Social Media Marketing World 2020 – Why You Need a Ticket

Social Media Marketing World 2020 is a must-attend event for marketers – but why should you get your ticket to attend?  

Here are 6 Reasons you should attend Social Media Marketing World 2020, including all you need to know about getting your ticket! 

Social Media Marketing World 2020 - Why You Need a Ticket
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Social Media Marketing World 2020 will be the 8th Year of the event. I've been to all 7 previous years of this conference and this will be my 8th time attending and my 7th time speaking (gotta say, I'm kind of excited about that milestone).

So I am uniquely qualified to say whether I think this is a great conference.

196 hours +++ of flying time, 115,000 miles++ (after 2020), a few dozen margaritas and a whole lot of fish tacos (you can't go to San Diego without fish tacos) say that I'm qualified.

So I am going to say this:   If you have been saying “next year” for the past 7 years then this is the year you should attend Social Media Marketing World.

It's time to jump off that fence!

But seriously, I couldn't be more impressed with the quality of the event, the speakers, event staff and attendees at this conference.

I know that Social Media Marketing World 2020 will be no different to every other stellar year at Social Media Marketing World.

It's the biggest gathering of social media professionals in the world (with over 120+ sessions from the World's Leading Social Media Experts) but it's also the best.  Don't believe me? Check this out:

Social Media Marketing World Trailer from Mike Stelzner on Vimeo.

After watching that video, I may not need to convince you of why you should attend (because I know you want to).

But first,  I wanted to share two ways you CAN attend Social Media Marketing World 2020 – tickets for Social Media Marketing World 2020 are at their lowest but will rise in price between now and the event in early March, 2020.

3 Ways to Grab Your Ticket to Social Media Marketing World 2020

1  Just get on a plane and DO IT with an All Access Pass!

I come all the way from Australia every year so I know you can do it.  It's worth it for the 120+ sessions and access to the world's smartest marketers and brands.  Grab your ticket here.

And the networking opportunities are second to none.  Many attendees say it is worth coming to Social Media Marketing World just for the networking alone – they have had such amazing opportunities arise from the event as a result of the networking.

I'll get into why the event is so great a moment, but if you can't wait then jump in and get your ticket here.

And make sure you come and see me …. live, in person!

Donna Moritz - Speaker at Social Media Marketing World 2020
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Join me at SMMW20? Grab Your Ticket here.

2   Grab a Marketer Pass

This year the team at Social Media Examiner are again doing something different with the ticket options.

I'll let you check it out here, but basically it means that you can go Full Monty and get the All-Access pass that includes all the keynotes, events, parties, networking, all sessions and recordings – the whole kit and kaboodle.

Or, if you have limited time, can't attend parties, and don't want to attend workshops (and don't need recordings) you can get a Marketer Pass. This more economical investment provides access to keynotes, all sessions but without the recordings, parties and workshops. Marketer Ticket holders get access to Monday March 2nd and Tuesday March 3rd sessions in 2020.

As I said, you don't get access to the workshops on the first day (Sunday 1st March) or the parties or recordings.  But if in-person learning is your focus and you want to save money, this could be the ticket for you.

So you have options!

Hint:  Personally I think it's worth going all out and getting the All Access Pass. The event is worth it, the networking parties are awesome (see below) and you won't regret it.  And you won't get to every single sessions, so having the recordings to watch later is GOLD. But at least you have the choice, for Social Media Marketing World 2020.  Check out the ticket options here.

IMPORTANT:   I am a proud partner of Social Media Examiner events so if you purchase using my link then I'll receive a commission… if you do buy through my link, chase me down for a drink in San Diego!  True story, I'll seriously buy you a drink! Or a mocktail or Fish taco if you don't drink. 

3   Attend Virtually with a Virtual Pass

The virtual pass is the business! It's a great option if you can't make the main event – you get access to all the sessions and the keynotes – recorded to watch in the comfort of your own home.

And you get to save on airfares and accommodation.  Sweet. Of course we'd love you to come to the event in San Diego but the Virtual Pass to Social Media Marketing World is the next best option

Grab your virtual pass here, and enjoy all the SMMW20 sessions!

Why You Need a Ticket to Social Media Marketing World 2020

1  Get Up to Speed with Social Media Marketing Trends and Best Practices

The quality of presentations and speakers at Social Media Marketing World 2020 will be superb. I know that because it has been superb at every event for the past 7 years so this year will be no different!

There are sessions on blogging, all the social media platforms, content strategy,  live streaming, podcasting, video… the list goes on. And super specific topics ranging from Messenger Bots to Facebook Ads, Local Marketing and Customer Advocacy.

The speakers are world-class and there are over 120+ of them from all over the world (including Aussies like me!). More speakers are announced for Social Media Marketing World, the closer we get to the event.

As well as the main keynotes, you can attend regular 45 minute sessions or longer workshops (which is a popular option).

If you are someone who likes to go deeper on a topic, then definitely check out the workshops. These are no extra cost to you which is awesome.

Listen to what some of the speakers say about the event and why you should come to Social Media Marketing World 2020.

2  Network Network Network at Social Media Marketing World

Social Media Marketing World 2020 will be networking heaven like it is every year. You'll make new friends, meet your online friends in real life and take advantage of awesome opportunities.

Like the past 7 years, you'll get to network in a variety of ways – at the parties, during the sessions or workshops and in the (generous) breaks around the networking plaza. Or if you are more introverted, there's an awesome chill-out space to stay away from the crowds. There are also networking groups online (ie Facebook Groups) for you to meet and engage with other marketers before the event. This will turn your handshakes into hugs on arrival!

Networking at SMMW20 - Image by Social Media Examiner
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Network like a boss at SMMW18

3  Play with the Top Social Media Marketing Experts

At Social Media Marketing World 2020 you will get to meet and chat with your favourite speakers.

That's the thing about Social Media Marketing World – the speakers stay and play and don't speak and run. They love meeting everyone and being part of this amazing event.

Speaker Party at Social Media Marketing World - Social Media Marketing World 2020 – Why You Need A Ticket
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I'm in here somewhere – The Speakers at Social Media Marketing World

So if you see me, come and say Hi.  I can guarantee you will love how engaging and approachable the speakers are.

Oh and just a side note. The speakers often miss lunch because they are talking to people so please…. if you are chatting with one, offer to walk them to the lunch table hehe.

Chris Brogan and friends at #SMMW20 why you should attend
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Chris Brogan and friends – Image by Social Media Examiner

4  You Get a Virtual Ticket.

When you attend Social Media Marketing World 2020, you also get a virtual pass to all the sessions you have access to on your pass (All Access Tickets Only)

It's impossible to see all the sessions at the event and the choice of speakers can be overwhelming.

So, this Virtual Pass is a Godsend. If you don't get it with the All Access Pass, consider buying it separately.

It means you can watch all the sessions when you get home, and even the ones you loved seeing live… for a second time!

Note:  You can now buy a virtual ticket here if you can't make it to the actual event!

5  Social Media Marketing World is One Heck of a Classy Party!

Social Media Marketing World 2020 is going to be a whole heap of fun. It's fun every year!

Why else would dozens of Aussies make the trip over the ocean to join in (I'm serious, there are loads of us, so be prepared).

Which also brings me to this – if we can fly for 14 hours, you can fly from the East Coast of the US or from Europe, OK?

Glad we've got that settled.. here's where you get your ticket. [wink]

But seriously, the parties and events are worth the price of the ticket alone.  I personally love the party on the Midway Aircraft Carrier that we've had in previous years. It's all kinds of cool.

USS Midway Party at #SMMW20
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Image by Social Media Examiner

I may or may not have crashed and burned in a simulator with Zach from Canva.   I sure did spend a lot of time upside down, I know that!

Fly High at the USS Midway Party
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Fly High at the USS Midway Party

6  San Diego.. that is all.

Let's talk about San Diego. It's one of my favourite cities in the world. And I have been to around 35 countries, so I have been to a few awesome cities in my time. This city is special.

Make sure you allow a few days to soak it all in. There is so much to see, do (eat and drink!) in San Diego you don't want to waste the opportunity to immerse yourself in this awesome city while you are here at Social Media Marketing World 2020.

San Diego is a mecca for families and kids – or sans-free partner time too!

Check out the So Cal beaches, drink some craft beer, and wander down the Gaslamp Quarter (or along the harbour)… maybe take a trip over to Coronado Island.

Go on then….I know you want to!

If you have kids then bring them… it's kid mecca here with Legoland, the San Diego Zoo… so much to see.

…or leave the kids at home and come and play with me and almost 5000 other marketers! I even know some delegates who bring partners and Grandparents and kids and everyone has a holiday!  Need to see more… check out this video:

And…. here's your ticket [wink]

And (sob) if you can't come to San Diego for Social Media Marketing World 2020, here's your virtual ticket.

Are you coming to Social Media Marketing World in 2020?

Social Media Marketing World 2020 will be awesome and like no other digital conference you have seen.

Social Media Marketing World Opening Keynote - Social Media Marketing World 2020 - Why You Should Attend
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Opening Keynote with Michael Stelzner – Image by Social Media Examiner

It only gets bigger and better and the team is amazing – they pour their hearts and souls into making this a great conference. The CEO of Social Media Examiner, Mike Stelzner,  is committed to making this conference exceptional.

I know these people – their team truly do care about the attendees and you will be made feel super welcome.

Nothing is too much trouble for the team at Social Media Marketing World.

… and as a speaker, I can say that it's one of my favourite events to speak at because of the way they make us feel so welcome. The tech and AV is exceptional… that's what YOU want right? -Happy, excited, relaxed speakers, jumping on stage ready to give you massive value.

So… are you coming?

Ready to get your ticket to Social Media Marketing World 2020?  The tickets are at a super low price, and the price rises gradually leading up to the event, so the best time to grab a ticket is now!

Come and join me!

Donna Moritz - Speaker at Social Media Marketing World 2020
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Will you join me at SMMW20?

Your Turn

Are you joining me at Social Media Marketing World 2020?

NOTE:  I am a proud affiliate for all Social Media Examiner events including Social Media Marketing World 2020. If you purchase a ticket I will get a commission but I only recommend events that I speak at or attend and love, so you are in good hands.

Social Media Marketing World 2020 - Why You Need a Ticket
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Donna is a Visual Content Strategist and founder of Socially Sorted, listed by Forbes as a "Top 5 Social Media Blog You Need to Know About in 2019". Donna helps brands leverage the power of visual storytelling and content strategy in their business. Her content has been featured in publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur Online and she is a contributor to Social Media Examiner. Donna speaks about digital and visual content for the marketing and tourism industries internationally.

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  1. Lucas Smith

    What? How come this is the first time I’ve heard of this? Does this post serve as an invitation? Cause I am really interested right now. Looking at all those photos adds up to the hype. It’s also a good opportunity to exchange some insights with fellow social media marketers. Definitely looking forward to this. If it’s an open event, of course. lol

    • Donna Moritz

      Yes Lucas – it’s exactly as the post says – you just have to click on any of the links above and buy a ticket to the actual conference or there’s a link to the virtual ticket too here:


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