5 Cool Video Effects to Create Engaging Video

5 Cool Video Effects to Create Engaging Video
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Ready to take your videos from amateur to pro-quality with cool video effects? In this post, I share creating engaging video even if you are not a video pro. These tips can lift your video content to the next level – all using easy tools and tips.

It's never been more important to be able to create videos on the key platforms you're marketing on. That sounds daunting, but the good news is that it's also the best time to create videos as a non-videographer, non-video-editor…. because of the tools we have available to us.

In this post, I've partnered with Wave.video to bring you some fun video tips and video effects to lift your video creations – as well as a range of tools to help you. These video effects will lift your video creation to be more professional than amateur, more style than cringe, and more engaging than boring.

Cool Video Effects for Creating Video that Catches Attention

Finished capturing your video content? Try adding some of these features and effects to take your videos up a notch, catch attention and boost engagement.

1. Add Captions to Your Videos

If your video is being played (on just about any social platform), you need to consider adding video captions. We've come full circle from the early days of silent movies to now watching social video with the sound off!

Yes, it's true. Up to 85% of people on Facebook watch video with the sound off, and you've probably noticed this happening on YouTube and Instagram too. So if you want to reach people, consider adding captions.

And remember this fun fact:

Approximately 66% of videos without subtitles are watched to completion, on average, compared to 91% with subtitles. That's a big difference!

Want to find out more about Alexa and why there are 5,000 Amazon employees working on Alexa alone? Watch this video by @TheGoodsByVox with the sound on or off… but Alexa might prefer you to keep the sound on {wink}:

Here's another example of a video that I made with captions. It's a different kind of video where the audio is music-only (not voice). The captions and images are designed to tell the story:

Bonus Tip: Add stickers to your video too. In the video above, I added simple stickers throughout the video to add animation using Wave's Graphics & Stickers feature.

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Add stickers to your video to create animations.

Now, if you're thinking, “how in the heck do I add captions?” you're in luck. Here are a few tools that make it super easy for you to burn captions into your videos:

  1. Quicc.io – a great tool for adding captions to social videos of any size.
  2. Clipomatic – a handy app (only $5) for adding captions to video in real-time using your mobile phone.
  3. Wave.video – I used Wave for the “There, Their, They're” video above, adding captions manually by adding text blocks, plus stickers too.

2. Letterbox Your Videos

Another type of “captioned” video that really catches attention is letterbox video effects. This involves adding blocked text headings to the top and bottom of your video – creating a letterbox effect.

Typically the top heading is fixed and the bottom section consist of dynamic captions that match your footage. It's also common for these types of videos to be talking head videos, but not always.

Here is an example of a letterbox video from @KerwinRae. It catches attention, and it's worth watching for the Elmo marketing lesson as well as the great captions:

Letterbox videos are popular on Instagram and Facebook. Here's a short video showing you how you can create your own letterbox videos using Wave.video:

Create letterbox videos to catch attention!

Another great service you can use for creating letterbox video is Splasheo. Splasheo allows you send off your raw footage and have a finished letterbox video created (very quickly) and sent back to you. It's a true done-for-you service for a very reasonable fee. Find out more about Splasheo in this post.

3. Add Text Effects to your Videos

Go beyond just a great heading, and use text effects. Depending on the tool you use to edit your videos, you can get creative with this.

I use Wave.video to create a lot of my social videos, it has easy-to-use text effect features that you can create in a few seconds with the click of a button:

How to create Neon Text effects with Video
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Add a text effect like this Neon text!

To see how I added this neon text effect to my video, watch the quick demonstration video below:

And if you have the right kind of background image, you can create some pretty eye-catching text effects using transparent text in Wave too:

Transparent text can really lift your heading text!

4. Add Filter Video Effects to Your Videos

Sometimes you need to add something to “lift” your entire video. Adding a filter can achieve:

  • uniform video effects across your entire video. This helps when some of the video footage was taken with a different camera or in different lighting.
  • add a retro effect to the entire video.
  • add colored-filter video effects to the entire video.

Filter video effects can transform your video and they are easy to add to any raw video footage with most video editing tools. Here's an example of how to do a number of video effects using Wave:

5. Use a Template for Pro Video Effects

I've talked about the power of using templates for DIY Graphic Design before on this blog – and the power of sticking to the basic template design (not messing with them too much).

The same applies to video. If you use a tool that has templates, stick to the main structure of the template. I recommend that you:

  • change out just one or two elements – ie the text or the font style or the image or background video – but stick to just one or two at a time.
  • avoid moving too many structural elements around. This means keeping the core design structure in place. Keep the text where it is but change the words. Keep the video where it is but replace it with a similar video.

Hot Tip: If you are changing out the text on a video, try to stick to the same amount of words (ie similar-length text). This way, you're not cramming more text in and keeping the same amount of white space on the screen.

As an example, I took this “Refreshing Facts about Watermelon” template and converted it to this “5 Fun Facts about Tacos” video. I changed out the background stock video and the text, but I kept to the initial design of the video template to create this video:

So, there you have it! 5 awesome video effects that you can use now in your business to take your video quality up a level (and attract more engagement).

Your Turn

Are you using features and tools to up-level your video content? What tools do you use to edit videos?

5 Cool Video Effects to Create Engaging Video
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Yellow TV by 80sChild, Depositphotos
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