How to Skyrocket Your Tweets Using Buffer App

If I was to share one tool that has supercharged my efficiency when tweeting content to Twitter, it would be Buffer App.  Hands down this tool has saved me hours of time when planning my social media posts.   

Buffer App Logo
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Use Buffer. Save Time. Simple!

So what is Buffer and how does it work?  

The Buffer Team describe it this way:

Buffer makes your life easier with a smarter way to schedule the great content you find. Fill up your Buffer at one time in the day and Buffer automagically posts them for you through the day. Simply keep that Buffer topped up to have a consistent social media presence all day round, all week long.

Now, I am not a fan of automating everything but I am a fan of tools that allow me to post content throughout the day without bombarding everyone with a bunch of tweets or posts at once – any tool that supplements my ability to engage live on Twitter or Facebook is a good thing in my book. And please note, I do not advocate only using Buffer to handle your social media scheduling. It is best used as an addition to whatever Social Media Management Tool you choose, be it Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, or my favourite, Sprout Social.   With two of these tools combined, you can really have some fun (and save TIME!).

Using Buffer is easy – once you have installed the Buffer App, all you need to do is click “Add to Buffer” in order to add the relevant article, post, quote or tip to your Buffer.  Then the posts go out to your Twitter Feed (or Facebook Feed if you so choose) at pre-determined times of the day!   You can edit your Buffer Posts and you can choose to post them immediately or schedule them – the post will go into the next available time slot. All you have to do is make sure your Buffer is topped up and you will always have posts ready to go!

As with most apps, there is a free version and also a Pro Version which enables you to schedule at multiple times throughout the day, as well as posting to multiple accounts.  For a small fee each month ($10), The Pro Account also allows you to change the amount of times you post, depending on the day, as well as increasing your allowance to 50 posts in your buffer at any one time (vs 10) and up to 6 social accounts as well as 2 team members.  If you really want to go nuts with Buffer, you can go to a Premium Account, which among other things, gives you unlimited accounts and posts in your Buffer.

Another bonus of Buffer is that you can use it to check the stats on your Tweets. You can check how many people have clicked on and Retweeted your Tweets as well as mentions, favourites and overall reach of your posts.

Buffer Analytics Screenshot
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Buffer Analytics allow you to track clicks, tweets and mentions on your posts!

My Tips for Using the Buffer App:
  1. Set scheduled times so that your tweets go out at times other than when you will (a) post manually or (b) post over from Facebook.  Note:  I do not advocate always feeding your Facebook Posts to Twitter, but often for businesses starting out on Twitter, it can be a good way to get some content going.  If you do this, stagger your scheduled Buffer times for posting at intervals other than when you are posting from Facebook.  You can always switch this feed off later.   
  2. You know that situation…where you are working online and you see a blogpost you love or you think of a quick “hot tip” to tell your followers but you don't want to post it right away?  Well this is where Buffer ROCKS! I have the Buffer Icon installed on my browser and on my iPhone.  I also use the “Buffer” sharing icon, if it is included on a blogpost that I like.  When I am online during the day, I keep an eye out for interesting content and I save it to Buffer.  I do this for:
      • Relevant and interesting blog posts and articles that I want to share with my followers.
      • Quotes and tips that come to mind throughout the day
      • Retweets as relevant – although I usually Retweet mainly from my favourite third party posting app Sprout Social. Occasionally, I may choose to copy them into my Buffer.  It depends on where I need my content to go.
  3. Personally, I have my Buffer App sheduled to post throughout the day and then I return late in the afternoon or at night to respond and engage “live”.  I always post manually at night rather than scheduled posts, and if I can get on during the day I will also check and respond at about lunch time.
  4. If you get the Pro or Premium Account you can schedule your tweets at different times on different days – for example, I have different times set for the weekends.
  5. Consider adding the “Add to buffer” sharing button to your blog – as more and more people use Buffer, they will be looking for easier ways to access it. By having the button right there on your blog post, it makes it easy for them. I have not personally done this yet, although it is on my list of upgrades.  I will say that I have loved using this function on other blogs!

    Buffer Share Icon on Blog
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    Including the Buffer Share Icon on your Blog can increase sharing and Retweets!

  6. Use buffer to tweet immediately as well as scheduled posts….there is nothing like spontaneity! I find it much quicker than using any of the other third party social media management tools if you want to tweet something quickly!
  7. Use Buffer as another way to track Retweets and Mentions – it provides another easy way to ensure you don't miss any mention of your tweets or your brand – so I use this to make sure I thank or connect with everyone that mentions me or retweets my content.
  8. Use your analytics to check the times that your tweets are most being clicked on, retweeted and mentioned.  Then you can use Buffer to schedule more tweets at those times!  It is the flexibility of Buffer that I love!
  9. Contrary to Tip 1, you may also choose to schedule your buffer to post at times when you are normally online….so that you can easily respond and engage.  If you have certain times of the week when you are are always online, this could be a good way to go!
Have you started using Buffer?  Wondered what the Buffer logo was and now thinking you might give it a go?  Have any tips to share?  I would love to hear your feedback!  
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Donna Moritz

Visual Social Media Strategist at Socially Sorted
Donna is a Visual Content Strategist and founder of Socially Sorted, listed by Forbes as a "Top 5 Social Media Blog You Need to Know About". Donna helps brands leverage the power of visual storytelling and content strategy in their business. Her content has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Inc. & Entrepreneur and she is a speaker and trainer on visual content for the marketing and tourism industries internationally.

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