60+ May Social Media Ideas (+ Canva Templates)

Need some May Social Media Ideas? In this post we share a packed list of Social Media Holidays for May in 2023, with bucketloads of images, social videos, GIFs and more – including Canva templates! You'll never run out of May content ideas again!

60+ Engaging Social Media Ideas for May 2023 + Canva Templates
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We've rounded up a list of popular and international holidays as well as some weird and wacky celebration days for May – recently updated for 2023 dates!

You won't run out of ideas with our May Social Media ideas – from daily to weekly and even monthly celebrations in May. Bookmark this post and keep it for later reference on an annual basis. 

What Comes With The May Social Media Ideas?

  • Canva templates for you to create amazing images or even videos quickly to match your posts!
  • an overview of all the May social media ideas for your content calendar. This ideas for what to create and templates to help you create them… then share your images, videos or GIFs.
  • a super-handy reference guide (plus an Infographic) to help you easily grab social media ideas and holidays for the month of May in 2023.

Check out the other monthly social media ideas posts in this series (updated early 2023).

Tips for Creating May Content Quickly & Easily

Creating content can be time consuming and sometimes can seem to never end! But if you get smart about it, schedule ahead and use tips like templates and batching, you can create loads of content quickly and easily. Try these tips:

  1. Use templates. If you're not a designer and don't want to spend hours and hours designing, then it's simple… use templates. Luckily this post is packed with templates that you can use in Canva plus ideas for how to find more templates. Don't create from scratch unless you need to – use a template and simply change out the written or visual content (the text/message, image or graphic). Then you're good to go in way less time! Check out this post for some tips.
  2. Use batching. Don't just create one image, create 10-20. If you are creating a quote, why not create more than one? If you're creating a video, then do more than one using the same style. You'd never bake just one cupcake, so don't just create one image. Once you sit down and start creating content, it's easier to do a whole batch of visuals.
  3. Create short videos to post on social media – Social video or anything that moves is super popular. So why not create more video? It works really well for engagement on just about any social platform. So make sure you include animated visuals and videos in your content. Lucky for you, Canva has an AWESOME set of video features now from animated stickers to animated effects on images or entire designs to multi-scene video templates. It's all in one place in the one tool but if you need more ideas, then check out this post.
  4. Create content that is easily consumed. As I said, we like to scroll through our feed, so content like quotes, tips, observational humour, quick how-to videos work great for engagement.

Canva Templates + 45 Days Free Trial on Canva Pro

Get started by using the Canva templates in this post (includes templates that are both Free for all Canva users, and Free for Canva Pro users). Canva Pro gives you access to thousands of videos, elements, photos and templates from a whole range of designers on the Canva Marketplace. Try it free for 45 days on this link:

Quick Guide Infographic to May Social Media Ideas & Holidays for 2023

We've put together a quick reference guide to some of the important May Social Media Holidays for 2023. So, now you can share it or save it to Pinterest for later reference:

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Want the full 2023 Social Media Holiday Infographic? Click here.

May Social Media Ideas and Holidays – Calendar Days

I've included at least one holiday “day” for every day in our May list of social media ideas and holidays. I've also included hashtags, tools, tips and resources for creating visual content in 2023. This post will be updated annually to check dates. We'll also add content as we create or discover it. So keep it bookmarked to refer back to! 

1. May 1st is Save the Rhino Day.

And if you love Chocolate and icecream then you should know, today is also National Chocolate Parfait Day. Find out more here.

A celebration of Hawaiian culture also occurs today, with Lei Day.

It's also May Day in the UK (celebrated around the 1st May on the first Monday in May, as it's a Spring Festival). Use hashtag #MayDay.

2. Today is National Brothers and Sisters Day (US) – it seems siblings get a good run of it after having Siblings Day in April!

For the Harry Potter Fans, it's also International Harry Potter Day #HarryPotterDay.

And it's World Asthma Day. #WorldAsthmaDay on the 1st Tuesday in May.

Siblings, Brothers and Sisters Canva Template - 60+ May Social Media Ideas
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3. WordSmith Day (#WordSmithDay) is observed annually on May 3rd. Share some wise words, poetry or quotes from your favourite Wordsmith! Note: a Wordsmith refers to a person who works with words; a skilled writer. Share a quote today!

4. Star Wars Day– If you haven't been living under a rock every year, you would know about Star Wars Day. It's celebrated every year on May the 4th so go crazy posting about your favourite Star Wars characters, quotes or movies. May the 4th Be With You! Use the hashtags #StarWarsDay & #MayThe4thBeWithYou and find out more from Lucas Films here.

It's also International Firefighters Day.

And don't forget World Password Day held on the first Thursday in May. We all need a reminder to update our passwords, right? today is World Password Day, all about reminding us of the importance of protecting ourselves with passwords… strong passwords. And in doing so, this day is designed to help us learn more about cyber security. Time to change your passwords?

5. Cinco De Mayo – Every 5th May is CincoDeMayo, a Mexican holiday but celebrated in a bigger way in the US. Create content around all things Mexico, Margaritas and Tacos! #CincoDeMayo

Cinco De Mayo Canva Template - 60+ May Social Media Ideas
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And thank a Midwife today, as it's International Day of the Midwife.

It's also National Space Day (US) – held on the first Friday in May annually. Talk about all things Space on #SpaceDay, held annually on the first Friday in May.

6. Tourist Appreciation Day (US) – as an avid tourist I'm all for appreciating tourists and never more than right now – even if it is changing the focus to being a tourist in your own backyard or local town/suburb. I've also had the fortunate experience of speaking at tourism events and for tourism organisations around the world. So it's a great opportunity to recognise the humble tourist and promote local operators! Partner up with other local operators and thank your tourists (and locals) while promoting each other's businesses, especially in times of downturn or changes to operating conditions.

It's also National Nurses Day (US). Never has there been a better time to thank our Nurses (also see 12th May!)

Another unusual day of celebration is Free Comic Book Day, Find out more here. #FreeComicBookDayheld. Held annually on the first Saturday in May.

Held annually on the first Saturday in May, it's International Drone Day #InternationalDroneDay #DroneDay on May 1st. Today is all about drones – maybe this is a great day to post an overhead shot or drone imagery or talk to your audience about drone photography.

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7. Today is National Cosmopolitan Day. Bring out your inner Carrie Bradshaw and embrace this classic cocktail on National Cosmo Day. Cheers! 

And for humor-related content, it's World Laughter Day on the 1st Sunday in May. A great day to share something funny or designed to give us a good belly laugh!

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A meme that pokes fun at our daily observations is always good for a laugh!

8. World Ovarian Cancer Day – Each year on May 8, women living with ovarian cancer and their families and supporters come together to raise awareness about Ovarian Cancer. This is an initiative of the  World Ovarian Cancer Coalition.

9. Europe Day – From castles to churches to beaches, snow-topped mountains, museums and colorful languages. Today is a day to post about Europe. Use the hashtag #EuropeDay.

It's also National Teacher's Appreciation Day. Now more than every it might be a good day to thank a Teacher! (held on the Tuesday of the first full week in May).

10. National Shrimp Day – Shrimp, Prawns, Bubba Gump… today (in the US) is about all things crustacean and shrimp! Shrimp cocktail anyone?

It's also Clean Up Your Room Day. Use #CleanUpYourRoom. Note taken.

It's also National Receptionists Day – Celebrate your can't-do-without receptionist or office manager today. Maybe let him or her take over your Instagram Stories or Facebook account with some behind-the-scenes content or tips for your industry! Find out more here. Held every second Wednesday in May.

11. Eat What You Want Day … so go forth and eat what you want today! Or post a picture about what you indulged in! Maybe even share this fun video about eating all the chocolate…

12. National Limerick Day is today (#LimerickDay), so you might feel creatively inclined to write a Limerick? A Limerick is a 5 line poem (that's usually funny or fun) where the last words of lines 1, 2 and 5 (which each have 8 syllables) rhyme. Check out this video for tips.

It's also International Nurses Day #NursesDay so find a nurse and thank them or post about how wonderful they are on your social channels.

13. Top Gun Day #TopGunDay is all about feeling the need… the need for speed. If you are a fan of the movie Top Gun, or maybe your audience is, then today is the day to reminisce about Goose and Maverick! Share a movie clip or GIF! Find out more here.

Today is also World Cocktail Day. Bottoms Up! #WorldCocktailDay

World Cocktail Day Template - Check out these 60+ May Social Media Ideas - Images, Videos, GIFs and more!
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Hint: you can use this template for any upcoming event or cause for celebration or self-care!

14. Dylan Thomas Day #DylanThomas is a celebrated Welsh Poet and Writer. Share a quote by Dylan Thomas. Or just a quote about the power of the written word.

It's also World Fair Trade Day (second Saturday in May)

It's also Mother's Day in the United States AND Australia. So go and spoil your Mamma!

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15. International Day of Families – Today is all about celebrating the family – in any shape, form or size. This is an official Unesco day of celebration. Find out more here.

Family Matters Canva Template - 60+ May Social Media Ideas
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It's also National Chocolate Chip Day, which might be the perfect snack to enjoy with your family. Or wine.

Stepmother's Day #StepmothersDay is also today to honor the unique relationship and bond of stepmothers with their stepchildren. It's held on the first Sunday after Mother's Day each year.

16. National Biographer's Day – Have you read a great biography? Maybe your audience has. Ask them! The 16th May is Biographer's Day to commemorate the anniversary of the day that Samuel Johnson met his biographer James Boswell in London – on the 16th – in 1763. It's a day to honor our biographers and talk about their works… the books we love to read about people in history – a written account of another person's life, not to be confused with an autobiography.

It's also Love a Tree Day so use #LoveATreeDay and go hug a tree!

And if you love Mimosa's it's also National Mimosa Day.

17. After all that has happened in the past year, this particular day might be quite familiar to many people.. it's Work from Home Day. Celebrate your working-from-home self or those in your community that work from home on this day. #WorkFromHomeDay.

And if you fancy baking, today is World Baking Day #WorldBakingDay so get your bake on. Or maybe you're still eating chocolate chip cookies.

It's also Walnut Day. #WalnutDay.

18. International Museum Day time to go and visit one of your local museums. Held annually on the 18th May.

19. Devils Food Cake Day – who doesn't love a classic chocolate cake? Known as Devil's Food Cake in the US, chocolate cake is fabulous, no matter what you call it.

It's also May Ray Day. It's a day to celebrate Spring and sunny days in the US so a great day to get out of the office and soak up some rays!

And it's Endangered Species Day too – it's a day for talking about Endangered Species and the protection of the animals we all love. Find out more here. Held on the 3rd Friday in May.

It's also International Virtual Assistants Day – held annually on the 3rd Friday of May. If you work online then there's a good chance you've used the services of a Virtual Assistant sometime. I know that many parts of my business couldn't surivive without them over the years. If you have a virtual assistant on your team, celebrate them today or feature them on your Instagram Stories! Maybe do a serial story takeover if you have more than one VA to feature! (also celebrated on the 3rd Friday in May).

20. World Bee Day – If you didn't know already, bees have had a hard time of it lately with disease killing off huge colonies the world over. It's rather scary given that bees are responsible for the pollenation of a a huge percentage of our food crops, so we need to protect them for more than honey.

Put simply, without bees, we'd probably starve, so they are important little critters. Find out more about protecting bees here and share some bee related content around World Bee Day so we can all do our part to protect them.

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Today is also National Rescue Dog Day – observed annually on May 20th.

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And it's Be a Millionaire Day – a great day to talk about all things being a millionaire.

And last but not least, it's World Whisky Day. A day of global whisky appreciation and perhaps a wee dram! Find out more about World Whisky Day here. If you're wondering what the difference between Whisky and Whiskey is – it's just the country of origin. The Scots use Whisky and the Irish use Whiskey. Held on the 3rd Saturday in May.

21. It's National Memo Day #NationalMemoDay

Get created with some memo-inspired content:

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This template is animated – click the template to view.

22. International Sherlock Holmes Day– All things Dr Watson and Mr Holmes are celebrated annually on 22nd May. Find out more here. It's celebrated on the birthday of the author of the Sherlock Holme's books – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Perhaps a quote from the famous Dr Holmes is in order?

It's also National Maritime Day (US).

23. World Turtle Day – today is all about the turtle and a popular day worldwide to celebrate our ocean wildlife. Find out more here.

24. National Scavenger Hunt Day – time for a real or virtual scavenger hunt!

25. Geek Pride Day – Are you a proud Geek? Today is the day to promote geek culture celebrated annually on the 25th May. It's also National Wine Day in the US, so geek out while drinking wine.

26. World Paper Airplane Day – Paper planes have held our fascination over decades and today is World Paper Airplane Day. Share a paper-plane-inspired quote!

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It's also World Dracula Day. Bleh bleh bleh…. Find out about who the real person was behind the Dracula stories here.

Oh and if you love cheesecake, today is National Blueberry Cheesecake Day. Yum.

27. Cellophane Tape Day – today is a day to celebrate the humble cellophane tape (or sticky tape as we know it in Australia).

It's also Nothing to Fear Day #NothingToFear.

Lay Your Fears Aside Canva Quote Template - 60+ May Social Media Ideas
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28. Hamburger Day – Need we say more? Who doesn't love a Hamburger? Now there's a day on which to love it! As if we really need a day for that ;o) #HamburgerDay

29. National Biscuit Day – this is all about the sweet variety of biscuit found in countries like Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain. Time to break open your packet of Tim Tams!

It's also PaperClip Day– #PaperclipDay is because we can't do without them, or at least for years it's been that way… probably less so now that we are so much more paperless. Themes around paper supplies and organisation could also work for posts around Paperclip Day.

And finally, it's Memorial Day (US), a well-loved holiday in the United States. It might be a little different in 2020 but it will still be special. Held on the last Monday in May, annually.

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30. World MS Day – Knowing many friends who are livng with Multiple Sclerosis this is an important day on the annual calendar for me. Find out more about World MS Day here and use the hashtags #WorldMSDay #MyInvisibleMS this year.

31. World No Tobacco Day #NoTobaccoDay is a day initiated by the World Health Organisation, about the impact that tabacco has on the health of our community the world over. Use the hashtag #NoTobaccoDay in your posts to support the goal of reduced tobacco consumption and stricter controls for tobacco.

On a sweeter note it's also World Macaron Day. Not to be confused with the delicious Macaroon, Macaroons are also delicious but totally different. Maybe share the difference with your audience! In short, the essential ingredient is different … in macarons it's almond meal (and other yummy flavours and buttercream icing mixes), and macaroons it's shredded coconut.

Macaroons might make you smile, which is great as it's also National Smile Day.

May Social Media Ideas and Holidays – Calendar Weeks and Months

Here's a quick list of May week-long and month-long holidays to dive into to find week-long social media ideas:

  • National Nurses Week – first full week of the month of May
  • National Police Week (US) – Sunday 14th May to Saturday 20th May
  • National Bike Week (bike to work) – third week in May.
  • National Barbecue Month
  • National Salsa Month
  • National Salad Month
  • National Bicycle Safety Month
  • National Hamburger Month
  • National Pet Month
  • National Strawberry Month
  • International Year of Plant Health
  • International year of the Nurse and the Midwife.

A few tips for using Canva to create your May Social Media Images in 2023

Here are some quick and easy tips for creating images in Canva for 2023 content:

1. Use templates… all the templates!

The templates I shared in this post are just the tip of the iceberg. Looking for more templates? Follow my Canva Creator Profile on Canva to see 100s of additional templates (including new templates as I release them). I have a growing series of templates available for both Free Users of Canva and Pro Users:

Follow Socially Sorted (Donna Moritz) on Canva for hundreds of Free Canva Templates
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2. Create Videos

Canva now has an amazing video feature that allows you to easily add animations to your designs (text, object and whole-page animations) as well as adding videos and transitions. It's fast becoming an excellent alternative to other video tools so be sure to play with it!

3. Get More Calendar Ideas!

Check out my updated 2023 calendar post for more 2023 Social Media Calendar ideas!

2023 Social Media Ideas + 12 month calendar
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Over to You

Do you schedule your content ahead? What are your Favourite May Social Media holidays and have we missed any?

60+ Engaging Social Media Ideas for May 2023 + Canva Templates
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