7 Powerful Social Quotes To Make You Think [+ Free Quote Video Storyboards]

Featuring 7 Powerful Social Quotes, this post will make you think about the way you view social media in 2018 (+ Free Quote Video Storyboards you can use straight away). 

Check out the quotes below or you get started creating your own video quotes in a snap! 

7 Powerful Social Quotes to Make You Think + Free Quote Video Storyboards
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7 Powerful Social Quotes to Make You Think + Free Quote Video Storyboards
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Social video is hot right now on social media, and so are social quotes in video format.  You see them everywhere on Facebook, Instagram and even Instagram Stories. And with 85% of videos being watched without sound on Facebook, creating captioned video content of any kind is a smart idea.

It's not just inspirational quotes that work – you can create quotes around testimonials, reviews and more!  You can also add quotes as part of a longer video – not a bad idea while Facebook is starting to give more airplay to longer videos in the newsfeed.

So when one of my fave video tools, (Animoto), released a new series of quote video storyboards in their marketing builder I was excited! I've partnered with Animoto to share them with you so you can also power up your visual storytelling with quote videos.

And what better way to do so than with a series of quotes that make you rethink how you view social media!

7 Powerful Social Quotes (+ Free Quote Video Storyboards)

I've created 7 social quotes complete using the quote video storyboards to get you started. To do so, I used a bunch of powerful social quotes from my fellow speakers at Social Media Marketing World 2018 – including the latest predictions and interpretations of where we are heading with social media and digital marketing. Below is a triple-whammy of:

  1. Social Media Video Quotes to make you think!
  2. Some extended context about each quote from Social Media Marketing World.
  3. Links to create your own Social Quotes using Animoto's new Quote Video Storyboards . They're super easy to create and take just minutes to edit.   If you have an Animoto account, the storyboards will open up to start editing. Otherwise you'll be offered a 2 week free trial to take them for a test run.  

#1  Small is the New Big

Created with Animoto's One Word Review Storyboard. Try it here.

Michael Stelzner gave us a lot of ways to get results in the age of declining Facebook reach – especially in light of the changes Facebook is making to focus back on meaningful interactions. Among many other strategies that Mike mentioned, this was one that resonated with me:

Note:  In addition to this strategy, Michael also recommended a number of other strategies such as creating more live video, creating longer form video to connect with people, creating more “stories”, working with influencers, using human-like bots in creative ways, and creating episodic video shows or documentaries… among other things! 

#2  The Focus of Trust

Created with Animoto's Editorial Quote Storyboard. Try it here.

Jay's advice about word of mouth is so timely at the moment. Brands can't just shout their products and services from the rooftops (via advertising) anymore.

We just don't trust them. What we do trust is each other – our friends, colleagues and family… and other customers. Reviews online are becoming more and more powerful as we turn to what other customers are saying first for advice. As Jay says, we should:

#3  Think like a Screenwriter

Created with Animoto's Fun Social Quote Storyboard. Try it here.

With video becoming more and more important online, it makes sense that we should start thinking differently about how we create it. Our skills as a storyteller are becoming possibly more important than our skills as marketers.

Think about it – storyboarding (just like the storyboards in these quote templates), and the ability to tell a story with visuals will impact your ability to create videos, social video and even online TV shows.

Screenwriting skills and how we can tell a story “visually” with videos …are the new copywriting skills!

#4  Stories First

Created with Animoto's Product Testimonial Storyboard. Try it here.

When Mark Zuckerberg included this statement as part of his Facebook post in early 2018, it was a big one for me so I had to include it as one of the social quotes in this post.

…and no, Mark wasn't at Social Media Marketing World, but I mentioned this quote in my session and so did Mike Stelzner and a couple of other speakers. It resonated for sure!

Think about it. We've traditionally become accustomed to the top-down scroll of our newsfeeds… from early blogs to Facebook and other platforms.. that's just how it's been.  And now we have stories in a mobile format with a left-right scroll format.

And stories are becoming more and more popular.  We love them on Snapchat, on Facebook and on my personal favourite … Instagram.

And guess what… we hold our phones vertically!  So it makes sense that a format that suits the native way people are holding their phones (and we hold them a lot) is becoming so popular. Vertical video is being seen on more platforms, and we are seeing a move from “Newsfeed 1st” to “Stories 1st” in how we consumer our media. Watch this space!


#5  Unhustle Your Thinking

Created with Animoto's Motivational Quote Storyboard. Try it here.

This quote may seem like it has nothing to do with social media but it has everything to do with it, really. It's about how we innovate (and believe me, with so many changes lately, business owners, marketers and social media managers need to keep on their toes to keep up!).

Duncan Wardle was one of the most popular speakers at SMMW18 (so I had to include a quote from him, and this was the most shared!).  When a man who has was the former VP of Innovation and Creativity at Disney says that everyone needs to learn how to clear some mental space for creativity and ideas… you listen.  I think of it as un-hustling my thinking.

#6  A little more Human, a Little Less Skynet

Created with Animoto's One Word Review Storyboard. Try it here.

I totally agree with this bot wisdom from British duo, Andrew and Pete. I see a lot of businesses jumping into bots and forgetting to “add back” the human interaction. Or at least a human-like, fun element to the bot.

Mark Schaefer also gave another memorable quote about bots at Social Media Marketing World, stating this:

“I may not want to talk online with Nike, but I might have fun talking to a Michael Jordan chatbot” – Mark Schaefer

Mark has a point!  If you can give your bot a fun character with human-like qualities – from a duck to a Michael Jordan bitmoji – people will enjoy the quirky side to conversing with a non-human entity.

Be authentic about using and have fun with the very fact that it IS a bot. I think we will see brands start to be more creative with this and the ones that do so will have success with using messenger bots.

#7  Let Your Community Guide You

Created with Animoto's Fun Social Quote Storyboard. Try it here.

I'm a big fan of this idea.   As Steve says, your audience will lead you to the products and services you should create for them. Get to know them, what their challenges are and what you can create to help them.  Our audience is the Holy Grail of market research, sitting right under our nose…. and often we forget to ask them!

PS I wrote about the idea of surveying your audience here, packed with 19 ways to do it.  Use it to survey your ideal customers, then let their answers guide you!

BONUS QUOTE:   Netflix Your Content

This was the favourite from my session at Social Media Marketing World – all about how important it is to create serialised and episodic content.

Whether it's video, podcasts or blogs. We love to get hooked in and play the “next” episode:

From Facebook Watch to Instagram Stories, we love to click through to see what's “next”. It's in our human nature. So, consider making your content episodic to take advantage of this!

Get Started with Quote Video Storyboards

Want to add some social quotes to your content? You can use the same quote video storyboards that I did by clicking the link below each of the videos.  You an also find out more about Animoto's quote video storyboards here. It's a great tool for creating reviews, testimonials, inspirational quotes and more – and they have dozens of other types of storyboard videos too!

Tips for Using the Video Storyboards:

  • Animoto's video storyboards are designed so you can quickly replace the text, image or video clips to create your finished video. This means you can make short 5 second quote videos or longer 30-60 second videos using the storyboards.  Most of the storyboards in Animoto come with 5 or more “blocks” ready to edit or replace to create your own design:

Animoto's Quote Video Storyboard
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  • You can create square or landscape videos – and change the size in a snap.  I chose square videos for this post as they take up more real estate on Facebook and Instagram. But, by all means, you can create landscape videos for YouTube and Twitter too!
  • Quotes don't have to be just about famous people or influencers in your industry. Remember what Jay Baer said in #2. above?  We trust other customers more than we trust companies so remember to include customer and client testimonials… even employee quotes.
  • You can add multiple blocks to your designs – adding photo, text, and video blocks as well as collages, logos and now quotes.  It's a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows you to add all the elements you need:

Adding a block to Animoto's Quote Video Storyboard
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Animoto is super easy to use – like I said, once you have your quote, it literally takes a couple of minutes to switch out the text, image and video and create your own custom social quote using the quote video storyboards.

And in the age of video, isn't easy video creation what we are all craving for?


Over to You

What is your favorite social media quote right now?   Share the link in the comments below and if you get creative with video creation, share your video quote link as well!   

7 Powerful Social Quotes to Make You Think (Plus Free Quote Video Storyboards)
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7 Powerful Social Quotes to Make You Think (Plus Free Quote Video Storyboards)
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Movie Clapper by Shutterstock.

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