19 Best Gifts for Entrepreneurs [Gift Guide]

The entrepreneur in your life deserves the best of the best gifts for entrepreneurs, right? And that entrepreneur might actually be you! 

I've rounded up some of the best gifts for entrepreneurs for any holiday season, Valentines Day, birthday or just because. Subtly pass on the blog post to a loved one or just go shopping yourself. You deserve it, right?

19 Best Gifts for Entrepreneurs for Any Time of Year
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Posts on this blog may contain affiliate links, which means we receive a small commission at no cost to you, if you purchase through a link. 

These best gifts for entrepreneurs save you time, help you to enjoy the time you do have (for work or leisure), make life easier when travelling or improve your productivity. And some of them are just plain awesome!

And I would know, because many of them I have used in my business, or when travelling for leisure or to speak at events. So, many of these gifts are my personal recommendations!

This holiday gift guide can be used at Christmas, for Valentines Day, birthdays or any time of the year that you want to gift something cool to an entrepreneur, speaker or anyone with a business. Or just buy something for yourself.

Let's jump into the Gift Guide:

19 Best Gifts for Entrepreneurs [2018 Holiday Gift Guide]

Please note that this post contains affiliate links which means that if you purchase some of the items listed I will receive a small commission at no cost to you. Some links are direct to the websites and others are US-based Amazon links, as my audience is mostly US-based. 

1. Aqua Notes

Aquanotes Shower Waterproof Notepads - 19 Best Gifts for Entrepreneurs - Holiday Gift Guide
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Are you like me and every brilliant idea you will ever have, comes to you in the shower? I am always getting great ideas when in the shower. But if you can't write them down, they are often forgotten by the time you hang up your towel! So frustrating.

Not anymore. Aqua Notes is a waterproof note pad and pencil! It all attaches to your shower wall so you can access them quickly.

They're my first pick for this list of Best Gifts for Entrepreneurs because it's the simplest thing. I've used this pad to write out entire presentation outlines, jot down something I need to do later that day and send messages to family members.

I'm even tempted to stick on at the end of the pool when swimming to catch the random thoughts in my head that pop up doing laps. I haven't done it yet, but I might!  

Buy Aqua Notes here. I recommend you get multiple!

2. Ulla Smart Hydration Reminder

If you're terrible at remembering to drink water, then this is for you! The Ulla Smart Hydration Reminder is a great little gadget that attaches to the side of any water bottle, no matter what shape, size or material it is made of.

Ulla is smart. It works out when you last took a drink from your bottle. It then senses if you are the room via vibration, sound and light (if it's dark Ulla presumes you are sleeping).

If you enter a room or you have been working for a while and haven't touched it, Ulla blinks at you.

It's enough to gently remind you to take a drink from your bottle. And that's it!  Now you'll get prompts throughout the day at optimal times to drink water. I am drinking 1-2 more litres per day with this on my desk. It's a lifesaver.

You can buy one here.  They are priced at around $30 USD but they often have sales or multi-device deals. I wish I'd bought two of these – perfect as gifts for entrepreneurs.

3. Travelmixa

Oh my. I hope you can hear the excitement in my voice through this blog post. I'm excited.

Travelmixa Portable Blender! 19 Best Gifts for Entrepreneurs - Holiday Gift Guide
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I discovered the Travelmixa a few months ago and it has changed things for me when travelling. (Use code DONNA for $5 discount at checkout).

It's a blender. It's lightweight. It's rechargeable with a USB. It's blitzes smoothies. It's easy to clean.

I love it. Here's a video:

It's best with soft fruits and you should avoid hard foods like nuts. Our family trips are so much easier with this in play. It's super easy to whip up 4 smoothies in one sitting with Travelmixa.

Here's a few things to love about it:

  • With a fully charged battery it will make approximately 20 smoothies or protein shakes… basically almost enough for 2 football teams.
  • You can recharge anywhere in the world as all it takes is a USB cable.
  • It is made from BPA-free, food grade plastic. Tick.
  • It can blend frozen small berries like blueberries, very small pieces of ice, butters and soaked seeds. Please avoid nuts. 
  • It's approved for both carry-on and check-in luggage.
  • It comes with a 12 month guarantee and they ship to Australia and NZ. Shipping is Free in New Zealand, where these are made. Or it's NZD$10 to Australia and NZD$30 worldwide. It's totally worth it, if you ask me.

Repeat. I love this. Use Code DONNA at the Travelmixa website for $5 discount on checkout.

4. Waterproof Sony Walkman

Sony Waterproof Walkman for Swimming - 19 Best Gifts for Entrepreneurs - Holiday Gift Guide
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Image via Sony Website

Say whaaaaat? Yes, there is such a thing as a Waterproof Walkman!

If you're as old as me and hark back to the days of the cassette tape walkman, this will bring you tears of nostalgic joy combined with a relief from the boredom that comes from swimming lap after lap without music.

My old silicone-waterproofed ipod that I loved was from an Aussie company called Swimpod. But it died. Twice. (despite obsessive cleaning and care). So I've been looking for something new for a while, and then I discovered that there was actually a waterproof walkman.

If you're an entrepreneur who likes to run, swim or walk – the Sony NW-WS413 is a great gift to yourself, especially if you need a waterproof device.

  • It's a 4GB Sports Wearable MP3 Player, and waterproof for use in salt & fresh water up to 2-meters deep (yes you can apparently use it in the ocean. I have only used it in the pool so far). 
  • Its also sweat resistant, and has a dust proof design in case you train in muddy, dusty paddocks. 
  • It's ergonomically designed for a secure fit (it's reasonably comfortable and has no long annoying headphone cords to wrangle with).   
  • It comes with an Ambient noise function so you can still hear outside noise if you wish (I'm a turn-up-the-music kind of girl so haven't used this yet).
  • It gives you up to 12-hours of playback.
  • Drag & drop from iTunes for Mac or Windows, Playback MP3, WMA, AAC, and Linear PCM Audio Files
Sony Waterproof Walkman for Swimming - 19 Best Gifts for Entrepreneurs - Holiday Gift Guide
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Some things to know about this device: 

  • The music works in a drag-and-drop format. As far as I can tell no players on the market allow you to use Blue-tooth in the water although there is another model of this device that has bluetooth for running etc.  I just didn't get it as I knew I would be using it for swimming. So you'll need to go to your purchased music and add MP3 files into a folder.  So, fair warning… it's not a device you can listen to Spotify on.
  • It comes with regular and waterproof headphones. The waterproof headphones are recommended, however bear in mind that the sound is slightly dampened with the waterproof headphones on (compared to normal headphones). This is due to their mesh covering. If you're a lover of really loud music, choose vibrant songs and podcasts with great audio. Occasionally I struggle to listen to podcasts if the audio is not great, but overall, I'm finding the music to be loud enough.
  • Follow the instructions for washing, rinsing, cleaning and drying.  No exception. It may seem like a little bit of extra work but it's worth it for the longevity of your device. It's not worth skipping this part especially if you use the device in sea-water.

All in all, I'm happy with this device so far. I'm looking forward to many entertaining laps!  If you're someone who loves to exercise and listen to podcasts, this is a winner and perfectly suited for gifts for entrepreneurs who exercise! Treat yo'self or give this blog post to a loved one {wink}.

5. Portable Espresso Machine

This is another gadget that I now travel with – from camping to speaking internationally, it comes with me. I bought the Wacaco Minipresso GR from a camping store and it makes surprisingly great coffee from fresh ground coffee:

No power required, it's based on a hand pump to get the perfect pressure for espresso. I'd liken it to the same coffee you get from a pod machine (only it's hand-pumped). All you need is a kettle to boil the water and you're good to go. Perfect as gifts for entrepreneurs!

You can also buy the Wacaco Minipresso NS that takes capsules as well as ground coffee:

So if capsules are easier, you can travel with those. At the moment I carry ground coffee and it's kinder to the environment.

To use capsules you'll need this extra adaptor kit depending on the base model you purchase. There's also a Barista kit that allows you to brew double shots and get fancy with it.

Or you can go all out and buy the whole kit in bundles or crazy fun colors. Basically… all the coffee.

Note: If in Australia, use this link for the GR (ground coffee).

6. Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones

I do a few international flights every year to speak at conferences and events. Being an Aussie, that can mean a lot of headphone time. I finally invested in a pair of decent headphones a couple of years ago and haven't regretted it.

Meet the Sony WH1000XM2 Noise Cancelling Headphones.

What's to love about these headphones:

  • Awesome noise cancellation. I love how they block out all the background noise on a plane.
  • Quick “attention mode”. This allows me to wave my hand over my right ear cup and it will turn down the music and bring in ambient noise or conversation. It's great when the flight attendant starts to talk to you!
  • Touch control – I can touch my headphones to skip tracks, change volume or make or take calls.
  • Wired or bluetooth. You can plug in or go wireless.
  • Fast charging and long-life playback after a charge – about 30 hours of playback time.
  • Voice assistant – I haven't used this much but you can activate your cell phone assistant via the headphones.
  • Sound quality is brilliant (in my opinion, as good or better than Bose).

Full disclosure, I did get the earlier model that had some issues and the headband cracked near the left earcup, but Sony replaced them for me. I hear that it was an issue with the previous model that has now been fixed, as they have used a stronger material on the set I have now.

I've had this new pair for over a year now. You do need to be careful packing them down but it's easy to work out and the carry case is solid and travels well.

Note: If in Australia, use this link.

7. Pac Safe Laptop Bag

I am fortunate to travel a lot for work as an international speaker. Just this year I was in China to speak for the World Organisation of Heritage Cities (some of my favourite Unesco Cities were in attendance) and I bought the awesome Laptop Bag from Pacsafe to take on a test run to China.

It was awesome. I. Love. Their. Gear…. perfect gifts for entrepreneurs.

It's the Pacsafe Citysafe CS200 Anti-Theft Handbag in Black.  It's around $99 USD but often discounted. It also comes in colors like Mulberry. Yum.

It holds a Macbook Air or a Microsoft Surface Pro… with room to spare.

Watch this video to see how cool their products are:


My Pacsafe shoulder laptop bag has got plenty of room for my laptop and all the other bits and pieces I need to travel with. It's also filled with plenty of pockets for organisation.

Pacsafe takes things a whole lot further than just having a zippable bag. I won't go into all of their safety inclusions but here's a snapshot of what this bag includes, as does most of their products:

Pacsafe Features - 19 Best Gifts for Entrepreneurs - Holiday Gift Guide
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