How to Create Amazing Videos for Instagram Stories +10 Free Templates to Use

Want to create amazing videos for Instagram Stories?  

In this post we share how you can get started with videos for Instagram Stories including different types of Instagram Story formats to create. 

And we have 10 Awesome Templates for you to use right now – start editing your video with just one click!  

How to Create Amazing Videos for Instagram Stories - 10 Free Templates to Use
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Instagram Stories are wildly popular in 2018. According to Adweek, brands are uploading to Instagram Stories more than twice as often as they are on Snapchat.

But how can brands like yours use Instagram Stories to grow business?

If you are looking for a way to engage with your audience via Instagram Stories, here’s one thing you might want to start doing, if not already – video.

Why Create Videos for Instagram Stories?

Videos work great on Instagram Stories for a number of reasons. First of, it’s the length. Your video Story can be up to 15 seconds long as opposed to a photo that will only be shown for 7 seconds.

Secondly, video is naturally much more persuading than a simple photo. For instance, imagine you have a call to action to swipe up. If you support this call to action with a video of one of your team making a hand motion, it will be even more effective.

Besides, 70% of people watch Instagram Stories with the sound on. Video Instagram Stories give publishers an unprecedented opportunity to reach out the audience that is eager to communicate, too.

However, creating videos for Instagram Stories might seem like a daunting task. How do you make a vertical video that will fit perfectly well? How do you add text to the video? And most importantly – what can you use Instagram Story videos for?

Things to consider when creating Instagram Stories for Video

Before you jump into Instagram Stories video creation, here are a few things you might want to consider:

  • Instagram Stories are viewed in a vertical position. This means that you will want to create vertical videos for your Stories.
  • The aspect ratio for Instagram Stories is 9:16 (a full portrait format). It is slightly wider than a regular photo or video shot with a mobile phone. So keep in mind that it might be cropped on the sides when you upload it to Instagram Stories.
  • Mind the Stories interface so that it doesn’t overlap the video. You probably don’t want to place the text right at the top or bottom.

Be mindful of the interface overlay in Instagram Stories
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  • Instagram Stories are only available for 24 hours. So try to make sure your content is timely and fresh. No one wants to see stories about something that happened a century ago (unless it’s a storytelling Story, pardon the tautology!)

To help you get started with videos for Instagram Stories, the team at have teamed up with Donna from Socially Sorted to provide you with a series of FREE templates that you can use to create engaging instagram story video

Free instagram Story Video Templates

As you go through the post, you can choose the templates you like and start creating your own videos for Instagram Stories… straight away!  All you have to do to access the templates is:

  1. Choose a template you like and click the “Edit this template” button.
  2. You will be taken to the website where you can create your free account (or if you have an account already, the template will open up, ready to edit).
  3. Once you’ve done that, you can edit the templates as you wish.

Ready to create some videos for Instagram Stories? Below are 10 ideas for what to post (together with the free templates to help you get started).

10 Videos for Instagram Stories Your Business Should Try

#1.  Breaking News

One powerful way how you can use Instagram Stories is to cover the news in your industry. This format works especially well for news agencies, online publications or media.

However, it might work great for other companies and brands, too. Use it to announce news and build momentum to take action.

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Tips for creating a great Breaking News Instagram Story:

  • Be bold and start the story with the words “Breaking news” to grab the viewers’ attention from the very first slide
  • Add short text snippets to tell the viewers what is going on in the Story
  • Finish with a clear call to action of what the viewer needs to do next


#2.  Storytelling (Behind the Scenes)

People looove getting a sneak peek behind the scenes. It gives them a feeling of belonging, as if they are in the same room with the person taking part in the same event.

Even with the name, Instagram Stories scream that they were designed to tell stories. So here are just a few ideas of how to tell a behind-the-scenes story:

  • Exclusive videos from a photoshoot
  • A day in life of your team
  • A restaurant shows how the food is prepared
  • An artist demonstrates how s/he creates a painting
  • A fashion designer creates a new collection

Think of Instagram Stories as the first chapter of your story, a teaser. Make it engaging and lead the viewers on to read the whole thing.


#3.  Top Tips or Lists

Since you can add several stories in a row, this Instagram feature is great for lists or tips. Place one list item or tip in one video clip.

To make sure the story is treated as a whole, try staying consistent with colors and fonts throughout the series.

Here are just a couple of ideas of what you can show:

  • Listicles. People love listicles! So create lists of your favorite tools, places to visit, best books in the industry, etc.
  • Secret tips and hacks


#4.  Blog Post Promotion

How do you let users know there is a new post on your blog?

Instagram Stories is a perfect and unintrusive way to inform your audience there’s something new on the blog. When you add a blog promotion story, your followers will see it at the top of the Instagram interface.

The best part about this, is that since we are all subjects to FOMO (fear of missing out), your story will have a good chance of being seen! Here's a template to tease your audience to find out more about your blog post (designed by Donna from Socially Sorted):

Try this formula for an amazing blog promotion story:

  1. describe a problem,
  2. offer 2 or 3 solutions as tips or tools,
  3. then encourage viewers to visit your blog, podcast or YouTube channel to read the rest of the tips in the complete blog post.

Check out the original video on Donna's Facebook Page:

Pro tip: if your video is longer than 15 seconds, use tools like CutStory or Storeo to split the story into even 15-second parts.


#5  Limited Time Giveaways

Since Instagram Stories only last for 24 hours, it is a perfect platform for giveaways and offers that are time-limited.

Create a feeling of urgency by adding a countdown!

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#6 Instagram Story Takeovers

Instagram takeovers are trendy now. This is where another brand, person or influencer “takes over” your account by providing content in photo or video format for you to share on your account.

Takeovers are an excellent way to build brand awareness and reach new audiences.

To make the takeover more successful, you might want to promote it a day or two before it begins. Announce the takeover via your IG story. Make sure to mention the name of the guest, a short agenda and time so that your audience might tune in when it starts.

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#7  Testimonials

Another great way to use the IG Story feature is sharing testimonials. It doesn’t have to be something fancy: a plain text on a video background will do.

If you want to make it a little more personal, add a picture of the happy customer or person who is providing the review (with their permission).

Some other examples of how you can tweak the testimonials template include:

  • Customer success stories
  • Product reviews
  • Book reviews

Pro tip: you can create a longer product or service overview and pin the story to your profile. This way, everyone who visits your Instagram account will see the pinned story at the top of your account.  You can also add these to Instagram Story Highlights to be shared on your profile on an evergreen basis. 


#8  Event Announcements

It’s fun and engaging to use IG Stories for announcing webinars, updates, live events, and much more. It doesn’t have to be long: a simple who/when/where scheme will work perfectly well.

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#9  How-To Videos

Just like tips and lists, Instagram Stories are a great place to share how-to videos. Share your secret how-to recipes and hacks, one story at a time.

The story format serves to its advantage: breaking the process into smaller “snackable” parts helps viewers to keep attention and retain the information.

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#10 Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational videos are extremely popular and shareable on social media. Make your Instagram Stories more inspiring by sharing some quotes. The quotes might come from:

  • A book that you have recently read
  • An interesting idea you found on the Internet
  • Something your colleagues said
  • Your own ideas and findings

If you are quoting someone, it might be a good idea to add their picture to the video.


Be Inspired and Grab the Templates!

Use the ideas in this post to create Instagram videos or take advantage of the free templates courtesy of and use them to create your next Instagram Story!

Remember, all you need to do is choose the template you like and click “Edit this template” button. You'll be taken straight to the template where you can start editing your videos for Instagram Stories straight away if you have an account set up already (or you can create a free account and get started!).  


Over to You

What Instagram Story are you going to create next?

Share in the comments below!

How to Create Amazing Videos for Instagram Stories (+ 10 Free Templates to Use)
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