6 Game-Changing Business & Social Media Quotes by Amy Porterfield

In business, as in life, success is influenced by the people you spend time with – your mentors, fellow business owners and people you trust.

I've had many mentors in my business, but one stands out in terms of the direction and results I have achieved from her mentorship.

In this post, I not only introduce you to her (you may have met her before) but I'll share her advice that shaped my business (and changed everything) here at Socially Sorted.

It's advice that can be game-changing for your business too.

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Let me introduce you to my friend – and first social media mentor – Amy Porterfield.

Many of you will know Amy – she is one of the world's most respected Facebook Experts and one of the savviest online marketers I know.  She also has a leading podcast called “Online Marketing Made Easy” which thousands of people tune into weekly for their dose of online marketing social media, content marketing and list building.

But did you know that Amy was one of my first official mentors?

It's hard to know who to choose as your first mentor when you start out, and I made some mistakes for sure!

But I learned a few things… like if you want to be a successful blogger, you learn from a person who blogs successfully, right?  Amy was using social media in a way that resonated with me, she was having success with it,  I liked her teaching style so it was a no brainer to jump in and learn from the best in a mastermind program back in 2012.

And so my mindset and direction around social media changed.  There are many ways in which Amy's wisdom has impacted my business and I want to share a few of those “Amy-isms” with you….by sharing her wisdom in these business and social media quotes.

These are the golden nuggets, the mantras* I tattooed to my whiteboard, the “take action” beliefs she has instilled in me over the years…. so you can apply them in your busines

* I use the term Mantras because a Mantra is something you repeat. These quotes and tips should be repeated – Daily.  And you should take action on them – Daily.

So let's jump in. Because when I say “game changing”, I truly mean it.  Here they are:

9 Game-Changing Business & Social Media Quotes from Amy Porterfield

#1  The Energy of Your Business is Directly Tied to Your Email List

I have heard Amy repeat this “mantra” in many permutations and combinations over the years.

It took me a while to take her seriously and wowzers… if I could have my time back I would. You've no doubt heard this before from many marketers, and it's true.

The energy of your business is directly tied to your email list – Amy Porterfield  TWEET THIS!

I know I talk a lot about social media and visual content, but this is more important.

Without the solid foundation of email,  you can't benefit from all that you do with social media and visual content, right?

But it is this quote from Amy that has stuck with me for years now:

Only one mode of communication remains steadfast - Email. Want more quotes from Amy Porterfield? Check out this post and a chance to join her new free Masterclass!
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Once I “got” this, it changed things.  My subscriber community are my most valued asset along with my program members. Without them I don't have a business.

If all of the social media platforms dropped off the face of the earth tomorrow (or more realistically, if something happened to any of my pages or profiles),  I would lose everything.

Fans can be lost but email is solid.  Listen to Amy.

Remind yourself of this piece of advice daily and use it with Quote #4 to take action on growing your list. Or put another way… grow your community of relevant, interested subscribers and give them value.

But more of that later.


#2  Focus on Results

I met Amy at a time when I was just starting up my social media consultancy. I was getting great engagement for myself and clients and growing my blog, but just not getting results on social media like I should have been.

Why? Because I was focused on the wrong thing. The wrong results. And in some cases … not focused on the results at all.

I was focused on engagement and “reach” instead of subscribers, webinar sign ups and program sales.

I was reminded by Amy to focus on the results – to actually have a goal linked with my social media actions.

Since then I have heard Amy re-work this advice in a way cooler format:

I know that everyone thinks free traffic is the sexiest thing ever, but you know what is even sexier than free?  Results!

Have you ever been so caught up in the “social” you forget what you are there for?

What's sexier than free traffic? Results! Want more quotes from Amy Porterfield? Check out this post and a chance to join her new free Masterclass!
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Where could you be focusing more on the results in your business?

This is relevant to every piece of content you put out….whether it is a blog post or an infographic or a video or image.

Ask yourself, “what am I hoping to achieve?  What am I hoping my fans will do with this content?

That's where Amy takes things up a level – on her blog and in her podcast she teaches you how to look closely at the result that you covet… and work out how to get fans there.

It's the “how” of taking your fans, and turning them into warm leads and then into customers.


#3  Model the Best

This advice is classic and will never be outdated.  I have heard Amy mention this over and over (because it bears repeating!):

Learn from the Best! Want more quotes from Amy Porterfield? Check out this post and a chance to join her new free Masterclass!
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Why invent the wheel when others have gone before you and paved the way?  Yes, add your flavour but there is sooooo much we can learn from mentors.

A mentor doesn't have to be a paid 1:1 teacher/advisor or a massive mastermind you pay a fortune for. It can be a blogger that you follow or a podcaster you learn from.

All of these people can provide mentoring – either direct or indirect.

Just remember what Amy advises – find someone who is already doing what you wish to be doing (emphasis on already doing) and learn from them.

Pretty simple, hey?  Tweet it out:

My Business strategy has always been to learn from those that are getting results and model what's already working – Amy Porterfield – TWEET THIS


#4  The money is in your core messaging

Amy has address this many times on her podcast and in her trainings – How to locate your target market, ideal customer and how to talk to them in the right way.

Since working with Amy I have become clearer on who I am trying to attract, who these people are and what their real needs are (not just what they want).

It helps me to create the content that helps you!

Or as Amy puts it:

What does your ideal audience need to experience, be aware of or believe, in order to want or need your product? – Amy Porterfield

When you can deliver the right messages, you can help people to move from being fans to “warm” leads and eventually customers.

And how you deliver that message, again is mainly via email.

The money is in your core messaging - Want more quotes from Amy Porterfield? Check out this post and a chance to join her new free Masterclass!
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Don't just give fans what they want but give them what they need – how can you have them thinking “you read my mind” when they read your emails?


#5  You need a Social Media Sales Funnel

As Amy says:

Any highly profitable entrepreneur will tell you that their sales funnel is absolutely essential to their success! – Amy Porterfield

With Facebook reach being down, those businesses doing well on Facebook are using a mix of free and paid traffic – and they have some sort of system in place.  They know how to sell using social media (it's not just about the reach and engagement)- it's about what happens next after the reach and engagement.

Facebook is your leads generator not your sales generator – Amy Porterfield  TWEET THIS!

I have discussed before, fans are not generally on Facebook to buy your stuff. They are there to connect with family and friends and to be entertained. If your goal is to sell on Facebook then you may well be disappointed.

But if your goal is to help fans come over to your website and subscribe, receive more content from you via email that helps them and provides value, then that's another thing.  If you can nurture them into leads and build a relationship with them, then ideally you will end up with a raving brand advocate who will share your content. Or a customer.  Or ideally both.

This is what I am excited about:  To get massive results from Facebook, you must use it inside a simple, social media sales funnel.


Social Media Sales Funnel is a Golden Opportunity - Want more quotes from Amy Porterfield? Check out this post and a chance to join her new free Masterclass!
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Start to think about your marketing beyond reach and engagement on social media, including Facebook. It's just the first step… you have to have somewhere for the social media traffic to go!

For me it's using visual content and social media posts to drive traffic back to my blog, including traffic from Facebook. For others it might be using Facebook and Facebook ads. For someone else it could be tweets, or pins… all of these traffic-drivers exist within a targeted “social media sales funnel” – with a common goal to take people from being fans to leads and subscribers to eventually buying your products and services.


#6  Take Action

Amy places a lot of emphasis on taking action – either in her own business and in her interaction with students doing her courses.

She summarizes it like this:

One of my success secrets is taking action daily to move my business forward – Amy Porterfield  TWEET THIS!

It doesn't have to be a big leap forward… it can be a series of small steps, but the main thing is taking action daily.

It seems like a simple piece of advice, but it's amazing how many of us “stop” when procrastination and fear takes hold (me included, so this is as much to remind me as it is to remind you!).

Learn from the Best! Want more quotes from Amy Porterfield? Check out this post and a chance to join her new free Masterclass!
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Ask yourself, what am I going to take action on today?  And keep it simple – just a super small list of tasks. I try to narrow down my “to do” list to just 3 things at a time now.  The satisfaction of getting it done is great. Finish your 3 things? Start another list.

Though more and more I am focusing on just one thing to keep super productive!  After reading The One Thing I started to remove multi-tasking from my day where possible.

I also started using this great little app, Momentum, for keeping focused while on the computer (yes, I have too many tabs open on a good day!).

Whatever tools and systems you use, make sure that they help you to consistently take action. Because Amy said so.

It's Time to Take Action!

Speaking of taking action, I have something very cool for you to take action on.  Amy has a masterclass all about creating sales via online courses.

You can sign up here!  The webinar is a great follow up on the  “how to” for the quotes I have mentioned in this article!



Over to You

What's your favourite “Amy” quote?


6 Game-Changing Business & Social Media Quotes by Amy Porterfield. Want to read more? Click through and sign up for the brand new masterclass with Amy Porterfield.
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This post contains affiliate links. Please know that I only choose to share and recommend tools, programs and services that I use and benefit from (and love) in my business….because I want you to love them too. 

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    Wow no one has commented here this is silly, I don’t always read your emails but this one seemed good, thanks for the share Donna.

    • Donna Moritz

      haha thanks Karlon – the first commenter is always the coolest and often breaks the ice haha – thanks for stopping by. It’s funny, when I first started blogging a friend of mine (who is one of Australia’s top bloggers) told me to focus on the comments and the community and it has always been great advice. I love social media but my blog is always my first priority! Have an awesome day!

  2. Andrew McMaster

    I love blog posts about quotes. Sometimes you find some real golden nuggets, eye openers. I love your use of visuals to Donna. 🙂

    • Donna Moritz

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