Your Best Year in 2017 – 3 Steps to Setting Content Goals

Are you ready for your best year in 2017? Want to get started early this year?  

In this post I share 3 steps to set content goals for your best year in 2017.  

3 Steps to Set Content Goals for Your Best Year in 2017 (plus grab the free e-Book!)
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3 Steps to Set Content Goals for Your Best Year in 2017 (plus grab the free e-Book!)
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I'll be the first one to put up my hand and admit that I am not naturally a goal setter and I AM naturally a procrastinator.

But I've been getting better at it and this past year has taught me a lot about setting goals and working on projects… personal and professional.

Below are 3 things you can do to ready your business for the best year in 2017.

I've been doing them this year and it's made a huge difference. I intend to do them next year as well!

3 Steps to Your Best Year in 2017

STEP 1:  Survey Your Audience

I have talked about this before and I can't stress it enough.

There is nothing more powerful than asking your audience:

  • what it is that keeps them up at night;
  • what their pain points are.
  • what their single biggest challenge is… or
  • what they want to achieve, but can't.

I. wish. I. did. this. earlier.

The answers to any of these questions are like GOLD if you want to create content (and provide products and services) that your audience will trip over themselves to read, consume, or buy.

I covered a lot of tips for surveying your audience in this post – be sure to read it here:

There are a number of ways you can find out more about your audience including:

  1. emailing your audience and asking them a survey question.
  2. conducting a live video Q&A
  3. asking what their biggest challenge is on a Facebook post
  4. asking in a Facebook group or a LinkedIn Group
  5. conducting a poll on Facebook or Twitter
  6. ask on an Instagram image or Instagram story
  7. calling your clients and asking them
  8. surveying someone else's audience (if you are starting out)… and more (read the post for more ideas) . 

The point is, we can all find out more about our audience and maybe now is a good time to do it before you start planning for the next year.

STEP 2:   Review What's Working

Sometimes you have to take a step back and see what is actually working – and do more of that. Here are some ideas:

  1. Go into Google Analytics and see what posts are driving the most traffic – take the most popular posts and match them with what you learn from asking your audience …. there's your sweet spot.
  2. Then ask yourself if this is the same content that you enjoy creating the most. If it is, you have yourself an even bigger sweet spot!
  3. Think about how you can create more content like this next year. It could be more of the same, or you could venture into associated topics.  You can create stand-alone posts or a series of smaller posts.

Think laterally and use the information you have – it's like gold for tapping into the hearts and minds of your audience.

STEP 3:   Unpack and Set Your Goals

Now that you know what your audience wants from you and the type of content that performs the best,  it's time to start setting goals.

As I said above, my ability to effectively set goals (and stop procrastinating) has evolved and it's by no means perfect.

However, just some of the things I have found useful are:

  1. Unpacking the previous year. This involves looking at the year gone by and what you have achieved, what you have to be thankful for, what worked and what didn't work!
  2. Setting goals in projects and using a tool like Asana to set goals more efficiently and add due dates to them.
  3. Focusing on quarterly goals as well as annual goals but I work mainly in quarters now.
  4. Scheduling holiday time and time out well in advance.
  5. Breaking my goals down into step by step achievable tasks.

This is not an exhaustive list but these things work really well for me.  Try one or two and see what works for you!

Over to You

What about you? How do you set goals and get ready for the next year? Please leave a comment and tell me! 

Your Best Year in 2017 – 3 Steps to Setting Content Goals + Free PDF Download with Tips from 30 Experts
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Your Best Year in 2017 – 3 Steps to Setting Content Goals + Free PDF Download with Tips from 30 Experts
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