21 Top Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketers

In this post, I share 21 Top Google Chrome Extensions that will help you get more done as a social media marketer, entrepreneur or business owner.  

You can start using them immediately to get more productive, save time and work smarter in your business. Many of them I use every day!  

21 Top Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketers
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I've been using Google Chrome extensions for a couple of years now.  To say that I love them would be an understatement.

They sit at the top of my browser ready to insert their productivity-inducing, time-saving awesomeness into my day. Many of them also help to help with the process of creating visual content quickly and easily.

Over time, I've started to focus in on the top Google Chrome Extensions that I use every day.  They help me to stop procrastinating and get more stuff done.

We all know that social media marketing can be a time suck.  You can get sucked into the vortex of posts and feeds and email and Gah… YouTube or live video and before you know it, the day has passed.

I guarantee you, that by the end of this post you'll be saying “that extension SAVED my business”.

OK, maybe that's an over-exaggeration.  But, I do know you will be excited about at least one of my “Top Google Chrome Extensions” in this list.  

In fact, there's a fair chance that you will download one or two Chrome Extensions before you reach the end of the post!

Here they are:

21 Top Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketers

1  Momentum

I'm listing Momentum as one of my Top Google Chrome Extensions, as it has been one of my favourites for years.

It keeps me on track by reminding me (every time I open a tab) of the most important task of the day.

Momentum App Google Chrome Extension - 21 Top Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketers
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Momentum features:

1  Your most important task for the day.  I can't express just how useful this is.  If you have one core thing you need to get done in the day… add it here. You'll be reminded of that “one thing” each time you open a new browser {insert guilty look}.

2  To Do Items.   I recommend you keep this simple too.  Only add 2 or 3 items here.  If you get them done, then add some more.

3  Quote of the Day.  If you are a Social Media Marketer looking for great inspirational quotes, this is a great source of quotes that are unique.

4  The weather in your location.  

5  A GORGEOUS screensaver photo from an amazing location somewhere in the world, including the name of the location. If you love to travel (even virtually) you will LOVE this extension.

Side note:  I have added world destinations to my bucket list solely from the background image that I see on this extension.

2   Eye Dropper Color Picker

Eye Dropper Color Picker Google Chrome Extension - 21 Top Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media marketers
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I use this extension all the time, especially if I am using visual content creation tools like Canva that don't (yet) have a color picker built in.

I simply grab a color or hex code from any place around the web on any page.  Then I just copy the color code that matches it.  I like how it keeps a record of my previous hex codes to refer back to.

3  Pinterest Save Button

If you are a Pinterest user then you will not be able to function without this tool.

I use the Pinterest Save button to save content to Pinterest every day.

No list of Top Google Chrome Extensions would be complete with the Pinterest Save Button.  Which brings me to:

4  Tailwind App

Tailwind is my go-to Pinterest tool for scheduling my pins/saves.

I use the Tailwind Publisher Extension to share directly to my Tailwind Scheduler.

Tailwind Publisher Google Chrome Extension - 21 Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketers
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I can schedule a single post to Pinterest via Tailwind or I can schedule an image to a series of Boards that I have categorised.  For example, I might save an image to all the group boards I am a member of around the topic of Visual Content Creation.

…or Facebook Tips

….. or Blogging.

5   Wisestamp

Wisestamp is the tool I use for my email signature so that I can have a consistent signature across email addresses and email tools.

I simply click on this extension and I can edit my email signature in a jiffy.

This way, every email address I use gets updated to the new email signature.

Wisestamp Google Chrome Extension for easy access - 21 Top Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketers
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I like to change out a call to action at the bottom of my email, such as a promotion or webinar or free training or free download.  This extension allows me to do so quickly and easily.

6   Inbox Pause

Oh. My. Goodness.

The Inbox Pause extension has saved my bacon when it comes to productivity.  It is absolutely one of my top Google Chrome Extensions.

No longer am I a slave to my inbox with this extension.

I set “Inbox Pause” to pause my inbox until a set time and until that time I see no (I mean zilch, zip, nada, nien, no) emails come into my inbox.

No more being sucked down the inbox vortex (it's kind of like the social media vortex but they work in tandem).

For instance, last night I set “Inbox Pause” to pause my inbox until 9am this morning – I did my school drop off and swam some laps at the pool without being tempted to check email as I knew I wouldn't see them till 9am.

This ensures that there is no way I can check my inbox when waking up in the morning … until I am ready!

Inbox Pause - 21 Top Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketers
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I can't tell you how freeing it is to know that you can NOT easily check email. It leaves my morning free to do the things I need to do and not get caught up in other people's agendas or email conversations that don't end.

NOTE:  when you set the Inbox Pause, don't take a sneak peek at the inbox pause folder. In an emergency you can access it, but it's best to leave it alone . Fiddling around in your inbox folder will mess up the way the emails come back into your inbox after you unpause the inbox.

You can also pause without a timer and unpause manually.  I love it!

7   Grammarly

As you know, not all programs and tools have a built in spell-check tool.   From writing emails to checking your blog post, Grammarly will pick up on any spelling errors and grammatical crimes against humanity.

It takes a little getting used to, as Grammarly appears over your content.  It can be a little obtrusive at first, as Grammarly pops up with errors in real time so you can correct them.

It sure does save me from embarrassment, and makes it so much easier to check your content.

I usually pay attention to Grammarly before publishing or sending something, when I will do a quick once-over to check everything. Grammarly will show up any errors so you can address them or ignore them.   No more excuses for typos!

8   LastPass

There is no excuse these days to not use a password protection system like LastPass.

I use this extension EVERY day to automatically generate passwords safely. I also use it to log in to my (many!) social media accounts and lots of other tools and services.

A few years ago we only had one or two passwords and now we have dozens of them.  The LastPass tool keeps your complex passwords in a format where you don't have to remember them.

It's also one of my top Google Chrome Extensions.  For social media managers, it allows you to work effectively in a social media team – sharing passwords safely, even with new team members.

9   Discoverly

The purpose of Discoverly is simple:  You can find out more about the person you are connecting with.

For example, let's say I am looking at the Facebook profile of my friend Ian Cleary.  Discoverly will turn green to show me that there is some information on him (he's a good guy, don't get the wrong idea… I'm talking about “social media information”).

I can click to expand and instantly access more social profiles and connections for Ian:

Rapportive Google Chrome Extension
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Likewise, when I am in my email, Discoverly pops up on the right-hand side panel of my Google accounts telling me more about the person I am emailing in terms of social information.

Here is an example for my friend and top blogger, Rebekah Radice. I have opened an email from her and on the RHS I see this box pop up telling me more about her, including her email address and social accounts.

Discoverly on Email
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This can be great for new contacts or emails that you are receiving for the first time from someone – it will instantly help you to decide how important it is for you to reply.

10   Stencil

Stencil is a great new visual content tool I've been playing with that is super easy to use. I talk about a lot of visual content tools that do many things on this blog, but the beauty of Stencil is that it is quick to use and easy to create images.

Fast and efficient.

What I love about Stencil is that you can search for quotes under any topic you like and you'll get a whole swag of awesome, classy, unusual quotes to use.

Stencil Extension - 21 Top Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketers
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It has some great images, fonts, backgrounds to choose from too.

For a Social Media Marketer this is definitely one of the Top Google Chrome Extensions that you will want to access easily on your dashboard.

Get your Stencil account set up here first.    Then, the Stencil Chrome Extension allows you to easily highlight text anywhere on the web and turn it into text. It's of the easiest ways to create tips and quote images.  Grab great content from your blog posts or from inspiration around the web!

11   OneNote

I used to be an Evernote user (which also has a great chrome extension) but now I use OneNote.  This is mainly because I switched to a Surface Pro device from my MacBook Air.  It made sense to use a tool that works well with a touchscreen and pen.

You can get the OneNote Chrome Extension here.

I love that OneNote is like a blank canvas. You can split your notes into books, pages and notes… and on any note you can draw, type, add images and annotations, even audio or video, and “create” as much as you like.

It works seamlessly across operating systems too – If I am on my iMac I can still clip content and I can open up the web application as well.

Whatever system you use, having a note taking extension like OneNote is a smart move.

12   Full Page Screen Capture

I love love love this Google Chrome extension.

Have you ever seen a sales page or long piece of content that has visuals or images and it inspires you, but you can't easily capture it for later reference?

Now you can.

Full Page Screen Capture allows you to capture the entire sales page or landing page.

I capture landing or sale pages that have great copy and layout that moves people to take action.  I keep a folder of them for later reference (not to copy, but to be inspired by).

13   BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a tool I use all the time for my content marketing and SEO.  I wrote about it here.

If you want your content to be seen, if you want to know what content is ranking highly, and what content performs best for any topic or competitor, then check out BuzzSumo.

If you are looking for the right people to connect with to promote your content, BuzzSumo can also help you with that.

It's a secret weapon (don't tell anyone, ok?).

Buzzsumo Google Chrome Extension - 21 Top Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketers
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If you use BuzzSumo, then this will become one of the Top Google Chrome Extensions for you.  It allows you to quickly check the share counts for any URL without having to open BuzzSumo.

It also shows you to see the backlinks on a post or page, who has shared the content on Twitter as well as the most shared content for that URL .

14  Moz Bar

SEO and all the techy stuff has never been my strong point, but there came a point with my blog where I decided to school up on SEO and learn more about it.

I wish I had done this earlier.

Anything from the website Moz is quality content when it comes to SEO.  So the Moz Google Chrome Extension was one that I knew I'd love.

How does it work?  The Moz Extension or “Moz Bar” is an SEO Toolbar that helps you do research on the go.

For instance, if a blogger or tool company approaches me, I can immediately check on the Moz Bar to find out their domain authority (which basically tells me how important and highly ranked the website is).

It also helps me to check out whether links are internal, external, follow or no follow on a page.

With this toolbar, you can know where another website stands with Google and whether it's a tool company or blogger or website that you would benefit from being linked to (or potentially doing business with).

Moz Bar gives you instant results about any page you are viewing, including page authority and domain authority. It's also handy for reviewing your own website.

15  Figure it Out

I work across a lot of Time Zones with webinars and social media,  and I communicate with people all over the world at any time of day.

My team of VAs and consultants are also dispersed between Australia, Asia, the US and Europe.

I like to know what time it is for them, compared to me…  in a snap!

I have used tools like Time and Date, but what I wanted was an instant overview of MANY time zones at once.   When you are working in Social Media it's handy to know more than one time zone at a time!

Figure It Out is a Funky Chrome Extension that does just that:

Figure It Out Extension - 21 Top Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketers
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Pretty, isn't it?  You simply add up to 10 Time Zones that you want to compare and they appear across the screen for you.

This Google Chrome Extension is designed to open when you open a new tab. So I should warn you that if you are already using an extension that opens with a new tab (like Momentum) then this will override the active one you are already using, once you make it active.  For this reason, I tend to rotate the “active” extensions that open with new tabs, choosing the one I want most to appear.  

Regardless, this is a very cool extension and if you work across time zones to deliver your content, or work with clients as a social media marketer – you'll love it!

16  Save to Facebook

This one is simple. It's a Google Chrome Extension that allows you to save any web article to Facebook, just as if you were using the same tool within Facebook.

Save to Facebook Extension - 21 Top Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketers
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17  Share on Facebook

This has become one of my top Google Chrome Extensions too!

If I see an article I want to share with my Facebook Audience, I can simply click on this extension and share the article straight to Facebook.

18  Giphy

This is a recent find for my top Google Chrome Extensions.   GIFs have become an engaging communication medium all of their own in the past year or two.

They are highly engaging and work in emails, blog posts, on Facebook, Twitter and more!

But finding or creating a great one has (until now) involved me searching for Giphy on my browser.

It's a basic extension that I love for convenience more than any amazing problems it solves.

I just love being able to click and search immediately… not opening up another tab to do it.

Giphy Google Chrome Extension - 21 Top Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketers
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19  ViralTag

ViralTag is another tool I am starting use (I wrote about it here).  At the moment I mainly use it to schedule evergreen visual content, but it is a complete suite for scheduling and sharing visual content to Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.

Viraltag has a handy extension so that you can easily share content straight from a webpage or blog post.

20  Later Media

Later is my go-to tool for scheduling content to Instagram.

Their extension saves me loads of time by bringing up Later and enabling me to right click photos to add to my calendar.

It's also a quick way to access your calendar or visit the main website.

Later Chrome Extension - 21 Top Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketers
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You can read more about how I use Later here.

21   Speed Test

Don't get me started on Australian Internet.  But I'm lucky in that I have decent speeds (no thanks to our “new” national broadband network). I was lucky to access a private provider. It's not super, super fast, but faster than (sadly) a lot of our country on the NBN and it's decent for what I need it for.

In the age of live video and streaming webinars, it's important to check your speed.

This extension allows me to check with one click before I go live on a webinar or live stream so I know that I am good to go!

Speedtest Extension - 21 Top Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketers
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That's the end of my list of top Google Chrome Extensions.

Truth be known, I could go on and on…. because there are loads of Chrome extensions that could make this list.

But these are the ones I use the most.  I discover new ones every week,  but I try to keep my active extensions lean so that I can easily find them.

I hope you find one or two from this post – and that your productivity skyrockets!

Over to You

What are your Top Google Chrome Extensions?  Which of these has you excited?  

21 Top Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketers