The Socially Sorted Toolkit

Welcome to my Toolkit!

There’s nothing worse than paying for dozens of tools and software packages that you never use. So, I’ve rounded up all of the tools (free and affordable) that I’ve used (and my clients) over the years to get results in business, and save time and money. Some will suit you, some may not, but it's designed to be a starting point for you to jump into online marketing. Some of these links are affiliate links, and I may receive a small commission if you purchase the tool. I only refer tools I use and love, and many of these tools are free. 

Business Automation Tools

Active Campaign

This is my go-to email automation tool for Socially Sorted. Active Campaign is a great tool for any level business as you can go with their light plan for low cost (which still gives you advanced features like tagging, automations and campaigns) through to their higher level accounts for advanced email automations. I can do just about everything I need to do on the Lite plan though.

Alternative New Business Option

If you are new to business then I recommend:

1. Mailchimp (free to get started for up to 2000 users)

2. Convert Kit (free up to 1000 subscribers)

Both then become similar in price to Active Campaign (Lite) level through the paid features and up to 10,000 subscribers. If you plan to grow I would still check out Active Campaign Lite alongside these tools – take them for a test run first, as email tools/systems are a personal preference. 


Podia is a fabulous all-in-one course creation platform. I rearched for days on a number of course creation platforms before finding Podia. I still wonder how they wrap so much into an affordable price (no extra fees per student or member which I LOVE so it's VERY affordable). If you want an all-one-place for course content and membership platform then it's worth checking out Podia. Their built-in messenger platform is a huge bonus (worth the price alone!). Get 15% off any monthly or annual rate with my link. 


Notifia is a great plugin for adding optimization features to your website including social proof pop-ups, exit-intent pop-ups, churn-buster pop-ups (if someone is about to cancel their subscription), tools to keep visitors on your site, surveys and reviews, upsell offers and lead-magnet offers.


I use use Dropbox system for larger files that we need to share in the team – it's a great system for organising your documents and knowing where everything is – you can start for free and upgrade as you need to for more functionality or storage.

Google Drive/Docs

Google Drive is great for sharing files and it's free! I also love that you can create a Google Document and then use voice tools to write with voice to text. This was handy when I sprained my wrist and might be handy for you too if you're not a speed typer!

Social Media Management All-Rounder Tool


Agorapulse is my go-to social media management tool. I use it for listening for mentions, responding to messages across multiple platforms, scheduling, publishing and engagement. It's perfect for working in teams and their team is one of the best for listening to users so this tool keeps getting better and better. It may not be the cheapest tool in my toolkit but when you consider that you can ditch other tools for this one – from instagram and Pinterest tools to queue tools and more, it's worth it. If you are looking for an all rounder tool, Agorapulse is my pick.    

Visual Content Tools

As you can probably tell, visual storytelling is my jam. Here are some of my favorite visual storytelling tools. 


Canva is probably the most well-known DIY Design tools and one of the biggest. With brand kits, thousands of templates and new features being added all the time, it's a great tool to have in your kitbag, even if it's just the free version of the tool, but I'd recommend going with their Pro account for more functionality.


I use Easil for the majority of my design work. It's perfect for solo users and in particular teams (it has some amazing features for teams). If you want pro-quality templates then Easil is probably the best out of all of the options for DIY Design tools. And it's massive value when you consider functionality and price. Easil has a lot of features on their Plus plan, and is well worth adding to your visual design arsenal. Get an extended 1-month trial with my link. 


I love Picmonkey for it's photo editing tools and functionality (probably the best option out side of Photoshop). They've now added templates for visual design too so there's a lot to love about the new Picmonkey and it's worth checking out to see if it's a fit for your business. It's probably more suited if you do a lot of photo and image editing as a team but want the extra template features.


Wave is my go-to tool for creating social videos. It has everything you need to create videos including multiple video sizes, easy re-size from one size to another, video templates, huge music, video and photo library (for commercial use as well as personal) and so much more.



Animoto is another great video tool. They have a series of easily editable templates and the dashboard is super easy to use. Again you can easily edit and change the sizes of videos, and access a huge library of templates, music, video and photos to create your videos. 

Video Caption Tools


Rev is a solid platform for adding captions to your videos and handy for longer form videos like YouTube. Rev adds the captions to your videos including the dialogue of the video and any important non-verbal elements that set the scene of your video. Simply upload the video to red or pull the video from YouTube or Vimeo and Rev's professionals capture your captions and send it back by email. It's pretty accurate and you can edit any errors.


    Quicc is my go-to tool for adding captions to social videos. You simply submit any video (from YouTube to Facebook to Instagram and Instagram Story sizes) to their website and get the fully captioned video back in just a couple of minutes. It's all based on super-accurate AI and even transcribes my Aussie accent accurately. If not, it's an easy edit to fix it. You get bonus free minutes with a trial using this link! 


      Splasheo is a done-for-you service for creating video with catchy captions and headlines. Splasheo videos are displayed in ‘meme-video' style, guaranteed to make us stop and watch – even with the sound off! Splasheo has a fast turnaround (they promise to have your video back within 24 hours!). Splasheo are so confident with their service that they have offered my community a 7 day trial with 4 FREE video credits to get started – no watermark limits or anything restrictive! Yep. You get full access like a paying member for 7 days. Note: 1st payment kicks in after 7 days and you can cancel at any time.

          Live-stream & Webinar Tools

          Ecamm Live

          I use Ecamm Live for live streaming to Facebook – it's super easy to use and has a lot of fun features like virtual backgrounds (with Greenscreen) and lower thirds. You can easily control video, audio, and even see the comments live and feature them on screen. It's also affordable!  


          Demio is my current webinar platform and I moved to Demio because of it's super user-friendly features, stability – and also it works well if you have reduced internet speed.


          I use Zoom for meetings and have used it to present at some live summits and webinars. It's a popular tool and easy to pick up and learn!  

          Sharing Plugins for WordPress

          Tasty Pins

          Tasty Pins is my go-to Pinterest tool. It allows me to optimize my content for search by adding titles and descriptions to Pinterest-ready images on my blog. I can also choose which images I want shared to Pinterest (or add multiple images) and even hide images from Pinterest. I can also add hover buttons to my Pinterest-sized images on my website. 

          Social Snap

          I have used a lot of sharing plugins over the years and a couple of years ago I moved to Social Snap for a number of reasons – from another well known sharing plugin. I loved found this plugin to be stable, easy to set up and has great functionality for a wordpress site – it lets me share to all the social networks with ease!  I use Tasty Pins for Pinterest and Social Snap for everything else, although you can use Social Snap for Pinterest too. 

          Stay tuned, we'll be adding more tools here soon as we build out this toolkit!


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