Social Media Marketing World 2017 – Why You Should Attend

Social Media Marketing World is the must-attend Social Media Conference Event of the year.  

I'm coming at you with 7 Reasons Why you should put Social Media Marketing World at the top of your Digital Marketing Conference “must-attend” lists.  

…and two ways that you can attend Social Media Marketing World.  

Social Media Marketing World 2017 - Why You Must Attend
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Social Media Marketing World 2020 will be the 8th Year of the event. It will be my 8th year attending and the 7th time I will speak at this event.

I couldn't be more grateful to be part of (in my opinion) the best Social Media Conference in the World.

It's the biggest, no doubt, (with over 120+ sessions from the World's Leading Social Media Experts) but it's also the best.  Don't believe me? Check this out:

After watching that video, I may not need to convince you of why you should attend (because I know you want to).

But first,  I wanted to share two ways you CAN attend.- tickets for Social Media Marketing World 2017 are rising between now and the event so the sooner you jump the more discounted the tickets are:

2 Ways to Attend Social Media Marketing World

1  Buy a Ticket, Jump on a Plane and DO IT!

This is my first recommendation.  Just do it.  Grab the chance to attend the event and buy your ticket here.

You'll get access to all the 120+ sessions live and access to the virtual pass for later.

Many brands and small business owners who have attended have seen massive growth in their business through marketing practices they have implemented after attending.

I know countless people who have had huge opportunities arise from the amazing networking opportunities.

More of that later, but first, if you can't wait, and you are doing a happy dance already, click this link and grab your ticket.

And come and see me …. live, in person… I'm referring to both of us!

2   Grab a Virtual Ticket and Enjoy the Event in Your PJs (No Flight Required)

Now before you go crying about not being able to make it to Social Media Marketing World 2017 in person, consider getting a virtual ticket.

It's your next best option.

Nobody gets to attend ALL the sessions live anyway, so either way you'll rely on the virtual ticket to catch the sessions.

You get all 120+ sessions, access to the LInkedIn Community and you'll save on flights, accommodation, meals and jetlag.

SMMW17 Virtual Ticket - No Flying Required
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At least you don't have to fly with a virtual ticket…

Watch the virtual pass anytime, anywhere or in your PJs.

If that doesn't convince you then you can read more about the Social Media Marketing World Virtual Ticket Here.

Now that you have your two options, let's jump in and take a look at WHY you should take me up on one of them for attending Social Media Marketing World 2017 (in person or virtually) .

IMPORTANT:   I am a proud partner of Social Media Examiner events so if you purchase using my link then I'll receive a commission…. but please message me on the contact form of this website as I have a surprise for you if you do ;o)  

7 Reasons You Must Attend Social Media Marketing World

1  Keep up with the latest Social Media Marketing Trends and Best Practices

The quality of the presentations is amazing – you'll always go away with something to take action on.  From blogging to live streaming to podcasting to video and all the social media platforms – you can hone in on your areas of interest or need and learn what you need to learn.

And if you miss it there's always the virtual pass!

The speakers are chosen from the best of the best social media experts (there's over 120+ sessions) from around the world.

There's also a mix of keynote sessions and workshops, so if you are someone who wants to jump in and go deeper on a topic, book in for a workshop (at no extra cost).

But don't take my word for how awesome the speakers are – listen to what they say about the event.

In this video, you'll hear just how much they love it (including my interview at the 2016 event) and why it's a great place to meet and network with industry leaders:

2  Network like a BOSS

Social Media Marketing World is one of the best social media marketing conferences I know for solidifying real relationships from those you have made online.

You'll literally have the opportunity to network like a boss if that is the way you roll.

In fact, this digital marketing conference has been set up to cater for plenty of networking time. It's woven throughout the 3 days – at parties, between sessions, breakout room… whatever your style is (even if you are an introvert) this conference is set up to cater for you and ensure you meet the right people to help your business grow.

Networking at SMMW17 - Image by Social Media Examiner
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Network like a boss at SMMW17

3  Meet the World's Top Social Media Marketing Experts

At Social Media Marketing World you'll literally bump shoulders and have some amazing conversations (and make connections) with people who are on the cutting edge of social media marketing and content marketing.

Speakers at Social Media Marketing World
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The speakers don't just speak and run. They stay and play and they'll interact with you (come and chat with me!).

I guarantee you that you'll be blown away by how approachable the speakers are.  I've seen speakers miss lunch because they stop and chat so much on their way to the food.

*Side Note:  If you chat with me at lunchtime, let's walk in the general direction of the food, picking up anyone else who wants to come along…so nobody goes hungry!

Chris Brogan and friends at Social Media Marketing World - Social Media Marketing World 2017 why you should attend
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Chris Brogan and friends – Image by Social Media Examiner

4  The Virtual Ticket has Got Your Back

As I said above, if you attend Social Media Marketing World 2017 you'll also get the Virtual Pass!

So if you miss a session, you can relax, because the virtual pass has you covered.

And (sob) if you can't meet me there in person this year, then be sure to join me virtually with the Virtual Pass.

You can buy it here.

SMMW17 Virtual Ticket - Watch in your PJs
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5  It's Bloody Fun!

Social Media Marketing World 2017 is going to be bloody fun?  How do I know? Because every year it is!

I know that I sound a little Australian by saying so, but trust me, this is a FUN event.

And that's not just because of the number of Australian's that make the long haul flight.  Oh yes, we do.

So… yo, listen up, if we Aussies can make the long haul flight, you sure as heck can handle a short one, ok?

But seriously, from the first night, the constant chatter, networking, amazing presentations and buzz will excite you.

And the opening night party on the Midway is one of the highlights for sure!

USS Midway Part at Social Media Marketing World - Social Media Marketing World 2017 - Why You Should Attend
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Image by Social Media Examiner

I mean, where else can you ride an aircraft simulator at a social media conference?  Just avoid riding with me… I went on a mission inside one of these with Zach from Canva and we spent a lot of time upside down.

Fly High at the USS Midway Party
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Fly High at the USS Midway Party

6  San Diego

Let's not kid ourselves.. the location has a HUGE impact on whether you want to attend an event somewhere, right?

Well, when it comes to location, San Diego is one of my favourite places in the world.

Social Media Marketing World 2017 is being held in San Diego for the 5th year and I think it is here to stay… but you never know.

Why not make this year the year you'll attend?

From the San Diego Beaches to the OMG Sunsets and the beautiful restaurants and bars just a walk away in the Gaslamp Quarter (or along the harbour)… what more could you want.

Bring the kids, go to Legoland, visit the Zoo… my kids loved it when they came with us a few years ago.

I mean seriously, check this video out….. could this city BE any more perfect?

Oh, and the days are sunny in March!

7  First Class Conference Experience

Social Media Marketing World 2017 will be a digital conference like no other. Every year this conference gets better. Make sure you are there.

Social Media Marketing World Opening Keynote - Social Media Marketing World 2017 - Why You Should Attend
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Opening Keynote with Michael Stelzner – Image by Social Media Examiner

Every year this conference gets better. Make sure you are there.  The Social Media Examiner team pull out no stops to make you feel welcome and there's a team member at (seemingly) ever corner to help you get what you need.

The Social Media Examiner team pull out no stops to make you feel welcome and there's a team member at (seemingly) ever corner to help you get what you need.

Whether it's the nearest coffee or the session you are heading to….. Just ask them.

In fact I've never heard anyone complain about Social Media Marketing World's team or customer service… and as a speaker their support is second to none, so we all end up on stage relaxed, happy, excited and ready to deliver.

So, how about it?  Are you coming?

It's not too late to grab your ticket to Social Media Marketing World.  You can still benefit from significant discounts by purchasing before the event.

Or if you can't make it live and in person to San Diego in March [insert sad face] then grab the Virtual Ticket instead.

Donna Moritz Speaking at #SMMW17
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Over to You

Are you joining me in real-life or virtually at Social Media Marketing World 2017?  

Let me know in the comments below!  

NOTE:  I am a proud affiliate for all Social Media Examiner events including Social Media Marketing World. If you purchase a ticket I will get a commission but I only recommend events that I speak at or attend and love, so you are in good hands.

Social Media Marketing World 2017 - 7 Reasons Why You Must Attend this top Digital Marketing Conference
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Donna Moritz

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Donna is a Visual Content Strategist and founder of Socially Sorted, listed by Forbes as a "Top 5 Social Media Blog You Need to Know About". Donna helps brands leverage the power of visual storytelling and content strategy in their business. Her content has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Inc. & Entrepreneur and she is a speaker and trainer on visual content for the marketing and tourism industries internationally.

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  1. Fiona Lucas

    i have met so many wonderful people ore the past 4 years. Due to personal issues this year I will be a virtual attendee, I will miss the energy and catching up with everyone. If you work in social media or marketing this conference is a must. For all the reasons you have outlined, plus the amazing friendships and connections I’ve made since the first conference. I will be looking forward to the slack channeIs enabling me to connect virtually. ☺

    • Donna Moritz

      I’ll miss you this year Fiona! I’m sure next year will come around before you can blink! It always does. Look forward to catching up with you during the event online!


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