Easy Message Reminder Posts for Instagram (+ 10 Canva Templates)

Have you noticed all the Message Reminder Posts for Instagram and social media? They're everywhere and they are super fun! So, why not create some of these notification posts for your business? In this post I share 10 easy message reminder posts and Canva templates to get you started.

Easy Message Reminder Posts + Canva Templates
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So, why are Message Reminder Posts so popular on social media right now? It's likely due to a few things, namely:

We are tuned to react to message notifications: it's a fact that many of us are (cough) a little attached to our devices, messages and notifications. So that “serotonin fix” of seeing a notification image triggers us to react when we see a social post come up on our feed. We've been conditioned to take notice of them. As much as I don't want to encourage us to be addicted to our phones, I do want you to be able to produce successful, engaging social media content. And these posts do just that!

They are easy to edit and post: we can easily change out the image or video, text and colors using a visual design tool with reminder posts. Anything that is easy to edit and post is something to like, right? And the best part is that you don't have to worry too much about making these types of posts fit your brand colors. They are designed to look like the device or phone or notification. Which makes it easier to edit them because they don't have to “fit” your brand.

They are engaging: you can get quite creative with these types of posts. From inspirational content to humor, it's easy to adapt them to the business or niche you are in. And there aren't any audiences that I can think of that don't engage well with these types of posts.

And to make it even more fun, I've included templates for each of the examples below!

Canva Templates (Free for Canva Pro Users)

Along with ideas for what to create (for your industry, business or audience), I've included 10 engaging Message Reminder Posts (or Notification posts). Use them on Instagram or anywhere you need a square image or video.

You can use them for free with a Canva Pro Account. And don't worry if you don't have a Canva Pro Account – you can get a 45 day free trial on this link:

So now you can go to town with Canva's extra pro-level videos, elements, photos and templates including my whole range of designs on the Canva Marketplace.

Let's jump in and take a look at the templates (and ideas for using them!).

10 Message Reminder Posts You Can Post Right Now

1. “Air Drop” – Photo Request Message Reminder Posts for Instagram

Why not have fun with the idea of sharing a phone “air drop” photo. This is an easy post to encourage engagement and you can adapt it for any business type:

How can you edit this template?

Think of ways you can have your business or your preferred topic “send” a photo as an air drop.
Any promotion, offer, content that you want to share… this is a great way to share it! For example:

  • a coffee shop sharing a photo of their latest coffee and cake deal
  • a day spa sharing their latest promotion as an image
  • an online tech shop sharing their Black Friday deal
  • the travel agent or online travel agency sharing your next holiday location

Hot Tip: you can also choose between switching out a photo or video in the background. Just change the central image. The template allows it to be easy to add an image into both the forward and background image frames. You'll notice that the background is automatically blurred as the effect has already been added.

2. “Morning Coffee” – Incoming Call Reminder Posts (Video)

This is one of my favorite styles of notification posts – the incoming call! Is it from someone you want to hear from? Or someone you don't want to hear from? Either way, have fun with it:

Use my template free with a Canva Pro account or get 45 days free on Canva Pro here

How can you edit this template?

This is one of the easiest templates to edit. Do I want to hear from my morning coffee? Yes, yes, I do. Do I want to hear from my personal trainer? It depends! Do I want to hear from my upcoming holiday? Yes!

Get creative with this post by switching out the image and text. Try some of these:

  • a call from an activity, person or entity that you can laugh about wanting to avoid.
  • a call from an activity, person or entity that you can't wait to answer a call from. They matter!
  • switch out the background video (or you can add a photo instead) by dragging a new image into the frame.

Note: you don't need to change up much text on this post, other than the heading!

3. “Tea Time” – Calendar Message Reminder Posts

A Calendar reminder post gets our attention. Use a post like this to send a reminder of any type!

How can you edit this template?

This template works well with any sort of date-defined event or promotion as well as inspirational posts. Some ideas include:

  • a promotion, webinar or training coming up.
  • a motivational quote – like in the example above.
  • an event or conference

Get creative with it! Switch out the image and text to share the message you want to share.

4. “Live Text Conversation” – Chat Message Posts (Video)

Adding a little animation to your message notification posts for Instagram can help to catch attention. This is an engaging type of post that you can modify for different purposes. Just think of a conversation you can adapt it to (or share this template as it is, if it suits your audience!).

Use my template free with a Canva Pro account or get 45 days free on Canva Pro here

How can you edit this template?

This template can be used as a video/animated post (either keep the “Person is typing” animation or remove it if you don't need it). Use it to share:

  • a funny “conversation” that adds some lighthearted content to your social posts.
  • a “conversation” about your business or industry.
  • Post it like it is – or change it slightly… get creative!

5. “Intuition Calling” – Reminder Message Reminder Posts

This style of notification graphic posts can be used for just about any topic. Change the source of the call, and change the image. Or even add a video into the background!

How can you edit this template?

Adapt this post to any industry, genre or topic:

  • a missed call from something inspirational like your intuition, success, gratitude, time out.
  • a project you are working on (or that you want your clients to work on)
  • something funny that your audience will relate to – coffee, wine, or chocolate is calling!

6. “Leg Day Reminder” – Software Reminder Message Posts

This is a fun “take” on the computer alerts you get when software needs to be in installed. But instead of a “software update”…. it's “Leg Day” at the gym!

How can you edit this template?

Switch up the colors and text to reflect the messag eyou want to convey. Change the notification to be from:a call from an activity, person or entity that you can laugh about wanting to avoid (X). And then change the last item to the thing you would prefer to do to procrastinate and avoid doing X.

7. “Important Reminder” – Message Reminder Posts (Video)

Another Important Reminder – this time the notification reminder or notification post is in a video version! Again this message reminder template can be edited easily with images or video in the background. Just snap it in!

Use my template free with a Canva Pro account or get 45 days free on Canva Pro here

How can you edit this template?

This is one of the easiest templates to edit. Switch out the video and text. Try some of these:

  • a motivational quote that your audience could relate to.
  • a tip for your industry or audience
  • a funny quote or suggestion that the obvious (or not so obvious) response to the question would be “OK”. If the answer is something else, then edit the text. It could be anything from “ABSOLUTELY” to “HECK YEAH”.

8. “Game Day” – Toggle Message Reminder Notification Post

The notification toggle post is super fun to edit. This can be used for everything from Game Day to Christmas Day – with a few tweaks to the text and images!

How can you edit this template?

Again, this is a super easy template to edit. Decide on your theme, then:

  • Switch out the text to suit your message.
  • Switch out the background image.

Hot Tip: I've used this template style for a lot of seasonal content like Christmas and Easter, as well as motivational posts and more!

9. “Happiness Is..” – Google Search Posts

This template idea might not be “exactly” a reminder message, but it's still all about tech/devices. In this case it's about searching on Google. It's a search post!

How can you edit this template?

Simply switch out the background image (if you wish) and change up the text. If you need help with the content, try searching on Google for the phrase and see what comes up. We've created these for:

  • Self-care searches (ie happiness, gratitude)
  • business related searches – choose a word that your audience wills relate to.
  • humor-related searches – have some fun with a word that your audience will find amusing.

Hot Tip: You can find some great results by searching on Google and using the actual predictive text results. It's a copywriting hack because Google gives some great suggestions. In fact, in the above example, all but one of the responses were straight from the popular predictive search results on Google (thank you internet!). If you don't like what comes up, just create your own “search results”.

10. “Software Update” – Message Reminder Posts

We're constantly reminded to update our software across devices and computers. What about turning it into some fun?

How can you edit this template?

You have a lot of options with this post. You can change the whole direction of the template to be something completely different – or stick with the “Software Update” concept.

  • You can change it to be an “update” on any topic – a Health Update, a Productivity Update, a Fitness Update, a Business Update. Choose the options to fit the title. ie a Health update could be to “Install Gym membership now” leading into “Install goals now” and “Visit Gym Daily”, as well as “It is done”.
  • Switch the text to something completely different. It could be 4 Tips for X (followed by a short blurb with 4 tips).
  • Don't forget that this template lends itself to easily switching out the image or even adding a video in the background.

Hot Tip: Don't choose a “busy” background. Instead select a photo or video that is aesthetically pleasing while being relevant to your topic. That way, it won't detract from the message.

Get Started!

Now go forth and add these fun message reminder posts for Instagram (or other platforms!) in your social content.

And remember that you can use all of the templates in this post for free on a Canva Pro account (grab the 45 trial below). I can offer this exclusive to my community as a Canva Certified Creator.

Over to You

Are you using Message Reminder Posts for Instagram or in your other social media content?

Now you have plenty of inspiration to get you started!

Easy Message Reminder Posts + Canva Templates
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