adoble Spark or Canva to resize to the image you need without thinking about it too much… but sometimes you just need to look up an image size. This is a great post for that! I also like that they update it regularly (which is not always the case with the “image size” posts.

Yoast Image SEO – Yoast is my go-to tool for adding SEO content to visuals in WordPress. When they speak, I listen. This is a great post about how to optimize your images in blog posts.

How to Optimize Pinterest Content for Search – Great post about how to optimize your pins for search and how to think differently about Pinterest – as a search engine, not a social media tool.

Image Alt Text Vs Image Title in WordPress – What's the difference? – If you get as confused as I do about this, then this article is great to refer to!

All about Alt Text – This is a great post in plain English for those of us that need this explained in plain English!

Phew! That's a Lot of Visual Content Articles!

But the good news is that this post will be updated and edited regularly to add current helpful visual content article.  So all you have to do is keep this link and you'll be updated with my favourite visual content articles!

I'll make sure we update and add any new visual content articles or remove old, outdated ones.

And be sure to let me know if I have missed some good ones – we may consider them for inclusion (see below).

Consider this your dynamic, ready-to-go-list.  I think it will save us all a lot of time searching through mountains of blog posts!

Your Turn to Share

Have I missed any AWESOME visual content articles in any of these categories? 

Let me know in the comments. Your own visual content articles are ok to share but make sure it's a good one!  Share those you have read elsewhere too!  

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Donna is a Visual Content Strategist and founder of Socially Sorted, listed by Forbes as a "Top 5 Social Media Blog You Need to Know About in 2019". Donna helps brands leverage the power of visual storytelling and content strategy in their business. Her content has been featured in publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur Online and she is a contributor to Social Media Examiner. Donna speaks about digital and visual content for the marketing and tourism industries internationally.
The Ultimate List of Visual Content Articles for Big Results
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  1. Kelly Williams-Birt

    What an amazing list. Thank you.

    • Donna Moritz

      Glad you found it useful Kelly – I’ll be adding new posts regularly as this will now be my go-to list… look for NEW at the start of any links! Enjoy!

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    Thank you for sharing. Very useful. I’m always looking for new tools.

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      Awesome Jeffrey – you’ll have plenty to play with now!

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    Thank your for sharing these. These will definitely be very helpful for when I’m making infographics. Cheers!

    • Donna Moritz

      Glad you found it useful Lucas! Let me know how you go with the infographics.

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