15 Fun Spooky Halloween Canva Templates for Easy Social Posts

Halloween Canva Templates are in the house for your social media! It's that time of the year when the spook goes up a level. Who can resist some fun quotes, memes and puns about Halloween? Here are 15 free templates for you to use from my Canva Creator profile!  

15 Fun Halloween Templates
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Halloween is a great time to create fun social content and how you have Halloween Canva Templates to help you. Whether it's costumes to share or recipes or just some fun Halloween quotes or puns, there's no limit to inspiration around this topic. Or (as you will see below) you can even create content around whether we love it or hate it!

Canva Templates + Extended Trial of Canva Pro

There are plenty of Free Canva Templates (for all Canva users) in this post, with a few bonus Pro templates thrown in. You can check out my full Canva Creator Profile here.

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Let's jump in!

15 Spooky Halloween Canva Templates

From animations to images and everything in between, use my Canva Halloween templates direct from my Canva Creator Profile, ready to edit and post on any social media platform. Oh and there may be a Halloween Pun or two…

1. Creepin it Real Neon Halloween Quote

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Don't look too closely if you have a spider phobia. This Creepin' it Real Quote is guaranteed to catch some eyeballs in and around Halloween. Or change it up to your own quote or message with this fun neon typography.

2. Animated Ghost “Boo” Quote Halloween Template

Halloween "Boo" Animated Canva Template
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I love animated Canva Halloween Templates like this one (click the preview). Share it on Facebook or resize to Instagram, and change the transparent background to any color to suit your brand.

3. Twitter Mock-up Funny Halloween Meme Template

Canva Halloween Meme
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Twitter-style Mockup posts are popular on social media so this is a great template to share a fun Halloween joke or meme. Switch out the photos and text as you like!

4. Halloween “Hallo-wine” Definition Quote Story Template

This or That template - 15 Fun Halloween Canva Templates
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A definition post is a fun way to share some halloween content. And who doesn't love a little Hallo-wine, right?

5. Hello Pumpkin Pun Facebook Quote Template

Canva Halloween Pumpkin Template - 15 Fun Halloween Canva Templates
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Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Pumpkin. A little spiced-latte humor for your social media posts. You can also use this at Thanksgiving too!

6. Halloween Costume Quote Canva Template

Cat Halloween Quote - 15 Fun Halloween Canva Templates
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Do you have a friend who is prepping for Halloween all year round (or maybe that person is you). Poke fun at them/you or change up the text on this template to be whatever you want!

7. Halloween Bat-Theme Quote Template

Halloween Quote Template
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Another basic quote template that you can use for any Halloween-inspired content:

8. Halloween Lover Meme Template

Meme Canva Template
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Use this meme template for free now to share a fun light-hearted post about October, Halloween or all the Fall things:

Looking for more meme templates? Check out this post.

9. This or That Instagram Story Halloween Costume Template

This or That Canva Template - 15 Fun Halloween Canva Templates
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This or That posts can be great to encourage engagement with your followers on Instagram or Facebook. Share your team's Halloween costumes and ask… who wore it best?

10. Hey Boo Halloween Quote Canva Template

Boo Halloween Ghost Canva Template
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No explanation needed, sometimes a simple quote is the best:

11. Animated Treat Yo' Bad Self Halloween Template

Treat Yourself Template - 15 Fun Halloween Canva Templates
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Another animated template (click to preview) that can be changed out for any Halloween message. Find out more about animation effects here.

12. Halloween vs Christmas Quote Canva Template

Halloween Quote Template (Neutral colors)
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I don't know about you but some of us (me included) love Christmas more than Halloween. This is a fun post to share around Halloween for those that aren't “all in” on the Trick or Treating!

The last few posts are free for Canva Pro users. If you don't have a Canva Pro account, you can get a free trial on my link here.

13. Fun Candy Meme Halloween Canva Template

Candy Canva Template for Halloween (by Socially Sorted)
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Can you relate?

14. Animated Spooky Graveyard Quote Template

Fun Halloween Spooky Canva Template (Instagram Story)
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This is a fun (animated) quote template for Instagram Stories or Reels. Trick or Treat!

15. Fun Candy Meme Halloween Canva Template

Halloween Quote Template - 15 Fun Halloween Canva Templates
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Also animated, this template is easy to switch out to any Halloween message. The spider animates in the background (click to preview)

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Looking for some Fun Halloween Elements & Fonts?

  1. Canva makes it super easy to find creepy, spooky font styles. Open up a template, add text and then click on the font selection and search “Halloween” in fonts. Canva will show you a full selection!
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2. Don't forget that there are thousands of elements, icons, stickers, graphics, photos and videos to choose from to make your Halloween Content – search for Halloween and use words like “spooky” or “dark” or “funny” to nail the theme you are looking for.

3. And remember this hot tip – if you are non-designer, then leverage the templates in Canva. There's no need to design from scratch when there is so much awesome content to use, ready to go!

3. Want more Fall content? Check out our October and November Calendar posts and this post filled with Fall Content ideas.

Have fun with the Halloween Canva templates and I'll look forward to seeing what you create!

Want more Canva templates?

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15 Fun Spooky Halloween Canva Templates for Your Social Media
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That's a Halloween Wrap!

Enjoy these Halloween Canva templates and have fun creating awesome content in Canva. What will you create?

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